Hoka One One Kaha GTX Trekking/Hiking Shoe

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Editor’s Conclusion
The HOKA ONE ONE Kaha GTX is a pleasure to try out; yes the price tag is higher than many other hiking boots but in this case, it is justified. Hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro, take these with you, hiking through a challenging desert dotted with spiked Cacti plants, wear these.

Challenging muddy conditions, rocks, grit, gravel, level trail terrain, up and down slopes, these boots are up to the job. There are other seriously comfortable boots such as the Vasque St. Elias FG GTX, but for comfort, HOKA ONE ONE Kaha has the edge.

Comfort is in abundance with exceptional cushioning in the soles and a high-cut design for support and tried and tested protection, this easily hits the bulls-eye as a luxury boot. They are set apart in terms of not resembling the standard hiking boot design. Comfort works hand in hand with super stability and impressive traction.

The rockered sole is an experience and something which a hiker will come to understand and adapt to using. Gore-Tex gives high waterproof protection and is a favorite water defense for many boots, in particular the impressive Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX and the popular Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX.

If you're looking for a middle-weight boot that gives an amazing cushioned comfort blended with a highly protective supportive design and dependable traction, read on.
Hoka One One Kaha GTX Trekking/Hiking Shoe Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Excellent cushioning

Impressive traction

Great collar support

Unique lace-up adjustment

Gore-Tex liner

Leather grain uppers

Good stability

Unique styling


Not a standard designed boot style

Key Features


A boot that is difficult to categorize because it's also high-top running footwear for trails, works as a light-middleweight backpacking boot and of course, as an impressive hiking boot. Whatever you use these for you get exceptional comfort, great protection and support. Feedback reviews are numerous in people trying out these and deciding to stay with them.


There are a handful of other hiking boots designed in the middleweight range which compete well against the Kaha GTX but when it comes down to measuring comfort, these boots are a step ahead of most other options.

The midsole construction is a blend of foam layers that work together, the level of supportive comfort can feel startling and these can be used right out of the box, giving full-day comfort. Your feet won't feel as fatigued as they do if you spend a day hiking in a boot with minimal midsole construction. These allow your feet to feel the freedom of movement inside the boot but not a feeling of being loose; this footwear does contour nicely to the foot.


The design of the lacing system does allow the wearer to adjust and accommodate the foot in line with personal preference for hiking. This is achieved through design. The first eyelet is a leather cut-out and the following four eyelets are metal.

Noticeably two of the eyelets in the middle section of the lacing system are side by side. This means that choosing the lower eyelets makes the heel box feel more secure and supportive while choosing the upper eyelets gives a more secure hold across the top of the boot.

The lacing system finishes with two hooks which means the lacing can be tightened securely and give great support via the ankle collar. This lace design feature is impressive for a more snug heel fit and an extra sense of support in the region of the ankle collar.


The width of the forefoot measures 4.75 and offers a wider platform that is resistive to rolling and good protection from rolled ankles. The collar height is an impressive 6.2 inches from the top of the collar down to the footbed and this allows the lacing system to secure above the ankle and offer greater stability. This feels like a secure supportive ankle wrap and certainly enhances the stability performance.

Rolling Motion

The boot has exceptional torsional rigidity despite not having a shank. It gives the footwear more rigidity than similar mid weight models but the feeling of rigidity is barely noticed due to the rockered-sole design. This feature promotes a roll which in turn means the wearer does not need to articulate or focus on using the ball of the foot while walking.


These have distinct traction due to the layout of the tread patterning. The designed-in Vibram MegaGrip outsole is not unique, many models use this outsole but the patterning for traction is unique to Hoka. The shallow lug pattern bites and gives traction on dry, slippery, loose surfaces and even gives traction on snow. The amount of grip is surprising and certainly enough to boost confidence on all types of varied terrain surfaces.

These might not perform as well as deep lug traction on loose soft surfaces but the width of the boot and surface contact make up for this. There are many boots that offer more traction but they don't equal the level of comfort of the Hoka Kaha.


Weighing in at an average of 2.45 pounds, there are lighter boots in this range but they don't offer the amount of protective ankle cuff support or depth of cushioned sole. A little extra weight in trade for more stability and comfort is certainly worthwhile.

Water Protection

These offer water protection to a height of 5.5 inches. The liner is a waterproofed and breathable Gore-Tex brand membrane and forms a comfortable defense against water penetration; the outer upper is a grain leather. Gore-Tex is great for waterproofing but in really hot weather it can somewhat lapse in terms of breathability.


The uppers are durable grain leather which contributes towards protection and support and therefore durability is very good. The sole consists of firm rubber compounds which have proven to be very hard-wearing in all weather and terrain conditions. User feedback has been positive in terms of durability. The Hoka brand in general has a solid reputation for producing durable shoes.

In Comparison to Other Hiking Shoes

For sole dimensions in terms of width contributing towards traction, comfort and support, the Kaha GTX is unique. It is evident just looking at a pair of these that they feature excellent cushioned support and the experience of wearing them is highly impressive.

There are a few brands that offer better traction, for example on very loose sedimentary surfaces which can be found in mountain regions, but they don't offer the same comfort and this boot catches up on traction due to the unique width of the soles which contact a large surface area.

On hot days, breathability could be better but the same can be said for all boots which have a designed-in Gore-Tex liner. Where the weather is concerned, it is swings and roundabouts for all types of outdoor footwear.

The broad ankle support cuff which works in conjunction with lace-up adjustment is a great feature and puts these a step ahead of a lot of other brands. Taking into account the numerous positive reviews about the sheer high level of comfort, this boot is in a class of its own when it comes to giving day-long high level of comfort.


Highly impressive and certainly unique in terms of design, appearance, comfort, support, and protection. Offering very good traction, excellent support for the foot and ankles it is notable that the HOKA ONE ONE Kaha can perform pretty much anywhere while giving a comfort level that very few other brands can equal or exceed.

They look different from other options and in the majority of comparisons to many other models they perform a lot better when taking into account the purpose of design. These also have versatility in that yes, they are great for hiking but they can be used for backpacking, running trails or even as a cool-looking fashion statement.

Good in all weathers from dry deserts to snowy trails, this boot easily represents a good investment with a lot of long-term use and durability.