Razer Kraken Pro V2

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Razer Kraken Pro V2 Review Facts

Are you a diehard multiplayer, multiplatform gamer looking for a new headset to keep up with your console, tablet, and PC gaming habits? Well, we may have found one you can put your money to that delivers clear vocals to your fellow gamers and leaves you feeling better about what you hear in the game. This product has one of the highest ratings out there for a gaming headset, which draws our attention when it comes to gaming gear. We love to bring you everything we can, but we always want to be sure that when we do the item is not only worth considering but lives up to certain quality standards.

After checking out several users who got this set, and checking out what they had to say, we felt this one was worth attention and bringing up to our readers. Unlike the more appraise ‘upgrade’ to this set, you can plug into any console or electronic with a headset jack. We feel this may actually make it equal it the supposedly more advanced version, but you may still want to keep reading to see if you agree with our assessment. After all, when it comes to quality, and what you personally prefer in your gear, the best option is to make sure it covers your bases and not just ours!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great sound quality
  • Normal headset jack
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Retractable and flexible Mic
  • Comfortable ear covers
  • Mic not great for recording
  • No alternative ear covers
  • Price

Activities for Use

This set is a ‘no frills’ style of equipment built specifically for pro and hardcore gamers that want a set that can keep up and costs slightly less than some of the other competition. The sound quality, both listening and the mic is amazing quality during gameplay and really help the player to feel more immersed in their world of choice. You won’t miss out on the small sounds any more than you would with the louder and more obnoxious ones in your game’s surroundings, and no one will have to miss out on what you have to say either. The only thing, in game, that was an observation was that it can cause the player to sound lower in tone than other mics, but it isn’t by enough to be a complaint- just something noticed. Though, if you are recording sessions for your channel or streaming, the mic des seem to have a bit of ‘fuzzy’ background noise in recordings.

Unlike the currently ‘upgraded’ version of this headset, however, this set is not USB based, which means it can work with any console as long as it has a spot for a normal headphone jack. This makes it worth a bot more despite some of the lacks found on the upgraded version.

Basic Features

The set is lightweight and features a USB plug and built-in volume control which is really nice. It also had great padding for both the head and ears. As far as gaming gear goes, this particular pair is noted for the fact it is a brand most known for being professional grade quality, and for gaming it definitely meets that standard. Between comfort and durability, this set has all of the earmarks for a great set that will let you get lost in your gameplay and not miss anything, as well as assuring your play partners don’t miss out on what you have to say or add into the plans for the game.

Advanced Features

Although it isn’t highly advanced, it is a feature other sets may not offer- a retractable and flexible mic for gameplay. Why is this important? Well, you may not always need a mic when gaming, and with how good the sound quality is, you may just be wanting to listen to your favorite music. If you don’t need it, having the mic in front of your face may get annoying and distracting, and having it flexible means if people are having a hard time hearing you, you can bring the mic in closer too.

We also feel that with the type of plug this set has, it deserves noting as an ‘advanced’ feature even though it may not be seen as such by other users. The choice to keep this as a normal headset plug means it can connect into any electronic that has a headset jack- and that is a major plus. USB plugs or oddly shaped, device-specific plugs can render a headset useless for a good chunk of the gaming community, so choosing to keep it simple actually comes off as a better thought out feature in our humble opinion.

Sound Quality

There were next to no complaints when it came to sound quality that this set gives to the gamer, everything is crisp and clear from the faint hum that some games have for secret or hidden objects to the sometimes obnoxiously loud gunshots right next to (or behind) you. Everything comes in clear and you can enjoy the soundtrack to the point where just listening to music with the set may become commonplace for this set.

The only real complaint was not actually from what you hear through the set, but from how others hear you through the mic. While it wasn’t too bad, the mic does seem to cause some to sound quieter and/or lower in a tone of voice which can interfere with speaking to your teammates in games where it’s an absolute necessity. However, it wasn’t bad enough for the majority of players to feel it was worth more than a side note. There was one big note, however, for those looking to record their sessions or broadcast them- the mic has a sort of airy sound when you go to record. This can be a major point to those who stream or have a channel somewhere, so we do feel a need to mention it.


With a wired headset, you really don’t have to worry too much about losing the signal from it to the device you are using it with, so connectivity almost seems like a silly or odd thing to consider. However, connectivity can also be taken as how well it picks up your voice and relays it to those you are communicating with. This set does leave some feeling a little wary as to if it is good for everyone.

If you are already soft-spoken, it may not, in all honesty, be a great choice for you. This is because it does seem to soften the tone of voice as well as lower it. With softer spoken types, this may end up causing a problem with being heard, but if you have a louder voice, or an easily heard, higher toned voice, it may actually benefit you more. It also seems to have issue with recording programs, having an airy buzzing/windy sound to your voice which isn’t very professional sounding, so if you have a channel or stream, that could be a reason for the ‘upgraded’’ version- as long as you can see a USB plug on the device anyway.


The style for any headset is important because it goes hand in hand to the comfort level of wearing it. For this pair, you have the pro-quality pad foaming that makes it, so they sit comfortably around your ears without sitting directly on them. The same padding provides some of the sound cancellation needed for gaming in peace as well, which only adds to the comfort since you don’t have to worry about the atmosphere of your game time being broken. Ir also has padding on the headband section so that you don’t have the plastic sitting and digging into your head allowing for hours of play without getting a headache. They are adjustable as well so you can set them to a comfortable length, and lightweight enough to not press the padding too far into your head as well- avoiding pressure created headaches from extended play.


The design gives this set a high level of comfort that blends well with the style this pair has. This black gaming set gives off the feeling of professionalism that the gaming industry is quickly becoming known for. Rather than making their set scream with loud patterns or go all the way to the pure pro look of LEDs, this gives a sleek, yet serious, gamer look to those using them. While this set is made to be ‘pro’ level, it is also supposed to leave a more intense ‘no frills needed’ feeling as well, which it pulls off easily. It does have its own flair in appearance without having to leave a flashy mentality in its wake.

The outside of the earpieces have a mesh-speaker look to them and we feel that just looks good, and even classy. As with its featured use, we feel another part of the style of this pair is simply its versatility. There are a few things you won’t be able to use this pair with when it comes to gaming.


The plastic and metal aspects of this pair are built with lightweight quality materials that mean they will last you a long time. Even the ear cuffs are well made and do not fall apart from simple intended use. Many of those who have purchased this pair have seen less wear on these than their more expensive counterparts, which speaks well when you want something that will last and work for your hour’s long marathon gaming desires. You can tell just by looking at them but handling them will only amplify that sense that cheaper doesn’t mean lower quality with this set’s durability. The sound also doesn’t fall apart after only a few hours of use which less expensive pairs may have happened. The retractable mic also means you can be sure it won’t get bumped or snapped off when not in use by accident, which definitely adds to how long this pair will last you.

Ease of Use

Unlike the more expensive sets, including the step-up of this pair, this pair makes it easy to be able to use it no matter what you desire to play. While it may lack some of the fancier additions that the upgraded version has (built-in plug-and-play software), it makes up for it with much greater versatility. Unlike a lot of headsets nowadays, this set doesn’t have a specially designed or USB plug and instead sports the traditional end of an audio headset and mic. This means anything with a headset jack will be able to have this gamer equipment plugged in and used. It's as easy as just plugging it in without the need for any kind of special extension plugs to make it usable. We view that particular fact as to why this pro-set actually outperforms the alternate pair that costs around twenty dollars more.

Power Source

This set is not wireless, so where you may have to recharge your Bluetooth or other wireless sets (if not keep a continuous set of replacement batteries, you only need to plug your set in for use. Your ‘power source’ in this regard is whatever you are listening to. For some of us, simplicity is best and much preferred over ‘more advanced’ features- especially when it could cost us a score or outright cost us game time in general. With professional online gaming, you need the reliability of use over the feeling of being untethered.


There are alternative colors for this set (such as neon green) but you will be paying a bit more for the change in color. The plain black that we looked at only cost around $51 USD on Amazon, but if you go for the different colors or flairs and you could pay up to $80 USD for that extra flare. The upgraded versions start around $20 USD more than the flare sets, however, so even if you decide to splurge a little, it still won’t cost as much as the other comparable ‘better’ pairs available.

Key Features

-Good audio
-Retractable/flexible Mic
-Can be used with most devices
-Less expensive

Bottom Line

If you need a gaming set that is versatile and has great sound quality for its price, you need not look further. This set will last you a long time and gives you the professional level of quality that others in its price range don’t tend to supply. It is still a little on the pricey side, but to get equal quality, you are likely to pay a bit more even than you would for these.