Black Diamond Trail Back Hiking Pole

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Editor’s Conclusion
Black Diamond promotes the benefits of trekking poles through a wide range of impressive products. The company produces a hiking pole design for all individual preferences.

The Trail Back is just one of the many impressive poles in their wide range of options. Weighing 21.4 ounces, this is designed to give heavy-duty support with tough aluminum poles, a telescopic lever-lock, versatile use, and a proven history of being popular among hikers. Due to feedback from users, this pole has updated hand-grips.

This is a versatile multi-terrain workhorse available at a near-budget cost. We checked out the Trail Back to flag up why it's an impressive piece of hiking kit and highlight the pros and cons.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Tough construction

Good all round uses




Key Features

Due to the design and materials used for this pole, you will get versatile use in all terrains. This pole can attach powder baskets for use in the snow. This offers good support, and the design is robust for versatile use in all weathers and environments.


This pole is durable, incorporating tough aluminum shafts, rubber handgrips, and a FlickLock adjustment mechanism. Very unlikely to snap when the going gets heavy and tough.

Aluminum is stronger than carbon fiber poles, with a few exceptions, such as the tightly woven carbon fiber Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork. User feedback favors the BD Trail Back aluminum shafts and suggests it may well be more durable than many other aluminum poles due to a more robust design.

Packed Down

For some, this is a slight con; the pole packs down to 25 inches. Though when comparing to many other options, this is very close to standard. This pole can easily fasten to a backpack to leave your hands free.

If you're looking for shorter ones, you can check out trekking poles which double up like tent poles. Many of them collapse down to a very short length. For very compact when collapsed down, consider the Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z.


At 21.4 ounces, it is at times slightly comparatively higher weight for similar heavy-duty aluminum poles. The weight allows for a durable locking system and a robust pole, a history of being a reliable work-horse.

Adjustability and Lock-System

You get Black Diamond's FlickLock technology which is tried and trusted by many. The plastic lock system is heavy-duty due to the use of thick material. Even though the lock is heavy and perhaps not as smooth as the other option, it is very durable and unlikely to break in challenging conditions.


Black Diamond has chosen rubber grips instead of their popular cork grips for this pole. They are focused on comfortable durability, a good ribbed grip surface as a trade-off against more weight.

Below the grips, an EVA foam band allows for extended flexible grip; this is very useful for skiing, hiking off-trail, and crossing uneven surfaces.

Value for money

Absolutely yes, the Trail Back has stood the test of time, used and trusted by many who go for its performance as a heavy-duty workhorse. This pole is durable and has robust, reliable construction for all hiking and other outdoor activities.

Black Diamond has clearly chosen to keep this durable piece of hiking kit at a buyer-friendly price.


Black Diamond has many years of experience producing varying types of trekking poles, something for all different preferences. The makers include technology that is specific to their brand designs.

For those that prefer carbon pole shafts the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking pole is well worth consideration. This pole extends to 51 Inches. With impressive features such as the Dual FlickLock Pro for a very secure lock, durable cork handles for a secure and comfortable grip and a weight of 1.3 Pounds. This adjustable pole is great for those who like hiking in undulating Alpine environments.

Another nice comparative option from B.D and staying with aluminum shafts is the Black Diamond Alpine FLZ Trekking pole. This is also a terrific pole for trekking in Alpine environments, and the use of aluminum offers some extra reassuring durability. This pole features 100% natural cork grips; the grip extensions are EVA foam, the popular FlickLock Pro adjustability, and a weight of 1.21 Pounds.

There are other branded hiking poles which compare well and are worth considering, and you can take a comparative look to see if they meet your requirements.


The Black Diamond Trail Back scores well for value, versatile use, durability, and comfort.

It does not pack down as small as some other options, which is due to the design. The pole can easily be strapped onto a climbing pack, and for hikers/trekkers, the packed-down size is not an issue.

The only update is for the hand-grips; other features have stayed the same due to tried and trusted use by hikers. The aluminum shafts do increase the weight, but users get a strong, reliable hiking pole in exchange.

For those looking for a seriously reliable heavy-duty workhorse that will last many years and is available at a buyer-friendly price, this pole is an excellent option.