Garmin Approach S6

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Garmin Approach S6 Review Facts

The Garmin Approach S6 is a lightweight, comfortable, GPS golf watch that exerts a slender, sporty look. The high-resolution touch-screen display allows you to keep track of the score in vivid color, and is conveniently glove-friendly. With 30,000 preloaded courses, and advanced features the watch will guide, and assist you around new, and familiar territory. The highly precise Pin Placement Technology, allows you to pinpoint anywhere on the green, providing guidance during blind shots. Hazards on the course will no longer be an issue. They are identified on color screen, and you will know exactly how many yards away they are, saving unnecessary strokes. With the new handicap scoring feature, the GPS watch adapts to your needs. If you are constantly trying to improve your play, then you will appreciate the audible tones that help improve your swing strength, getting you closer to the perfect 3:1 ratio. In addition, built-in Bluetooth allows you to receive calls and texts, keeping you connected. When it is time to head home, upload the statistics/scorecards onto your computer to track your progress. The Garmin Approach S6, will have you navigating each course with ease, giving you the advantage whilst simultaneously helping you improve your technique.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Precise Pinpoint locations
  • Hazard yardage
  • Advanced swing tempo/swing strength feature
  • Slender design
  • Bluetooth option
  • High price
  • Limited battery life


Aside from the built-it training features, and the technology to guide you around the golf course with ease, this watch also keeps you connected with loved-ones and the wider golf community. If this is not enough the watch can be used beyond the golf course. If you use it to capacity it can also be applied to day-to-day activities.

Basic watch functions such as telling the time are to be expected. However, this watch also includes an odometer, a helpful feature that means you can keep track of your steps, and see how much exercise you received throughout your day or on the course. If you are curious how long it is taking you to do 18 rounds, set the round timer and monitor your timing every time you hit the course.

Basic Features

This watch embodies all the necessary features required, and expected of a GPS watch that is specifically designed for golfers. With 30,000 maps already uploaded, if you are somebody who likes to travel, and try new courses this feature will serve you beyond your local go-to spot. When at the course it has a Touch-Targeting feature which is designed to allow you to precisely touch the intended target. It will not only tell you the exact distance to the target but the Hazard Yardage feature will notify you of any obstacles in the way. To compliment the Touch Targeting is the Green View. This allows you to see the course from different perspectives helping you have a broader visual to improve your play. Another useful feature is the Scoring Handicap, this means you can customize your scoring with the two available options of Stableford, and Stroke Play.

Advanced Features

The opportunity to speed up the process of improving skills in any capacity is usually welcomed. This watch offers just that. Garmin really pulled all the stops out with these two advanced features that act as training tools so you can learn as you play. The first targets the core of golf, the Swing Strength. This action will make or break your play. It focuses on a combination of tempo and strength, making you get the perfect 3:1 ratio. The Swing Tempo feature communicates either sonically or graphically. The sounds could be problematic on the course so may be better suited to the driving range. The Swing Strength will lead to a more consistent play. A good example of when it would be helpful is doing a ½ swing or ¾ swing. It is equally useful when using a wedge on the green.


The Garmin Approach s6 has implemented multiple ways for the user to stay connected throughout their time on the golf course. Firstly, there is the option to connect the watch to your phone via Bluetooth. This is available for iPhone 4s or more recent as well as most Android phones. It allows you to receive major lines of communication such as text message, email, general alerts, and notifications. This allows you to continue playing without having to take out your phone. Or you can keep this option off if you would like to remain off the grid for a while!

Additionally, “Garmin Connect” means you can now stay connected with the wider golf community. It encourages support and healthy competition through the ability to play others. By sharing scores for comparison, and analysis you can improve your play, and feel a sense of community. At the end of the day, you can upload your scores to the computer to keep records and monitor your progress.


With up to 41,000 courses generously pre-loaded by Garmin, you can access them all for free. Even better, there is no membership fee, and whenever there is a course update you can upload it for free, for life! This addition to the watch is a real bonus, and if utilized to its full capacity, will serve as a real asset to your play and experience. Trying new territory will only improve your play, so will meeting new people along the way. The above “Garmin Connect” will make sure you maintain the new friendships, expanding your connections.


Any watch needs to be worn with ease, ideally you will forget it is even on your wrist it is that comfortable! Especially when being worn during a sport activity, not being distracted by a discomfort is essential so as not to interfere with your play. The size of the watch was designed with comfort in mind, as it is not big and bulky. The sleek structure also means it will not catch onto clothes. The breathability of the band adds a practical level of comfort, as during hot days the heat will not congregate around your wrist. Many users found this watch very comfortable due to it being lightly weighted.


The Garmin Approach s6 has the classic smartwatch look but with a sporty edge. It is not bulky and retains a slender look which accommodates versatile usage. Not having to remove the watch between activities means that it is less likely to get misplaced. It will blend in, out of context, and may invite some questions of curiosity from others. Weighing in at only 47g (1.6oz), it is lightweight which adds comfort, and a practical necessity. It is available in “light”, “dark”, or “orange”. Both the “orange” and “dark” have a black band exterior, with the “dark” having a white interior and the “orange” an orange one. The lack of variety in color options indicates the watch was intended to portray a minimal, discreet style to increase the opportunity of wear.


As a golfer, a lot of time is spent outside exposed to the elements. It is important to have a watch that can withstand challenging weather as it cannot be avoided. The face and band are designed for sport and will not suffer abrasion from surface contact. Another helpful feature is the watch can survive being submerged in up to 50 meters of water. Even if this is unlikely to occur, it is still reassuring to have a product that is water resistant. If it starts pouring with rain you will have complete peace of mind in regards to the durability of the watch.


The GPS watch is compact, and loaded with smart features yet had the size and image of a regular watch. Allowing you to transition from the golf course to day-to-day activities without feeling like the watch needs to be removed. The 1-inch screen, measures 4.5cm x 4.5cm x 1.42 cm. The display size means the screen is big enough so you can comfortably use it, whilst maintaining a slender, discreet style. The display screen is designed to function outside in the bright sun. The high-resolution screen, exactly 180 x 180 pixels, will not leave you straining to see. The color-resistance adds variety and a visual ease. Catered for golfers, gloves do not need to be removed in order to use the watch, making it as convenient as possible to use.


The band was designed to ensure breathability to your wrist so that when playing or exposed to high temperatures you retain maximum comfort. This is achieved through the patterned holed design, allowing ventilation for your skin. The band is available in coordination with the “Light”, “Dark” and “Orange” options. If you would like to change the color of the band then it can be easily removed and exchanged as it is held in place with pins. A few people returned it due to the band being too short, however, the majority of users did not have this issue.

Ease of Use

The Garmin Approach s6 has numerous components which help aid the ease of use. The screen is 1inch in diameter, big enough to have a clear visual of the screen whilst avoiding being bulky. The interface is also in color and has a touch-screen which is very navigable. Being readable in direct sunlight as well as still responding to touch by a glove contribute to the ease of use. To further assist, there are external hardware buttons which jump between the different views of the course. The smartwatch has an abundance of features, due to the quantity some users did not rate it favorably in regards to ease of use.


The ability to last the duration of desire play is very important. The battery is rechargeable, and in GPS mode is stated to last between 8-10 hours. If only used as a watch, without the GPS mode activated then the battery life extends dramatically lasting 20 weeks. This is sufficient battery life; however, it does not have much longevity and some users reported the battery did not last long enough. The battery is made of lithium-ion, and safety measures should be taken when charging the device. It is important to make sure that the watch is completely dry before connecting it to the charger or computer. The purpose of this is to prevent erosion, increasing the durability of the product.


When it was first released the watch was available for approximately $350. This price was not welcomed by some buyers who felt it was too high. However, for so many features the price was fairly reasonable. The ability able to navigate courses with ease, giving you the edge over other players is already an advantage. Additionally, the watch replicates a trainer, improving technique, and connecting you with the golf community. Now the watch can be purchased for a more reasonable price on sites such as Amazon.


The Garmin Approach S6 has a charger included with the purchase. It serves a dual purpose as it also doubles as a data clip and is the portal for uploading the data collected e.g. scorecard, to your computer. Available to purchase separately are AC adapter and USB vehicle adapter. If you feel the need for added protection, screen protectors can be purchased. Additionally, if you decide you want to change the color of the band for variety, other colors are available and can be easily changed.

Key Features

-Bluetooth connection
-PinPoint touch
-Swing Strength feature
-Swing Tempo feature
-Over 30,000 uploaded courses
-Free membership
-Handicap Scoring
-Statistic/Score Tracking
-Color screen/high resolution

Bottom Line

For golfers who have the tenacity for improving, pay attention to detail, enjoy tracking scores, and exploring new courses then this watch is a superb fit. This color-screen, high resolution, GPS golf watch offers an array of features, that go above and beyond. The expected Precise Distance, and Green Viewpoints are exceeded by innovative training features which put the Garmin Approach S6 in a superior league to similar products such as the “Bushnell Golf 2017” or the “Dream Sports GPS Watch”. Some buyers wanted longer battery life for the price. Overall, this product, while on the pricier side, does offer a high quantity of high-quality features.