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Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 Review Facts

Running is a fantastic exercise that works the entire body, not just the legs. Running is an excellent supplement to any workout routine because it offers great cardiovascular exertion with minimal equipment and yet superior effectiveness. The issue usually associated with running is the wear and tear on the body. Between fallen arches and wore out hips, running does have its fair share of injuries due to how high impact it is. It is important to incorporate specific equipment, more specifically running shoes. Running shoes (sometimes alongside insoles) help protect different areas of the foot, as well as offer impact reduction to the bones, joints, and muscles. Supplements are also an excellent idea when participating in particularly high impact sports like running and track as they will help build muscles and add lubrication to areas that require additional support. A proper running shoe helps because it offers support throughout the foot between the arch, ball, heel, and ankle. It also offers breathability through its upper in order to keep feet cool and dry during runs. This helps keep sweat levels down to avoid slippage and potential springs. Running shoes can also offer performance-enhancing features such as energy return and ergonomic designs that hug the foot closer and offer better lateral movement and superior takeoff power. Remember to consider what the running shoe is being used for before purchasing a shoe so that you, the consumer, are buying a product specifically for your needs.

The article looks at the Under Armour Micro G Assert 6. This runner is made by the very popular athletic apparel brand Under Armour. Under Armour has been well-known for manufacturing top, durable athletic apparel which is reliable without giving up an attractive aesthetic. We put together a comprehensive review of this runner shoe through consumer reviews and analysis of its design. We looked at materials used and the shoe's construction in order to determine if the shoe will hold up when in intensive situations and if it delivers on performance. We also looked at what consumers liked and disliked about this shoe. We hope that this review helps you with your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This shoe is regularly reviewed as having phenomenal cushioning throughout 
  • These runners offer a decent level of support, as well, to the arch and heel of the foot
  • These shoes have an attractive aesthetic making them very versatile 
  • They are lightweight in design, making them ideal for performance 

The toe box of this runner seems to be a little small

  • The traction of these runners are great until faced with water, then they become a slipping hazard
  • The heels come up so high on the ankle they cause rubbing and serious discomfort for some 


The outsole of this product seems to be quite well-made, however, there does seem to be some complaints in regards to the traction of these shoes when faced with water. This is discussed later in the traction section. The rubber used to make the outsoles of this product is strategically placed, according to the company website, and therefore offers high impact zones for better durability and offers a lightweight alternative to similar products on the market. The outsole of this product is also non-marking which some found particularly appealing as this meant that they could easily be worn around the house if required and they didn't have to worry about their floors getting wrecked.


The midsole of this product offers a full-length EVA material that contours to the foot in order to offer both flexibility and control when in motion. It also offers superior cushioning and support in order to assist with performance. The runner itself is neutral making it easily usable between all foot types. Those who wore this product were quite impressed with the shoe's cushioning, this is discussed in more detail below.


The upper of this product is made of a light supportive foam layer with an additional layer of breathable mesh. This isn't terribly common in this type of product as it does seem to thicken the top of the shoe. This also can sometimes affect the breathability of the shoe. That said, this is not an issue with this shoe. This shoe is regularly reviewed as being quite breathable and lightweight which is attributed to the upper of this product. One issue that some had is the already narrow nature of this shoe in addition to the foam layer across the upper. Some found that this shoe runs small as a result of it and did find some blistering around the side of their pinky toes. This also meant that they needed to size up as a result.


This shoe is quite lightweight in design, especially due to their outsoles and uppers. Those who wore this product found that they could wear these shoes for extended periods of time without issues and could easily finish marathons without feeling any drag sometimes associated with heavy runners.


The breathability of these shoes is regularly reviewed as being quite impressive. Between the lightweight nature of these shoes and their proper ventilation, those who wore these shoes could wear them long term whether it be at work or when competing. Breathability is very important with this type of product as it helps keep the foot cool and dry when in motion and doesn't promote slipping due to sweat buildup.


Reviewers regularly review these shoes as being the most comfortable shoe they have ever worn while others found blistering due to the high heel and narrow design of the shoe. The shoe does offer a decent level of cushioning which helps not only the long-term wear but also a decrease in impact. They also fit well to the foot which made reviewers feel both comfortable and supported. This shoe does seem to have some issues keeping up or living up to the previous versions of this shoe, though, as earlier versions seemed to fit better and offered better cushioning, sadly.


These shoes are quite attractive in appearance. This is something that Under Armour is known for- their style. The company does a good job of providing a more durable product without affecting its style. These shoes are no exception. They are a little more narrow in design which many had an issue with in regards to


This shoe offers a very strong and yet lightweight rubber material along its outsole. The rubber is strategically placed in order to properly cover high impact zones for greater durability. This means that areas that are more likely to be used, see pressure or are often banged against objects are reinforced in order to keep the shoes in better shape and condition. EVA is also a very strong material that is used in runners because it's both lightweight and resilient. This means that not only the outsole but the midsole are reinforced and strong enough to handle high impact situations. Those who wore these shoes were really impressed with how long they have lasted and how well they hold up which is really positive and definitely helps with the price tag of these shoes.


These runners, as mentioned earlier in this article, offer reinforced rubber through the high impact zones for better durability and protection when in motion. The shoe also offers a decently sized toe bumper in order to protect the runner's feet from bangs and scrapes. Though these features do make the shoes better for running outdoors, there are issues with the traction of these shoes when on wet surfaces. This is discussed more below.


The beautiful feature of this runner is the outsole's flexibility. Though there are some serious concerns about this sneaker, the fact that the outsole does offer a high level of responsiveness and flexibility is impressive. The Micro G foam offered by this product runs down the length of this runner which helps with energy absorption and return for smoother and more responsive takeoffs. Those who wore these shoes did feel like they could easily compete in these shoes whether it was a friendly game of basketball or running a full marathon. Under Armour advertises themselves as coming to play and these runners, for this area at least, don't let the consumer down.


The support system of these shoes is really provided through the midsole of this product. Due to the shoe's EVA midsole, the shoe does fit quite nicely to the bottom of the foot which in turn provides great support and control when in motion. The EVA material is also nice because it's quite durable which makes the shoe a little more reliable. Those who wore this shoe were not let down by its levels of support. They fit neutrally which means they aren't specific to either high or low arches but are versatile enough to fit on all feet types, which is positive. The insole is also removable so if it doesn't work for the person (for instance, those who require additional support) then orthotics can be used which some may find appealing.


This shoe seems to be better suited for drier environments. Small amounts of water make these shoes almost a slipping hazard. This makes them less ideal for areas that may face this issue. They would be probably better suited for drier days or as a gym companion.


The price of these runners is extremely reasonable. They sit on the lower end in price and seem to offer decent longevity which is perfect. They are great for those on a budget and are so stylish they are easily versatile. They could be worn out and about and in the gym without looking out of place. They are definitely worth the cost associated with them.


As mentioned previously the outsoles of these runners are made of very lightweight and durable material. The traction of these runners are sticky enough when dry but unfortunately a bit of a slipping hazard when wet. Those who bought this shoe were happy with them outside of this issue. They found that they could easily compete in these runners due to the performance-enhancing features (traction, energy return, stabilization mechanisms), however, because they get so slick when wet, the amount of time they can be worn is limited.


The stability offered by these shoes is quite impressive. They contoured nature of the midsole hugs the bottom of the shoes well and the cushioning helps the foot feel secure and supported. The lateral support also helps offer stability when moving sideways. Those who wore these shoes had no issues with the stability system offered by these runners.


The heel of these shoes seem to be a bit of a problem as they seem to rise so high it causes some rubbing and blisters sadly. These shoes are neutral as mentioned before which means that they offer a decent balance of flexibility and cushioning for those looking for a good everyday runner. The offset of these runners is 10 mm.


-Neutral runner for all foot types
-Lighweight design for less drag when competing
-Durable leather outsoles and midsole for longer wear
-Leather overlays for superior support and durability
-Strategically placed rubber in high impact zones
-Removable insoles for those looking for more unique support
-Micro G foam for better cushioning and energy return
-Decently priced for those on a budget


Overall these shoes have their benefits and their faults. The biggest issues reviewers found is that they run narrow and as a result cause some rubbing. This can be the toes or the heels but either way, there were hot spots and blisters left as a result. The shoes offer a decent level of ventilation which in turn keep feet cool and dry. They are also incredibly lightweight which helps avoid unnecessary drag even for tired feet and legs. The back of the heel does seem to bother some runners, however, it also offers a nice hold and good cushioning for proper energy return when performing. They offer a good level of support and stability to the bottom of the foot and they also offer a removable insole to accommodate orthotics if needed. The price tag of these runners is also extremely reasonable. Overall, they seem to be a decent shoe that lasts a long time and should be considered for your next running shoe purchase.