Razer Electra v2

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Razer Electra v2 Review Facts

If you are in need of quality sound to assure you don’t miss a single hidden item, then you may want to sit back and check this headset out before you throw your money at anything. While some may feel that getting a gaming headset is as easy as hopping out to the store or buying the first thing they see that doesn’t make them flinch at the price tag, most of us realize that sometimes that just is not the case.

You need to really check out every last quality that defines a good gaming set before you set yourself to pulling out your wallet. Of course, we can help you with that and make it easy to decide if the pair you are getting ready to buy is really going to be the right one for you. That being said, let us pull up what we have and give you a good hard look at this pair from Razer.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Price
  • Works on all platforms
  • Easy to pack
  • Sporty appearance
  • Mic can be taken off
  • Flexible mic
  • Good sound
  • Tight fitting
  • Not padded well

Activities for Use

This is a set built to be a budget gamers headset and though it isn’t bad, the fact it is budget does show. Most of us, when we go to buy something like this are looking for a cheap pair to wear while we spend hours online gaming with our friends, but with these, you’ll end up wanting to get out of them relatively soon.

It might prove a generous set for kids, however, given its smaller size, as long as the lack of padding isn’t an issue. For the same reason, you’ll likely not want to wear them for leisurely listening either. This pair is simply too tight for being without the padding and is apparently intended to satisfy for a quick fix while you save up for better, or only for short term use as a half hour to an hour-long trip where you want to listen to music or have a phone connected.

Basic Features

Basic features are the mainstay to this particular set. Instead of looking to cheaply bring over their pro-level wear, unfortunately, it seems that Razer only sought to make things as affordable as they could and removed a lot of what makes their more expensive versions so great. This pair does offer surround sound, and supposedly it is still 7.1, but according to users, the quality of it is noticeably lacking. They do say that the quality isn’t so bad that you should avoid the set entirely but have pointed out that the features are as basic as they come.

No padding for your head makes this pair har to tolerate, and the set itself is small and tight fitting. The ear cuffs are built much the same as any pair of Razer brand gaming sets, but that is about the only feature that matches the quality we are used to with the company. The sound is decent and as mentioned, is the surround sound, it just somehow lacks that extra oomph.

Advanced Features

This is where the headset truly falls short of expectations. Beyond having the basics, the more advanced side of a headset falls under their audio drivers and audio profile settings. This pair has very little in the way of audio profile settings and is even outperformed by many others in the same price bracket. This is disappointing due to the fact that Razer has such a great reputation for outperforming others in the same price range as it sets. They simply seemed to have dropped the ball when it comes to this economy style pair.

There are two good features however, that other pairs do tend to lack, which is versatility and the ability to remove the mic if you need to safely pack your set up to go somewhere. The fact that it can be used on any platform is a definite plus, since most sets, even in the pro lines, only tend to work with one or two things.

Sound Quality

We expected this pair to continue to carry the same quality that Razer has built their reputation on, unfortunately, they simply don’t. While the audio isn’t exactly bad, we have come to expect more when purchasing from this company, and don’t expect to have other lesser known brands take a higher standard. We were shocked to learn that, though the audio quality is decent and is technically surround sound, it simply is not as good.

The recommendation is that if you plan to buy this pair you will want to get the Razer’s enhancement program/app to use in conjunction with the set. This will enhance the performance of your set and bump the quality. While it still won’t make it as good as the pro sets, it does make the sound come through better and make it compete with other brands of the same level make and price range.


As a wired headset, this particular line doesn’t have any issues with keeping connected to where ever you plug it in. The fact that it is versatile is where this gains some need to cover this area of conversation. Many sets can only connect to a PC or to one of the consoles, and maybe a combination of one console and a PC, but very few can connect to everything. This set comes with the cords to connect successfully and be used across the board- and that includes Mac! This is where the greatest shine comes from when your thinking budget.

While it may not offer the greatest quality of sound, its mic performs wonderfully no matter where or what you are connected to, which means you don’t need to get a million pairs to stay in contact. This gives a major boost to its worth and reinstates why Razer is a brand that many turn to when looking for any set. It is hard to find something you can use with Mac and still connect to anything else unless you are going wireless. The fact this one isn’t wireless but still can easily go between was enough to draw our attention and seek to draw yours.


Unfortunately, if this is a major point for purchase, you will find yourself a bit disappointed. Where even most budget headsets seek to pad their bands these days, this pair doesn’t. The metal extenders, which don’t go far enough for most, to begin with, are only covered in hard but flexible plastic.

The ear cuffs are covered and comfortable, but that is where the comfort stops. The set is small and tight fitting and lacks any sort of padding on the inside of the plastic band.
If you need padding, you can probably make some of your own, but then you may have to contend with the fact that the sizing makes it tight and small to the point where padding might make it impossible to slide it over both ears. This is where most of this pairs complaint truly come from and end with the buyer being completely unsatisfied.


Another aspect where this set really stands apart and shows that it is Razer putting them on the shelves is in its appearance. While it may not be the most comfortable pair, it has flair. The pair we looked at is black with a neon green trim and looks like a pair you would find in that ‘cool persons’ collection of headsets. The way the colors contrast simply cries out to the gamer and the partygoer all at once. You definitely won’t make a bad impression when wearing these and may actually get asked where you got them. They simply have a style in abundance when it comes to appearance. While the style aspect in the other areas may need a bit of work, they got it right when they went for looks and that can be a major thing if you intend to wear them outside the house.


This set is more durable than it first appears with the light plastic and metal used to hold it together, though it still seems to have most users uncomfortable overall. The headpiece does seem a bit flimsy according to those who have had the opportunity to truly investigate and purchase them It bends easily and yet it does seem to retain its shape. With the ability to fold down to a much more portable size, however, ending up with a broken pair by way of the actual band or ear cuffs breaking seems unlikely.

With any wired set, though, you do have the issue of packing them up and the simple act of trying to wind the cord up could cause breaks in the cord. The user has to be cautious in how they pack the set and not tug or leave too much pressure where the cord connects to the set itself, or any of the connecting areas. This causes strain on easy breaking points inside the cord.

Ease of Use

This is a plug and play style of headphones. Meant for the budget consumer, the set works with anything the minute you buy it and only really has one setting for the type of sound it produces, which according to the description is 7.1 surround sound. What this does mean is that it is simple to use in the casual sense. With very little to set up, and the profile settings ready to be used where they can be, you can just plug them in and start using them right away.

However, there is the suggestion that you should download one of Razer’s apps/programs that actually gives more option to both the profile and the setup. Due to the simplicity of what comes with it, you don’t get a lot of adjustments. For those who prefer to be able to mess with the levels a little deeper, this is definitely the way to go.

Power Source

Since this is not a wireless headset, its power source is whatever device you are plugging it into. Whether you are using it on your PC or plugging it into your mobile device, you will be using what it is connected to in order to produce the sound. In some ways, this is better since you don’t have to worry about them dying on you while you are using them, but if you are on a mobile, it is going to drain your battery a little more out of natural use.

That being said, if you are using console, PC, or Mac, you will be able to use them as long as you can handle wearing them while you play- no battery life gauge to keep track of. This can be a plus for the non-mobile gamer use since the power source is steady and won’t go out unless the console or computer is unavailable as well.


This is the main reason for most to purchase this particular set, and that is because you can get them at a really low price compared to most gaming sets. They go for about $30 USD brand new and can be found on most sites. They are a versatile and cheap headset with good enough sound and great mic reliability to make it worth every penny- especially in a pinch. Other pairs may offer better sound and adjustment quality, but often are lacking in mic quality at this price range.

If communication is the primary concern for your purchase, and to get it cheap, this is the pair you will want to go for. What you do take is a hit is your sound quality and your comfort. It balances out overall and isn’t a bad pair as long as you can take your hits with your misses.

Key Features

-Great mic quality
-Easy to pack
-Microphone is detachable
-Decent price

Bottom Line

When deciding on this pair, the question comes to what you are most in need of. If it’s a quick fix to not having a microphone and being able to communicate, this is going to be an easy pick that doesn’t require much out of pocket. If you really are looking for a better pair that’s comfortable for longer use, this is likely not what you need.