Best Hunting Hoodies Reviewed and Tested

You don’t need to be cold and wet to truly experience the great outdoors. Whether it’s the precarious wilderness or the unchartered territories you wish to explore, a great hooded sweatshirt will keep you warm and dry, and ready for whatever mother nature has prepared for you. A great hoodie is tough enough to withstand daily exercise, tough terrains, extreme weather conditions, almost anything you throw at them, and come out fitting and looking good, time after time. A nice hoodie sweatshirt is just as important as your daily essentials and makes a great addition to your hunting go-to gear and protective clothing.

It’s when the temperature fall and you sense the winter chill you feel the need of a hooded sweatshirt. Hoodies are super comfortable protective clothing that fits you like a second layer of skin while keeping you warm and cozy on-the-go without compromising mobility or the unnecessary bulk of conventional winter jackets. Plus, the outdoors present a wonderful opportunity for you to take out on the great wilderness in style with your favorite camo hoodie. Hoodies have always been a favorite for those seeking a relaxed and comfortable style.

Our Top 3 Picks

Legendary Hunting Hoodie
  • Legendary Hunting Hoodie
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Exclusive
  • Price: See Here
UA Hunting Hoodie
  • UA Hunting Hoodie
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Dry Fit
  • Price: See Here
King's Hunting Hoodie
  • King's Hunting Hoodie
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great Value
  • Price: See Here

Why You Need Hoodies

Camouflage has been a necessary and effective addition for the seasoned hunters since ages. The main objective behind wearing a camo has always been to stay undetectable without alarming your target. However, with an insane range of camo patterns already populating the market, it makes it more important for you to assess your needs and understand your requirements before heading out in the wild outdoors. Just like your regular clothing, hunting camo hoodies are designed to be worn while it’s warm outside, and some are designed to keep you warm. Insulated camouflage can help you stay warm and cozy while you’re hunting big game in the dead of winter.

Trendy and Stylish

Modern day hooded sweatshirts take the military influence of camo and add an extra urban flair to it with fun colors and funky graphics. However, because it’s a hoodie, it’s still a soft and comfortable clothing option. Plus they make a great casual outfit. Match a camo hoodie with a pair of cargo shorts or jeans for the perfect casual outfit. Combine these pieces with a pair of sneakers or boots, and you’re good to go in style and comfort.

Perfect for Workouts

No matter you’re exploring the wilderness or going for a run or hitting the gym, a camo hoodie makes for an ideal working gear. You can wear a t-shirt under a zippered hoodie so you can easily remove it if you get too warm while working out. Plus, if you go with a hoodie with pockets in the front, you’ll have a convenient place to hold your accessories or belongings while you exercise.

How to Choose the Best Hunting Hoodies

The selection of hunting hoodies on the market today is amazing. Different materials are used in their design that is specifically designed to help keep you warm in sub-zero temperatures, keep you dry in a downpour, keep your movements quiet, provide concealment even in open country and much more. But first, let’s focus on a few main characteristics of camo hunting hoodies.

StyleCamo hunting clothes are available in a plethora of styles and hooded sweatshirts are no exception. The seasoned hunters and the outdoorsman require a lot from their clothing than your average person. From flattering fleece and waterproof micro fiber jackets to camo hoodies and sweatshirts, there’s a wide range of full wardrobe built for the serious hunters or outdoorsman. For example, a more open pattern on your jacket or hoodie may be best when hunting from the ground. Not only they can help you stay more comfortable but also allow easy addition or removal of layers of camo hunting clothes depending on the weather and your level of activity while hunting big game. Comfortable and warm, they’re cut for flattering fits that look great on everyone.

Material – After style, the most important factor when selecting camo hoodies is the material they are made from. Fleece is one of the most common materials used because it provides a very little in the way of insulation on chilly days. It also does a fair job of repelling moisture. They will also work to wick moisture away from your skin, which in turn helps keep your warmer for a longer period of time. The beginning hunter may choose to purchase a fleece or even cotton/polyester blend or simply add layers beneath to stay warm.

Camo Pattern – The options for the hunter are endless which is great. This allows you to select the type of camo that helps you best hide in the terrain you’ll be hunting. What’s even more important than a branch or leaf design is the density and darkness or lightness of the camo pattern. There are leafy patterns that can help you blend into the great wilderness while hunting big game. The open pattern design and the light colors such as the snow pattern hoodies will help them sit in trees that have little cover other than leafless branches even though there is no snow on the ground.

Technology – Moisture control is one of the biggest innovations in camo hunting hoodies in recent years. The ability of hunting clothes to wick moisture away from your body has become a standard for the next generation of hunting clothes. These camo hunting hoodies do a great job of literally keeping you dry and comfortable. Keep in mind that one of the main reasons you catch a cold on the stand is because of the moisture you generate while walking in freezing cold temperatures. So, remove the moisture and eliminate the chill effect.

10 Best Hunting Hoodies


1. Legendary Whitetails

1. Legendary Whitetails
Ultimate comfort has been taken to the next level with this heavyweight hooded sweatshirt that features Realtree AP camo accents with a casual v-neck to provide extra comfort. Legendary Whitetails has been fulfilling the needs of the most challenging hunters since 1999 and has been a prominent everyday hunter's apparel brand since then. With the specially engineered V-neck, Legendary Whitetails have set the standard for a new line of camouflaging hoodies best suited for the seasoned hunters of modern day hunting scene.

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Features & Specifications:

Camouflage pattern
Ripped neck for superior comfort
Legendary Signature Buck logo cut out
Exclusive design and kangaroo pocket
Sturdy and Durable
Designed for seasoned hunters
  • Super solid everyday hoodie with camo accent
  • Ultra durable for extreme conditions
  • Casual v-neck  to provide superior comfort
  • Quality product for a budget-friendly price
  • Legendary embroidery on right side of hood for classic look
  • Kangaroo pockets for extra storage and to keep you warm
  • Won’t keep you warm in chilled nights
  • It’s not super thick for added warmth
  • V-shaped collar leaves too much neck exposed

2. Under Armour Men’s

2. Under Armour Men’s
The Under Armour Men’s Armour Fleece Camo Hoodie features a full-fledged camo pattern to let you adapt to the wild outdoors without losing leverage over your target. The Armour Fleece is light and provides a super-soft inner layer that traps heat to keep you warm and comfortable, plus a quick-drying outer layer and the ColdGear fabric technology restricts the moisture away for breathability and ease of movement. This super comfortable sweatshirt makes your perfect travel companion in the wild outdoors whether you're out there hunting or admiring mother nature.
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Features & Specifications:

Loose fit hooded sweatshirt
All-polyester design for durability
Armour Fleece is light and breathable
Soft inner layer for comfort
All-over camo pattern
Large Under Armour logo on the front
  • Super soft inner layer keeps you warm without losing breathability
  • Armour Fleece stretches for better mobility
  • Wicks moisture away to keep you comfortable 
  • All-over camo pattern to adapt to the surroundings
  • Perfect fit for the wild outdoors and ease of movement
  • Ideal for hunting and camping
  • Doesn’t fit like a dress
  • A size bigger than the normal size
  • Layering option not so useful
  • Not so great for extremely cold environment

3. King’s Camo Cotton

3. King’s Camo Cotton
Designed with the seasoned hunters in mind, the very reliable King's hooded sweatshirt is a wonderful blend of polyester-cotton fabric for better durability and a lightweight material combined with the all-over camo pattern to get the best out of your deer hunting - all this at a budget-friendly price but without losing breathability. It features standard kangaroo pockets to keep your daily essentials within easy reach, plus the embroidered graphics on the chest make you stand out and looks appealing.
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Features & Specifications:

Cotton Poly blend 60% Cotton/40% Poly
5 oz. Material
Kangaroo Pocket
Drawstring hood
Camo cuff on sleeve and waist
Available in Desert Shadow and Mountain Shadow Camo patterns
  • Great value camo pullover hoodie
  • Cotton/Poly blend sweatshirt with lightweight material for ease of movement
  • Thermal liner for extra warmth and comfort
  • Kangaroo handwarming pockets to keep you warm and for extra storage
  • Comfort of cotton combined with the classic style of King’s Camo
  • Pattern not great for casual wear
  • Great intermediate camo but huge in size

4. Yukon Gear Cotton

4. Yukon Gear Cotton
The Yukon Gear Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt is great for hunting in the crisp fall weather. Stay warm in the woods or in the dangerous wilderness with this great cotton hooded sweatshirt from Yukon Gear. This camo hooded sweatshirt performs at its best and makes for a great fit for around camp or around town. The Mossy Oak Infinity pattern is pre-shrunk and adds an extra set of layer for added warmth while on-the-go or during hunting trips. Plus, the cotton fleece is super comfortable and breathable so that you get the most out of your hunting ventures.
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Features & Specifications:

Cotton hooded sweatshirt with camo pattern
Mossy Oak Infinity Pattern
Drawstring hood
Pullover style
Front Kangaroo handwarmer pockets
Machine washable
  • Camo hooded sweatshirt for a successful hunt
  • Put an extra layer on your body for added warmth
  • Great for deer hunting to stay concealed
  • Ideal for the extreme outdoors
  • Works great for around camp or around town
  • The fleece lined material keeps you warm and comfortable
  • Not as flexible as some other hooded sweatshirts
  • Sleeves are fine but the trunk is short and wide
  • Not ideal for anything too cold

5. Under Armour Men’s

5. Under Armour Men’s
Don’t let the bad weather stop you from exploring the great outdoors. The dual-layer acts as a second pair of clothing for your body to provide extra warmth and the soft inner layer keep you warm and cozy when the mercury rises while allowing optimal heat distribution through the body. The waterproof layer leveraged the most advanced UA Storm Technology to provide decent protection against water splashes without compromising breathability in the field. The black color adds a little depth to the overall design while the stylish UA logo adds to its beauty and looks appealing.
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Features & Specifications:

Fuller cut for complete comfort
Hooded design for all-around protection
Front Kangaroo pocket for extra storage
100% polyester to ensure a lifetime of abuse
Lightweight and breathable
UA logo on the front
Two-layer design provides extra warmth
  • UA Storm Technology helps repel water without compromising performance
  • Armour Fleece provides greater warmth even in harshest conditions
  • Breathable material ensures ease of movement
  • Better mobility on-the-go
  • Super-soft inner layer provides optimal heat distribution
  • ColdGear Technology keeps you warm and cozy
  • Wrinkle-free polyester fabric wicks moisture away
  • Fabric is machine washable
  • UA logo in camouflage adds a touch of subtlety
  • Front Kangaroo pockets to keep your hands warm during chilled nights
  • All-weather protection
  • Not so great fit
  • Not ideal for freezing temperatures
  • Not suitable for camouflaging

6. Trail Crest Chambliss

6. Trail Crest Chambliss
Jazz up your hunting game and embrace the wilderness in style with the Trail Crest Chambliss Camo Fleece Jacket. The full-zippered fleece is both stylish enough to pop out and functional enough to provide a great all-season hunting experience. Appreciated by seasoned hunters and casual backpackers alike, this ultra-comfortable go-to camo clothing keeps you concealed without alarming your target. Now stay on your target without being detected and take your hunting game to the next level. The handwarmer pockets keep you warm and cozy when the mercury rises and the mock collar keeps your neck protected from the elements of nature.
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Features & Specifications:

Super soft brushed fleece
Full-length front zipper
Camouflage panels on front and back shoulders
Mock collar
Zippered handwarming pockets
Hood with drawstring
  • Full-zippered fleece for extra protection and warmth
  • Camo pattern to keep you hidden
  • Ideal for seasoned hunters and backpackers alike
  • Nylon zipper and branded zipper pull
  • Super-soft brushed fleece for extra layer of protection
  • Highland Timber camo panel on the shoulders and back
  • Perfect for an insulating layer in the winter
  • Good quality but short on sleeves
  • Hood is too large and sloppy
  • Little pricey in its class
  • The base could be of more earthy color

7. Mossy Oak Men’s Camo

7. Mossy Oak Men’s Camo
Mossy Oak is a prominent name in camouflage clothing line which inspires the most challenging hunters to live the outdoor lifestyle. It's not just a name; it's a commitment to bring you the best that appeals to the outdoor enthusiasts. The commitment reflects in their fine line of camouflage patterned hoodies and sweatshirts which provide the perfect blend of style and functionality. The very reliable Mossy Oak Camo Hoodie helps you adapt to your surrounding by providing the best camo pattern and fuses you with the wilderness. Not only it looks great and feels great to wear but also protects you from the harsh elements of nature all year around.
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Features & Specifications:

Elastic sleeve cuffs
Smooth outer surface
Soft brushed inner lining
Chest embroidered Mossy Oak logo
Front pouch pocket
Secure, comfortable fit
  • New Break-Up Country line for the most challenging hunters
  • Effective camo pattern fuses with the surroundings
  • Air jet yarn provides superior comfort without adding any extra bulk
  • All season wear for best performance
  • Pre-shrunk fleece provides great warmth and superior comfort
  • Double-lined hood with matching drawstring
  • Double-needle stitching for durability and mobility
  • Ease of movement without compromising stealth
  • Seams start to come apart after a couple of washes
  • Little thin for the chilled nights

8. Gamehide HECS Hoodie

8. Gamehide HECS Hoodie
Lined with HECS technology fabric, the Gamehide HECS Hoodie is your perfect go-to hunting gear and an efficient travel companion on-the-go. The HECS signal-blocking technology keeps you covered from head to toe in a conductive carbon grid, just like a "Faraday's Cage" which eventually makes your body virtually undetectable by blocking the electrical signals of your body. Now get closer to your big game without being detected and get the most out of your hunting game. The fiber is flexible enough to ensure ease of movement on-the-go and also breathable.
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Features & Specifications:

HECS signal-blocking technology
Quarter zip design for easy on and off
Lightweight and breathable fabric
Moisture control fleece fabric
Attached hood and front tunnel pocket
  • Advanced HECS signal-blocking technology helps you stay ahead of your game
  • Ideal sweatshirt for the wild outdoors
  • Highly flexible for ease of movement
  • Superior-quality moisture control fleece fabric wicks perspiration
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric
  • Quarter zip design makes it easy to put on and off
  • Comfortable fit without adding extra bulk
  • Tunnel-style pocket for convenient storage
  • Little pricey than other similar hoods in its class
  • Not ideal for casual wear

9. Trail Crest Camo

9. Trail Crest Camo
Whether you’re out there in the great wilderness testing your survival skills or looking for your next big game, the Trail Crest Camo Hooded Sweatshirt helps you stay ahead of your big game while keeping your virtually undetected the whole time. It's extremely lightweight to carry around with ease yet thick and soft enough to put you at ease while keeping you comfortable. They are a great fit for hunting, camping, hiking, and any fun outdoor adventure that requires a reliable set of protective clothing. TrailCrest is a quality apparel brand that excels in the great outdoors, hunting and military markets. Show your passion for the outdoors while sporting this classy sweatshirt.

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Features & Specifications:

Cotton-polyester blend
Hood with elastic
Kangaroo handwarmer pockets
Brushed inside for soft touch
  • Lightweight and durable fabric to last a lifetime
  • Super-soft inner layer to keep you warm and cozy
  • Ideal for hunting, hiking and camping
  • Genuine camo print to make the experience all the more exciting
  • Features handwarmer kangaroo pockets for additional storage
  • Full hood with drawstrings to keep you protected from outside elements
  • Cotton-Polyester blend hooded sweatshirt for a comfortable lasting wear
  • Quality is good but not great for extremely chilled nights
  • It’s warm and lightweight, but not breathable
  • Not durable enough for long-term use

10. Realtree Men’s Camo Hoodie

10. Realtree Men’s Camo Hoodie
Whether you are struggling with the freezing cold nights or testing your survival skills in the wild outdoors, the extra-soft Realtree Men’s Camo Hoodie makes a perfect go-to clothing that's built for the outdoor lifestyle. The camo pattern pullover fleece hoodie makes a smart and effective addition to your go-to hunting gear. Made from pure poly fleece, the fabric will keep you warm and toasty during the colder months of the year. Wear it for your hunting trips, exploring unfamiliar territories or just hanging out at home – this camo hoodie blends in just perfectly with the outdoor surroundings.

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Features & Specifications:

100% poly fleece
Embroidered logo
Front pockets
Machine washable for easy care
Ideal for hunting or everyday use
5 oz. Cotton/Polyester blend
  • Super-soft fabric keeps you warm and hunt-ready
  • Camo pattern to effectively take on your target
  • Authentic pattern that blends in with the outdoor surroundings
  • Best survivalist gear for the seasoned hunters
  • Long sleeves keep your arms protected
  • Front handwarmer pockets to store small valuables while on-the-go
  • Double-needle stitching for added durability
  • Not great for a winter jacket because of the camo pattern
  • Perfect for fall hunting trips but not all seasons
  • Color not ideal for casual wear

Decision Time

We’ve got you covered with clothing geared up for the hunt and designed with you in mind. From flattering fleece and outfitter hoodies to hunting jackets and lightweight cotton shirts, we’ve created a full wardrobe for the serious outdoorsman or the professional hunter. We hope that our best hunting hoodies guide provided with the options you were looking for.

Happy hunting!