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Camelbak Rogue Review Facts

Imagine yourself riding along a single track desert ridge over broken Slickrock. You have no time to reach for a water bottle. The Camelbak Hydration Backpack delivers hydration on-the-go. The Camelbak Rogue Hydration Pack is meant for the ultimate voyager. It can be used by someone trekking to the grocery store or the Appalachian Trail. The device keeps the user hydrated and provides a place to store essentials.

The water pack offers a convenient external fill. It has a no-drip, self-sealing valve that renders 20 percent more water per sip. The leak-proof on/off lever guarantees none of the precious water is wasted on a hot, dusty trail. The Magnetic Tube Trap is easy to grab and keeps the tube secure. Breathable mesh backing keeps the user comfortable and cool. Keys, chalk bags, shoes, helmets, etc. are held by external hooks. Stash rain shell clothing and the like in a flexible storage compartment. It comes in a choice of four color combinations - black and graphite, carve blue and black, lime punch and silver, and racing red and silver.

Editor's Pros & Cons

70 to 100 ounce water capacity


Easy to refill



Limited storage space

No waist strap

Ease in Drinking

Camelbak has been a leader in hydration systems for a long time. A significant reason for the excellent reputation is the easy-drink bite valves. The device has a Crux bladder system that increases the water delivered by 20 percent over past models. It has set the bar higher than before.

‘Per sip’ quantities are a bit abstract. Tests have proven a higher flow rate when compared to other models tested. A handy shutoff valve prevents accidental water loss. The Camelbak Rogue scored 10 out of 10 for easy drinking.

Thirteen hydration systems were tested. This device took first place. In all fairness, it tied with its relatives the Camelbak M.U.L.E., Camelbak Cloud Walker 18, and Camelbak Classic. Customers tout the Easy-Open Leak-Proof Cap. The leak-proof on/off lever guarantees non of the precious water is wasted on a hot, dusty trail.


The back panel made of breathable mesh and overall weight of 12.8 ounces are features that have improved the comfort on the Camelbak system. As long as the minimalist bag is not overfilled or overstuffed, the Rogue is highly comfortable. It sets comfortably in the center of the back.

Testers found keeping the water bottle slightly less than full and carrying a couple of small items such as keys and phone create a comfortable hydration system. Beyond two liters, the flexible mesh panels of the pack become a bit distended and deformed.

It creates a sensation similar to having a two-liter bottle strapped to the back. The feeling is short-lived and becomes more comfortable as you hydrate yourself. The mesh shoulder straps provide adequate comfort and support.

It has dual compression straps. The straps are made of Airmesh for breathabiliity. They prevent the reservoir from sloshing. People with broad shoulders may find the straps somewhat restrictive. The Camelbak Rogue fits those with a torse from 15 to 21 inches.

The device was tested on casual hikes and moderate trails. When there was an increase in speed on rough downhill sections, there was excessive movement. The movement was due to the lack of having a waist belt.

Without the belt, the Rogue felt decent when it was filled with a water bladder containing 1½ liters of water and four accessories while traveling on a non-technical downhill, uphill, and flat terrains. The Rogue is most comfortable when going is smooth. Testers rated comfort at five out of ten.

Ease in Filling

The Rogue was rated nine out of ten when it was time to fill. None of the 13 hydration systems tested were rated as ten. The rating of nine put the device in first place in this category as well. It is a straightforward top-off process to fill the 2½-liter bladder.

There is no quick-disconnect drinking tube connected to the bladder like many of today’s hydration systems. The configuration does not impede the ease of filling the bladder. It offers external fill in sleek bike pack.

The wide bladder mouth in directly in front of you when the quick release flap is opened. The reservoir can be filled on the fly. Removing the bladder from the pack is not necessary. Conveniently remove the lid to fill. Older hydration systems were messy and awkward to fill. The bladder had to be pried out and an attempt to fill it via a pinhole-sized opening was made.

Trying to get the cap off without losing half the water was challenging. The Camelbak Crux hydration system has solved those problems. Access to the fillport is at the top of the waterpack. The open/close cap is opened with a quarter turn.


Because of the smaller storage capacity, there is less to say about the characteristics of this lightweight pack. Testers scored storage for the Camelbak Rogue as three out of ten. The product has a minimalist design.

It has 2½ liters of storage space. The standard measure is 150 cubic inches. It can easily carry such things as CO₂ cartridges, small bike tools, wallets, keys, and phones. The pack has a stretchy compartment located on the lower portion. It can be used for items such as leg and arm warms or light rain jackets.

The 150 cubic inches of carrying capacity is significantly larger than that of the Camelbak Classic that has a 30 cubic inch capacity. The extra space may be an asset, depending on the common purpose of the pack. Ten of the 13 hydration systems tested had larger storage capacities.


The Camelback Rogue is a light backpack. Out of the 13 hydration systems tested, only the Camelbak Classic was lighter in weight. The testers rated the Rogue at nine out of ten. The weight savings is relatively insignificant.

For those who carry a lot of essentials, the Classic version may be a better choice. Customers who rated the pack highly and mentioned the weight specifically used terms such as very light, super lightweight, perfect lightweight waterpack, and feels like nothing on your back.

Ease in Cleaning

The Camelbak Rogue is fairly easy to clean. Testers rated the Camelbak Rogue at six out of ten for ease in cleaning. It was not as easy to clean as eight other hydration systems tested. The quick disconnect feature of those packs allowed access to both ends of the drinking tube and made cleaning easier.

There were other systems that received equal ratings and one that was thought to be more difficult to clean. Cleaning the bladder is not as easy as slide-top models. It is recommended to only fill the bladder with water. Electrolyte solutions that are not thoroughly removed get funky fast.

Best Applications

Typical activities for which to choose the Rogue pack are non-technical trail riding, biking, and road cycling. Being a top lightweight category performer means the pack will provide an efficient and smooth ride. The Camelbak Rogue Hydration System is perfect for extreme outdoor adventurers.

Favorable performance was reported by customers who used the hydration system when mountain biking, on a family Disneyland trip, extended bike rides, cross country touring, and stand up paddle boarding. Laborers who work outside in the heat have successfully kept hydrated used the system to stay hydrated. They refill them at lunchtime.


Things to consider when evaluating the design include waist belt construction, shoulder straps, ventilation and overall support The minimalist design consists of shoulder straps and a single sternum strap to keep everything locked in place.

A rule of thumb about support is the more gear carried, the more support is needed. The Rogue is intended to be a lightweight hydration system used to carry water and a few small items. Support is less substantial than larger packs.

The low-profile, frameless design has center baffling. The lumbar design keeps cargo and water stowed close to the waist and low. A low center of gravity offers stability on bumpy roads. The upper body moves freely.

An advanced AirFoil back panel holds the pack off the back to provide maximum ventilation and comfort. The air mesh harness and AirChannel back panel keep air flowing. The reservoir is upgraded with an ergonomic fill handle. It uses HydroGuard technology. The Hydroguard is antimicrobial technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria.

The bite valve is a patented design. It is self-sealing after each sip. The polyester 200D material used in manufacturing has reflective accents over the entire waterpack to bolster low-light condition visibility. The Camelbak features a hydration bladder that also allows carrying items and a drinking tube with a bite valve for ease of drinking.

The bite valve can be locked so that setting the pack down causes no water leaks. The drinking tube is a PureFlow tube. A clip holds the tube in place to keep it from moving. It can be moved to the other side of the pack if preferred. It is designed around the Crux Reservoir. Customers, friends, and professional athletes were asked what they wanted in a hydration system.

They provided a clear message, more water per sip. Engineers ran extensive tests to build a reservoir that delivered just the right amount of water without wasting water or leaking.The result was a reservoir that delivered 20 percent more water per sip.

The reservoir is held in place by a handle at the bottom and an elastic strap at the top. The flap locks on to the bottom of the handle so that it does not shift while riding. The water pack offers a convenient external fill. Two zippered pockets and a stock pocket are incorporated into the design.

The top has a zipper pocket great for keeping a phone, GPS, or snacks. A U-shaped zippered pocket, having mesh inserts for keeping tools is at the bottom. An extra tube can also be kept there. Behind the U-shaped pocket is an expandable stow pocket to keep layers.

Cost and Value

The Rogue at $70 is a good buy. The extra functionality of the pack makes it worth more than some of its competition. High-quality justifies the price. Camelbak offers a limited lifetime warranty referred to as ‘Got Your Bak.’

Customers have purchased multiples of this device. The waterpack will provide years of service. The waterpack can take some abuse. People have reported having the pack for quite some time, and it is as reliable as the day it was purchased, even after a few hard falls.

Quality of craftsmanship and durability places the Camelbak Rogue among the most popular hydration systems. The Crux reservoir carries enough water for mid-level journeys and delivers an adequate amount of water per sip. It is easy to land closes tightly. It is essential to put the cap on correctly. Camelbak bladders are known for being long-lasting.

A new lip added a better seal for the bladder to prevent leaks. When compared to the old reservoir, this one is more convenient to use. It is an improvement over previous models. The wide mouth and grab handle make putting ice in the bladder easy. Water stays cold for as long as three hours.

It fits great on the back and allows access to pockets on clothing. There are compartments for additional storage. The Camelbak Rogue works well for short distances with kids. The device provides hydration that is easier than carrying water bottles. The bright colors help make those wearing the waterpack more visible. A separate brush system makes it easy to clean.


70 to 100 ounce reservoir
Bite valve has a locking mechanism to prevent water from spilling
Bottom pocket ideal for carrying small items such as a multi-tool and keys
Easy to use
Leak-proof on/off valve

Bottom Line

The Camelbak Rogue is great for providing space for water but not a lot of space for other things you don’t need. Thing to consider when evaluating the design include waist belt construction, shoulder straps, ventilation and overall support.

A rule of thumb about support is the more gear carried, the more support is needed. The Rogue is intended to be a lightweight hydration system used to carry water and a few small items. Support is less substantial than larger packs.

This product is meant for those who like to move fast and light, whether on foot or on wheels. It is comfortable and sleek to carry. There is enough space for essentials in the storage areas. It has ample water capacity for a mid-level trek.

When tested, the Camelbak Rogue received top scores for the hydration system. It is a lightweight option for situations that don’t require much gear and for long rides. Items testers particularly liked include the bite valve system.