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Fenwick HMG Spinning Rod Review Review Facts

Fishing is one of the quietest and most relaxing pastimes a person could involve themselves with. Of course, the question is, with so many rods on the market, which one would be good to get a hold of? Frankly, if they want, they could go to the sports section of almost any department store and pick up something simple that is probably cheap.

While this could be helpful for people looking to learn how to fish, for those who already know how to fish and want something a little better than that, we would like to draw attention to this particular rod. With all that we have found out about this one, fishermen will find it very intuitive. Its unique design pulled us in and had us wanting to know just a little bit more about the different types of rods.

If you aren’t sure which type you are looking for, spinner or casting, read on to learn more about what makes the spinning rod a choice you should consider.

Editor's Pros & Cons

AAA Cork full grip handle

Hybrid rod

Well balanced

Best for beginners and intermediate



Reel lock made of plastic

Basic Features

This rod is lightweight and is capable of handling all sorts of different fish including pike, walleye and bass. On top of this fact is that this rod sports a AAA grade full grip cork handle. This means that no matter the weather outside, a fisherman will find that this rod is not getting yanked out of his or her hand, nor will it slip loose.

While it can be handled by beginner fishermen, however, because it doesn’t come as a single built all-in-one rod, it’s actually better for intermediate fishermen who are used to breaking their rod down. This is just a pole, after all, which means you will have to purchase your reel and line separately and learn how to assemble and disassemble your rod to take it with you.

They also aren’t exceptionally compact, even just as a rod. Where some rods are telescopic and can be minimized down for size, this one requires a decent room, as it doesn’t fold or compact. So, even after you do take it apart, the pole will still require a decent amount of room to store and transport properly.

Advanced Features

There are a lot of things to consider with this rod. It comes in two styles, a single piece, and a two-piece. On top of that, there are different types to this rod, which also dictates the weight and length of the rod you are ordering. The types are Ultra-Light (7’), Light (6’), Light (6’ 6”), Light (7’ 6”), Medium (6’), Medium (6’ 6”), Medium (7’), Medium Light (6’), Medium Light (6’ 9”), Medium Light (7’), Medium Light (7’ 6”), Medium-Heavy (6’ 6”), and Medium Heavy (7’). In this article, we are talking about the seven-foot medium-heavy single-piece version.

As mentioned previously, because of this version not being one you break down the rod itself, you will need extra room. So, why this version? Because it is much more durable overall in its build and out of those available, it appears to be the favorite for those who choose a Fenwick Spinner.

Without going too deep into the construction, we do want to mention that it has a sturdy graphite blank with carbon hoops, which with the combination makes it a hybrid. Some may feel that this is more of a detriment, but as we go into the construction aspect, we will explain why this simply isn’t true.


This rod, as was previously mentioned sports an AAA grade full grip cork handle, but there is so much more to pay attention to. With severe attention to the quality and effectiveness, Fenwick made this rod out of high-grade graphite with carbon bound blanks that are spiraled with the thread also made out of carbon giving the rod and the fisherman unparalleled strength while also allowing the fisherman precise action.

In the end, the very thing which many may say makes a hybrid rod not as efficient, actually makes it a great deal more durable overall. This is especially important when you are either a beginner or intermediate level fisherman and are looking for a rod you can rely on. Making it a single solid piece rod also means that there isn’t as much wear to worry about either, and that can cause issues if you decide on the breakdown of your equipment to a more manageable size being important.

The reel seat is a Fuji VSS, and this is where you will end up attaching your choice of reel, which makes it one of the most important areas of construction. So, what makes this one of the best reel seats you can get for this type of rod? Well, it is exceptionally easy to use and is cost-efficient, especially given that even the more expensive rods tend to use the same style.

When you go out looking for your reel, though, you may want to keep in mind what type of seat you have, because if your reel isn’t made for it, the rod and reel won’t work well together.


This rod has Fuji guides that have stainless steel with deep pressed frames and aconite inserts. This means that the guides are lighter and stronger than most other guides and offer a fisherman lower friction which means smoother action. The type of material used - aconite - also means that you won’t have to worry as much about corrosion since it’s immune to it.

While there are more durable options available, the other options seem to lack in friction resistance comparatively, and also are much heavier which would definitely cause a difference in the effectiveness of your rod. In the end, if you are looking for something reliable that won’t hitch your movement or lose its smooth cast over time, these are the better choice for a lightweight spinning rod.


This particular rod comes with only one type of handle, and that is a AAA grade full grip cork handle. Is this a bad thing? We don’t think so, as that means that we have much less to worry about when it comes to keeping precise control. The handle itself is a TAC style when referred to by advanced fishermen and it is considered to be an extremely good advantage for this rod.

Why is it considered to be a great advantage for a beginning to a mid-level fisherman? Because you are getting professional-grade quality without the price. The amount of grip you get on this style of handle is far better than what you would get with a plastic or metal handle since it’s got a rougher and less slippery surface. It’s especially useful when you consider just how much stronger you’ll be able to hold to it in either cold or wet conditions when you may otherwise lose it.

To get a better idea as to why this is a plus that should be kept in mind, a comparison is holding a smooth bottle with slight moisture to holding a rubber gripped mug. You will definitely have a much better grip on one than the other, and the same goes for a smooth plastic fishing rod on the water to one with a cork grip.


As was earlier stated, there are multiple designs to pick from, starting with whether the buyer wants a single piece or a two-piece rod. From there the buyer also gets to choose which style they want. The styles range from Ultra-Light to Medium Heavy, this also can change the length of the rod as well.

Of course, there is also the obvious difference as well: casting or spinning, and that is a question we are covering in the next section so you can choose which is better. This version is a solid spinning rod, and many other brands will have the same main options, so it is important to know which it is you need.

Casting vs. Spinning

To the untrained mind, it would seem that there is only one type of fishing rod. To the more fishing-oriented mind, this would be a laughable concept, indeed. So, while there are more than two types of a fishing rod, in this section, we’ll be discussing the differences between a spinning rod and a casting rod.

Spinning rods are what most people think of when you ask them about a fishing pole. The reel and guides for the line are on the bottom of the rod. They bend with the force from a fish biting the hook and line. Amateurs and beginners most commonly use these.

When it comes to casting rods, everything is flipped. The reel and eyelets are on the top of the rod. The rod is still bendable, with the eyelets being on top of the rod. By "top" and "bottom," we mean that when holding the rod horizontally. The bottom is the side closer to the ground. One thing to note is that a spinning rod has less chance of tangling or snagging on itself.

Also, a spinning rod tends to have smoother play for the line. In any case, it is up to an individual which type of rod a person would like to use. Just keep in mind to which rod would be best for your particular fishing experience and keep in mind that if you are starting you may want to use a rod that has less chance of needing the expertise to handle it.

If you still think you want a casting rod, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind. The first and foremost reason why you may want to stick with the spinning rod is that a casting rod is going to cost you more during your learning period. This is because, until you get proficient with it, getting your line tangled and snapped is a lot easier when you first start out.

Secondly, casting rods are the reverse in setting up to a spinning rod, and when you are catching, you need to hold them differently and be a good judge on when and how much to reel.

In the end, your reel may also not be the best one for you or your pole, which may take several trips and a lot of practice to realize. This may end up costing you in bait, line, and reels as you try to find the one that is best suited for your style. The best advice we found was until, and unless you are ready for the extra cost in money, time, and patience, it is simply better to start with a spinning rod.


So, what would a rod, like this, cost? More importantly, what would a rod, like this, be worth to any fisherman? Well, on Amazon.com this particular product is being sold for $98.99 with free shipping. We would like to believe this to be a steal for such a great all-around fishing rod and given their reputation you may agree.

Despite there being other companies selling similar for less, its all about the quality of the rod and not just in its type. Fenwick is known for being reliable with their gear, and they always try to make sure you get the best for your dollar spent. The other end of this is that they also offer a limited lifetime warranty with this rod where most others don’t.

Key Features

- Quality construction
- Fuji guides
- Power and precision
- Low price

Bottom Line

So, that is what can easily be said about this particular fishing rod. Everything we have found is that this rod is pretty much the best all-around rod that can be bought for $100 or less. It’s great for beginners and more experienced fishermen alike.

It is strong and durable and can be used for multiple different fish. The cork handle also means that this rod will not be easily pulled out of a fisherman’s hands, nor will it slip out of their grasp. Everything points at this rod being easily worth the price and that it will last a good long while, seeing as all things eventually need to be replaced.

In any case, we believe that the $98.99 with free shipping that Amazon.com is selling the fishing rod for is definitely worth it.