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Over the years we have seen that tools, in general, have been transformed to provide us with better services. Some have been made to be much more durable than when they were first created. While other types were upgraded to save us some painstaking time and agony. This is definitely the case when it comes to the saw. If you think way back,  in some cases, it took two people to operate one. Which made cutting down a tree that much more difficult. Over time different types of this marvelous tool were created. With each varying type, came different ways of cutting, along with the need for a power source.

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Rochwell Versacut
  • Rochwell Versacut
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Black & Decker
  • Black & Decker
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Time Saving
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  • Dremel
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Cutting
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This is where we jump to the electric saw, some will tell you it is the next best thing next to sliced bread. At least for those in an industry utilizing this type of tool more frequently. With the varying designs come different types of cutting, which can seem overwhelming when trying to decide which one you will need to get the job done. Take for example the types of cutting that are out there. DId you know it was possible to make a bevel cut, cross cut, or simply cut out a shape? Knowing that now you need to match the right tool for the right job. Certainly, the options for cutting will be listed somewhere on the product labeling but some can be used for several different materials and cuts. You won’t want to cut cement with a tool meant for wood.

This is where we come in, providing you with a buying guide, to help you determine exactly what you need. Choosing the right tool for the job can help you achieve your end game a lot quicker. Here we have compiled some information to create a list of what we consider to be the best options available. This list will also contain a short preview for each of the items. There you will notice that we have highlighted a few key features for each of the ten. It is our hope that upon finishing this guide, you have gained the knowledge to lead you in the right direction.


10 Best Electric Saws


1. Rochwell Versacut

1. Rochwell Versacut
First up on the list is a powerful option that comes in a small package. Designed to be portable yet efficient, you will enjoy the time you spend cutting.
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Made to be lightweight while still packing the punch of a full-size option. This one allows you to easily take it from place to place without hauling all the extra weight.

The sleek-lined design makes it easier to control, not to mention the fact that it feels much better in your hands. Since this was made to be lighter in weight, it causes less hand fatigue while you are cutting.

Cost and Value
Let us start out by saying that no power tools will come cheap. The amount you spend on them will certainly affect the quality you get. With this one, you can take it from site to site with ease. It will pack the same power as the larger version.

The design is compact making it easy to transport.

Can cut a wide variety of materials.

Has a laser for guiding cuts.

Slim handle design for better grip.


Some have stated that changing the blade can be a hassle.

There are complaints that it is difficult to see the blade while cutting.

2. Black & Decker

2. Black & Decker
Great for aiding with cleaning up your yard. This option can save you some time and effort, rather than pruning trees by hand. Having one of these on hand can make working around the house easier.
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This will come with two different blade types. One to help you remove those low limbs from your tree. The other is designed to help you cut through metal. The best part is that you won't need tools to change the blades.

Time Saving
There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. When it comes to cleaning up those trees for the year, this can seem to take forever when cutting the limbs by hand. Here is a great option to save you both time and energy. With the powered offered, you will cut through those limbs in no time flat.

Cost and Value
This could be the next valuable addition to your yard working tools. The power this has to offer will literally cut your working time in half. Giving you time to tackle other things on your to-do list.

Offers 3.4 amp motor.

Can cut wood or metal.

Easy to change the blade.

Comes with two different blades and a bag for storing.


The directions for inserting the blade are not very clear.

3. Dremel

3. Dremel
This tool provides you with an advantage that some of the others just don't have. Perform different cutting styles on different material types with ease.
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With this, you can move the wheel in two different positions. Making it possible to not only cut straight but you can do plunge and flush cuts as well. Not all tools offer this feature.

Depending on the thickness of the material you are cutting, you may need a deeper cut. With this handy tool, you can easily adjust the depth of the cut.

Cost and Value
This is a versatile option for your cutting needs. Allowing you to walk through different material types while cutting. Adjust the depth of the cut for thicker materials. Change the wheel position to use the cutting style you need.

This will work with a variety of materials.

The wheel has two different settings.

Has a port for keeping the work area clean.

Built for both durability and power.


Some users have stated that the blades seem to wear quickly.

4. Dewalt

4. Dewalt
Here is a powerful option for those bigger jobs that need to be done. The manufacturer has upgraded this fine machine to give you a greater sense of satisfaction.
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Safety First
Your safety is important while using power tools. Which is why this one comes with safety features. An electric brake to stop the blade when needed. The brake cuts the amount of time it takes the blade to stop into mere seconds.

Cord pullout can be a huge hassle when trying to get the job done. This manufacturer has taken your comments to heart. Changing the design of the cord, to lessen the likelihood that a pullout will occur.

Cost and Value
In order to get the job done efficiently, you need a good set of tools. Ones with added measures to keep you safe while using them. This manufacturer has gone above and beyond, providing you this option.

Has several added safety features.

Cord design has been upgraded to prevent pullout.

Has a lightweight design.

Comes with the tools needed to change the blade.


There are complaints that this has a lot of vibration to it.

5. Remington

5. Remington
Another great tool for using around the yard here is an option for cutting down smaller trees or branches. With features that have your ability and comfort in mind.
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When using a model such as this there are some safety concerns. You have to be the one in control. The bar for this is designed to have minimal kickback, which keeps you in total control.

Easy to Operate
Since not everyone is an experienced lumberjack, this tool has just the right features for you. Keeping the chain oiled is essential rather than guessing on the amount, you can simply push a button for just the right amount.

Cost and Value
For a fraction of the cost of the gas-powered version, you gain a ton of potential cutting power. You can cut down smaller trees or clean up lower lying branches. This is a great option even for beginners.

The bar is designed for a minimal amount of kickback.

Has a tension adjustment on the outside.

The chain can be oiled at the push of a button.

This comes fully assembled.


The tank for oil doesn't hold much.

Some users have stated that the chain gets loose rather quickly.

6. Genesis

6. Genesis
This one has what seems to be endless potential. Cutting through all different material types with ease. Cutting can be a messy job but not with this one cleaning afterward will be easy.
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Offering you 5.8 Amps of power this motor will allow you to slice right through all kinds of material. When they built the motor for this it was built to last and perform.

Cutting indoors can be a messy experience. Sawdust flying everywhere, which by the way sticks to everything. With this tool, all you have to do is place the vacuum attachment onto your shop vac to collect the sawdust. This reduces the mess by over half.

Cost and Value
This is a trusty piece of equipment known for getting the job done. Built to be one of the more dependable options out there, you can be sure it will have you cutting for years to come.

Has a 5.8 Amp motor for power.

Can be used on several material types.

Has a vacuum attachment for collecting sawdust.

The cutting depth can be adjusted.


The guard for the blade sometimes gets stuck.

The vent at the back of the saw blows right at you while cutting.

7. Worx

7. Worx
This brings us to a first on the list, as this can be transformed into two different tools. WHich is perfect when you don't have space for a million different tool types.
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Here is an option that delivers the best of both worlds. You can use this during a remodel for both demolition and finished product. Simply shift the axis and you have a completely different tool on hand.

Power Supply
Now I know this is a list of the electric variety but this is to cool to pass up. This one is powered by battery yet strong enough to get the job done. Just be sure to charge your power source before expecting the toll to preform.

Cost and Value
This is a two for one option, meaning you essentially gain two tools for the price of one. Passing up potential like this is hard to do. When on the job it reduces the amount of weight you will have to carry around.

Can switch the axis to change the type of tool.

This can be used for both demolition and finish work.

This is a lightweight option.

Most blades will fit this tool.


Directions for use are not very clear.

8. Chicago

8. Chicago
This gives us a look into another heavy duty option. This one helps keep you comfortable while cutting the day away. It has plenty of power to get the task completed.
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Made for strength the high amp motor will keep you cutting through the days end. No task is too big for this tool to take on.

When using our tools we sometimes are put in some awkward positions. The rotating handle of this tool can alleviate that for you. When you find yourself in an uncomfortable cutting position, simply rotate the handle to get yourself out of it.

Cost and Value
At an average cost as far as tools are concerned, you gain a durable option for your cutting needs. The level of comfort this can provide will make you want to use it over and over again.

The handle can be rotated.

This is a good choice for demolition needs.

The motor is built for durability.

The speed of the blade can be adjusted.


Some users have stated that the speed control is hard to figure out.

9. Tacklife

9. Tacklife
Now, this is a selection that has a ton of bells and whistles. It makes cutting seem like no work at all. You can be sure that you will be performing with both speed and accuracy with this by your side.
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Cutting straight can sometimes seem like it is mission impossible. With this tool by your side accuracy will come easy. This is due to the laser guide that is provided for you. Pair that with the ruler and you are on the right track.

Different material thickness will call for different cutting depths. Good thing for you, this comes with a depth adjustment. It is simple to adjust so no need to worry about confusion.

Cost and Value
Having a tool that provides you with accuracy can be a very valuable asset. This model works well even for those who have little to no experience with this type of tool.

Has a laser guide for accurate cutting.

The depth for cutting can be adjusted.

The grip is non-slip for comfort.

Has the tools you need to change the blade included.


The blade guard starts to stick after awhile.

10. Makita

10. Makita
The last option on the list has plenty of potential benefits to offer the user. Benefits geared toward both your comfort and cutting style. Which is great for getting things done quickly and efficiently.
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Getting the job done quickly is often the goal for any task. Using this tool can help you achieve that goal. The trigger is designed so that you can control the speed of the blade with the push of your finger.

You can adjust the shoe for better control without any tools. When it comes time to change the blade there are no tolls involved in that either. Both of those things make this an efficient option for completing any task.

Cost and Value
You can't be fast and efficient without good quality tools. With that quality comes a higher price tag. You will have to ask yourself if you want to spend the extra money on quality or the time doing things over again.


The blade can be changed without tools.

The shoe can be adjusted.

The trigger adjusts the speed of the blade.

Has a built-in dust blower.


Some customers have questioned the durability of the tool.

You will notice that the next section seems to have a ton of information. In fact, you are correct, the next section covers the information we used to create this list for you. Following the criteria section, you will see that we have also included some questions that we found to be asked the most frequently. By doing so, we hope to alleviate any stress you are feeling about choosing the right tool.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Electric Saws

The first step to choosing the right type of tool for the job is knowing what each one can do. Here you will find a brief introduction to each available piece of equipment.

Equipment Types

Circular Saw

A piece of equipment like this can be transported from place to place. It will have a blade that is in the shape of a circle, you will find that the blade can come in various sizes. It will cut through wood and at a rather quick pace as well. You will notice that the bigger the blade you have, the thicker the material you can cut. Once the depth of the cut is set, repeated cuts of the same depth can be performed rather quickly.

What to Watch for:

  • The higher the cutting capabilities of the blade are the thicker the pieces of material you can cut.
  • The more RPMs the motor can produce the better your control and cutting will be.
  • Look for one that has an adjustable base plate. This will allow you to change the angle of your cutting.
  • The user’s safety is an important aspect. Blades turn at a rapid speed, having a braking system is a must. A blade with some type of guard is also essential, remember accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.
  • There are a number of blade types to choose from select the one you need according to the cutting you will be doing. In some cases, blade specifications will also way heavily by the material you will be cutting. It is best to read all the specifications for the blade before using it.

Jig Saw

This tool gets the job done when in the need for fancy style cutting. With the blade being relatively thin, you can make turns while cutting at the same time. Another great aspect of having a thin blade is no more wasting material. All you need to do is drill a small starting hole the blade will fit right in. With some of the other options, you will need to start your cut at the edge of the material. This can cause us to waste more material than needed.

Knowing Your Tool:

Speed Control: This adjusts how fast the blade will move and is typically found in the form of a dial. The speed will need to be changed accordingly with the type of material you will be working with. For example, when working with plastic, a slower speed is most likely necessary.

Blade Action: Many of these tools will now come with the option of using a thrust while cutting. This can be turned on or off depending on whether or not you need it. Basically, it functions to propel the blade along, making for a much faster cutting performance.

Adjusting the Angle: Some find it useful to have this tool with an adjustable plate. This lets the user adjust the angle at which they are cutting. It is not a necessary option, although some say it is handy to have if they need it.

Cutting and Blade Changes: When you first start out with this type of tool, you will notice that the blade starts out slow. Be sure that the blade is fully up to speed before starting the actual cut. Some models will have a lock for keeping the trigger in the on position while making lengthy cuts. As for changing the blade, the easiest way will be to choose a model that requires no tools to do this.

Blade Facts

  • Always check your tool to be sure which shank type fits. The shank of the blade is the end that enters the tool. Not all blades fit all tools.
  • The higher the number of teeth the blade has the faster it will cut. Blades with more teeth will also leave a rougher finish when done with cutting. It stands to reason that blades with fewer teeth will cut slower leaving behind a cleaner looking finish.
  • Narrow blades are by far better for cutting on a curve. When having to make a more lengthy cut, a wider blade will be optimal.

Reciprocating Saw

Here is an option for those larger cutting jobs. Take for instances cutting out old windows, it will slice through like a knife into butter. It is, however, better for making rough cuts rather than finishing cuts. The strength and motion of the blade will leave the material in rough shape at the end of the job.

Features to Consider

Cutting Motion: This refers to what type of motion the blade can make. With a straight cut, the blade can only move back and forth. This type of motion pairs well when a slower cutting style is needed. Another option is one where the blade moves in an orbital or circular motion. This allows for a much faster means of cutting. Some will come with the ability to adjust the cutting motion. This feature is nice, as it eliminates the need for two different models.

The Shoe: The shoe is the piece of the equipment that will rest on the material you are cutting. It will control the position for which you will be able to make your cut. You can find the shoe to be stationary or one that can be adjusted. Shoes that can be adjusted allowing you to cut materials using different positions.

Blade Changing: For this, you have two options to choose from using tools to change the blade or the tool-free changing. With the tool-free blade change, you won’t need to worry about carrying extra tools around. This option is also known for being slightly faster.

Speed and Stroke Adjustments: Having an adjustable speed function can be a game changer when it comes to cutting. The speed at which you will need the blade set will vary per the material that you are cutting. Being able to change the speed ensures that you can make your cuts that much more smoothly. The length of the stroke refers to how far the blade actually travels. This too comes as an adjustable option but is also available as non-adjustable. Basically, when you want to cut faster, the blade should have a longer stroke.

Comfort Options: For the user’s comfort, there are several options to look out for. One of which is a rotating handle, this lets you change the position of the handle. Therefore making your cutting position more comfortable. There are models out there that were made to contain the amount of vibration you feel. These models go along way when you use this type of tool for long periods of time. Lastly, when using a tool like this on a daily basis, finding one with a comfort grip can be beneficial. It reduces the amount of fatigue to your grip strength.

Chain Saw

Often times these are of the gas-powered variety but there are still models out there that are electric. These are good for taking down trees. They have a bar that can vary in length, surrounding the bar is a chain with extremely sharp teeth. When running the chain rotates around the bar, the teeth are what perform the cutting task.

What to consider

The Bar: The length of the bar will regulate how big of a tree can be cut in one pass. The longer the bar the larger the tree the bar can cut through. Keep in mind the length of the bar also dictates the control you have while cutting. In this case, a longer bar will make it harder to maintain control. Using a shorter bar will offer more control while cutting. One thing to consider, using a shorter bar will mean that when cutting larger trees, you will need to make more than one pass to complete the cut.

Power: Being that the power source for this is electricity, the power will be measured in amps. The higher the number of amps the more power can be produced. You do have two additional power supply choice aside from the electric option. The most common being the gas-powered followed by the battery operated variety.

Safety: The number one aspect of this tool type is the safety of the operator. Every year there are a high number of accidents due to the use of this piece of equipment. Accidents that could have been prevented if the operator was following safety precautions. One simple rule to follow, you never purchase one with more power than you can physically handle. It may seem like one weighing ten pounds will seem like nothing to handle. Don’t let the weight fool you, the power is not to be underestimated. You may also want to consider purchasing some personal protective equipment to use while you are cutting.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When would you use an electric chainsaw? 

A: This type of equipment can be used for trimming trees or for cutting down smaller trees. They work really well in aiding with landscaping maintenance. Since they are much quieter than the gas-powered option, you can use these in any setting. You do need to be sure that you have a cord that is long enough to travel the distance you need it to. When working in the woods, it is best to go with the gas-powered option.

Q: What types of electric saws are there?

A: Aside from the traditional hand-powered option, you will notice that just about any of the saws available will come with the option to use electricity for power. Chances are if you are in the market for a specific type, it will come with the option to choose the electric version.

Q: Which type of saw will let you make curved cuts?

A: Here you actually have two choices. When cutting a more gradual curve, you can certainly use a circular model. Doing so will cut the amount of time it takes to make the cut. A jigsaw is better when you need to make tight turns while cutting. You should be aware that this model tends to cut more slowly.

Q: What does orbital motion mean?

A: When you hear the term orbital motion it is referring to the way in which the blade will move. The blade will actually move in a circular motion so to speak. Rather than just going back and forth like with the straight cutting option. You will notice that when using a model with orbital motion the speed at which you cut is slightly faster.

Q: Are blades for a jigsaw universal?

A: No, in fact, they are not universal. To be sure you have the correct type of blade. you will need to check the shank of the blade. For those who don’t already know, the shank is the end of the blade that gets inserted into the machine. There are two different shank styles, always check the specifications of the machine before purchasing blades.

Q: What is a reciprocating saw used for?

A: Many who work in the construction business will use one of these during the demolition phase. It is made to do some heavy duty cutting. AN example of this type of work would be cutting out old windows or doors. With the amount of power it has, it is definitely not the best option for finish cutting. So you wouldn’t want to try to cut fancy designs for cabinetry with this tool.

Q: I need a blade for my jigsaw how many teeth should it have?

A: The number of teeth the blade should have will vary per material. Take plastic, for example,  it typically needs to be cut at a slower speed. Which as far as the blade is concerned will mean that it will need to have fewer teeth. When cutting at a faster speed with a material such as wood, you will need a blade with a greater number of teeth. When shopping for a blade try to remember that the more teeth the blade has the faster it will cut.


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