Edifier H840

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Edifier H840 Review Facts

Headsets are always something that people want or need to have for various tasks. Be it for jogging, working out at a gym, or sitting at home with a noisy family, a headset can make a huge difference in audio quality. Imagine attempting to listen to music while walking down a busy street, the music is lost to the sounds of traffic unless the person is wearing a headset.

Edifier knows what they are doing in the headset and speaker department, as they are one of the leading audio companies in China and have learned what it takes to make good quality items and to make them affordable.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Strong and flexible build

Good audio quality

Noise isolation



Headphones do not fold

No microphone

Activities for Use

This quality headset can be used for pretty much anything that focuses on audio. With no microphone built into the headphones and no way to attach one, no one can look to this headset to cover things like gaming or chatting online or on the phone. This really should not be looked at as something to detract from this nice piece of technology. As long as a person is smart and has some way to handle the long cord that this headset possesses, any task is perfectly covered by this pair of headphones.

With a lightweight build, good clamping strength, and no real fatigue-causing elements, this headset works for all tasks a person may have for their day. Jogging, working in the garden, playing a game, watching a movie, or even listening to music, they are all available to the owner of this headset. That is always something to pay attention to when considering whether or not to buy an item like this.

Basic Features

This pair of audio headphones is about as basic as it can get, as they work without special equipment or needs. As long as a person has a device with a standard-sized audio jack in it, this headset works like many. Just plug it in and it is ready to go. A product does not get any more basic than that, really.

Of course, there is little basic about its overall quality, though. With a sturdy easy-listening set in mind, they are a great pair to turn to. While not exactly a big name like Sony, they do have twenty years of experience in making a decent and well-priced headset.

Advanced Features

There are advanced pieces of equipment to deal with for this pair of headphones. No additional jack enlarger, no wireless USB jacks, just what should always be the case which is a good pair of headphones and a lot of great sounds. This is yet another great thing in considering any sort of audio equipment.

This comes from having what is considered a better onboard set up for listening. The drivers for this set and the volume control allows for a much better quality sound when it comes to a pair that really is not intended for more than music. At least at its base, which is what we are looking at. If you do want extra, you will have to go with the alternative ‘updated’ version which comes with a microphone.

Sound Quality

The fact of the matter is, this audio headset is something to stop and consider where the sound quality is concerned. This pair of headphones is not a studio-quality headset, and so the sound is not as crisp and concise as that particular type of headset. That does not mean, though, that the sound is poor and chintzy. In fact, the opposite is actually true.

Nothing about this headset is chintzy, from the build to the sound. The soundstage is good-sized, though not as large as the headsets with open-backed ear cups. However, there is a problem with open-backed ear cups, as they neither cancel out external sounds nor isolate the sound coming through the headphones. This headset does not offer any sort of real noise cancellation, only sound isolation. The difference about this is the fact that noise cancellation actively blocks out external sounds so that all a person has entering their ears is the sound coming through the headset.

Sound isolation means that it muffles the external sound making the sound coming through the headphones more prominent than anything else. The bass settings are good without being overpowering, though in truth almost nothing can be described as overpowering. The only real complaint about the sound quality is that to some people the high-end may be a little much. Otherwise, for the price they are set at, they are amazing.


As was previously stated, the connectivity is as basic as its features. As long as a computer or device has a headset jack built into it, this audio headset can connect to it, which is always a welcome thing. Quick, fast, and easy is always good when one is looking to enjoy music or whatever they are trying to enjoy. The good news is that having a simple connection does not detract from its quality.

Of course, being wired means you do have to have the right jack to use them, and if you don’t, then you may want to keep looking. It doesn’t use a USB connected device, so if you don’t have a 3.5 mm connection port, you’re going to find that you won’t be able to use them. Most PC’s have this, and even Macs, but we have noticed a few that don’t. If you are looking for a console connection, you may not be able to use them at all.


First things first, this particular pair of headphones carry a pair of ear cups that wrap around the ears instead of squeezing against the ears. This removes quite a bit of fatigue, discomfort, and pain from prolonged usage of this headset. From there, this headset has comfortably soft pleather padding to make it all the more comfortable to wear. Pleather is not very breathable, and thus the ear cups can most likely get a warm, mattering on the situation, but is otherwise very comfortable.

Truly, the only thing that works against the comfort of this pair of headphones is the fact that there is little padding on the headband, which is a big thing, but which is not something that should be looked at as a flaw or con. That, honestly, does not detract really all that much from the comfort of the headphones. A lot of people have worn these exact same headphones for a long period of time and have not complained that they are uncomfortable.


This pair of headphones is very much simple in their style both physically and auditorily. They come in two separate styles. The first is the one that we have been talking about up to this point. This particular type comes without a microphone and has two colors to choose from, black or blue. The other version is a little more expensive but comes with an attached microphone.

This version comes in either black, white or blue. They are great looking, no matter the version purchased. The fact is, this particular design is easy on the eyes and really work well. As for the auditory style of this pair of headphones are definitely focused on audiophiles and the sound is hi-fi. That makes this headset worth the low price they are being sold for at the time that this article was written.

The other major part of this particular sets style that is important to note is the size of the ear cuffs. The main reason we feel this way is that many headsets that are in that range up to $50USD seem to have smaller ones that can leave your ears feeling crushed when worn for too long. This is both due to size and padding, but this set had a larger size and better padding than expected.

When the purpose of your set is to comfortably listen to music or sounds, and that is all you are seeking, it is important that they be comfortable in style.


Now, this is a section that there is much to talk about, though most of it can be said in no time flat. The durability is high, which is odd if a person was to stop and think about the fact that the primary component in the overall construction is plastic. Plastic is not normally something that people would consider as durable, and rightfully so. This pair of headphones, though, is the exception to that thought. They are durable, being highly flexible and resilient to snapping.

While we would not recommend trying to seriously test this fact, they can be twisted or bent far beyond what most people would think possible. The only real detractor from this particular part is the fact that the cord is not detachable and thus something that could be damaged. While there is little about how durable the wires are, testing such could end up proving to be wasteful if the headset is ruined.

In any case, as is always something we like to say, take care of them and they will, in turn, take care of you. If something is, however, wrong at the purchase, or within 30 days, most places will allow you to return them. This policy seems to stand with the company itself even, so you know that if your pair is defective, you are still cared for.

Ease of Use

It is so easy to use this product that it will bring a smile to any person’s face. Plug and play, it makes life far easier than it once was. There is no extra equipment and nothing to truly worry about beyond taking care of the two-meter (approximated) cable. There is nothing more pleasing than knowing that all one has to do is plug it in and go. Having that needed cable length is important, and knowing that what you are using it for can actually have such plugged in.

Power Source

Seeing as this pair of headphones is wired, there is nothing to be concerned about where power is concerned. There are no extra battery packs or a need for something like an amp, everything from a phone to a computer or television can be used easily. Everything is better with fewer power sources to worry about. Of course, that means there is no concern about suddenly losing sound, which is great if you need them in a game to pick up on all that is going on around you.


This is always a make or breaks when it comes to any product on the market. A headset that matches the criteria that have been mentioned here could run for quite a large sum of money. Surprisingly, though, this pair of headphones is quite beautifully priced. At the time of this article being written, Amazon.com runs it for $39.99, at least where the stock version that comes without a microphone.

Surprisingly, the microphone-equipped version is more expensive.
Amazon.com sells that version for $45.99. Of course, due to the added equipment of the microphone and inline controls that are normal with such headphones, the price should be higher than one without such equipment. Either way, they are worth the low price they are being offered for.

Key Features

-Plug and play
-Good sound quality for the price
-30-day return

Bottom Line

And so, that is what we have found while we were looking into this particular headset. From one of the leading audio manufacturers in China, we have one of the cheapest (and frankly nicest) pair of headphones on the market. Is there cheaper out there? Most definitely there is. Are they better than what this pair offers?

Probably not, to be truthful. The fact that Edifier has made a durable headset that is lightweight and carries a great sound system to it is always awesome, but once you add in the fact that it is also rather cheap in comparison and you have something that is downright astonishing. We hope this helps in the search for a good pair of headphones.