Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

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Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Review Facts

Headsets are tricky to pick out if you cannot try them out in full before you even buy them. When you consider it, picking headsets on looks or such can be horrible, in the end. A smart consumer will search for reviews, looking to find if the headset in question is what they want or need. The Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO has a lot to offer, and we’re going to talk about this particular headset and if it is worth the price. So, let us begin our odyssey into this studio headset.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Crisp, clear sound

Durable build

Replaceable headband pad

Replaceable Velour ear pads


Corded headset

Activities for use

This headset is definitely built for studio use. Lacking a microphone that most gaming and Bluetooth headsets are equipped with, this headset is completely focused on the sound quality, comfort level, and grip strength. This is something to really take note of, as it means that you can put the headset on and do what you need to with it on and enjoy whatever it is you are doing with it.

Because of the materials used to construct the ear pads on this headset, even wearing glasses will not make this headset sit uncomfortably. The Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro works for those who are looking to remain where they are due to the fact that it is corded and that cord is reportedly quite long, not ideal for wearing on the go unless you have a way to easily and comfortably store the excess cord.

Basic Features

The simple fact is, there is so little that this headset can do, but there is so much to say about that small amount of features. This headset can be used for music, movies, video games, and much more. Do not look to use this headset for online gaming unless you already have a separate microphone. This is a sound-only headset and does not have a built-in microphone.

Advanced Features

There aren’t really any advanced features to talk about, save for the fact that there is a larger jack included with this headset, just in case you can’t use a standard stereo jack. Of course, this attaches to the end of your cord easily. That is about as advanced as this headset gets.

Sound Quality

Seeing as this was designed for sound, it comes through with flying colors. This headset is not focused on a bass-heavy sound system. When mixing music, for instance, one doesn’t want to drown out one aspect of the music than the entirety of the song. This headset allows for studio-level sound quality and clarity.

That is something to consider with this headset, also there is another aspect of this headset that should be discussed. This would be the fact that to run this headset at its best, one needs to be aware of the power they are drawing into it. To be powered, this headset needs to have a certain number of ohms being drawn into it.

There are two versions of this headset that we have found. First, there is the 80-ohm variation, which should only take a standard jack. Then you have the 250-ohm version. More often than not, this version will need to be plugged into an amp to be used.


Connectivity is easy, as long as you have the equipment needed to use the version you own. With the 80-ohm version is as easy as plugging a headset in, for the most part. With how long the cord is for the headset, running out of cord should be rather difficult. For the 250-ohm variation, as was previously said, an amp will most likely be required, and thus a bit harder to just simply connect the headset. But, truthfully, higher quality usually takes a little more work to get.

The obvious news, for those who saw the detachable cable, is in the fact that these cannot be used wirelessly, and the cord being detachable is so that you can change what level of power you are sending to your set. Connectivity is generally good thanks to this, but it does mean you have to pick your devices accordingly- or your set won’t get any power.


The Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro definitely wins in this section, as well. It comes with soft Velour ear pads that are extended to around the ears rather than just barely covering your ears. This can make a huge difference over prolonged usage. Due to the soft pads, this headset also offers great relief for those who use glasses as the pads are soft enough to comfortably mold around glasses.

The headband is soft and also quite comfortable with its padded leather construction. Now, whenever we see a padded leather anything, the first thing we have to consider is what is the lifespan of that leather going to be? Mattering on the quality of the leather, it could last a few weeks before wear and tear begin to show, or it could last years upon years.

Either way, it should not be a concern for you, the consumer. The reason for this is the fact that the leather headband can be unbuttoned and changed. The snaps shouldn’t be too hard to open. With semi-open cans, this should allow some of the accumulated heat to bleed off, making it easier to remain in the headset for longer. Another thing to note is the clamping force of this headset is fairly high, but worry not, even with its higher clamping force does not actually detract from the comfort of this headset.

The same comfort comes with its more compact design. This means that a person can wear this for a long period, not worry about it easily falling off, and get their projects completed, no matter what they might be.


This is a wired studio-caliber headset. There is no microphone that is built-in or attachable, so there is that, as well to consider in its style. As for color choices, there is only grey or black (Which is a limited-edition choice). Of course, when you go for studio headsets, that is kind of an expected limit.

They do have the good look you would expect from professional-grade quality sets though, and they are designed for long term use. This is part of the ‘style’ when you look into studio-grade products. Instead of having the closed off outer ear backing, or the typical wire mesh, though, you get a plastic grill over a foam style backing.

This is a different look even for most studio-quality headsets. The look is unique when compared to what you normally find which is wire mesh and or grid. It gets the job done while holding a clean appearance which can give you the feeling of standing out against the typical designs in the industry.


This product is strong and durable, which is something to say in this day and age. It is definitely worth every last penny when you consider it is a headset that is built with so much to offer a person. Another thing that can be taken into consideration, this product is made in Germany, with strong materials, all to ensure the durability.

While we wouldn’t suggest severe and harsh treatment of these, if you treat them good, they will last. Of course, accidents happen, and so the headset can probably handle a little abuse. Should it need repair or replacement due to a manufacturing error, however, the question of warranty comes into play.

This product does come with a very limited warranty, and a lot of what could have problems isn’t covered in it from the start. If the part in question is either an accessory or touches the body, then it isn’t covered. So, when you consider what is covered, it’s the inside work of your set. With that in mind, you should likely work very carefully with this set so you do not have to worry about it breaking,

Ease of Use

As always, it is a simple matter to consider ease of use. Firstly, there is the 80-ohm version, which means you can more than likely just jack the headset into your device and it is ready to go, nothing easier, really. The 250-ohm, though, is a bit harder as more than likely, you are going to need an amp just to get this to respond properly.

This makes things a bit harder to get rolling forward, but will probably benefit you in the long run, mattering what you are using this for. When you are planning to use it for studio music or recordings, it would be a good idea to get professional-grade equipment and use the 250-ohm version of the set. When you do use it for this, you won’t be able to power it via anything but high standard recording equipment like a mixing table. A PC doesn’t have enough power.

Power Source

The power source is, ultimately whatever you jack into with this headset. Whether it is a computer, a TV, an amp, or any other object you can jack into, this is how this headset is powered. It is not wireless and therefore does not have a power source of its own. This means no need to worry about charging the headset, which is good when one considers how easy is this to use.

However, what you are plugging it into does matter when you consider what Ohm you need to run it. This is where even when it’s a plug that power source matters. For a PC, tablet, gaming device or TV, for instance, the 80-Ohm cord is what you will need to use. The larger one sound quality requires more than what one of these devices can supply it for power-wise.

If you want to hear what it is truly capable of, however, you will need something that can offer the amps needed to run them at the 250 level. While you do get great quality at 80, obviously you will hear a difference the more you give them.


Truthfully, this headset is actually selling for less than we thought we would find it for. As we were researching this headset, everything we heard made us consider this headset to be more expensive. Having been made in Germany, there is much to be considered, as German construction is known for being strong and durable.
Then there are the replaceable parts, making life much easier. With not having to buy a whole new headset because one part has worn out, you get to save some extra cash, no doubt. Then you have the crisp clear sound this headset offers while the ear cans have the plastic grill-style on it to help vent heat off.
Need to spend hours with this headset, that should pose no problem. So, what does it cost? At the time of this article being written, you can find this headset on for $133.00 with free shipping. Not too bad of a deal, when you consider everything. We are sure you will agree if you go out and purchase one for yourself.

Key Features

-German Quality
-Crisp sound
-Comfortable for those with glasses
-Replaceable parts

Bottom Line

So, here we are, at the bottom line, where we say everything we can to you, our reader, on whether to buy one of these headsets or not. There is so much to be said about them, from their comfort to the clamping strength that they possess. The materials are great, working well and having some strength to them.

The sound quality a person gets is definitely a cut above the norm, delivering the sound (Be it games, movies, or music) crisply and clearly, without having a lot of bass drowning things out. The long cord means you have more mobility than most wired headsets, which is always a good thing. So, we have to stop and think a bit here, faithful readers, about everything that has been said. Is this headset worth the money? We’d like to think so.