Keen Voyageur Hiking Shoe
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Our Conclusion
This Keen Voyageur is ideal for dry, hot weather and trail environments. A light shoe with minimal cushioning for the underfoot. Due to the combination of leather with mesh for the shoe uppers, breathability is good in hot weather. Waterproofing is present but certainly not to the level of a purpose-designed wet weather hiking shoe.

With a 4mm lug depth, traction is fine on dry rocks and trails. Particularly good for those with wide feet.
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Pros & Cons
Users say underfoot padding could be better
Not Water Proof (summer shoe)
Key Features
Key Features
Snap shot:

Uppers are a combination of leather and mesh
Standard lace-system - Reinforced eyelets
Minimal waterproofing
Excellent breathability
Rubber toe guard
ALL-TERRAIN rubber outsole
Dual-density EVA midsole
External stability shank
Cushioned collar
4mm lugs
Multi-directional lug layout
2 Color options
Weight varies according to shoe size. A pair size 7 1 lb 10.5 ounces.

Good for use

Dry surfaces on and off trails
Moderate technical terrain

Comfort and stability

For those with wide feet, this shoe is made for you; the fit is typically good. However, this shoe can put in the miles for a day hike, user feedback that the forefoot cushioning could be better.

The toe box is wide and comfortable, with lots of room to flex the toes, but you might feel some slide in these if you have narrow feet. This could result in hot spots for the toes.

This does not mean users are jointly complaining about hot spot issues; it simply means those with narrow feet need to be aware of the possibility.

In terms of stability, staying within the design intentions, warm or hot weather, on trails, and moderate technical terrains, you will get a balanced level of stability.


These have a wider cut, and the platform tends to feel flat beneath the arch. This can impact a little on lateral stability. The shoe does not offer the type of stability you would want if you intend to haul a heavy backpack.

Stay with light day hiking, and the level of support is appropriate.


The 4mm lugs will give a grip on smooth boulders, which you may occasionally climb over. Traction on dry trail surfaces is acceptable, and going off-trail is ok.

The lug layout is multi-directional, and this means good traction on moderate technical terrains. These shoes are also good on loose dirt surfaces and intermediate slopes. Not for long hiking on very wet muddy surfaces.


The thick rubber toe guard will work towards promoting durability.

The EVA foam in the sole area has some exposure which makes it prone to wear and tear. If you aim to do hot weather hiking in very rocky terrain, user feedback suggests that you will have to expect faster wearing out, etc. For rocky environments in warm weather, look for a shoe with an all-around rubber rand guard.

The leather and mesh uppers are durable while the shoe is used within its purpose of design context.

Water proofing

Hiking in grass covered in the early morning due, or light rainfall, you get waterproof protection. The longer you hike in these conditions, the more possibility for damp feet.

In heavy rain or wading through puddles, you will end up with wet feet. This is a hot weather hiking shoe; waterproofing is appropriate for hot weather conditions. Breathability is what you want in hot weather, and you will get that with this shoe.


1 lb 10.5 per pair in a ladies size 7, these are mid-weight shoes, and the weight will vary according to the size.


This is an excellent hot weather hiker and also works as a sturdy, stylish casual shoe. All materials are high quality.

The price tag sits slightly above mid-price.
The Keen Voyageur is built with high-quality materials, with a specific use in mind, warm-hot weather hiking.

You can put in the miles under appropriate weather conditions and not overly technical terrain as a day hiker. The shoe's marketing suggests this shoe will work in muddy conditions, with 4mm lugs, light dirty surfaces may well be ok, but very muddy terrain would be a challenge.

Suitable for hiking, good for casual, and even passable as a work shoe, the shoe is stylish. Well constructed and gives a good performance within its design context. User feedback for draw-backs is about more cushioning and durability. However, if taken into the terrain where the shoe is not meant to be used, durability will be tested.

This is an excellent all-around warm weather hiker, the pros are favorable, and it's worth trying out.
Comparison to Previous Models

If you want more performance, support, cushioning, durability and features, you have to pay more.

With a higher price in mind but not much higher, a good comparative option is the Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Shoe.

This hiking shoe is built to take on technical terrains, slopes, wet weather conditions.

A comparative snap shot

Shaped Eva foot-bed
Injected EVA
Contagrip traction
Gusset tongue
Heel cap for protection
Toe-cap for protection
Weight: 410 g | 14,5 oz

Good for:

Good in all types of wet weather, including wading through water
All types of trails in cold and wet weather
Good for technical terrains
Mountain slopes

This comparative option works for the colder wet weather and technical environments where the Keen Voyageur is not designed to go.

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