Best Kids Snorkel Masks Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Snorkel masks are very popular among snorkelers today because of the impact they have created in the snorkeling and deep diving industry. The new design has overcome all of the challenges that mouthpiece tube users have had to deal with during their snorkeling experiences.

It is often said that the snorkel mask is by far the best thing that ever happened to snorkelers. Children are increasingly demanding and using the snorkel mask to learn and enhance their snorkeling skills. While this concept remains relatively new to many people, it is important to introduce your kids to snorkeling at an early age to develop and sharpen their snorkeling skills.

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Some of the masks previously mentioned did not have the high ratings of those that replaced them. New items include DIVELUX Snorkel Mask, Snorkel Mask for Kids, Easy Snorkel Mask, and QingSong Snorkel Mask 180 Panoramic. Two of these are placed in the top three.

Featured Recommendations

  • Atlin
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 180° Panoramic View
  • Price: See Here
DIVELUX Snorkel Mask
  • DIVELUX Snorkel Mask
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Does Not Fog
  • Price: See Here
Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids
  • Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Free Items with Purchase
  • Price: See Here

However, kids cannot become competent snorkelers without the help of reliable snorkel equipment to help support their underwater dreams, excursions, and experiences. You have to look for the most suitable snorkel mask with benefits that are aligned with the snorkeling goals you have set for yourself and the rest of the family.

An excellent snorkel mask will demonstrate durability and ability to prevent fogging while at the same time allowing natural breathability while moving underwater. There are several different types of masks, but you have to know what you are looking for to avoid being overwhelmed by the countless brands available on the market today. This write-up features a list of top quality kids’ snorkel masks to help support your child’s snorkeling dreams. Below is a list of best kid’s snorkel masks reviewed for quality.


10 Best Kids’ Snorkel Masks


1. Atlin

1. Atlin
This snorkeling design is a true game changer and will completely revolutionize the snorkeling sporting activity. Users will be able to breathe freely while using this mask like it feels to breathe on land. It saves you the frustration of having to insert a bulky mouthpiece into your mouth just to breathe underwater. Therefore, if you are planning your next snorkeling day out, make sure you include this equipment in your budget.
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Exciting Features

Your nautical explorations will never be the same again once you use the mask’s detachable GoPro mount. The defogging technology will also ensure your vision is not obstructed during the period.

Easy Installation

You can easily connect or mount the snorkel and begin using the equipment. Designed for mount-and-use, you will be ready for the waters in no time.

Cost and Value

After easily mounting the snorkel and getting ready to dive into the water, you can then think about recording your underwater endeavors with no stress. This device is very affordable and available in the stores.
  • Breathe easily without frustrations or worry that water will ruin your day
  • Easy installation to allow everyone to connect and use
  • Detachable GoPro mount to record nautical interests
  • 180 degrees panoramic view
  • The insufficient air can bring some breathing difficulties
  • Water waves may lead to disconnection of snorkel from mask

2. DIVELUX Snorkel Mask

2. DIVELUX Snorkel Mask
The DIVELUX Snorkel Mask has a full face design that lets you see everything surrounding you when diving. You can breathe naturally underwater. The mask is specially made to allow breathing with the mouth and nose.
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The mask does not leak or sweat. Clear visibility is guaranteed. The mask does not fog. You can enjoy the underwater world beauty. The mask includes a GoPro mount. Making videos adds to the fun of snorkeling.

Other Features

A reliable and stylish protective waterproof case is an added bonus accessory. A mesh pouch is also included. The durable and safe mask is made with hypoallergenic liquid silicone and high-quality polycarbonate. The straps are soft and the mask stays in place.

The pressure of surrounding water presses the mask firmly against the face and forms a very soft seal. Swimmers have found pressing it under the chin and then pushing it against the face helps seal around the chin.


The mask does not leak or sweat. Clear visibility is guaranteed. It does not fog. You can enjoy the underwater world beauty. The mask has a GoPro mount. Making videos adds to the fun of snorkeling.

Other Features

A reliable and stylish protective waterproof case is a bonus accessory. A mesh pouch is also included. The durable and safe mask is made with hypoallergenic liquid silicone and high-quality polycarbonate. The straps are soft, and the mask stays in place.

The pressure of the water that surrounds the face presses the mask firmly against the face and forms a very soft seal. Swimmers have found pressing it under the chin and then pushing it against the face helps seal around the chin.

Cost and Value

There is a definite difference in the quality of this mask over generic masks purchased at retail stores. The mask is well-made and will last a long time. Visibility is better than other full face masks.

The standard eye mask field of vision does not compare with this mask. It is easy for kids to use. Men with facial hair that found other masks problematic have no complaints about the DIVELUX mask. Other masks cause mouth soreness; this mask does not.


Do not have to rent a snorkel mask used by some unknown

Seals out water

Breathe through mouth and nose

Does not fog


The mask requires a little time to acclimate

3. Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids

3. Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids
The Usnork snorkel set is designed for the ultimate snorkeling comfort. Explore the exciting underwater world and unique moments of mysterious observations. This mask is a nice addition to other scuba diving gear.
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Crystal clear underwater focus is provided. The movement of the air stream caused by the elaborate structure of the mask stops lenses from fogging. It has a dry top water blocking system the is designed to prevent water from getting into the tube while diving or during a high wave.

A special float lifts and clogs the tube’s upper opening when divers submerge into the water. The adjustable straps are made of plastic and high-quality silicone that create a tight seal which adds comfort and safety.


The mask can be used as a kid’s swimming mask, a youth face snorkel, or an adult snorkel mask. Extras included with the mask are, a quick-absorbing and compact microfiber towel, a GoPro camera mount, and a waterproof phone bag.

The mask can be used with professional scuba gear. It is an excellent gift for kids. The 180° visibility grants the snorkeler the kind of experience had by top divers’ masks. The same picture seen with professional scuba diving equipment is provided.

Cost and Value

The exclusive anti-fog technology of the Full Face Snorkel Mask by Usnork allow kids to swim as well as with the most expensive mask available for youth. The mask provides all the benefits of high-tech snorkeling masks.

There are five color or color combinations available. They are kids’ pink, kids’ blue, black and green, red and black, and white and blue. The mask comes with a one-year cash back guarantee.

Free items with the purchase

Anti-fog technology


Panoramic view


Beginners may have to practice learning to breathe with the mask

4. Easy Snorkel Mask

4. Easy Snorkel Mask
The Easy Snorkel Mask is a 180° view mask. Its anti-leak and anti-fog technology prevent it from fogging and stop water from getting into the breathing tube. The innovative no-mouthpiece tubeless feature and the free-breathing design avert gag reflexes, making the mask ideal for everyone.
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The 180° full face design allows the snorkeler to breathe through the mouth and nose while snorkeling. Dry Snorkel Technology prevent water from entering the mask and breathing tube. Clear vision underwater is provided by the anti-fog design that stops clouding in the mask.

There are sizes available for all ages. The design is suitable for beginners and experts. It is ideal for people who like floating on the surface of the ocean or a lake to observe life below. The front is completely transparent.


The mask has a simple color design that includes a jet-black exterior. It also has a simple color design that includes of a jet-black breathing tube. The breathing tube has a green tip. The angle of the breathing tube prevents water easily entering the mask if waves come overhead. The heavy duty look gives credence to the notion the mask fits snugly on anyone’s face.

Cost and Value

The Easy Snorkel Mask is an upgrade from the traditional mask and snorkel sets. The mask is wrapped in bubble wrap when it arrives. A reusable bag is packaged in Styrofoam. The mask is an excellent buy.

New users do not want to go back to traditional snorkels. Though the mask has an unassuming appearance, there is no doubt that it is among the best snorkels for kids. The green tip on the breathing tube makes identifying kids easier if they run into trouble.

Provides a wide clear view

Does not fog underwater

Seals and prevents water from entering in

Allows breathing through the mouth and nose


Not suitable for diving


This two window mask is crafted from high-quality silicone to help fit and feel soft on the face. It comes with easy adjust buckles to help kids adjust the straps to fit their heads. It also features a semi-dry snorkel and a purge valve on the chin area to help empty it when water leaks inside. The equipment comes in colors that children will find appealing. Moreover, it is suitable for the intermediate youngster snorkeler.
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Semi-Dry Snorkel

The work of the semi-dry snorkel is to prevent splashed water that may find its way into the tube and hinder the child from enjoying an incredible snorkeling experience.

Large Purge Valve

The extra-large purge valve located at the bottom of the mask is used in emptying the mask of the water content that might have found its way into the equipment.

Cost and Value

Splashed water may make it difficult for the child to effortlessly explore the waters. However, the semi dry snorkel prevents water from splashing into the tube and ruining the moment. The cost of this item is modest.
  • Easy adjust buckles for easy fitting to the child’s face
  • Semi dry snorkel to prevent splashing water from getting into the tube
  • Extra-large purge valve at the bottom to quickly empty the equipment when water seeps through
  • Soft on the face
  • The snorkel can be too short
  • Can show a little fogging during use

6. Greatever 2018

6. Greatever 2018
The Greatever foldable snorkeling mask is a unique innovation to help solve the numerous problems of snorkeling. The equipment is quite easy to install and has a breathing tube that does not fall off easily. You wouldn’t have to do any accessory replacement because it guarantees a longer service life. This is much better than many other snorkeling masks. It replaces the non-foldable mask.
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Foldable Snorkeling Mask

Greatever’s foldable snorkeling mask is a perfect replacement of the troublesome non-foldable variation. Unlike the non-foldable design that can be a challenge to install, this option can be easily installed. Moreover, the breathing tube will remain attached to the mask.

Dry Snorkel and Anti-Fogging

No water will get into your mouth when wearing this mask. The effective airflow through the main viewing visor possesses anti-fogging properties to help extend the snorkeling excursion.

Cost and Value

This device is easy to install and wear. The breathing tube remains attached for longer. In addition, the anti-fogging properties guarantee a long-lasting snorkeling experience. For a small price of a few dollars, this equipment can be yours.
  • Easily breathe via the nose or mouth when snorkeling
  • Anti-fogging properties provide a clearer view
  • Dry snorkel keeps your mouth dry and away from the salt water
  • Folded-snorkel design takes away the falling-off problem
  • Some fogging takes place after extended use
  • Water may enter through the bottom

7. QingSong Snorkel Mask 180 Panoramic

7. QingSong Snorkel Mask 180 Panoramic
Experience an evolution in snorkeling technology. The innovative design of the QingSong eliminates the old stand-by of a two-piece google and breathing tube setup. Regular, natural breathing without discomfort is allowed.

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The mask solves the problem of non-folding masks that make installation difficult and easily damage or lose buckles. The tube gently folds with a push of a button. The full face snorkel allows breathing through the mouth and nose.

Snorkelers see an awesome underwater view with minimal fogging. The water stopper plugs the snorkel when underwater. Snorkelers spend less time fiddling with equipment and more time in the water. The mask has been used in pools and the ocean. The mask has a versatile GoPro attachment.

How the Mask Works

Traditional goggles have rubberized straps that make putting them on and taking them off painful when hair is pulled. The flexible fabric straps make a big difference. The mask is comfortable. It creates a seal that works well but is not too tight.

The nozzle closes when wholly immersed in water. Separate channels for inhaling and exhaling effectively, prevent fogging. The mask lens also has an anti-fog coating and anti-fog inserts that increase the anti-fog effect.

Cost and Value

Bonus items include a carry bag, underwater camera accessories, and waterproof earplugs. The mask carries a 30-day unconditional refund policy and a one-year guarantee if dissatisfied. The mask is outfitted with flexible nylon straps and an anti-fogging, window for comfort and clarity.

The reasonably priced mask is high-quality, easy to use and works great. Vision is crystal clean and stable. You can customize the look with a combination of five sleek color options. Both youth and adult sizes are available.

Camera attachment

Easy to use

Sturdy construction

Tight seal


Not for diving


This snorkel mask enables you to see clearly and breathe properly underwater as you normally would on dry land. Helloyee’s pride is presenting a dependable 180° view face mask that meets and exceeds customer expectations. You no longer have to endure the discomfort brought about by fitting a large mouthpiece into the mouth in order to allow you to breathe underwater.
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Free Breathing Design

This Helloyee snorkel mask allows you to breathe freely through the nose or mouth without having to fit an uncomfortable mouthpiece into the mouth when you are out there snorkeling and having fun.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

This full face mask is specially designed to be compatible with your iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, thanks to the carry pouch included in the mask set. Bring your phone and use it underwater without worrying about where you will place it.

Cost and Value

With easy breathability and a free carry pouch to hold your iPhone while snorkeling underwater, this full face mask is the real deal. It is also affordable.
  • Free breathing design to make your work easier
  • Full clear view for a magical snorkeling experience
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Included waterproof phone pouch allows you to bring your phone with you to your underwater excursion.
  • Can be a bit foggy
  • Using this mask does not feel like breathing fresh air

9. Speedo

9. Speedo
This is Speedo’s most popular junior-sized recreational mask designed to be as comfortable as possible. This silicone grade mask is super soft and represents the perfect fit. In fact, it fits on the face like a glove. Its Speed Fit strap makes it extremely easy to adjust to fit any head. It is also splash resistant to prevent water from entering through the top.
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Polycarbonate Lens

This mask features unique polycarbonate lenses that have been designed to resist fogging. This will ensure a clear view for the entire snorkeling period. Kids can comfortably snorkel without worrying about blurred vision.

Splash Resistant

This slash resistant snorkel is designed to block out any water that may enter the mask through the top. It is designed to withstand splashing caused by surface swimming.

Cost and Value

With a splash resistant design that can prevent surface water from entering the mask and tough polycarbonate lenses for enhanced vision and safety, you can be sure that you are spending your money on the right product.
  • Polycarbonate lenses feature anti-fog coating to enhance viewing
  • Silicone skirt for comfort and leak-proof fit
  • Designed to resist splashing when snorkeling
  • Best for smaller, narrower faces
  • Water may keep getting into the snorkel, not mask
  • Water may keep seeping through the bottom

10. EasyDoo 180°

10. EasyDoo 180°
Upgraded version EasyDoo features full-face snorkel mask that can suit both adults and children. With built-in anti-fog and anti-leak properties, the mask will neither fog nor allow water to seep through. It also completely eliminates the need to fit a snorkel tube into your mouth to enable you to breathe underwater. The soft adjustable nylon straps enable the user to wear and remove the mask.
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180 Degrees Panoramic View

The full face design offers a 180 degrees panoramic view to enable the snorkeler to see the fish and beautiful sea creatures clearer than ever. The enhanced clarity is due to the high-quality lenses featured in the view window.

Dry Top Snorkel

The dry top system is effective when it comes to keeping the salt water away from the snorkeler’s mouth. You or your child will be able to snorkel with peace of mind.

Cost and Value

This snorkel device is great for both the child and adult snorkeler. With a wide panoramic view and anti-fog design, the snorkeler will never have to worry about snorkeling problems. It is also affordable.
  • Anti-fog design with separate breathing chamber promotes crystal clear viewing
  • Wide panoramic view to enable the snorkeler to see everything as it is
  • Dry top snorkel to keep salt water away
  • Soft, elastic straps to make it easy to wear
  • A little fogging may still occur
  • It may be difficult to breathe with the mask on

If you are passionate about underwater and aquatic life, you will do whatever it takes to equip your children with the best snorkel masks to support their passion for underwater explorations. When introducing your children to snorkeling, ensure that they have the right equipment to provide safety and allow them to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.

The best part about these masks is that they are designed to make your underwater excursions as painless as possible. You will be able to breathe freely and see even underwater. However, you need to know how to choose the right snorkel equipment for your kids if you want the best for them.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Kids’ Snorkel Masks

The best equipment will not only support their snorkeling ambitions but also ensure they are safe from possible suffocation and gagging. In this regard, a good snorkel mask for your child should be able to provide a 180 degrees panoramic view to maintain the field of vision underwater.

Also, the material used should be soft to the face and fit comfortably to ensure no water seeps through into the mask to ruin the whole experience. These are the criteria for selecting the best kids’ snorkel masks to help support children’s snorkeling experiences.

Field of Vision

When it comes to snorkel masks, the field of vision is a significant factor to consider. Wearing the mask should not obstruct the view of the user. The unobstructed view is ideally the vision range experienced by the user when the mask is on. The field is both horizontal as well as vertical.

Top manufacturers of these products consider this factor when designing and producing the various parts of the item. The lens, skirt, and frame are all critical factors that contribute to the overall field of vision of virtually any snorkel mask.

A quick look at the viewing lens reveals that it can be crafted from multiple or single viewing lens configurations. The use of various lenses is often meant to enhance the horizontal field of view. Different lenses help to create a more realistic panoramic view and deliver better peripheral vision.

Therefore, when shopping for your kid’s snorkel equipment, ensure that the lens can provide the much-needed panoramic view to help offer real impressive images when snorkeling. Similarly, thicker frames may limit the mask’s field of view.

In that case, a mask with a thinner frame may be better suited for snorkeling than one with thicker frames. On the other hand, you should note that some masks do not have any frame. In fact, the lenses attach directly to the mask’s skirt, which pushes the viewing lens away from the user’s eyes.

Regardless, one of the most important factors to consider while you are out there shopping for the best snorkel mask for your child is the field of vision. You want your children snorkeling and viewing every little fish and creature underwater. You do not want them missing any detail when on their snorkeling excursion, especially when they have so much to learn from what nature has to offer.


If you want to enjoy your snorkeling experience with your children fully, then fogging has to be eliminated or minimized to a level that cannot cause a distraction. Many people have found themselves cranking their heads to one side to see through the spot that has not yet become foggy due to snorkeling.

Cranking the head can significantly limit your snorkeling experience. However, there is a better way to deal with fogging and end up having a crystal clear vision. While a dirty fog is more likely to fog, moisture forming inside the mask is the cause of fogging.

Moisture always tries to attach to a surface. In this regard, dirty lenses provide a larger surface area for the fog to attach. Moisture rarely attaches to a clean surface. It also takes advantage of the glass’s microscopic imperfections.

No matter how well designed your mask lenses are, they are bound to fog up at some point. However, you can ensure that this fogging is kept at a minimum level to avoid ruining your snorkeling experience. Use anti-fog each time you decide to snorkel.

There are very many affordable brands of snorkel masks that you can purchase for your child to provide them with the snorkel experience of a lifetime. However, you have to take great care of this mask if you want it to serve you for longer without fogging up too much.

Most anti-fog masks often feature a separate inhale and exhale chambers to keep the airflow away from the viewing window and ultimate fogging. Some of these features are easily visible on the product label or product description page on the website featuring the product you want to buy.

Camera Mount

Most people are just looking to snorkel and have a good time. However, if you are the type to document every little fun day out, then a gadget with a camera mount will do you great justice. Snorkeling with family can be a great way to bond and strengthen your family ties. Every family moment is always worth recording for later reference.

Therefore, the best way to remember how the events unfolded while you were out snorkeling is to record every single bit of it. You can get your child an excellent with GoPro Mount to help capture good family times spent together.
For this added benefit, you may have to dig a little deeper into your pocket if you prefer snorkel equipment with a camera mount. Having the camera on the front side of the apparatus can significantly encourage your children to go snorkeling and learn about the world underwater.

The camera mount takes the camera away from your hands and leaves you free to snorkel without worrying about when or how to hold the camera. The best way to have the best moment underwater is to free your hands in readiness for anything. You can use the hands for swimming or holding objects underwater.

Skirt Material

Most affordable masks are made of plastic. The drawback of plastic skirt masks is that they are inflexible. Also, they are less durable and form a lousy seal on the face. If you want tightly fitting masks, then plastic material skirts might not be the perfect choice for you.

Most new snorkel masks are made of medical grade silicone. Not only is silicone durable, but the material a far much better seal on the snorkeler’s face than plastic. If you want more durable masks, then silicone skirt masks are your best bet.

The most interest part about the material is that it is flexible and will stretch to fit various sizes of faces. You can buy one for your children to share, as the stretchable material will easily fit on the face of your children, regardless of the age.

Silicone masks that are well taken care of can last for nearly a decade or even more. Most modern-day snorkeling masks are designed using non-toxic medical-grade silicone to provide comfort to the face. This non-allergy material is suitable for virtually anybody who loves to snorkel.

Even those who are often allergic to some types of fabrics might not easily develop an allergic reaction to this material. Just make sure that you carefully go through the product description and features to ascertain that you are buying a silicone mask and not a plastic one, as some manufacturers still manufacture masks made of a plastic skirt.

While the type of silicone used in the manufacturing process may differ from one manufacturer or product to another, silicone is way better than plastic regarding flexibility, durability, and comfort. Finding a mask with a snug fit begins with finding top grade silicone masks for your child’s face.

Purge Valve

This little flap valve located at the bottom of the mask can make a big difference when selecting a mask. This valve is precisely located just below the nose pocket. You can use it to hold the mask to your face while attempting to blow out from the nose to purge the equipment the water that may have gained entry into the mask.

Purging will remove water without much hassle. People often perform the same act without the purge. The process usually involves holding the top of the mask and blowing out to push the water out of the mask’s bottom before it reseals.

Manufacturers are today considering building the feature into the equipment to help drain the water that might have found its way into the mask while your child snorkels. Note that not all masks have this feature, but manufacturers of snorkel equipment have found it increasingly important to include a drain valve at the mask’s bottom.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are snorkel masks good for children?

A. Children generally love a little padding around the face. The current design of snorkel masks features soft material skirt to feel very comfortable on the face and form a watertight barrier to prevent water from entering the mask.

Q. Should I buy my children a mask for the whole face or the traditional snorkel?

A.  Snorkel masks are increasingly becoming popular. They are easy to use and feel comfortable. Once you have introduced the mask to your children, they will never want to return to the old style mouthpiece, which can be comfortable and unhygienic.

Q. Do snorkel masks fit any size of head?

A. Most current snorkel masks feature easy adjust elastic straps or buckles to make it easy to put on and off. The buckles and straps provide a snug fit to create a watertight seal that can ensure you focus less on leaking mask and more on the snorkeling activity itself.

Q. How does anti-fogging snorkel mask work?

A. A snorkel mask is specially designed with a separate breathing chamber to prevent moisture from accumulating on the main viewing area and causing fogging. Having a mask with anti-fog properties will make every member of the family have a more enjoyable snorkeling experience.

Q. Is it safe for children to use those snorkel masks?

A. These masks don’t differ much from traditional snorkel masks as far as safety is concerned. Children like getting into trouble and often require close supervision when performing risky activities like swimming and snorkeling.

Q. What is the best full-face snorkel mask?

A. With so many brands selling on the market today, it gets overwhelming when it comes to choosing the best one for the job. However, the best mask is crafted from high-quality material to ensure durability and features several other extra benefits to enhance the user’s snorkeling experience.

The mask provides a 180 degrees panoramic view, features shatterproof polycarbonate material, easy-adjust straps for comfort-fit, a drain valve at the bottom, dry snorkel technology to prevent splashing water from entering the snorkel, and soft non-toxic medical-grade silicone for comfort and durability.

Q. How much does a kid’s snorkel mask cost?

A. Snorkel masks are now more affordable than ever. Depending on the special features and extra benefits, a good mask can range from a few to several dollars. Some features such as the skirt material can increase the price of the mask.

Q. Where can I get a snorkel mask for my kids?

A. Many department stores sell snorkel masks to customers who need them. However, the most convenient place to purchase snorkel equipment is online. You can choose from the wide selection and have it shipped to your address.

Q. Does my child need to know how to swim before snorkeling?

A. Snorkeling does not necessarily require swimming skills, but knowing how to swim can significantly enhance your snorkeling experience. Teaching your child how to swim will also ensure that he or she is safe from drowning while snorkeling. Many children have drowned while snorkeling in deep waters. This will also help to keep your child’s hands-free when snorkeling. The hands can be used for holding other objects underwater.


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