Best Salt Lamps Reviewed & Rated for Quality

It’s pretty cool how trends change. No longer are salt lamps just for “hippies” and crystal-lovers, now they are making a comeback in contemporary society. Long believed to be the key to lessened anxiety and general longevity, these lamps make an excellent addition to any home; both from a style perspective as well as a healthy living one.

Many people don’t believe the effects of these lamps are actually as great as reviewers and other salt lamp enthusiasts say. However, many resources list these as being a healthy addition to your home, office space, or classroom. Still skeptical? It’s okay. We were too until we started doing some research for ourselves.

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A salt lamp? You bet! Aren't they beautiful? Maybe before you struggled to find exactly which lamp we were referring to in each review, but we fixed that issue! Now you can find the exact Himalayan salt lamp that you spent time reading about and researching. Feel free to check out the rest of what this guide has to offer, too. Perhaps by the glow of the boring table lamp that you're about to replace with a pretty, health-benefitting salt lamp.

Featured Recommendations

Levoit Kana
  • Levoit Kana
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 6.6-Foot Power Cord
  • Price: See Here
Levoit Elora
  • Levoit Elora
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Safer Touch Dimmer Switch
  • Price: See Here
  • HemingWeigh
  • 4.4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Simple Bulb Change Process
  • Price: See Here

Healthline is one of the sites we looked at which discussed the health claims and benefits of Himalayan salt lamps. While they’re clear that the research on humans isn’t 100% positive, they recognize that there’s a huge amount of anecdotal evidence supporting these products and their benefits. Not to mention, the gentle ambiance is calming while offering a beautiful piece of decor in any space whether it is the middle of the day or night.

A good salt lamp will improve the air quality of your home, as well as improve your personal mood. It’s true! Healthline explains that this is because salt is thought to be an “ionizer” because of the way it attracts water particles. Supposedly, this ionization changes the level of protons and electrons that are swirling around you at any given time.

Find out more benefits as you keep reading. Not all products are created equal, though, as we’re about to find out. If you still don’t believe it by the end of the guide, at least you might find the truth in how beautiful these lamps are, and how maybe giving a salt lamp a try wouldn’t be the worst thing you do.


10 Best Salt Lamps


1. Levoit Kana

1. Levoit Kana
This Salt Lamp has made the top of our list. With 83% of the reviews giving it a 5-star rating, you know that this rock is the best one you’ll ever own. Yes, even better than your engagement ring! LEVOIT is a well-known and well-respected brand, which is only ever going to bring you the highest quality salt. This lamp is hand-crafted from Himalayan Rock Salt in Pakistan, making it your new favorite bedroom accessory. Everyone needs some softness in their lives, which is exactly what you’ll get from this lamp.
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The Look
Whether you believe in the health benefits or not this type of product is always a great addition to the home. They emit a soft light, making it easier for you to calm down after a long day’s work. The pink hue is visually flattering as well. Even surprise bedroom visitors will see you at your best when this is turned on. During the day this looks more like a large crystal than a hunk of salt; this means that you’re not only getting a lamp, you’re getting a conversation piece.

Dimmer Switch Capacity
There’s nothing more annoying than having only two choices for lights. Off and on switches have a glaring flaw; namely, you can’t temper the lighting state to your mood or needs. It’s either all at once or nothing at all. The power is put into your hands with this lamp, as it comes with a dimmer switch. Now you can choose exactly the right lighting state for your mood.

Cost and Value
Salt Lamps are often priced according to weight. The more salt you want, the more expensive it’ll be. With such a high-quality salt being used in this lamp you’d assume that it would cost you at least as much as a plane ticket to the Himalayas, right? Wrong. A 5 to 7 lb version of this Salt Lamp is going to cost you approximately $20. You can’t get a better deal for this kind of hand-crafted, artisan salt.


The base is a rubber wood, which means no slipping

Dimmer switch

1 year warranty even with a great price

Smooth style; no salt will come off when handling


Not as visually stunning as other models by Levoit

Can be incredibly heavy, depending on the size

2. Levoit Elora

2. Levoit Elora
This one was a very, very close second. Made by the same company, they’re some of the leading Salt Lamp professionals. We put the Elora model second to the Kana model only because of the fact that most reviewers preferred the practicality of the Kana. The Elora is certainly going to give you the wow factor you’re looking for in a Salt Lamp. It’s got smoother ridges, as well as a lighter pink color. This one is perfect for those that want a subtle Salt Lamp situation, rather than the loud-and-proud Kana version.
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Pre-Installed bulb
You read that right; LEVOIT is incredibly thoughtful and ships this with a pre-installed 15 watt bulb. You’re able to pull it out, plug it in, and instantly transform your busy office space or cramped studio apartment into a salt haven. There is a replacement bulb included, which means you’re getting twice the bulb time out of this one order. While 15 watts might not seem very strong, it’s more than enough to give you that dreamy pink glow.

Is it strange to gush over a product’s packaging? Maybe. Nearly every review we read mentioned that the box this lamp comes in is just as nice as the lamp itself. It looks like a little present, which means it’s perfect for gift-giving. You can order and ship it directly to the person you want to give it to, or keep it for yourself and gush over the adorable ribbon. The packaging is practical as well, as there’s been almost no reports of the Salt Lamp or bulbs arriving damaged!

Cost and Value
The Kana model that we talked about above came in first place for another reason. The cost of this Elora model is markedly more than some of LEVOIT’s other versions. While you certainly get what you pay for in terms of look and glow, we’re not sure it’s worth the $40 price tag. You do get two bulbs, a power cord, and 2-year warranty though. If you really want to invest in a Salt Lamp, you’d be incredibly happy with this model.

Comes with 2 bulbs

Heavier than other models

Light glows amber

Dimmer switch

Unique shapes due to the hand-carving



Less consistent in terms of shape

3. HemingWeigh Set

3. HemingWeigh Set
This beautiful lamp will be sure to give you sweet dreams no matter which side of the bed you’re on! HemingWeigh has made all our symmetry dreams come true by selling this 2-pack salt lamp pair. Now you can cover your whole room in that gorgeous, salty glow.
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Light and Movable
A warning we keep seeing on some of the other reviews is that they can be quite heavy. For those of us who aren’t blessed with upper body strength, we need a salt lamp that guarantees we’ll be able to lift it. The 6 to 7 lb weight makes these lamps easily accessible, and able to be carried by any surface.

Customer Service
One reviewer said that they had ordered these lamps and received one that didn’t have a working switch. While we like to think all companies have a penchant for strong customer service, that’s not necessarily true. HemingWeigh didn’t hesitate to replace the switch that didn’t work, without bothering the customer about warranty or paying replacement fees.

Cost and Value
At $20 for two lamps, you can’t find a better deal. These lamps will retain the perfect symmetry in your bedroom or living room, without requiring you to spend a huge amount of money. They brighten up any space, and the wooden base elevates it from kitsch to classy. You’re definitely getting more than you’re paying for with this set.

Real wooden base

Helps with air quality (according to anecdotal reviews)

Low Price

Elegant design

2 for the price of 1


Production flaws reported, but typically fixed


4. Crystal Allies Set

4. Crystal Allies Set
The brand’s name is accurate for this product. Your ally in the battle against stress has been found in the form of these Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps. Beautifully carved, these Salt Lamps feature nooks and crannies that are typically buffed out. By retaining the natural grooves in the salt lamp, you’re getting a visually interesting piece as well as anecdotally reported health benefits. This is an all-natural approach to relaxation, and you’re getting double the benefits with this 2 pack.
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Uniquely Textured
No one wants a run-of-the-mill salt lamp. When you’re purchasing a salt lamp, you’re looking for a product that will act as an accent to your decor. It’s more of an art piece than a lamp, which is exactly what you’ll get with the Crystal Allies brand.

All Natural Product
Having a Salt Lamp that’s going to benefit you is important to many shoppers. While some are in it solely for the salt-glow, others truly believe in the health benefits. Regardless of which side of the camp you fall on, you should be getting a product that’s all natural and healthy for your home. These Salt Lamps are naturally sourced, from the top the salt all the way down to the wooden base.

Cost and Value
This one is on par in terms of value with our other listed 2-pack. However, there have been some reviews that mention the quality of shipping results in a less-than-ideal Salt Lamp condition. These reviews are few and far between, though. The quality of these lamps are beautiful, natural, and are a great price for what you get.

Comes with bulb and dimmer

Neem wood (mahogany color)

Made of 100% natural salt

90-day (money back) return policy if unsatisfied

Compact, but an all-encompassing glow


Bases can be cracked

Visible mineral deposits in salt

5. Mineralamp

5. Mineralamp
Not just another Salt Lamp, this one comes to us upon the recommendation of 75% of reviewers. Many folks gave this lamp a 5 star rating, which is more than enough to convince us that it’s one of the best out there. While you do only get one in this package, one is all you need. The height is taller than some of the others we’ve seen, making this the perfect choice for your living room or office. Its unique shape is enough to get people talking, and will brighten up any stale or dreary room.
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Great Base
The base is made of an Indian Rosewood, which means it’s a little more red than some of the other bases we’ve seen. While you might be concerned about putting polished wood on a slippery or sloped surface, worry not with this Salt Lamp. The base has small feet on the bottom, which means you’ll have a safe and secure Salt Lamp situation.

Various Sizes
While some bigger Salt Lamp brands try to get roughly the same shape for each of their lamps, Mineralamp prides themselves on having a unique shape every time. They sell by weight, which means you’re able to get the exact size you want… All while retaining the element of surprise.

Cost and Value
The price goes up as you go for heavier and heavier models, but it’s definitely not going to break the bank. There’s no reason to be salty about the price differences either, as you’re truly getting what you pay for. The biggest size is reasonably priced at $27, making it cheaper than most of its counterparts.

Excellent price

Non-slip base

Dimmer button on the cord for easy hiding

Variety of weights

A wider lamp, rather than taller


Unimpressive shipping box

Only comes with one bulb

6. HemingWeigh Bowl

6. HemingWeigh Bowl
We’ve talked a lot about the traditional salt lamp styles. Nearly every lamp we’ve looked at has been incredibly traditional: wooden base, chunk of salt, soft pink glow. It’s time to shake things up. Add a little spice to your life with this bowl-shaped Salt Lamp. Not only do you get all the benefits of a traditional Salt Lamp, but you have a style that easily fits into a more modern lifestyle. The sleek and stylish bowl is a welcome addition to even the most contemporary-styled room, while adding the touch of warmth every home needs.
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Smooth Bowl Shape
This is an upscale design for those who are more fashion conscious. While the old version of Salt Lamps will never go out of style, this one is elevating it into the 21st century. Say goodbye to clunky side table lamps and unimpressive table centerpieces. We love this sleek, rounded shape. It instantly elevates the Salt Lamp from hippy-pad-fashion to natural-goddess.

Bulb Cage
One of the most common complaints we’ve seen about Salt Lamps is the fact that the bulbs get broken during the shipping process. That won’t be the case with this lamp, as the bulb comes in a protective cage. No matter what happens to this lamp the bulb is going to be totally fine; that protection is a unique quality that really gives you some peace of mind.

Cost and Value
This one is either a great value for its cost, or not as good as the others we’ve looked at. If you care about style, you absolutely need to get this Salt Lamp. The bowl fashion is automatically sleeker and more stylish than the chunks you normally find. Unfortunately, you don’t get as much salt for the price you’re paying. There’s only one size option as well, though the seventeen dollars isn’t an outrageous price for its size.

Protected Bulb

Compatible with contemporary fashion

Office appropriate


Smooth to the touch


Short bulb life

No dimmer

7. Voltas

7. Voltas
We’ve seen the sleek, we’ve seen the symmetrical, now take a look at the sultry. Salt Lamps can add a sensual, rich glow no matter where they are, but this lamp takes the cake. The dark red color means you’re going to get a rich, robust light being shone from this Salt Lamp. Even the wooden base is darker than some of its counterparts, making this whole lamp feel like a luxury.
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No visible branding
It’s hard to escape branding in this day and age. Almost everything around us has a brand on it. This means the influence of branding is present in our day-to-day lives whether we know it consciously or not. This Salt Lamp has gotten rid of the visible branding on their base, making it a natural fit for any advertisement-free home. Unlike some of the other brands, Voltas hasn’t imprinted their name on the base. This means you don’t need to worry about angling it to hide the brand, or worrying about it looking manufactured.

Power cord
There’s nothing worse than buying a lamp that has too short or too long a cord. Voltas has managed to avoid this problem by creating the perfect mid-sized cord. 6 feet offers enough of a range to get you from the bedside table to the wall plug, or from the living room bookshelf to behind the couch. You won’t have a whole spool of extra cord either, which is great for homes that have someone who’s mobility challenged (or just prone to tripping).

Cost and Value
Reviews love this lamp, and for good reason. While it’s on the smaller side, it packs a punch in any room it’s in. The high-quality cord and dimmer make it so you know you’re getting your money’s worth, even if the salt itself is on the smaller side. While we think there’s two sizes, the listing isn’t clear. We can only assume that both the prices are fair, and that this lamp is on par with other Salt Lamp prices.

Beautiful colour

High quality cord

Sculptural look

Salt from the Himalayan mountains

Polished base


Some reports of breakage during shipping

Average price for the size

8. WBM Glow Basket

8. WBM Glow Basket
If you’d rather have a rustic rock lamp, look no further than this wire-basket dream. Not only do you get a great amount of salt for the price, but the style is unique to anything else we’ve seen. Many salt lamps opt for a wooden base as it’s the traditional style. This Salt Lamp flips tradition on its head and goes for a metal base instead. The wire is delicate, making this a beautiful centrepiece for any family meal. It adds a homey glow, and would also look excellent tucked into a fireplace.
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If you’re someone who likes to get down and dirty with your home decor (but don’t want to go harvest your own salt) this is the perfect lamp for you. Several reviews state that you get to be the artist who arranges your own salt when you order this lamp. The chunks are manageable, and the wire basket allows for a fun peek-a-boo look when stacking your salt.

Softer Glow
Not everyone wants a heavy, bright glow to come from their salt lamp. While some people love the way that the lamps can light up a dark bedroom, others don’t want the light to make much of an impact. We wanted to add a softer option to the list for those that don’t want a bright light. While many lamps come with dimmers (including this one) sometimes it’s just easier to have a lower-light default.

Cost and Value
With a variety of sellers, this brand of Salt Lamp is averagely priced for what it is. The basket might increase the cost, but it’s hardly a concern when you get the privilege of crafting your salt lamp yourself. We think it’s on average a fairly priced product, and most reviewers were happy with the value.

Several basket styles

Uniquely arranged by you

Soft pink color

Dimmer switch

Modern-yet-rustic design of basket


A few reports of electrical error

One size

9. Zoostliss Night Light

9. Zoostliss Night Light
Even kids love salt lamps, which is why included this option. Sometimes you just need a little bit of light to guide your way in the dark. Even if you’re not a child anymore, you’re sure to love this little plug-in lamp. This small salt lamp will give you the same sort of glow that other lamps give, without having to worry about a huge hunk of salt taking up your precious bedside table space. The handcrafted salt portion means you’re going to have a more even glow than some of the irregular salt lamps that are out there, without compromising any of the benefits.
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Adjustable prongs
Many night lights these days still don’t have adjustable prongs. In a world where there’s a mix of wall sockets, floor sockets, built-in table sockets, as well as power bars, you need to be able to adapt depending on where you are. This Salt Lamp boasts a rotatable set of prongs, which means it can plug into any and all sockets your North American house has.

It’s still salt!
Some people are skeptical of this because it doesn’t look like other salt lamps. Most salt lamps are harvested, set, and shipped. This means that they typically have a rough and craggy look to them, full of nooks and crannies. This salt lamp is smooth and cylindrical, which makes some people suspicious. Rest assured: this is absolutely natural salt. The crystals come from the Himalayan mountains, and glow in exactly the same way that full-on lamp would.

Cost and Value
Legitimate salt lamps can be expensive, and often there’s a vast disparity of prices for the same amount of salt. While you certainly pay for quality, not all the cheap ones are bad. This little night light is an illuminating take on a salt lamp. The product is all natural and guaranteed to be salty, without putting a dent in your bank account. This is a great starter salt lamp, as it’ll let you get a feel for the glow and style of a salt lamp.

Excellent price

Adjustable prongs

Unobtrusive night light

Natural Salt

Perfect for kids


Not a lot of salt

Some reports of shattered bulbs.

10. Amethya

10. Amethya
Last but not least on our list, this salt lamp set will make your home feel like a salt castle. The glow is gentle, but bright. The hand carving makes these lights the perfect pair; they look the same, but have small differences that are only seen upon close inspection. While most of the reviews are sitting at 4 or 5 stars, there are some drawbacks to consider. However, if you’re looking purely for the aesthetic of a salt lamp this is the option for you.
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It’s a heavy lamp
Yes, we know we called that a con on one of the other lamps. However, for those of you who want a heavy lamp, this set is the way to go. We have to include a variety in our guides, even if they’re our ideal. Not only will you get two beautiful lamps when you order from Amethya, but you’ll also get the assurance that your new decorations are strong. It won’t break, no matter how much it gets tossed around!

25 Watts
The lamps themselves only come with a 7 watt bulb, which is unfortunate. This is a lower wattage than average for salt lamps, which often need a little more heat to get them working. Many reviews report the fact that they switched out the 7 watt bulbs for 25 watt bulbs and instantly saw great results. This is huge, as many of the other lamps suggest not going higher than 15 watts!

Cost and Value
Slightly more expensive than some of our other 2-packs, we don’t know if you actually get more for the price. While they’re certainly a little bigger, it’s unknown if that’s due to their height or their weight. The carved bases are elegant, though, and make for a perfect set of decorative bookends (as well as matching lamps).

Similarly carved enough to be symmetrical

Brighter light capacity

Reportedly reduces dust

Actual tastes like salt

Price isn’t outrageous for what you get


It comes with a low wattage bulb

Some reports of bashed-up packaging

Whether you want a salt lamp for the reported health benefits, or you want one because of the aesthetic look, these are some of the best options on Amazon. Salt lamps have been said to help with allergies, dust, and mood improvement. Whether you experience (or believe) these effects or not, they certainly emit a calm, beautiful glow.  

We’ve found 10 amazing lamps that won’t break the bank, without compromising the quality of salt. Go ahead and buy one, two, or seven; you can never have too many.  

Criteria Used in Evaluating the Best Salt Lamps


The quality of manufacturing is very important when buying a specialty item like this. These lamps travel halfway across the world to help bring you peace and calm. The last thing they should cause is stress due to faulty manufacturing!

We judged both the salt quality and the base quality to make sure they were up to the highest standards. Electrical wiring, dimmer switches, and packaging were also discussed, as all of them have an impact on the quality of your lamp.

Looking at reviews as well as manufacturing specifications gave us the ability to compare these products thoroughly and mention any downsides the builds might have. Every aspect of your salt lamp is important, especially if you’re using it for health purposes rather than aesthetic.

All of these lamps are a very high standard of manufacturing; nearly all of them are certified salt from Pakistan, hand carved with care and packaged just for you.


Due to the innately unique nature of these products, judging by variety is easier said than done. Not only do you have to take into consideration the fact that no two are going to be the same, but the color, shape, and mineral deposits can differ greatly from lamp to lamp.

We believe that consistency is key. We looked for brands that didn’t have reports of drastic differences in their products. While some variation is expected due to the nature of the product, these brands showed the most consistency in their products.

We also aimed to include a variety on this list, so everyone can find one that suits their lifestyle.

Flare & Elegance

You take a risk when introducing natural decorations into your home. Sleek and contemporary homes often result in salt lamps (and other nature-based decors, like flowers and raw wood) looking out of place. The elegance is just as important as the quality of them. Those who are looking for elegant options should be able to find them.

Due to the repetitive nature of salt lamps (spoiler alert: they all look like salt) having some flare is also key. Those who have a more eclectic style might not be worried about their lamp fitting into the room’s style. However, they need to be able to fit into your life! Yours should improve your living situation, not act as an eyesore. Having one with some style and flare is the secret to integrating it into any home.

Embrace the salt lamp by finding one that fits your personal lifestyle. We judged the lamps based on both elegance as well as versatility, and have found everything from sleek and stylish to rustic and raw.

Flare and elegance when shopping for salt lamps will elevate them from hippy fare to chic and flare; perfect for your day to day life.


You want the benefits of a salt lamp, but you don’t want to fly to the Himalayas. We get it. If you’re someone who believes in the health benefits and overall quality of life improvements, you want to rest assured that you’re getting what you pay for.

Paying too much or too little are tragedies in each of their own ways. Pay too much and you’re feeding a hungry company that likely has an unjust markup on their product. Pay too little and you run the risk of having an inferior product. The quality of salt is ultimately what matters when shopping, which means there can be a disparity of prices.

Only you can decide what you’re willing to pay for. You can absolutely find products that cost quite a large amount of money; you can also find options that are cheaply priced and don’t actually work. These are the most popular, most average-priced ones. While some of them are on the more expensive side, we believe that the price is worth it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the health benefits real?

A: That’s a question you need to ask your medical health practitioner. Anytime you want to adjust your lifestyle to include a holistic method, refer to your medical health practitioner. There is anecdotal evidence of people experiencing reduced allergies, easier breathing, and improved mood. But it is generally considered that this produt does a lot of good mentally, by the simple addition of them to your surroundings. Whether it be color hues, or warm, more natural light, many feel there are benefits to having Salt Lamps in your space.

Q: Is the salt authentic?

A: Anytime the seller has listed and confirmed that their salt comes from the Himalayas (and, most notably, Pakistan) you can rest assured that the salt is authentic. If you’re unsure, you can follow up with the seller. Nearly all of the products on our buying guide have verified Himalayan salt as the product, which means you’re guaranteed to get an authentic look, feel, and taste (if you’re into that idea).   

Q: How do I make it brighter?

A: Some can handle taking a higher wattage bulb than what they’re packaged with. You do this at your own risk, though, as most are too strained when you add anything higher than a 15-watt bulb. Many of these options include dimmers, which is an easy option for increasing the brightness. You can use the slider to keep the lamp at a lower level, and then increase it when you want it to be brighter.    

Q: Can I leave it on?

A: Sure! These products are said to work best when they’re left on for hours or days at a time. The heat of the bulb keeps the salt dry, making the lamp crystalline and highly effective. Be careful if you’re buying a product that doesn’t have a UL certification, though. This means that they haven’t been verified and cleared in the way that the safe, certified lamps have. It can pose safety hazards to you and your loved ones. Nearly all of these lamps have been UL certified, however, meaning you can sleep safe and sound.


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