Basketball Drills: The Best Drills to Try to Improve Your Game

An in-depth review of the top basketball drills. Basketball Drills: The Best Drills to Try to Improve Your Game

Basketball…while it’s not considered to be the sport in America or America’s game, there are many people who not only love to watch the sport but play in it as well. If you are an avid basketball fan, off and on the court, then you probably want your kids to be the same. In today’s world, it’s more important than ever, that a kid plays some type of sport to get him out of the house and into the fresh air or at least somewhere where he can get a little exercise that doesn’t involve pressing buttons on an Xbox One controller. The perfect sport for that, as we avid fans know, is none other than basketball. Of course, you need to ensure that playing basketball as a sport is something your child is fully passionate about, not expect him to play it, just because it’s something you are passionate about. If you are an avid fan, and your child is too, then the next logical step is for him to try out for the team right? Hopefully!


However, if you aren’t convinced and neither is he, in this blog we will go into the top reasons that you should encourage your child to play a sport, basketball that is, some of the amazing health benefits of playing the sport, and then throw in some basketball drills that will help and your budding basketball star improve your game, when he steps out onto that court and into the spotlight.

So, pull up a bleacher, grab a drink, and follow us into the world of basketball for youths, basketball drills and all. Ready? Then, let’s start the game.

Reasons to Encourage Your Kid to Play Basketball

Having your child participate in any sport is beneficial obviously, but there is just something about the roar of the crowd and the coziness of the gym, that makes basketball the choice of many parents and kids alike. Below you will find a few of the reasons that so many kids and parents choose basketball over the other sports out there, on a regular basis.


Helps them to Develop Social Skills

When playing basketball as a sport, kids are constantly interacting with the other kids on the team and the coaches as well. This helps them to develop the social skills they need to get ahead in life and to socialize in the real world when they are on their own. Too many kids today spend their time cooped up in their rooms watching Youtube or on their game systems. Basketball is the perfect way to change that.

Teaches Them Teamwork

Since they spend so much time alone, most kids today know very little about teamwork and how rewarding it can be. Playing basketball as a sport will teach your child the value of teamwork, as you can’t win a basketball game without teamwork being involved. Kids need to learn teamwork while they are still young, in order to work effectively with others when they get older.

Helps with Physical Fitness

There is no denying that childhood obesity is rampant in our country, so getting your child out on the court to join a team will certainly help him to stay fit and lean. Since obesity is linked to poor eating habits and inactivity, getting your child involved in basketball will keep him active. Through the exercises and running up and down the court, he will soon be in the shape he wants to be in.

Keeps Them Busy

Idle hands and busy minds isn’t a great thing with kids. They become bored and aren’t quite sure what to do with themselves, which can lead to trouble if you aren’t careful. Having them join the basketball team ensures that they are in a safe structured environment, doing something constructive with their time. Studies have also shown that students who are active in sports are less likely to drop out of school or start using drugs as well.

Helps them Learn to Deal with Adversity

One of the best things about letting your child sign up for the basketball team is that it teaches them to deal with adversity. As adults, we all know that adversity is a part of life, when you’re out on your own and how you deal with that adversity can make or break you. There will be many challenges faced when playing for a basketball team, so this helps your child learn how to deal with life’s challenges ahead of time.

Fosters Friendships

There is nothing like playing a team sport to foster friendships that last a lifetime. Not only do they have a love of basketball in common, but they may also find that they have a love of other things in common as well. That is the beauty of basketball as a sport for children. It can lead to so many other things as well.

Teaches Them About Winning and Losing

Playing in a team sport, such as basketball will teach your kids how to win and lose. It’s important for children to know that you can’t win in everything you do and to learn that even though they might lose sometimes, winning is usually right around the corner. Basketball teaches your child to be a gracious winner and a gracious loser as well.

Teaches Commitment

Being a great basketball player takes commitment. You have to practice and you have to show up for the games if you don’t want to let your team down.  Therefore, this teaches your child that commitment is important, which will carry through to everything else they do in their lives as well.

These are just a few of the reasons that you should let your child sign up for the basketball team at his school or the local recreation center. Now, that we know why you should let them sign up, and assuming you have, let’s go into a few of the basketball drills out there and how to improve his game, and yours as well.


A Few Drills that will Improve Your Game

There are quite a few drills out there that will improve your child’s game and even your game if you are in need of the practice. Some of these drills are listed below.

  • Defense drills
  • Offense drills
  • Shooting drills
  • Rebounding drills
  • Passing drills
  • Two-ball dribbling
  • Speed shooting
  • 3-man weave drill
  • Zig-zag drill
  • Mikan drill
  • Defensive lane slides
  • Box out drill
  • Star drill
  • The dribble up, dribble down drill
  • Speed dribble and pass

While researching and practicing these drills is a great idea, there are also ways out there to improve your basketball shooting percentage as well. Read on for a few of those ways to be revealed.

Always Target the Rim

It is said that fixing the rim as your target just a few seconds earlier will do wonders for your shooting percentage. So, always target that rim, before you shoot.

Using a Colored Ball will Improve Your Rotation

If you want to improve the straightness of your shot, then using a colored ball when you’re practicing is a really good idea. This will make it easier for you to see the rotation of the ball and help to improve your precision as well.

Don’t Think About the Shot During the Game

The worst thing you can do is think about your shots during your game. Thinking about your shots and your shooting percentage is for practice time, and not even all of that. Train yourself to think about other things during the game or even nothing at all. Thinking about your shots and your percentages will only make you more likely to miss and that will only bring you down.


These are a few of the things you can do to increase your shooting percentage, below you can find a few more listed.

  • Always make sure to hold your follow through
  • Relax your wrist at the finish
  • Don’t shoot hanging in the air
  • Eliminate negative thoughts
  • Develop an optimal arc
  • Watch basketball DVD’s
  • Train with a partner to improve your shot alignment
  • Film your shot to study later
  • Land in front of where you started, because balance is super important
  • Get a partner to train with
  • Fix bad habits right away by correcting your mistakes
  • Consider using a return device
  • Don’t spend your money on gimmicks
  • Keep your shot motion fluid, consistent and balanced at all times
  • Shoot 50 easy shots before each and every game
  • Chart your shot to find out your tendencies
  • Practice, practice, practice

The biggest way to improve your shooting percentage is to have faith in yourself and to never give up. Practice the way you should, get help when needed and make sure to believe in yourself! The rest will come with time! Basketball is a sport that it takes time to learn and conquer. There is, of course, always room for improvement as well. Hopefully, these drills and tips will help you and your child improve your game, so that you are the best that you can be on the court.

Now, that we have done a few drills and have some tips on how to improve your shooting percentage, let’s move into our section on the health benefits of playing basketball.

Health Benefits of Basketball Revealed

Basketball, as we already know is a well-loved sport that offers hours of fun and even scholarships to college if you practice hard enough. However, many people don’t realize the health benefits to their children, and even themselves, of being on the court. We will go into a few of those benefits below.

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Since during basketball you are constantly moving, it increases your heart rate, which is in turn, good for your cardiovascular health. It also helps to build up your endurance, which is good for your heart as well.

Helps to Burn Calories

As previously noted, obesity is a growing problem, among children and adults alike. Being on the basketball court, constantly moving will help you, and your child, to burn calories like nothing else can and it’s fun too.

Promotes Better Coordination and Motor Skills

Playing basketball requires you to have excellent hand-eye coordination and full-body coordination as well. Playing this sport gives you the training you need to help develop these skills to their fullest, which can help you in other areas of your life as well.

It’s a Great Confidence Booster

While this might not be a physical health benefit, it is indeed a mental one. Being a good player and a member of a good team does a ton to boost your confidence, especially the confidence of a child. If you want to improve your child’s social skills, improve his health, and give him the confidence he needs to succeed in life, then joining a basketball team and loving the sport, is the perfect way to accomplish that.

Other Health Benefits

  • Builds bone strength
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Provides you with strength training
  • Helps boost mental development
  • Increases one’s ability to concentrate
  • Helps to develop self-discipline
  • Improves your awareness of body and space

These are just a few of the top health benefits of letting your child join a basketball team. However, one of the best benefits of all is the joy you and your child will have going to games and practicing together. A love of basketball isn’t just about one person, it’s about the entire family bonding together over the sport that they all love.

This concludes our blog on everything basketball, from the reasons to play to the drills that will improve your game. Do your research to determine if this is the right choice for you and your child, and be happy in the choice together. Happy shooting, everyone!


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