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Ronco Food Dehydrator Review Facts

When you are looking to take food on a trip and want it to stay edible for longer, one good way to see it is with a food dehydrator. It makes healthier snacks and makes it much easier to pack more to take with you on longer trips, so you don’t have to worry about space as much. Dehydrating food is a great way to make sure you eat healthily and stay fit.

There are several reasons why you might actually choose this method of storage, and it isn’t just good for trips either. It can be used to more cheaply and easily provide you an alternative to buying salty or even sugary foods from the store. Plus, you know its all-natural ingredients if it is you that is making every snack.

So, what are the pros and cons of this product? Well, let us dig in and find out!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Easily adjustable settings

Small size

Holds more

Easy to clean

Can use on most foods


Cool exterior

Recipe book


No fruit rollup tray

No off button


Limited space for trays

Bigger or more moist foods take too long


If you are looking for something that can makefoods easier to store and provide you with dehydrated treats, them you will find it in this product. Highly compact, this little machine will do its job quickly with most foods such as fruits and vegetables so long as you cut them correctly. It also doesn’t get hot on the outside during use which is something to take note of.

This version comes with five trays in which to dehydrate your goods and can be used all at once so long as everything fits in the stack. This is one of the best features this particular design comes with. After all, it’s always nice when you can make an entire serving size of dried fruit mix at once rather than having to do it in smaller sections.

It's square, lightweight design makes it easy to fit in most places as well. While some machines think a round design cuts out space, and in some ways, it might, a squared design means it fits into places while not setting everything off balance, especially when it isn’t in use and you put it into the storage space you have set up. Most kitchen equipment that is stored like this is also squared, and a circle design might have made it harder to arrange, and lightweight means it can even be set on top of other items.


Depending on how you prefer to view kitchen appliances, the fact that this item already comes with everything you need to use in the package can be either a relief or a disappointment. The dehydrator comes with all five trays ready to go, and it can’t fit more than five, so unless you just want to have replacement parts, there aren’t a lot of things to add.

If you are in need of replacement parts however, the good news is that they aren’t hard to find and due to how it was made, they aren’t hard to replace. So, if you want a tool you know is durable but also easy to fix, this is likely going to be the one you want. While there are other dehydrators available, this was built to be the most simplistic and easy to start using one on the market.

The only additional trays are a fruit rollup tray and an herb tray, but to use these you would need to take out the standard trays and replace them. So, unless you specifically want the only two extra’s this has to offer, you really won’t need to go out and get more.


Again, we must reiterate the fact that the particular model we chose to look at, the EZ-Store Turbo 5-tray, is likely one of the best in terms of how it is designed. Although a circular one, a version that is available, may seem stylish it isn’t as practical. This squared version is still small but simply serves, with its design, to be easier to store. This is a good reason to place this as the best style one can get.

Although it only comes in a single color, white, it is one that usually fits any décor with a kitchen. So, if you intend to leave it out on a counter, it should still look good even there. We give it a plus in design for all that it is worth- plus with its clear top, you can have fun watching it work!


The simplicity of these dehydrators settings makes it quick to learn and easy to run for anyone, even if it is your first time using one. This particular model actually even comes with its own recipe book which means it tells you exactly what you need to set everything at. This model uses a base fan and heats air which is then blown through the entire product to dry everything evenly.

Temperature control is there to be set so you can make sure you have the right temperature for what you are drying, as some things require it to be hotter to dry correctly and evenly. The unfortunate part about this particular product is that all it has is a temperature setting. Once you have it plugged in and set, it is up to you to watch the time and up to you to turn it off.

This beginner set up is as basic as it gets.


Compared to other models, this particular one is actually a bit more durable. Its shape adds to this attribute as well as the fact that the lid and its trays are machine washable, making clean up and care much easier. It stores in smaller areas without having to juggle things around because of its shape, its lightweight, so it can sit on top, and it never gets hot on the outside.

All in all, it is a pretty impressive small dehydrator that is both easy to use and to take care of. The company does supply replacer items and makes them both easy to find and easy to handle. The unfortunate part of this is in the fact that the warranty for this product appears to be handled by whichever retailer you choose to purchase it from, online or off, so you are not guaranteed what it will entail.


While the capacity is limited, it also is a lot more than what you would expect. Thanks to the way this particular dehydrator was built, there are five trays, and they are a bit bigger than its round counterparts, so you can make more in each. The turbofan at the bottom makes sure everything dries at the same rate and you don’t get those uneven texture others might give, nor the uneven ‘cook’ times per tray.

The recipe book, as well as the user manual, actually give you exactly how much and what time it takes to dry per type of food. The good news is because the trays can be shifted around without effecting temperature or time, you can organize them to fit in different types of items that need the same time and temperature setting. Also, you can add or subtract from how many you need or desire, up to five in one run.

The type of tray can also be changed if you are seeking to make fruit roll-ups or dry your herbs as well. Though these come separate, the information on how to use them is still available and you can get them easily through the manufacturer or the retailers who sell them. If you do choose to use these, however, you will have to exchange one type for another as the number of trays it can handle is still the same.

Primary Use

Though simple in its description as to what it does, the fact is that you can make many different types of foods to enjoy in a dehydrator. It doesn’t just make food for storage, it makes ready to be eaten snacks and foods from the start. It also is used for drying herbs so that you can supply your herb cabinet on your own with the all-natural and home-grown process.

So, what can you make? Well, there is dried fruit, which many of us find ourselves spending a decent amount of money on in the form of trail mixes. Everything from raisins to strawberries can be dried out and munched instantly. One thing that came to our mind was beef jerky or deer jerky, which honestly sounds amazing!

Of course, some foods simply are not good dehydrated and should be rehydrated before you try to eat them. If you are wondering if that can be done, or if when you do it, they are still edible, the answer is yes. Even the recipe book states you just need to follow simple instructions and you can easily return what you made back to its original state and have a tasty meal or snack without an issue.

If you get the extra trays for it and follow the recipe’s this little machine can even make true fruit roll-ups. Since you don’t and shouldn’t and use chemicals with it, you are assured your yummy snacks won’t have any additives beyond what you decide to use- such as sugar or salt.


Cleaning this particular model is likely one of the easiest tasks there are. While most machines these days have to be carefully maintained and can’t be doused in water, the removable trays and the lid can be taken off and put into a dishwasher for deeper cleaning. The rest can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.

Of course, there are explicit directions to not use chemicals when cleaning this dehydrator, so you will want to make sure you leave no residue if you use any kind of soap on the pieces. If you do, chances are you will taste it in the next batch of dried foods you decide to make. Simply wiping this machine clean with a damp cloth and only using a mild and easily wiped clean soap is probably your best choice.

Of course, as always, we suggest looking it up, and/or going to your user’s manual for the final say on taking care of your dehydrator.


Most buyers have been very satisfied with how this particular model works. It is fast with most things, especially if the instructions are followed on how thick to cut the slices, the temperature and the amount of time to leave it to do its work is followed. Of course, as with anything, it is extremely important to recognize there are differences in the types of food as well.

Some foods are moister than others and will require longer and hotter cooking than others. If you are looking to dry something that naturally has a great deal more moisture, it won’t be as fast, but the one thing we have noted is that it is always done evenly and well if you do it correctly. Despite longer times for different types of food, however, according to most, it is still faster than many other models on the market today.

Key Features

-Easy to set up
-Dial for temperature
-Easy to clean
-Built for beginners
-Easy to store

Bottom Line

If you are looking into purchasing an easy to understand machine and one that is easy to maintain, this would be a great place to start. There is very little to learn and just as little to adjust to this product. You get everything you need to start including the recipe book.

If you are wanting more control, such as a timer to help you keep track, and more accessories, this may not be the model you are after. It isn’t intended for those who have a greater understanding of dehydrating food, or who want to put additives in. This is particular to the all-natural food lovers who prefer food to come as untouched as possible.