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Many consider their dog to be a big part of the family. Treating them like one of their children and spoiling them whenever possible. Mountains of toys, boxes of treats, a nice bed are just a few of the things that come to mind that a dog can be spoiled with. You have different types of leashes or chains to assure your dog is safe while you’re out for a walk. But have you put any thought into how safe your dog is at home alone?

This is where a dog gate can come in handy, keeping your four-legged friend in or out of certain areas. Dog gates can play an important role in the safety of your dog. They are also good for those families looking to train a new puppy and contain it to one room in your home while you’re at work. Since dogs come in all different shapes and sizes, you’ll need to find one that right for your pet.

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The right dog gate will not only keep your home protected form an over excited dog, but will also help keep your furry friend safe! Our updated lists insure that our readers always have the newest information on the hottest products around!

Featured Recommendations

Summer Infant
  • Summer Infant
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Places the Gate Can Go
  • Price: See Here
Carlson Extra Wide
  • Carlson Extra Wide
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Customize the Fit
  • Price: See Here
Regalo Super Wide
  • Regalo Super Wide
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Very Wide
  • Price: See Here

With so many different types of dog gates to choose from, the choice can seem overwhelming. They can be used to create a space for a dog to feel safe, or keep a curious puppy from roaming all over the house. Whatever the reason, we have taken the legwork out of the equation. We’ve created a guide that will help you find information which can lead you to make the right decision!

10 Best Dog Gates


1. Summer Infant

1. Summer Infant
A dog gate that can be used in several places within your home. A durable gate that will hold up to some of the most aggressive chewing.
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Places the Gate Can Go
This gate can be placed into the doorway of any room within your home. As it can be installed using hardware or the pressure mount system. You can also use this gate at the top of the staircase as well. It does come with the extra hardware for stair mounting as well.

A gate made of metal will withstand a good amount of punishment. Making it the most durable choice on the market both for inside and out. This gate offers just that, durability and dependability.

Cost and Value
The value this gate offers just by being versatile for mounting will offset the cost of the gate. Durable enough to withstand the chewing of any size dog. You can be sure you will make this gate purchase once.

2. Carlson Extra Wide

2. Carlson Extra Wide
Next comes a gate that will accommodate the big and small animals in your home. This gate allows you the opportunity to customize the fit of the gate to satisfy your needs.
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All Your Pets
A gate like this allows you to keep your larger pets quarantined, while letting your smaller animals come and go as needed. This is done by opening the smaller door at the bottom of the gate, which is small enough for your cat to go through.

Customize the Fit
With this gate comes two extension pieces, that will allow you to customize the size of your gate. So you can be sure that the gate will fit into your doorway as long as it is 29-44 inches in width.

Cost and Value
This one won't leave you with the feeling that you spent way too much. At an average cost, for a gate that is, you can keep your dog away from the litter box. The small door at the bottom allows the cat to come and go as it pleases.
  • Has a smaller door toward the bottom of the gate
  • Spans 29-44 inches in length
  • One touch latch system
  • Easy to install
  • Seems loose when installed

3. Regalo Super-Wide

3. Regalo Super-Wide
This gate holds the torch for potential so far on this list. Contrary to the size of the gate this one can go where you do. Allowing you to set up shop wherever you go.
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The Setup
This gate comes with eight panels, you can choose to use them all to create more of a playpen area. Use just a few, to block the doorway you need to. The choice is up to you, this type of gate is great for those who need a gate that can cover those odd shapes.

Don't let the size of this gate intimidate you, it is lightweight and can be broken down. This makes it easy to pack and take on your next trip. Allowing you to secure your dog when it is needed.

Cost and Value
This gate comes at a higher cost to the consumer, but holds a great deal of potential to those who purchase it. Eight panels to choose your size and design, lets you place this gate where others can't go.
  • Comes with eight panels
  • Portable
  • Easy setup
  • Can be used to block off part of a room
  • Seems flimsy

4. North States Supergate Deluxe

4. North States Supergate Deluxe
The next dog gate we come to offers you a door with an unusual amount of potential. A style that won't drag the look of your home down. When not in use this gate can be moved out of the way.
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The Door
One of the biggest struggles dog gate users have is with the door of the gate. Most are too narrow, and won't stay open unless you prop them. That isn't the case with this gate. The door is wider than most, and a function that will hold the door open when needed.

While most other gates will need to be removed, hardware and all, when not in use. This gate can be swung open, then detached from the hardware to remove the gate for storage. Feel free to put it away when you're not using the gate.

Cost and Value
This dog gate can be a valuable purchase for those who choose it. Ridding gate users of the narrow door problems, even adding a way to keep the door open when needed. This one packs a ton of bang for your buck.
  • Wider door
  • Function that holds door open
  • Can be taken down for storage
  • Covers up to 72 inches wide
  • Not for plaster walls
  • Can be hard to install

5. Richell Freestanding

5. Richell Freestanding
Some dog owners want a dog gate, but only have a small breed of dog. So they refrain from purchasing a gate as they all seem so tall. That isn't the case with this gate, so small breed owners look no further.
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When in the market for a dog gate, the size of your dog will play a big factor in the gate that you choose. This gate is great for smaller sized dogs, it is shorter than most gate options. Making it easy for you to maneuver over, but tall enough to keep your dog on the other side.

Freestanding gates give you the freedom to move the gate from room to room. When living in an apartment, these are perfect, as they require no hardware to install into the door frame.

Cost and Value
This gate can be a valuable asset to those with small dogs or to those living in an apartment. Freestanding gates allow you to block off space, without the worry of leaving behind damage.
  • Freestanding
  • Spans up to 71 inches wide
  • Easy to get over
  • Stores well
  • Compliants that the joints of the gate come apart easily

6. Primetime Petz

6. Primetime Petz
Not only does this gate look great, you can contort the gate into many shapes to suit your needs. With this gate you have options for size, making it a perfect match for all types of dogs.
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The Hinges
A highly sought after aspect with this gate is the fact that you can shape it to suit your space. The hinges allow you to turn the panels 360 degrees. There are not many gates on the market that can say they do this.

Size Options
This gate is available in three different size options for both the height and length. Making even the largest openings no problem at all for this gate. For the height, you can choose as short as 24 inches or as tall as inches. Depending on the size of your dog, you could even split the middle at 30 inches.

Cost and Value
Have a funny shaped door you nee a gate for? Look no further this gate has what you need. Twist the panels a full 360 degrees, to get the shape you need. Great for those larger openings that need to be blocked off, this gate can span up to 80 inches long. For that much potential, you won't even bat an eye at the price tag.
  • Panels turn 360 degrees
  • Freestanding or mounted
  • Walk through door
  • Has rubber pads to prevent scratching
  • Latch for the door is weak
  • When used as freestanding a larger sized dog can knock the gate over

7. Evenflo Expansion

7. Evenflo Expansion
This gate is a quick and easy solution for blocking a doorway when you need it the most. Great for toddlers and pets, you can keep your child away from the dog to get a much-needed break.
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Quick and Easy Setup
There are no complicated directions for this type of gate. This gate uses a hook and eye system for mounting the gate. Simply screw the eye portion into the door jam, the hook part is attached to the gate. Slide the hook into the eye, and you are all set to go.

Pet and Child Friendly
For those looking to separate their child from their overzealous puppy, look no further, this gate will be perfect. You can settle the atmosphere by closing the gate, keeping your child and the dog in separate rooms.

Cost and Value
A gate this easy to install will have you up and running in no time at all. For a relatively low cost, you can create a quiet space to enjoy in your home.

8. Internet's Best Traditional

8. Internet's Best Traditional
The next gate we come to is one that will stand alone, and when stored won't be in the way. The finish on the gate comes in two options, so you can match the best color to your style.
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For your convenience, this gate folds to a slim, space-saving design. This allows you to store the gate when it isn't needed, without having to clear the closet. You could even slide the gate under a piece of furniture, keeping it out of sight, yet handy.

Wood Finish
This gate is made from wood, but comes available in two color finishes. You can with the espresso option, to match your darker colors in your home. Choose white, to be sure the gate matches everything in your home.

Cost and Value
The space-saving this gate can offer while in storage is a valuable quality on its own. Having to choices for color, you can match this gate to the interior design of your home.

9. Arf Pets

9. Arf Pets
The last option on the list is another great match for small dog owners. You can create a space for the dog to play, while still being able to maneuver over the gate without hassle.
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Small Dogs
Since this gate is shorter than some of the other gates we have looked at, it makes it great for people who have smaller dogs. You definitely won't need a gate that stands tall, so why not choose one that suits your needs as well as the dogs.

This is a freestanding gate, which has three panels placed on hinges. You can block a door when needed or maneuver the panels to create a new play space for a puppy.

Cost and Value
This gate has plenty to offer both you and your dog, keeping them in the space you have provided. While allowing you to navigate over the gate without any hassle.
  • Good for small dogs
  • Has three panels with hinges
  • Movable
  • Covers up to 72 inches in length
  • Complaints that gate obtained damage during shipping

10. Giantex

10. Giantex
This beautiful dog gate is made from real pine and can be used in a variety of different situations. Its versatile design allows you to place it at staircases, doorways, and even make a 360 degree gate. It’s built so that you can easily fold the gate and store it when not in use or take it on family trips with your pet. At 30 inches tall, it’s ideal for smaller and medium sized dogs.
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Floor Protection

Just because you now have a pet doesn’t mean that your home needs to be damaged. This dog gate will not only keep you furry friend out of trouble, but the rubber pads will keep your floors safe as well.

Pine Wood

Some dogs may try to get through the gates, and that’s why you need to make sure that it is stable and durable. These are made from pine, which ensures a strong gate that will last.

Cost and Value

This comes in the higher price range, but is also made with high-quality material. It comes with spare screws and can be customized for a number of different configurations.

Made of pine wood

Light weight design

Easy to store and travel with

Features special hinges


Some complaints about stability

Now that you have gone over the list of dog gates we consider to be the best, you may still be scratching your head. This is why we add the next section into the buying guide, in it, we give you the information we used to select the best dog gates. You will get the opportunity to read over the criteria, which should answer any further questions you may have. In the event, this information leaves you with remaining questions, carry on with the guide. After the criteria section, you will come to the portion of the guide for frequently asked questions. Here you can find some of the most common questions people will have about dog gates, paired with the answer you are seeking. Finding the right dog gate can give you some peace of mind while offering your dog a peaceful space to rest.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Dog Gate

Possible reasons for using a dog gate

You might be thinking, what on earth do I need to buy a dog gate for? Even though you allow your dog to roam the house as they please, you may not realize the potential a dog gate can have. Here we have thought of a few scenarios that a dog gate would come in handy for:

  • When your friends stop in for visits, not all of them are going to be dog lovers. Some people think that a curious dog can be a nuisance. You can’t blame the dog, your friends are in the dog’s space. What you can do is put up a gate to hold the dog at bay while you chat with your friends.
  • If you’re having work done in your home, some workers will refuse to come in when a dog is present. You can’t always blame them, I’m sure they run into some unfriendly pets in their profession. Instead of putting the dog outside for the day, you can use a gate to keep the dog quarantined for the day.
  • Separation can be a beautiful thing, whether it be two dogs or a frisky toddler paired with a young pup. Putting up a dog gate can give you some peace and quiet for a little while.
  • Maybe you sometimes work long days but hate the thought of leaving your dog in a kennel all day. Using a gate to keep the dog contained in a larger space works great. Doing so in a room with hard flooring is advised, that way any accidents that may happen can be easily cleaned.
  • As our dogs get older they begin to have health issues, as do we. Some will have issues with joints, while others may begin to lose sight. A gate can be handy for blocking off stairs for our older friends, it keeps them from taking an unwanted tumble.
  • You can use a gate to keep your dog on the tile floor after coming in full of mud. This buys you time to give the dog a bath, saving your carpet and furniture from becoming a mess.

Types of dog gates

Gates for the outdoors

Using a gate outside can keep a dog confined to the patio or simply prevent them from leaving the safety of your yard. Choosing the right type of gate for outdoor use will require you to consider a couple of important factors. The number one concern for using the gate is whether or not the material you have chosen will hold up to mother nature. You will want one that won’t become a huge eyesore or rot after being left out in the rain.

You can use a freestanding style gate, but be sure you place it against something. We all know dogs are very smart, it will only be a matter of time before the dog figures out that the gate can be tipped.  A great addition to your yard can also be a gate that allows you to create a playpen for smaller dogs. It will keep a wondering puppy at bay while providing them with space to be curious.

Gates for apartment living

To eliminate leaving holes or marks in the doorways of your apartment, you will need to use a freestanding style gate. You will need to find one that measures up to the specifications of the doorway you need to block off. When looking to use the gate for multiple doorways, look for one that offers adjustments for width. You will, however, need more than one gate if you plan to block more than one doorway at a time. Freestanding gates are available in many designs and materials. You can choose one that best suits your decorative style.

Gates for large spaces and dogs 

A larger breed of dog may require finding a gate that is larger in size. This will keep the dog from jumping over the gate, which defeats the purpose of the gate. You can find larger gates that will secure to the wall or stand on their own. Some of the gates that you secure to the wall will come with a door. This allows you to move through the gate rather than always climbing over the gate. The door for the gate should have a good lock on it, preventing the dog from opening the door.

Gates can be found with multiple panels, these are a perfect match for double-door frames. A gate with multiple panels will allow you to contain your dog to a certain portion of your living room as well. You can arrange the panels to suit the space you are using the gate in.

Gates that are portable or temporary

Traveling with your dog doesn’t have to be a hassle, you can bring a gate along with you to set up a barrier on location. Choose a gate that is lightweight, that way it is easier to pack and carry. Freestanding gates are typically the best gates to choose when traveling. The number one reason for this is they won’t need to be secured. After all, your new location is only for a temporary amount of time.

Gates that accommodate both your large and small animals

There are gates available that allow you to keep your larger pet out, while letting your smaller animal come and go. Look for a gate that has a smaller door at the bottom, you can leave this door open to allow your smaller pet access. Now you will want a gate that can be secured in this instance. Jealousy may get the better of your dog in this case, causing the dog to attempt to knock the gate down. If you choose a freestanding gate, the dog would be successful, therefore defeating the purpose of the gate.

Gates for stairways and decks

Depending on where you want to block your staircase, you have a couple of options for gates. To block the bottom of the stairs, you can use a freestanding gate. That way it can be easily moved when someone needs to get through. As for blocking the top of the stairs or even at the landing, you need a gate that can be secured. This is for both the safety of yourself and your pet. You will also want a gate that can swing open, this will be less hassle to those going up and down the stairs. It will allow them through while keeping your pet out.

To enclose the space of your deck, you will need a gate that can attach to the opening of the deck stairs. Make sure that the gate can swing open, but latches securely when closed. That way your dog can’t open the gate when a squirrel catches the dog’s attention. Be sure the gate is tall enough, this will deter the dog from wanting to leap over the gate. Mounting the gate at the top of the deck is the best choice. When placed at the bottom of the deck, your dog may attempt to jump the gate form the center of the stairs.

Tips for choosing a gate that will suit your needs

  1. Consider the size of your dog before choosing a gate. If you’re purchasing the gate for a puppy, choose a gate that will accommodate the pup into adulthood.
  2. Some dogs are notorious for their chewing habits,  no matter how hard we try this sometimes can’t be resolved. If this fits your dog, be sure to choose a gate material that can withstand the damage from chewing.
  3. Freestanding gates are not good for dogs that will escape by any means necessary. You also want to steer away from the freestanding gate for your deck or for stairs. Although if you intend to block the bottom of your stairs, then a freestanding gate would be fine.
  4. Finding one that is simple to use can be an important aspect for you. A gate that has a door should have a latch that is easy to access and use. Stepping over a gate can be a hassle, so if you need to access the area that is blocked, choose a gate with a door.
  5. When shopping for a gate to be used outdoors, look for one that will withstand the sun and rain. You don’t want one that will become tattered after being exposed to the elements. Replacing them can get to be a costly expense, so take the time to choose wisely.
  6. Appearance for some means everything, if that fits the bill for you, choose a more ornate gate design. With a plethora of options on the market, you can surely find one that will suit your taste.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are dog gates easy to install?

A: That will depend on the method of installation the dog gate requires. Some types of dog gates offer a pressure mounting system, all that is needed is for you to fit the gate snugly in the doorway. The gates that come as a wall mount will require you to install some hardware, but these are not that difficult either. The easiest gate to use, a freestanding gate, they are the most portable gate as well.

Q: Are dog gates made with plastic or wire mesh good for dogs that have issues with chewing?

A: Gates made with plastic mesh will not withstand the punishment from an aggressive chewer. It can hold up to the occasional nibble from a young pup. The gates made from wire mesh will withstand a little more than the plastic. They are not going to hold up to a ton of chewing and can be a potential safety hazard to the dog. If you have a dog that chews aggressively, purchasing a gate made from a good strong metal would be better.

Q: What are the specifications for size for each type of gate?

A: This can vary considerably from one manufacturer to another. It is best to check the information sheet for each gate, there you will find the measurements for the gate.

Q: Will just any gate work for blocking off the top of my stairway?

A: No not all gates are recommended for blocking off the top of your stairs. A dog gate should be clearly labeled as a stairway gate, as these will come with additional or different hardware for installation.  A gate intended for use at the top of a stairway will come with a special type of hinge for the door as well. This will make it so that the door will open in the right direction. The door to a gate that blocks the top of the stairs should never open over the stairs.

Q: I have several different sized door frames in my home will I need a differently sized gate for each?

A: If you want to black all the entries at once, then yes you will need a gate for each door. In that case, it is best to measure each door frame for the right fit. If you want a gate that will move from room to room, you have several options. You can purchase a freestanding gate, one that offers extensions, or the type of gate that can be pressure mounted. Anyone of these options will work out well for covering your doorways. Just remember when choosing a freestanding gate they are not good for use at the top of your stairs.


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