Lowrance Hook 3X

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Lowrance Hook 3X Review Facts
  1. Why buy the Lowrance Hook-3X? No matter the purpose, the users discover the product is fun, sturdy, and dependable. It is easy to operate. The device works well for a range of experience levels and ages. A colorful screen makes bright and clear underwater images, whether it is cloudy or sunny. The unit is appropriate for small rental boats and kayaks. It is a travel-friendly and compact fish finder. The Lowrance Hook-3X allows anglers to focus on the target because fish is separated from debris.

Both data and menus can be viewed without concern about the time. It will detect up to 40 miles per hour. Anything over that speed will stop the fish finder from operating correctly. With alarm and tracking options, the Pages button allows quick change between frequencies. There are seven levels of backlight adjustments. The not so powerful mounting system works well if appropriately controlled. A big issue with the fish finder is there is no Ethernet or wireless connectivity. Self-starters need to get a grip on radar techs and usage.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comes with alarm and tracking options
  • Easy to use
  • Includes high-performance broadband sonar
  • Quick change between frequencies
  • Usable day and night
  • Waterproof
  • May lose signal when starting to move
  • Lack of Ethernet or wireless connectivity

Basic Features

Many anglers tell us that a high price does not necessarily mean a fish finder is high-quality. That statement is true of the Lowrance Hook-3X. It is an affordable fish finder that does not lack any elements needed to be a useful device.

A DownScan sonar allows the user to see what is going on underneath the boat as well as murky areas of the water. Seeing the fish is the benefit of most importance. The Lowrance Hook-3X delivers.

A three-inch LED display is backlit and colored. The user can toggle between the sonar frequencies that range from 83 to 200 kHz for an optimal view beneath the boat. The dashboard has navigational buttons that make using the unit a breeze when hands are wet or dry. The light and portable design makes traveling easy as well as transporting it to and from a boat.

Advanced Features

The device has Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) that is the mastermind behind it. It does all the detection work. The processor helps sense the fish, structures, and depth with more visibility and detail.

The broadband sounder is another cool feature that helps track fish quickly. It identifies the fish, thermoclines, bottom hardness, bottom contours, and structure detail. The sounder detects where fish are hiding.

The environment can be easily identified and followed. Details are processed straight to the display. The fish finder features a Skimmer transducer that has a water temperature sensor. It can track depths up to 75 miles per hour.

The Fish ID shows fish icons that notify the user of the presence of fish. Other options include track and alarm. The depth alarm warns if the water is shallower than the depth set for the day. It ensures the transducer does not hit the soft bottom or any structure of the body of water.


The Lowrance is an entry-level fish finder with the basic functions new anglers need. It is best used in freshwater. For small-time fishing, the device has the sensitivity to spot sufficient fish near a boat.

The ASP automatically tunes the fish finder settings. With experience, the angler learns to find the best view. The Fish ID feature excites new fishermen. SideScan and DownScan help identify objects underwater.

The Fish ID indicates places where fish are detected with small fish icons. The Lowrance Hook-3X is best suited for small fishing vessels such as kayaks and canoes. The LED-backlit color display is an excellent option for bright, summer days or dark early mornings.

Beginning anglers appreciate that the fish finder is easy to use, relatively speaking, and does not have lots of frivolous additions that make the unit overwhelming instead of helpful. A long-lasting battery makes it an excellent option for extended fishing trips that may not have access that allows the batteries to be recharged.

Though the fish finder is small, it is incredibly versatile. It can be interchanged between vessels and used during any kind of weather. Avid anglers know different types of fish are active at different times. Without the backlight feature, they are easy to miss.


The Lowrance Hook-3X is a portable and standalone fish finder. The compact device has a small set of features that help spot fish underwater. It uses sonar with dual-frequency beams that allow viewing objects.

The transducer can simultaneously produce 83 and 200 kHz cones. There is only 180W of power put into the water column. All functions of the fish finder are accessible with the control buttons. The center button is a multi-directional keypad.

It has Pages and Power buttons on one side and zoom buttons on the other. The Page button allows anglers to switch between frequency views quickly. Dual-frequency gives the user a more vertical structure view.

The Lowrance Hook-3X does not have chart plotter or GPS capabilities. GPS is considered essential by many. For an additional charge, the unit can be GPS-enabled. The lack of GPS is concerning. It helps track specific locations and save hotspots. No internet or Wi-Fi means there is no way to upload particular locations or maps. Anglers are limited to the area where they are fishing.

Power Source

A 180W battery is the power source of the Lowrance Hook-3X. The power button is also the backlight control used to adjust for nighttime and daylight situations. There is a Skimmer transom-mount transducer that has a built-in water temperature sensor that can track the bottom up to 75 miles per hour.

The quick-release tilt-and-swivel bracket easily adjusts the viewing angles or disconnects and stores the unit. The toughest part of the fish finder is the set-up. Set-up instructions could be better designed to be made easier to understand. The high-performance fish finder is powered by broadband sonar . It has ASP, excellent noise rejection, and superior target separation, making it easier to see game and bait fish targets.


The dual frequency lets the user get the maximum view under the boat. A range between 83 kHz and 200 kHz provides extreme exposure. The 83 kHz sonar option offers up to 60° of conical coverage.

The 200 kHz frequency provides 20°. Perks of the 60° coverage are a display of the largest fish arches, and it hunts for larger areas. The 20° frequency is excellent for enhanced fish-target separation and lure-tracking.

An LED backlight helps brighten the display in any lighting condition. Fish icons notify the user of the presence of fish. Broadband Sounder Technology clearly details everything at the bottom. It paints a clear picture of the contour and structure details.

The ASP eliminates the need to manually adjust the settings to see the bottom structure and fish clearly. It automatically adjusts to the proper settings. Touching a button zooms in four the magnification of the standard view.

Lowrance has a fish finder that is slightly more expensive for more accurate and closer views of the fish and bottom around the boat. The Hook-3X has a maximum scanning range over 300 feet. It accurately reads from three feet onward.


There are no complaints from long-time users about the durability of the Hook-3X. It has a compact body. On the top half of the fish finder is a screen with controls below. The unit is waterproof.

Ease of Use

The basic functions of the Lowrance fish find are meant for new anglers. Lack of advanced features causes new users to be at ease. A benefit of the unit is its functionality that is not over-the-top.

Many fish finders have touch screens that are not easy to use when hands are wet, or the user tries to manage a few takes at one. All the benefits of a fancy touch screen are provided by the LED color display that has backlighting, dedicated buttons, and manageable screen size.

Removing the fish finder is a breeze with the quick release bracket. Adjusting and tilting the screen is efficient and effective with the free-moving design. The smaller, easy to manage size makes it an excellent option of both smaller vessels such as non-motor boats, kayaks, and canoes and regular-sized boats.


The LED backlight helps brighten the screen in any lighting conditions. A three-inch color display offers a clear picture. Besides being easy to read, it is informative, especially under sunlight. It can be used at night. The 320 x 240 resolution reveals everything under the waves. The three-inch screen is a 256-color TFT. The 320 x 240 display is sufficient for the size. It is smaller than the typical 3.5-inch display.

The backlight can be turned off and on with the power button. The screen is immediately readable from any angle and in bright sunlight. Eleven levels of brightness are offered for every situation. There is a Zoom function. It allows four times the original view magnification. That feature is very helpful on a three-inch screen. Zooming in and out is a bit of a hassle.


Owning a boat is expensive. Adding a fish finder can send the budget crashing down. Avid anglers can be tempted to purchase a high-end fish finder. If that is not a possibility, an enjoyable fishing experience is can be had with an option that is more affordable. The Lowrance Hook-3X is such an affordable fish finder.

It eliminates spending hundreds of dollars to improve the fishing experience. The Lowrance Hook-3X and subsequent packages make it more affordable. Reviewers that rounded up budget units said the Lowrance Hook-3X stood out. They gave the Lowrance Hook-3X a ten of ten rating for price. It is an affordable yet highly functional option.

Fish finders that are equipped with GPS eliminate the need for separate dashboard units. A GPS combination unit saves money by combining two into one. Without GPS, the angler potentially spends more if a GPS is needed.

Key Features

* 3-inch display
* 83/200 kHz operating frequency
* 180W RMS power
* 320 x 240 resolution
* 800-foot maximum depth
* Dimensions: 3.71 x 1.85 x 5.64 inches
* DownScan Imaging displays crystal clear photo-like views of the water below the boat
* IPx7 waterproof rating
* Unique high-speed transducer with a built-in water-temperature sensor

Bottom Line

Mounting can be a pain, but after it is mounted, the versatility and ease of use are excellent for any angler. The addition of GPS for setting waypoints and mapping would be an improvement. The Lowrance Hook-3X offers proven features at an excellent value without compromising quality expected from Lowrance.

For someone looking for a basic unit having the easiest fish-finding ability, the Hook-3X is the answer. The ASP and convenient settings management are not lost on reviewers.
The Lowrance Hook 3-X provides a lot of excellent features.

It lacks GPS, which save money for those who don’t need it. Mounting is a bit challenging, but the operation is easy. The kit comes with the necessary accessories. When adjustment such as frequency settings are mastered, fishermen love the fish finder.

The consumer gets an affordable fish finder with all the key benefits of a quality fish finder. The unit is not well-suited for ice fishing or fishing in deep saltwater. It was made for use in shallow fishing areas that both advanced and beginner anglers can appreciate.

DownScan sonar provides the visibility needed to navigate areas where fish are. The dedicated, simple button design makes the fish finder easy to use and functional. A bracket that attaches the device to the boat is secure, yet adjustable.

It can be angled and maneuvered as needed. The unit is a no-frills option well-suited for beginners and advanced anglers. It is a well-designed, high-quality unit that provides years of successful, efficient fishing.

Not all reviews sing the praises of the device. The device received some poor ratings from a report. On a ten-point scale, Price was rated at 10, Durability 6, Features 3, and Screen Size 2. The unit is an affordable, travel-friendly device. It is handy and dependable.