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Razer Nari Ultimate Review Facts

Versatility is the name of the game with certain aspects of gaming equipment. If you want it in a headset, and you want all the bells and whistles to go with that versatility, this is the headset for you. The Razer Nari Ultimate has great sound, is wireless capable, and has Hypersense technology! What is Hypersense? Simply put, the headset vibrates when certain tones are hit. The angle is that feeling the sound makes the gameplay all the more immersive when gaming. So, if chairs aren’t the thing for you, this headset can add more to the play than just having a vibrating controller.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Good audio
  • Hypersense Technology
  • Retractable microphone
  • Quality Construction
  • Cooling gel ear cups
  • Great microphone
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Decent battery life (better without vibration)
  • Vibration may not be consistent
  • Not the best with phones
  • Heavy

Activities for Use

The Razer Nari Ultimate is best used for playing video games, as the vibration kit really allows you to more fully enjoy action-based games. Some types of music work well with the Nari Ultimate, same with movies.

The set up for the Razer Nari Ultimate definitely focuses on playing video games and more fully enjoyed. One would think that vibrations running through your head would be a serious distraction, but the Nari Ultimate truly does it right, allowing a player to feel like they were right there in the middle of the action. An explosion is more than a light and sound show, there is quite a bit of vibration involved. The way the Nari Ultimate works, you’ll feel vibration across the side of your head and face exactly as you would if you were right there. Not a bad thing, mattering on the games you play. Games like Call Of Duty, Red Dead Redemption 2, and many others will benefit from the use of this headset. Things like heavy metal music would only make the vibration kit a distraction and quite possibly an annoyance.

Basic Features

The basic features for the Razer variant shown here are numerous. You have a wireless headset with controls mounted on the ear cups. The Nari Ultimate does its job well, giving good audio. The retractable microphone is decent and does much to cancel outside noise. The headset’s sizing strap is one of those “self-adjusting” types, removing a lot of noise and hassle. Slide this gaming headset onto your head and it will be ready to go.

While not exactly basic, we will list another physical feature to this pair, which is the fact that it actually has a way to make them easier to wear even if you have glasses. This caught our attention because it is a feature most gear doesn’t take into consideration, the only downside is that it may be this exact feature that makes the ear cuffs fit so loosely that they can end up sliding.

Advanced Features

For the more advanced features of the Razer’s vibrating headset, there are the ear cups, with the gel-infused cushions to help keep you cool during long gaming sessions. You can also, through the use of cords, use this pair as a corded headset with your consoles, since it doesn’t work wirelessly outside of a PC. Plus, you cannot forget the “Hypersense” haptic technology. This is what makes the Nari Ultimate stand out, making it worth every penny you pay for it.

On top of all the basics, it comes with built-in audio software as well, so you can get the most out of your listening experience. The corded aspect becomes a necessity however when being used on anything other than a PC. The wireless feature is not available on consoles because it requires programs that are not available for use on the gaming equipment.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is definitely good, allowing a person to really hear what is going on. With or without the haptic technology, the sound quality is nothing to scoff at. The downside is that this has amazing sound quality with the Hypersense rumble activated, but the only decent sound when you turn it off. Some may find the vibrations to be uncomfortable, such as if you are prone to headaches or migraines, which means they will lose some of that sound quality in order to be rid of the vibrations. The type of sound also changes between having it wireless and having it corded, and unfortunately, the wireless THX type is only available on a PC. The good news is the quality itself is still there- it is just different.


Connecting with the Razer Nari Ultimate is easy enough as there is a USB device for wireless mode, or use of a cable if you decide to be wired. Either way, it is easy to connect and use is nearly immediate. The downside is that for use on consoles you can’t go wireless, and so you lose the THX sound quality that you get exclusively with a PC. The loss isn’t extremely noticeable because even with just stereo it is great quality, and you can still use Hypersense so you get the vibration aspect.

The connectivity either way is actually impressive, given that the quality doesn’t change, just the type of audio. This can be a setback to some users, though. It is a difference between high def and mid-level sound. Just as visuals are different between 2D and 3D for example, they can both be the same level of quality, but the difference is noticeable in the type.


Razer really thought about the comfort of a player when they designed the Nari Ultimate. The ear cups have cushions filled with gel to help keep you cool while wearing the Razer Nari Ultimate. While extra long gaming sessions will leave you with heat having built up under those ear cups, the gel can only do so much. But another thing we think you might want to know is that the ear cups are shaped with slots in them, just in case you wear glasses. Everything is built for comfort and quality, unfortunately, some of these same features may be what causes a loose fit for a few people. It’s the smaller of the complaints when it does come to comfort with this headgear.

Unfortunately, the number one can be a dealbreaker for those already wary when thinking about the vibration causing headaches, and that is that this is not a lightweight piece of equipment. Because it can slide around as well, not only will it weigh down on the head, but can end up causing neck pain if you do tend to move around a lot when gaming and find yourself trying to catch them with a quick head lift to keep them from falling off.


When it comes to style, you will find this pair to be exemplary. If there is something this company knows how to do, it’s how to make their gear appeal to the visual sense. The detailing on this pair makes it stand out while still not looking too gaudy or loud. The company’s symbol sits on the outside of the earpieces and they have a mesh as well, circling the symbol. The brand name is emblazoned over the top of the silver and black headband area and it has a double layer auto adjusting the band as well. This leaves it looking a little more advanced with only a simple touch. Top off what we have already pointed out with the fact that this set has swiveling earpieces and you have a very unique sense of style to go with the comfort and use. This pair really does keep up with the innovative side of the company, even is some aspects seem to need a little improvement.


As with most of their product lines, quality is a key component to this company. Durability plays the largest part when it comes to the quality of any headset because as anyone knows, you get what you pay for in the area of gaming gear in most cases. So if you are putting more than $50 USD into any headset, you want to know it will last and won’t end up in the trash a day or two after purchase. This pair uses quality materials in its build, assuring that the plastic and metal won’t bend or snap easily under proper use, and the ear cuffs won’t fall apart from wearing them over hours-long gameplay. What use is cooling gel if what holds it in place is not guaranteed to stay together under long term use? The gel may actually play a part in just how durable the cuffs are as is, though- since it will keep you from sweating as much onto the foam based outer material which will prevent cracking and tearing.

Ease of Use

This isn’t a hard set to use, but it does have restrictions on what can be used on which of your gaming consoles and computers. It has surround sound and a program where you can really make the most of its THX sound, however, it is limited to your PC. This is because of the way this aspect of the gear was created. The THX and program were designed to work with the headset in wireless mode, and that goes unsupported when it’s plugged into a console or Mac. It has to be in its corded form for everything other than PCs. While it is possible that they may find a way to update this feature, its currently plug-and-play aspects and so for now, it only provides a wired stereo format with everything else.

Another aspect that is easy to change, but it affects how this pair sound is the vibration setting. It can be turned off for those who can’t use it for personal reasons, but when it is, the sound quality seems to diminish. So, if you are getting this as an all-around gaming headset you might want to take these facts into your consideration.

Power Source

This set can be both wired, and wireless. While it is plugged in, it charges up its battery as well so that you can say connected even if the battery is drained. However, when not corded, it gains additional qualities and lasts about 8 hours with the vibration option on. If you desire longer play, you can turn off this feature and the battery life extends to about 20 hours of gameplay. Of course, as we mentioned, turning off this feature also affects the sound quality. Given that the battery charging greatly affects its use though, it may not be the most well thought out aspect of the headphones. One would think that making the sound quality and style even throughout might be a better move. The battery draining vibration makes us really feel that this is where they kind of dropped the ball.


This is definitely not your money saving pair for pro gamers, and perhaps that is why so many users have found they don’t rate this as high as they might have. When you are paying nearly $150 USD for a pair, you would expect that the audio quality and mic would be the main focus- even before the extra cool added features are considered. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case. So, are they really worth the buy? Well, most feel that the additional feature of the vibration is what sets this in the ‘worth the experience’ category. Other gaming headsets have tried and failed even worse than this pair has. It may lack a bit in some areas because of the focus, but it isn’t to the point where most users have said it was a waste. It doesn’t automatically come with a warranty either, which is disappointing because of its tag, but one is offered at purchase or registration of the set on their site. It covers you for two years, which is actually pretty good for a headset. It might be worth it, just in case the new features do not sit well, or if you need to replace/fix them.

Key Features

-Best vibration set up
-Decent sound
-Versatile between systems
-Easy to use
-Comes with built-in software
-Easy to recharge
-Retractable microphone

Bottom Line

If you want to be part of the innovative gaming headsets and have the best pair of vibrating headsets out there, this is what you will want to try. Other companies have attempted this same type of immersion but have failed massively, and this pair seems to be as close to perfecting this feature as is currently available. However, if it is consistency in sound type and quality that you are looking for, this may not be what you are looking for.