Best Toiletry Kits Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Traveling. We all love it, but and while some say it’s all about the journey. We have thoughts. It’s hard to find a real fan of flying these days unless you have the wherewithal to fly first class or are in a G-6 or actually flying the dang plane. But we all have to go somewhere and if you’re heading out of town by plane, car or train chances are you’re going to need a toiletry bag. Well, that’s why we’re here. Have we got a list for you? We’ve got your winged bags, we’ve got straight up Dopp kits that get their name from Charles Doppelt whose company originally designed the bags.

Also, with TSA’s regulations, it has increasingly become important to carry light luggage. This has caused toiletry kits to become popular among frequent travelers. If you are always traveling then it means you should have a reliable and spacious toiletry kit that can accommodate your toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, and a bunch of other things you might need to groom yourself. With a well-organized toiletry kit, you can fit all of your bathroom cabinet contents into a lightweight carry-on and be on your way to catch your flight.

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We've updated this list with two new items as our Best Value and Top Picks. Plus just for fun we've round two new products that are sure to keep all your stuff organized s you galavant around the world, be it for work or pleasure. We here are the Gear Hunt are fans of getting you out there. So go. Go! But buy a toiletries bag first.

Featured Recommendations

Bago Organizer
  • Bago Organizer
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Perfect Item Layout
  • Price: See Here
URBANANO Toiletry Bag
  • URBANANO Toiletry Bag
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • All-around Protection
  • Price: See Here
AmazonBasics Kit
  • AmazonBasics Kit
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Convenient Compartments
  • Price: See Here

Some people often find themselves carrying toiletries in disposable bags such as plastic bags or bulky cases. This can be quite inconvenient, as the plastic bag may get torn and scatter your items all over the place, or you might not have enough space in your travel bag to accommodate bulky cases. Others have even chosen to forego the toiletry bag entirely and just pack their toiletry items randomly inside their travel bags. None of these presents a long-lasting solution to your travel problems. An immediate solution involves purchasing a toiletry bag or kit of the right size to help accommodate your bathroom cabinet items. Again, getting the right one can be a problem. Regardless, there are factors to consider when shopping for a new toiletry kit. You need a guideline to help you choose the right toiletry kit. Below is a list of the best toiletry kits reviewed for quality.


10 Best Toiletry Kits


1. Bago Organizer

1. Bago Organizer
If you often have traveling burdens, this organizer bag will solve all your packing problems. Traveling will be much simpler and less cumbersome as there won’t be a need to carry disposable bags in train stations and even airports. If a mess occurs inside your bag, you won’t have to worry about leaks, as the waterproof fabric will spare you the embarrassment.
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Perfect Item Layout

There is a place inside this bag for every simple everyday item. Your cosmetics and toiletries will find a space inside these compartments and zippered pockets. There will also be some space left for your headphones and chargers.

A Thoughtful Gift Idea

Everyone has that one friend in mind whenever there is a beautiful item that can make a thoughtful gift idea. Gift your friend this kit and he or she will remember for a long time.

Cost and Value

With sufficient storage space for everyday items and unique design to make a thoughtful gift idea, your family member or friend will be glad you remembered them. It is also affordable.

Every item you use on a daily basis will find a place inside this bag

You can gift it to your friend or loved one

Easy carry handle for easy transportation

Heavy-duty material and waterproof construction


Size in picture might differ from actual size

May not hang upright according to every customer’s expectation

2. URBANANO WildGrow Toiletry Bag

2. URBANANO WildGrow Toiletry Bag
This is neat little hipster ready toiletry Bag. It has a pretty cool, off color scheme. But more than that it has what you’re looking for in a toiletry kit. It has room, Lots and lots of room. It has so much room it should be called a Tardis. We kid of course, but who doesn’t look for ways to make Doctor Who references as often as possible. So this is a first. But seriously, this hanging kit spreads out in a way that makes everything you’re carrying readily apparent, visible and accessible so it gets one of our top spots.

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Pockets Galore
There is, of course the main central pocket but there is also two winged side pockets with elastic band places to keep things like makeup brushes or tooth brushes or in a pinch a smoke (kidding, DON’T SMOKE!). But the virtue of the side winged pockets is it allows a nice place to keep things that shouldn’t live together safe and snug.

Water Repellent
This is important because the one thing frequent travelers know is that at some point your tin of rubbing alcohol, or contact solution or fingernail polish remover, or tiny bottle of Bourbon (kidding, DON’T DRINK!) is going to break open and spill throughout the bag. But this thing cleans up like a whiz and dries quickly and that’s a huge plus because it’s going to have to go back into your suitcase at some point, and it needs to be dry.

Cost and Value
Cheaper than dirt, not the cheapest but if bang for your buck is a consideration this is a Big Bang. It has it all for a low price tag. Plus like we said, it’s a pretty cool and clearly a fair amount of thought went into this baby so pick it up. Plus use it as an excuse to buy those plane tickets.

• Large Side Pockets

• Water Resistant

• Water Repellent

• Easy Cleaning

• Hipster Approved


• Mesh Pockets Don’t Existe

3. AmazonBasics Kit

3. AmazonBasics Kit
The kit offers the most convenient way to stay neat and organized. With multiple storage compartments, you can easily access the items you need. This hanging kit is a great choice if you are packing your things in readiness for travel. Whether you are going on a vacation or business trip, it provides a simple way to easily access your belongings when you want to use them.
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Convenient Compartments

There are several compartments of varying sizes to hold everyday essentials in a single kit. The main compartment is for easily viewable items. You can separate larger and smaller items.

Hook for Hanging

With a reliable top hook to securely hang your items from a towel rack, you can be sure that your items will stay where you can see and access them easily.

Cost and Value

The kit features several compartments to hold your items and keep them organized. You can see the main ones in the main compartment once you hang them by the hook. In addition, it is affordable.

Convenient compartments to hold all of your items

Hook for hanging safely

Sturdy carry handle for easy transportation

Polyester design to guarantee durability


Could be larger or smaller than expected

Not everyone will be impressed by the design

4. 7senses Accessory

4. 7senses Accessory
If you’ve been searching for an ideal travel companion, then this is it. 7Senses bags are carefully designed with the user’s needs in mind. With several compartments and pockets, you can be sure that you will stay organized throughout your journey. The capacity is large enough to accommodate several items and the material is durable enough to last longer than most products on the market.
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Multiple Compartments

With 3 large zippered compartments and 6 open pockets, this bag offers enough space for all of your day-to-day essentials. Every one of your items will find a space inside here.

High-Quality Material

Crafted from top quality nylon with a padded interior, the bag is both durable and secure. The padding protects your items from scratches. The zippers are also durable.

Cost and Value

With a tough manufacture material and 6 open pockets, the product is not only long-lasting, but designed for convenience. This increases its usability adding value to its cost.

Multiple compartments to make it easier to stay organized.

Large space for large-size bottles

High quality nylon and zippers for durability

Fashionable design


Zippers might not be as long lasting as the bag

May be a bit bulky in size

5. Bagail Organizer

5. Bagail Organizer
Bagail hanging toiletry kit is a preferred choice by many casual and business travelers. Whether you are going on an out-of-town holiday or simply want to hit the gym, this toiletry kit will work for you. You will travel comfortably and have all your essentials with you on your business trip. The size is also large enough for your items.
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Large Capacity

Designed with several interlayers, the bag has sufficient space for your items. The feature-rich inside function creates order and the large capacity holds several items that you may need for daily use.

Waterproof Fabric

The company designs the fabric using a waterproof material. In case some water comes into contact with your bag, it will not seep in, that way your items can stay dry.

Cost and Value

The toiletry bag features a large space to keep all your toiletry items. With waterproof fabric to keep the water away from your items at an affordable price, the bag could be your next travel companion.

Large storage capacity and several interlayers for easy organization

Waterproof fabric ensures your items stay dry

The kit is made of breathable lining to prevent bad odor

Lightweight to make it easy to carry


May not be large enough for those with several items

Can be too compact

6. Cadtog Waterproof

6. Cadtog Waterproof
2. Cadtog Waterproof
The kit features advanced waterproof fabric to handle all of the harsh elements the environment throws at it. The tough fabric is also durable and can withstand the rigor of day-to-day use. The super pocket design is meant to take in all of your products and essentials. The hook is sturdy and heavy duty to handle the heavy load you put in it without compromising its long service life.
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Advanced Waterproof Fabric

The tough fabric design is waterproof and can withstand the harsh elements of weather. You can be sure that once you close it no water would get inside easily.

Super Pocket Design

The kit features super pocket design to help hold all of your essentials no matter the type of products you have in your bathroom cabinet. The pockets will also help you stay organized.

Cost and Value

The waterproof design will help protect your essentials from rainwater in case you decide to travel with the kit and the pockets will help you stay organized. The price is also quite affordable.

Waterproof fabric to cope with the rough elements of weather

Heavy duty, loadbearing hanging hooks

Mesh pockets to make it breathable

Superpocket design for easy organization


The material may have a strong scent for some people

Can be small for those who have several items

7. eBags Kit

7. eBags Kit
This flat toiletry kit allows you to pack smarter. 2.25-inch thick, the bag allows you to pack your day-to-day essentials on the go. The four compartments are to help you stay organized. You won’t have to dig deep into the bottom of the bag to locate a lost razor blade or lipstick. You will find everything exactly where you placed it.
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Self-repairing, Self-healing Coil Zippers

Premium self-repairing/self-healing coil zippers provide the lifelong guarantee of effortless opening and closing. These zippers are very durable and will open and close easily.

Removable Pocket Mirror

This bag is designed to help you keep looking good even after you’ve forgotten your mirror at home. The removable pocket mirror can help you with your makeup.

Cost and Value

The small yet spacious design makes it ideal for travel. In case you forget to carry your own mirror, don’t worry because these bags have got you covered. They are very affordable as well.

Durable self-repairing coil zippers

Removable pocket mirror for makeup enthusiasts

Sturdy hanging hook

Four separate compartments to organize your items


Compartments can be too small

The material quality may not live up to everyone’s expectations

8. WANDF Expandable

8. WANDF Expandable
Just as the name suggests, this kit features a unique expandable design so that you can easily adjust the capacity to suit different travel needs. By expanding the bag, you could gain up to 30 percent extra capacity for your items. Simply unzip expansion zippers on both sides to help suit your travel needs. You don’t have to go shopping for another bag while you can get extra capacity in a matter of seconds.
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Unique Expanding &Compression Design

It is designed to expand and compress to accommodate your packing needs when traveling. Simply unzip expansion sides to expand the bag’s capacity up to 30 percent for extra storage space.

2 Different Side Compartments

While the side compartments may both contain mesh pockets and unique elastic loops, these compartments are designed to serve different purposes. Small items placed on the left side won’t fall out easily while your toothbrush and other items that need to dry should be placed on the right side.

Cost and Value

This is a multipurpose bag that expands to carry more items. You may also make use of the different side compartments to suit your travel needs. The price is fair.

Expanding design to accommodate more items

Two different side compartments designed to serve totally different purposes

Portable, lightweight and easy to carry

Large, swivel metal hook to hang it on different bars


Picture size and actual size may differ

The extension is part of the main compartment and not separate as some people would imagine

9. KevenAnna Toiletry Bag

9. KevenAnna Toiletry Bag
Okay, we’re gender neutral but we think this bag might have been designed with the ladies in mind because as far as we can tell it only comes in one color, Pink. Still, we don’t judge and we don’t label so we’ll just say this is one fine toiletries bag. IT’s very similar to some of the others in its construction but we like the price tag on this baby in a big way.
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Always a plus the fabric lining of this bag will hold onto your items and the bag is quick drying and easy to clean if you run into any spills.

Mesh Zipper Pockets
These are almost always great or a real pain. In that we mean they either keep your things from sliding around inside your toiletry bag or they’re too small and you can’t use the zipper and your stuff just sticks out. We’d rather have them than not have them though so we put them down in the plus category.

Cost and Value
Could you pay less? Probably not. These are cheaper even than our best value pick but we just like that one a bit more than this and our Amazon Basics best value has a few cooler elements thatn the KevenAnna. That being said, this is really a great bag and it might be just the thing for that beach getaway you’re planning.

• Waterproof

• Zippered Mesh Pockets

• Large Central Bag

• Large Sturdy Hanger

• Side Pockets with Elastic Bands


• Too Small

• Zipper Breaks Easily

10. Hazard 4 Reveille Toiletry Bag

10. Hazard 4 Reveille Toiletry Bag
This is a really cool looking bag made by Hazard and its name Reveille suggest it’s a toiletries bag for a man of action. We’ll ignore the attempt to make toiletries bag ultra-masculine, and just concentrate instead on the cool features and the cool look of this particular toiletries bag.
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Large Side Pockets
They aren’t winged like a lot of the other products on this list but the side pockets are plenty roomy and will hold razors, toothbrushes, whatever you might need to fit in there. There’s also a nice clear plastic window pocket on the inside of the front flap. All said and done there are pockets galore on this baby and we like it.

Swiveling Hook
The suspension hook makes it easy to hang this bag on whatever surface might present itself. This is on all of our products but at the end of the day if you take the time to use it, it’ll make your life easier. Get the bag off the sink counter and hang it up that’s the way it is supposed to work.

Cost and Value
This one is actually one of more pricey. We think you’re paying for the rugged good looks on this one and if that’s your thing buy it up. We like it because it’s classically styled and has plenty of room for ‘stuff’ your stuff, and even other people’s junk if you need the room.

• Clear Pouch on Front Flap

• Two Zippered Side Pockets

• Swiveled Hanger

• Water Resistant Materials

• Flat zippered Front Pockets


• Small

• Hook Spills Contents

Traveling presents a number of challenges. From selecting the right items to travel with, to getting the right bag to help accommodate your items, there is no limit to what travelers can go through before they are ready to catch their next flight. A major problem is often packing toiletries to fit in the main travel bag for easy access when you want to use them.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Toiletry Kits

While some prefer to stuff toiletries in medium size plastic bags and throw them inside the main travel bag, others prefer to put the items randomly inside, hoping that they will easily retrieve them when the need arises. None of these offers an immediate solution. What you need is a portable toiletry kit to help accommodate all of your day-to-day essentials. However, how do you go shopping for the right one? Most people have no idea when it comes to choosing the right toiletry kit for their bathroom cabinet items. Some of the features to consider include several compartments and pockets to accommodate regular items used on a daily basis, sturdy construction for durability, waterproof material and padded interior for protection of your valuables, size to accommodate as many items as you may need to carry, and more. Below are the criteria for selecting the best toiletry kits for your next business trip or summer vacation.

Compartments, Pockets, and Pouches

This is one of the main features people consider when they go shopping for their toiletry kits. Perhaps this is because the compartments will hold the toiletries and keep them in order for easy access or retrieval. If you are going to travel often, you should select a few essential items that you will need on your business trip. Toiletry kits have compartments of varying sizes to help hold each of the main items used on a daily basis. The large main compartment is often designed to enable you to see all of the main items you will need, in a well-sorted manner. These internal storage spaces should also have mesh dividers to place each item where it belongs to allow easy view and access. It should be suitable for both large and small items.

Compartments are also placed differently. Some toiletry kits have extra compartments on the side of the bag for added space. The more the compartments the more space and the more organized you would be. Therefore, if you are very particular about order then you should probably get a bag with several compartments besides the main one to help you place each item in the right place. Zippered external compartments will also help to keep your items safely inside the bag so you don’t drop items in the cab on your way to the airport. In contrast, single compartment bags make it difficult to locate what you need inside. It might take you longer to rummage around in search for an item, as everything is jumbled up, making it nearly impossible to locate small items.

Compartments and pockets play a role in the capacity of the bag. Travelers who like traveling light know how to use the limited space provided by travel bags and toiletry kits. Regardless, if you would like to have options when it comes to daily essentials, then you need a large space to accommodate extra items. Some toiletry kits have the large capacity with several interlayers to help you pack all you will need during your vacation. The feature-rich interior functions of some kits make them ideal for emptying your bathroom cabinet items and organizing them inside the large capacity kit.

If you want great flexibility to allow you to bring several items to your summer vacation and pack light when you are going on a two-day business trip, then expanding/compression design toiletry bags would match your needs. With 2 expansion zippers on both sides of the kit, you will be able to increase the capacity by up to 30 percent to accommodate extra items. You will simply unzip the expansion zippers to include your cosmetics and makeup. However, zipping the zippers reduces the bag to a smaller size to enhance portability. This option is for great for travelers who like flexibility and control during their out-of-town trip.


This is yet another important aspect of a great toiletry kit. Material greatly determines durability and weight of the kit. It also determines the waterproof or water resistant characteristic of the bag. If you live or plan to use the kit in wet regions, then you probably need a water-resistant or waterproof kit to help protect your valuables from getting wet. Tough material exterior is also durable and long-lasting. Durable nylon exterior can be able to withstand the harsh elements of weather. High-quality fabrics can also resist wear and tear that could significantly reduce the lifespan of your toiletry kit. Most people take a while before replacing their toiletry kit, and since you are going to invest your hard-earned money, then it should serve you long enough before you can think of a replacement. Therefore, always consider how tough the external material is as far as resisting wear and tear is concerned.

Polyester fabric can be quite durable. Your kit should demonstrate extreme strength if you are going to use it often. A wipe-clean surface helps to withstand steamy bathrooms and the rigor of day-to-day use. The zippers should also be made of durable material to help ensure they open and close efficiently and last long enough to enable you to plan for your next toiletry kit.

Internal lining prevents liquids from creating a mess in case they spill inside your bag. Bags with waterproof internal lining make an excellent choice when it comes to storing gels, liquids and just about any products that could easily leak inside the bag and make the whole journey messy. However, if you are going to be carrying mostly dry items, (which is highly unlikely), then you might not need waterproof interior lining.

Stuffing toiletry items inside your bag can make the inside environment a little stuffy. This makes it important to go for a bag with breathable lining to help prevent bad odor. For instance, fine knit grid lining ensures that there is not bad odor inside the bag even after an extended period of use. While breathable fabric may not be on top of the list, but you need to consider this aspect.

Hanging Hook

Different people want toiletry kits for different purposes. While some use them exclusively for travel, others hang them on the bathroom walls for easy access to essential everyday items. Depending on the purpose for which you intend to use the toiletry bag, you can either consider the hanging hook or ignore it completely. If the kit is going to be in your bathroom, then a handy hook could help you to securely hang it from a towel rack and access any item you need. You will be able to see all of your items and access contents easily.

Carry Handle

Toiletry bags are meant to be portable. If you will mostly use your toiletry bag to check in at the hotel, then it should be easy to carry or transport. With a reliable loop handle, you will be able to carry it easily when you need to move. You can also use this loop to hang it on any hotel closet, door knob or towel rack. You should be able to hang it on any hook when not in use.

If you travel often, then you probably know the value of traveling light: the airlines with not bother you about bulky luggage and you will be complying with TSA’s regulations. This leaves you with the option of making good use of the limited space that a good toiletry kit has to offer and pack all your essentials to stay organized. Sturdy carry handles allow you to conveniently move around with the bag. A good toiletry bag should be simple yet highly reliable as far as keeping items organized is concerned. This helps to maintain minimalism style in life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are toiletry kits?

A: These are small bags that allow you to pack your toiletries in one place when traveling so that you can be able to access them easily when needed. They feature numerous compartments to help hold and organize items in a manner that they can be easily viewable and usable. Toiletry kits are can also be found hanging on hooks, doorknobs and towel racks in the bathroom.

Q: What items can I carry inside my toiletry kit?

A: There is no limit to what can be carried in a toiletry kit. Practically all portable items in a bathroom cabinet can be emptied into a toiletry kit. Some of the items that are commonly carried in a toiletry kit include a toothbrush, toothpaste, tampon, deodorant, lip balm, condoms, Vaseline, lotion, concealer, razor, mascara, creams, shampoo, medicine, pills, moisturizer, hair comb, conditioner and hair gel among others. You can also add as many items as the bag can carry.

Q: Where can I get a good toiletry kit?

A: To purchase a good toiletry kit, you can visit some of the departmental stores across the country. However, you are more likely to save time by visiting an online store. There are reliable e-commerce websites that stock virtually all types of toiletry kits to meet every customer’s needs. You can visit the product description page for full details on the product you are about to purchase. This ensures you get the right product.

Q: Which is the best toiletry kit?

A: Toiletry bags that are currently selling on the market have different features and functionalities. However, all have been designed to hold toiletries, although not all of them are great at organizing items to make it easy to access what you need. The best kit has the main compartment and several other small ones for easy organization. You can easily view and access your essentials without wasting too much time. It should also have extra pockets to hold several items in an organized manner. They are often made of high-quality material that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The exterior material should also be waterproof to prevent water from seeping into the bag and damaging the items inside, while the interior lining should be able to prevent leaks if liquids spill inside the bag. Lastly, it should be easy to wipe clean.

Q: Why do I need a toiletry kit?

A: Many people don’t see the need to buy toiletry kits while they can stuff everything inside their main travel bag and catch their next flight. Toiletry bags have become an important part of daily life. They help us to stay organized and access items any time when needed. This can save you much time. These bags help to keep related items together to avoid mixing with clothes. They also make the perfect travel companion, as you can organize your essential items in one place and travel light.

Q: Why do I need a waterproof toiletry kit?

A: You may not immediately realize the importance of waterproof fabrics when it comes to toiletry kits perhaps because you only envision using the bag to hold items that cannot be damaged by water, including toothpaste, toothbrush, Vaseline, and shower gel. However, you can also use your toiletry kit to carry important documents such as passports and to hold technology gadgets such as smartphones, headphones and MP3 players. Waterproof toiletry kits come in handy when it rains and you have delicate electronics inside the bag.

Q: How much does a good toiletry kit cost?

A: Well, the prices of toiletry kits vary from one manufacturer or model to another depending on several factors. To begin with, the material of the kit plays a key role in factoring in the price. High-quality water resistant and waterproof can be a bit pricey. Exterior material should be tough and durable, which could mean digging deeper into your pocket to be able to afford it. Other factors affecting price include the number of compartments or pockets that can hold your toiletries. The more the compartments and pockets the more likely you are to pay extra for the kit. Regardless, toiletry kits have become very affordable and you can get a good one for a few dollars. Just ensure you shop around and compare the prices and quality before making your purchase decision.

Q: This is not what I ordered, what should I do?

A: Different merchants have different return policies. You can inquire from your merchant about their return policies. You should act fast because most merchants accept wrong items returned within a particular time period. In addition, the product should also not be damaged, unless it is a manufacturing defect.


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