Danner Mountain Light II

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The Danner Mountain Light II is made in the U.S. so we know these boots are designed for comfort and durability, for me, I felt the boots provided great heal support and ankle support. The company also guarantees great traction and stability and make sure under any terrain you can get your work done without having to worry about your feet. These boots allow sweat and moisture to get out they are 100% breathable, and waterproof. We all know the annoyance of sawdust, pebbles, dirt, water, or wherever you may be working in, this company specially designed a one-piece leather to close off any openings in the tongue area. Talking from experience these boots helped me get my day done without having to take off my boots and shake out whatever is bothering me from getting my work done.  These shoes are also lightweight so it makes it easier to get through the day without having to drag your feet around, and worrying about sore feet. In 1932 Charles Danner opened a business in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. They started the business with only 13 employees, and it was during the great depression. After a few years in 1936, he got a great opportunity to build up his company in Portland Oregon. John and bill Charles son had that, later on, joined the company in 1939. They also attend classes in Portland, Oregon until they served in the military for world war II. In the 1950s they moved to their third location in Portland and finally opened their first retail store.

These boots are specifically made for any mountain climbing, and backpacking up trails. The Danner Mountain Light II is the first brand of shoes that were made, and designed to be completely waterproof that was in 1979. In 2012 the Danner opened their first stand-alone store. Danners family put together an amazing pair of boots because of their experience alone they took their own journeys, difficulties, and passion into making these boots so they were the perfect boot for and obstacle in your life. These boots have also been worn by members of the army they were the ideal combat boots and they still wear them today. They are also good for working longs days indoors, and outdoors. The Danner Mountain Light II boots are also perfect for hunting long hours, and getting down, and dirty if you need to. These lifestyle boots are made for basically anything. When you are walking up a mountain these boots have amazing ankle support. The boots are very light which makes easier for you to get to your destination quick, and fast.


Editor's Pros & Cons

Very comfortable

Super durable

Vintage style 

Made in U.S

Great traction

100% waterproof kept feet dry after crossing river


Runs a little bit small in size, especially if you have wider feet.


If you want to have the ability to go to work every day and not worry about damage, or pressure these shoes would be perfect for you. You can take these boots through any terrain. You can go through water, and your feet would stay dry, and you can also walk up any mountain without any problems. These boots also are very safe for your feet. You can drop a hard object on it without having to worry about hurting your feet. This company created these boots with a thicker outsole, and also a shank that is fiberglass.


These boots are lightweight which makes it easier to get through a long day on your feet. They only weight around 3 pounds and 14 ounces which is insanely light for hiking shoes. These Danner Mountain Light II boots aren't like any other ordinary boots these boots almost feels like your wearing shoes. They spent plenty of time to make sure these Danner Mountain Light II's have maximum comfort where you will be finding yourself wearing them even for your daily routine. Danner Mountain Light ii are the perfect boots to recommend to anyone, for example, someone who is starting a new industrial job or even looking into a new hobby. We all know someone who loves nature and even if you know someone who is an extreme hiker once they try them they will never buy a different brand again. These boots will always make sure that your feet are never cold, and always warm. They also make sure you don't get sores on your feet, or even blisters because we all know how much it sucks when you get a new pair of boots, and your feet constantly hurt all day these boots will guarantee that problem doesn't occur to you.


These shoes are 100% waterproof and made from specially tested materials. This company guarantees that your feet stay dry and protected from any dust, water, or grime throughout the day. The Danner Mountain Light II boots could make it through almost anything including pounds, rivers, and working in an industrial shop. They make is possible to climb basically any rocky mountain during a hike. Ths shock absorbent in these boots is made so your feet don’t get wet during any of the trials you may be hiking down. The traction on these boots makes sure that you are always safe, and not sliding, or falling from loose gravel.


These boots make sure when you go home after a long day of work in the sun that your feet don't stink like sweat and odors. These boots have a GORE-TECH membrane that is breathable. These Danner Mountain Light II boots always make sure your feet are always dry, and comfy. These boots will not stink up your whole house when you take them off after a very long day or working. Breathability covers more than just keeping your feet cool. If our feet cannot breathe they will sweat and this means moisture build up and will make your socks wet. Wet socks will not only cause discomfort but this can lead to the sock causing friction and eventually painful blisters and sometimes athletes foot. This is exactly what hikers are looking to avoid. Another resulting problem from lack of breath-ability is that wet socks can lead to creating an environment in which bacteria can breed and this means not just foot odor but also potential infections. Often hikers will step into water which at times can enter into the hiking boot and breath-ability means that this water has a route out from inside the boot, it can exit through the process of natural evaporation. A good pair of boots should include vents which allow water to drain in the event it does get into the boot. However, breath-ability is another way which water and moisture can exit the boot. But thanks to the Danner Mountain Light ii, which come 100% waterproof you will never have these problems again, and you can't even have the excuse “what if they were to rip?” because the company will reconstruct anything that stands in your way of the boots being less than perfect.


Danner Mountain Light ii are designed from leather which makes it easier to wear for any occasion that occurs during your day. These boots are great for special events. You can wear these boots during work, and also hiking. One of a kind boots stay looking and feeling brand new even after years of wearing them. One of my favorite qualities about this brand is that they are very fashionable. You can basically pull off these boots with any outfit, and you can also wear them to any special event. The Danner Mountain Light II has leather that is full grain, durable and always looking clean, and fresh. These boots have a very classic/vintage design that is created for any gender, they are also very comfortable. They have an increased underfoot compared to other hiking boots for more stability and foot/ankle support under any environment. These Vintage classic looking boots are made for style on the go, and get ready for the compliments!


Specially made boots have an amazing down stitch construction specifically made for underfoot stability. Guaranteeing you stability throughout your whole day.  These boots have a down stitch construction that has a thicker platform that makes sure that you always have a great stability. The Danner Mountain Light II boots have a lace-to-toe structure to make sure you always have a tight, and secure fit.  These boots have a traction like no other boots I've ever owned. They make me feel safe, and always protected while I'm hiking on loose gravel mountains. They will 100 percent guaranteed to always make every hiking adventure a bit easier. With these boots, you can even travel new routes that you aren't originally used to because they make sure you got all the traction you can possibly need. These Danner Mountain Light ii boots will make sure your stance is straight, and that you don't have any back problems occur throughout the day. These boots are perfect for all-day support.

Basic Features

The traction on these boots are unbelievable, guarantee you will have great stability on dry and also wet surfaces. The traction on the Danner Moutain Light II is so amazing you can go from a hiking trail to climbing a mountain.


The use for Danner Moutain Light ii has a list that can go on forever. They are designed as hiking boots but you can use them during any obstacle that gets thrown at you thought out the day. e.i: working, hiking, climbing, fishing, hunting or even with the vintage clean design a parent-teacher conference.

Key Features

Many key features play into the Danner Mountain Light ii, come 100% waterproof, Specially designed one-piece leather to keep debris out of your boot in all areas. Come designed with a very comfortable material, although you would have to break in any boots this break-in time is very short and not noticeable. Durability is key with any boots let’s just say I have had mine 3 years and they still look and feel as if they were brand new. The danner mountain light ii boots are very comfortable, and reliable for any occasion. These boots can get you through any day without any difficulties. They will always stay dry, and they are also breathable so you wouldn't have to worry about sweaty, and stinky feet. This company also allows with every pair of boots a ticket for them to be refurbished at any time, even after years of use. These re-craftable boots have such an amazing craft team of men and women behind them, they can face any slightly ripped to destroyed boot, going from such as re-stitching to completely remodeling the boots. If you ended up getting the leather on your boots dinged up, or even scratched you could send them into getting completely new leather. This company guarantees to fix these boots under any circumstance. For example, if your dog ended up chewing your boots there team would still fix them no questions asked. The funny thing is that's what happened to me.


The Danner Mountain light shoes may be a little bit pricey but they are worth every dollar. These boots are a way better upgrade than most other boots. You can buy a fifty dollar pair of boots that would have last around six months. If you have to buy work boots every 6 months you would end up spending way more than buying one pair of shoes that could last over five years. The quality of these boots are made for long-term use. They almost have no wear and tear after years of use. The boots are completely waterproof, and that is incredible. The durability is scientifically designed to last years, now who wouldn't want that. These Danner Mountain Light II boots would be an ideal gift for your boyfriend, husband, or loved one for almost any occasion. This is one gift that nobody can get disappointed by, and completely unrepeatable and that's for a fact.