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There are certain pieces of gear and equipment in life that we often don’t realize we need – or that they are important, until the very moment that we need them. Have you ever planned a vacation where you needed to fly and you were unsure as to whether or not your luggage was too heavy? Now, this is a common situation for millions of travelers and, to their demise, they end up paying hundreds of dollars on baggage fees. How about this – have you ever caught a huge fish while on your fishing canoe and you wanted to measure it to figure out how much it weighed? Sadly, because you did not have a measurement tool, you had to release the fish, never knowing how much it weights? This, again, is a common problem that fisherman around the world face. Now, there is one piece of gear that could transform and make all of our lives easier.

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Etekcity Digital
  • Etekcity Digital
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Digital LCD Display
  • Price: See Here
Dr. Meter Electronic
  • Dr. Meter Electronic
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great Steel Weight Hook
  • Price: See Here
Brainydeal Digital
  • Brainydeal Digital
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • + Measuring Tape
  • Price: See Here

If you read the title, we are talking about hanging scales. A proper and dedicated scale could be the difference maker – and help figure out the weight of the fish, how heavy a coat may be, or even the weight of the luggage before a big trip. Whatever the need may be, a hanging scale is one of the most useful purchases that a consumer can make. In this, we are incredibly excited to bring forth today, the absolute best hanging scales in the industry today. Each product that we are going to share with you today has exceeded all of our expectations and even received the praise of previous travelers, fisherman, hikers, and other consumers like yourself. So, before you are quick to travel or fish again, why not consider one of these products!

Let’s begin!

10 Best Hanging Scales



1. Etekcity Digital

1. Etekcity Digital
If you are a constant traveler, then this is the must-have item for you. When traveling, an individual never really knows exactly what an item weights. Therefore, it may be hard to exactly pinpoint when you have gone overboard with your luggage weight. With this in mind, this manufacturer has produced one of the best luggage hanging scales available in the industry today. With plenty of cool features, let’s talk about the two best features one can expect from this quality hanging scale.
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Digital LCD Display
Nothing is more troublesome than wanting accurate information but the manufacturer has skipped out on a proper and easy to read LCD screen. This is no issue when it comes to this particular hanging scale. The LCD screen is easy to read thanks to the display that shows low battery indicator plus overload indications. With that, another great option is that users can efficiently record their results and lock the weight of whatever item or luggage that are weighing.

Intended For Travelers Use
Nothing is worse than a product that screams quality but silently breaks when you need it most. This is why this manufacturer focused on creating a quality and durable scale system that was heavy duty and reliable. Intended to withstand the test of time, travelers will heavily enjoy the compact design and portable easy of use. With that, it also includes a durable hand-grip design and plenty of other great benefits.

Cost And Value
As we take cost and value into consideration for this particular scale, we want to make users aware that this is the first item on the list, and there are plenty more to come. With that, the price currently is half off and users can expect an endless amount of use from this particular weighing scale. For the price, we consider this one of the best scales available today. Considering that it has 4.5+ stars and over 3k reviews, we think users are very happy with this hanging scale, and you will be too.
  • Quality hanging scale with a great and easy grip design.
  • Use the tare feature and easily measure the weight of individuals objects as you put them in your luggage bag.
  • Individuals can convert between pounds and kilograms.
  • The design of this hanging scale makes it the perfect travel scale.
  • Easy to store and easy to pack.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Users have mentioned that this particular hanging scale has a short battery life.

2. Dr. Meter Electronic

2. Dr. Meter Electronic
This next hanging scale is designed by a masterful brand that has focused their career on quality and solving simple problems with an easy solution. We are eager to bring you the next hanging scale which is primarily designed for the fisherman reading this. Let’s talk about the Dr. Meter Electronic Balance Scale, a quality scale offering plenty of flexibility and durability. Let’s talk about what makes this particular scale one of the best for fisherman and travelers.
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Great Steel Weight Hook
When it comes to a hanging scale, one of the most important aspects of a scale is how the weight will function. In this case, this particular scale includes a fine steel weight hook which is intended to carry up to 110 lbs. With that, fisherman can feel at ease that they are getting the clearest weight quality. More so, the weight hook is designed to withstand heavy weight and not rust easily.

Built-In-Tape Measure
Another phenomenal design option is the little tiny features that they have added to this particular hanging scale. An example and something that all fisherman bring with them is a tape measure. Well, now an individual can bring a tape measure and a hanging scale all in one. This manufacturer has included a tape measure built-in to the scale that can measure objects in ft/in/cm. With that in mind, it easily becomes a two for one deal!

Cost And Value
Taking cost and value into consideration, we think that this may be one of the best hanging scales available today. Not only that is made of durable materials, it has many different features that users will appreciate. Everything from a night vision LCD display to a portable design, this may be one of the best scales on the list. What truly determines a scale is what a person is intending on using it for. With that, this is easily the best scale for fisherman and users looking for a quality hanging scale that has a couple other nifty features.
  • Portable scale made from high-quality materials.
  • Metal hand strap that is easy to hold and durable.
  • Built-in tape measure so a fisherman can hang their fish and tape measure it.
  • Stainless steel hook is concealed in the back of the tape measurer.
  • Easy to store and compact in size.
  • Users will love the big LCD display.
  • Users have mentioned the hook can be somewhat small to weigh certain fishes.

3. Branydeal

3. Branydeal
It is time to introduce what may be the baby of the last fishing scale. Not from the same brand but offering much of the same quality craftsmanship, this next scale is compact, smaller than the last, and priced at half the price. With this in mind, we are eager to share two unique features of the Branydeal Digital Hanging Scale and what users can expect from this tiny portable scale. Let’s begin!
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2 Locking Choices
One of the great benefits of this particular compact and small scale is that it comes with two different locking choices. Essentially, when an individual is using the scale, they can either automatically lock the scale or not automatically lock the scale, like a spring scale. This gives the user added flexibility when using the scale for an easier to read system depending on what they are weighing.

Compact and Lightweight Design
When it comes to portability, nothing is better than a compact and lightweight design. With that, this portable scale is designed for the fisherman that want to put the scale in their pocket or on their tackle box. With this in mind, users will appreciate being able to use the scale upon their need and easily store it anywhere they take it.

Cost And Value
As we take cost and value into consideration for this item, we were easily impressed by the compact quality and style of the item. What is even more impressive is that it costs a couple bucks! Yes, only a couple bucks. A good quality hanging scale can be yours for just a couple bucks. With this in mind, we believe that this may be one of the best hanging scales for beginners that want a simple and easy to use hanging scale.
  • Durable plastic that can withstand the test of time.
  • The scale includes an overload indicator and auto-off feature.
  • ABS engineered plastic that is durable and can withstand wear and tear.
  • Users will love the portable and compact design.
  • Easy to use and easy to read hanging scale.
  • Due to the simplicity of it and the price, it is considered a cheap design hanging scale.

4. American Weigh Scales AMW

4. American Weigh Scales AMW
When it comes to hanging scales, it seems there are two incredible detrimental parts to a hanging scale. One is the materials the core of the scale is made out of. The core includes the screen and the weight-indicator. With that, another part that is crucial is the hook itself. The wrong or low-quality hook can easily snap and break the scale. With that in mind, we want to share a quality hanging scale that users will appreciate because of the compact quality design. This is the American Weigh Scales AMW-SR-20 Yellow Digital Scale. Let’s talk about two features that make this one of the best scales today.
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Portable Design
Hanging scales need to come in a portable design. Otherwise, a fisherman will not enjoy using it or want to carry around a big bulky hanging scale. With that, this manufacturer took size into consideration when creating this quality portable hanging scale. For example, the design of the scale includes a retractable handle and a foldaway hook that users can easily fold away and make it more compact. More so, the foldaway hook allows the scale to not get caught in anything when it is stored away in a tackle box or even an individual's pocket.

The Power & Screen
Another great and important feature of a hanging scale is the screen. The wrong screen or a small screen will make the hanging scale hard to use and individuals will not enjoy trying to read a small screen. With that in mind, this portable hanging scale includes a back-lit LCD screen display that allows for individuals to easily read the numbers on the screen. With that said, the scale also comes with 2 AAA batteries that last a long time.

Cost And Value
As we take cost and value into thought for this scale, we cannot help but take the color into consideration. In fact, the bright yellow color makes it easily identifiable in the case an individual drop it or loses it. With that said, the scale is easy to use, easy to read, and worth every penny considering it is made from high-quality materials. For a simple solution for individuals seeking to weigh items by hanging them, this is a great quality scale.
  • 10-year warranty exclusive.
  • Batteries included with this particular scale.
  • The LCD display is back-lit and easy to read.
  • Can weight up to 44 lbs.
  • Great scale for easy tasks.
  • Portable design makes it easy to use.
  • Users have mentioned that the hook is for small fish only.

5. Pit Bull 1 x 110lb.

5. Pit Bull 1 x 110lb.
It’s time to bring in the big guys! This next scale trades in the modern appearance that we have gotten to know from other scales for a more traditional and even more durable look and construction design. This brand has focused on creating an extremely powerful scale that is easy to read, easy to use, and extremely powerful. Let’s talk about the Pit Bill 1 x 100lb. Hanging Scale and what users can expect from this quality scale.
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The Construction Quality
So, upon looks, this hanging scale somewhat resembles the hanging scales that an individual would see at the grocery store. With that in mind, this scale is designed for heavier use this is why the construction quality is superb. This manufacturer developed the scale out of heavy duty steel that can withstand the test of time. With that alone, the scale can actually hold up to 110lb. That is more than double the last yellow scale we just talked about!

Traditional Design With High Accuracy
Users can expect that this scale is designed with high accuracy. The indicator resembles old fashioned traditional weigh scales, which have been known to be more exact than digital scales. With this in mind, many fisherman and individuals have made this their chosen scale when out in the big blue sea. Especially for fishing competitions where accuracy is vital.

Cost And Value
As we take cost and value into consideration, we cannot help but take the construction quality into thought. The construction of this particular scale is superb and can easily withstand the test of time. Individuals will highly appreciate and tout the quality of this scale and appreciate the fact that it is made out of really great and durable construction materials. With this in mind, the scale is priced at the double price of many of the scales on this list, but, it is worth it.
  • Extremely accurate weight indicator.
  • Compact design which makes it portable and perfect for fisherman.
  • Ideal design for people in tough working environments.
  • This digital scale is made from a heavy-duty construction.
  • Design quality is really well made.
  • Trusted brand.
  • Users have mentioned that if not careful, the glass will break.

6. Smartrip Stop and Lock

6. Smartrip Stop and Lock
This next weigh scale may be one of the best thanks to the price. With a simple to read indicator and a great construction material, we are eager to share the Smartrip Stop and Lock Manual Scale. Now, individuals will appreciate many of the features of this particular scale, and we are eager to share two of the best ones. Let’s begin.
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Includes An Easy Carry Handle
Now, this particular hanging scale is specifically designed for individuals that travel often. If you happen to travel often and want a great hanging scale that is portable and easy to use, this is it. The reason that it is easy to use is that the brand has created an easy carry handle. The handle has a slide in-out design so individuals can pack it back in place. With a design like this, individuals can easily take the hanging scale anywhere to ensure their luggage always has the right amount of weight.

The Dial Design
When it comes to a hanging scale, one of the most important features is the measuring system. This one does not use an LCD display, like the more modern scales. In fact, this one has taken a more traditional note by including a dial design. The dial will also stop in place once it has reached the ideal weight of the item an individual is hanging from the hook and it will lock in place. With that in mind, users tout the dial design compared to the more modern LCD design because it has been said that the dial design is more accurate.

Cost And Value
As far as cost and value, think of this traditional scale as a blend of the more modern ones on the list and the last steel construction scale we talked about. With that said, it is compact, portable and worth every buck. Now, how much does it cost? Users will be happy to see that this particular hanging scale costs only a fraction of the last steel construction scale while still offering the same dial design.
  • Easy to read dial design that locks in place.
  • The handle is easy to hold and has great grip.
  • The scale includes a tape measure so individuals can measure their luggage.
  • Convenient carry with a high-quality hook.
  • The design is appealing and urban looking.
  • Users have mentioned it is not as accurate on lower weights.

7. Outmate Mini Crane

7. Outmate Mini Crane
It is time to introduce a very different type of hanging scale. Although this hanging scale has the compact design we have come to love from many other hanging scales, it is the quality of the scale that makes it a superb companion for many industries. In fact, this scale, in particular, has been known to be great for farming, hunting, fishing, doctors, and more. With that said, we are eager to share the Outmate Mini Digital Crane Scale, a high-quality scale that is known to last.
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Strength & Accuracy
Up until now the scale that has had the largest load capacity was up to 110lb. However, this one easily surpasses that. With an accurate measurement of up to 660 lb, users will be widely impressed by the accuracy of this hanging scale. However, how can it be so accurate? Well, the accuracy is due to a high-quality load cell technology that ensures the most consistent reading. With that, the reading adjusts almost instantly once the load has been changed.

Safety In The Design
When it comes to weighing a heavy item, the last thing an individual wants to worry about is the item falling on his or her foot. With that in mind, this manufacturer has designed this weight scale with a stainless steel design that makes the scale one of the most durable in the industry. With this, users of different industries whether fishing or hunting can trust the scale and the quality of the design.

Cost And Value
With this in mind, we can see why the manufacturer charges as much as they do for this quality scale. This may be the best hanging scale on the list due to the construction quality and the accuracy of the reading. With that, the simple to read display ensures the best accurate reading and the quality of the hook is designed for maximum load. Users will appreciate the compact and portable design element that makes this one of the best hanging scales available today. We highly recommend it if you are considering it for more professional use.
  • Designed for more professional use.
  • Auto power off and battery supervision technology.
  • The unit offers maximum safety thanks to the stainless-steel design.
  • The load-carrying structure will not fail.
  • Users trust this scale above most.
  • Great quality for the price.
  • The plastic option feels a bit cheap to some people.

8. Grawor for Fishing

8. Grawor for Fishing
It’s time to introduce another simple to use luggage and fishing scale that is designed with simplicity in mind. We are eager to share the Grawor Digital Hanging Luggage Scale for users that want to accurately measure the weight of their luggage or a fish. With that, this next scale offers many cool features and is priced really well. Let’s look at two important points.
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The Back-lit Display
When it comes to a weighing hanging scale, users will either want a digital display or the more traditional weigh scale design. This manufacturer focused on a back-lit display that is easier to read. With that in mind, users should expect an accurate display that is simple to read and functions like most digital back-lit display scales. With that said, we believe the display is bright enough for even daytime use.

The Different Functions
What makes a good quality weight scale beneficial is when the manufacturer has added different functions to it. For example, this manufacturer has added an automatic lock on and off feature at the press of a button. Other than that, the manufacturer has also added an easy to read and easy to use functioning design with an auto-off feature that turns off in 60 seconds. What is even better is the low battery indicator and the overload indication design as well.

Cost And Value
As we take cost and value into consideration, we are eager to share with our viewers the many benefits of this small and easy to use handheld weigh scale. The colors are nice and fitting considering the minimal design. Other than that, the value is a well-built design that offers much of what regular modern and reasonably priced scales offer. With that, the price is reasonable and it is simple to use.
  • Quality scale that is easy to use and simple to understand.
  • Lock function design that is perfect to lock the weight.
  • Users will enjoy the non-slip handle design and the clear reading.
  • 1-year support guarantee in the case of any accidents.
  • Perfect for fishing, travel, and shopping.
  • Users have mentioned the plastic casing is extremely low quality.

9. Modern Step 660lb

9. Modern Step 660lb
It is time to introduce another one of the big guys on this list. If the last 600+ lb weighing scale was not impressive enough, we are eager to share this one with our viewers. Always dedicated to bringing you a blend of information, we are eager to share and talk about this next hanging scale. This is the Modern Step Digital Hanging Scale, a quality weight scale that is accurate thanks to a high precision sensor and can withstand up to 660 lb of weight. With that said, here are two important points worth knowing.
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Authentic Quality Design From A Trusted Brand
Many of the scales we have talked about are designed from a plastic casing. However, we are eager to introduce a quality hanging scale that is made from some of the strongest materials available. Users will tout and appreciate the quality of this scale. Since it is designed for farmers, hunters, fishermen and other people in a work field where they need to measure something, this manufacturer has made the scale out of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Not only will that not weaken at any joint, it also will not rust easily, and it is intended as a user’s premium weighing tool.

Easy To Use And Never Forget
What makes this particular weigh scale one of the best is the easy to use design element. For example, the weigh scale includes the ability to read the weight in lbs, kgs, and newtons. More so, an individual can easily use the crane scale without forgetting the exact measurement. Every time an individual uses the scale, the memory keeps the units so an individual does not have to go back and keep readjusting it.

Cost And Value
Now, the value for this particular weighing scale is evident in the design quality of the scale. The scale itself is designed as one of the best and intended for long-term use. With that, many professionals of different industries appreciate the quality of this particular scale. What we can say is that it is worth the cost. The cost itself is relatively priced to other high-quality hanging scales and the occasional user will think it is pricey. However, if you want a quality scale or work in an environment that needs a scale daily, this is the one for you.
  • Huge LCD display that is 2 inches long.
  • The accurate high precision reading sensor ensures consistent measurements.
  • Durable design that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  • High quality hanging weight scale that users will appreciate.
  • Will not rust or weaken after a lot of use.
  • Users believe that for the price this is a more expensive scale.

10. Moultrie 440 lb.

10. Moultrie 440 lb.
It is time to combine quality with traditional. As the perfect hanging weight scale for game animals, deer, or fish, we believe that this is one of the best quality hanging weight scales that includes a traditional weighing indicator. As one of the best weighs scales on this list, we can say that this one is worth the price and more. We want to share with the readers, the last weigh scale on this list, the Moultrie 440 lb. Big Game Scale. Here are two important points!
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440 LB Weight Capacity
Now, unless the whole family is traveling and packing all their clothes in one suitcase, this particular weigh scale is not needed for travelers. However, this is the perfect game scale for individuals that fish or hunt. With a 440 lb capacity, the traditional easy to read and understand dial is made from high-quality materials and designed for accurate readings. This may be the perfect hanging scale that an individual need to include in their next tackle box or hunting gear supplies.

The Design & Construction
If you plan to take this into more rugged terrain and have more rugged use than the regular traveler than it is important that the design and construction match the quality of the scale. With that said, this particular scale is designed and constructed for long-term use. With that in mind, users will appreciate the all-steel frame design that includes 2 steel S-hooks. Now, the frame is designed to not rust, brake, or chip. Therefore, individuals can trust this scale anywhere that they go.

Cost And Value
As we talk about cost and value for the last scale on the list, we cannot help but take construction into consideration. What usually raises the price of an item such as this is the construction and quality of the brand. With that in mind, we can easily say that this is one of the best-designed scales in the industry for tough environments and long wear and tear. For the price, we highly recommend it!
  • High-quality steel construction that is portable and does not weigh much.
  • High-quality hoist and gambrel design.
  • 400 lb quality capacity system.
  • Users tout this brands design quality.
  • Traditional design with easy to read dial.
  • Perfect for hunters and fisherman.
  • Users have mentioned that the gambrel has not been included in their purchase.

How’s it hanging? Did you enjoy that read? We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed learning about the best hanging scales on the market today – and perhaps found the one that will make your life easier. As you might have noted, there are many different types of hanging scales available today for consumers to pick from. Whether you are a fisherman, chef, camper, or even a traveler, there are hanging scales specifically designed for your situation. We always advise our readers that before making a purchase, they should evaluate what is their most important feature. Now, if we can be honest, our goal with this article was to make your decision process much, much easier.

Rather than having to do external research and look at many different products, you have access to the best ones right here. In this, we can guarantee that, whether, in stores or online, you won’t find a better scale than those featured here today. As we were saying, each product was thoroughly evaluated and researched – and, if you are interested in learning more about the “behind the scenes” of this guide and how each product was selected, we have a little treat for you below. Now, before we can jump into that, we have one last question for you:

What hanging scale peaked your attention?

Criteria Used to Evaluate Hanging Scales

After spending some time developing this buying guide, we were left with one thought: who knew that hanging scales could be so complex and such a fascinating market to study and analyze? If we can be honest, before we started this guide, we initially expected this market to be quite mundane. However, we were quite surprised when we learned about the many different competitors, styles of scales, and the unique and interesting features that these companies are utilizing. With that being said, we could understand why it may be challenging for many customers to figure out what hanging scale was best for them. In light of this, our goal with this buying guide was to really help those consumers, like you!

Now, you might be wondering how we were able to pick out each product for our list when there are so many different hanging scales out there. Knowing this, we created a list of criteria to evaluate each product by. For example, we wanted to measure the quality of the build, the type of materials the manufacturer used, and even how accurate the actual scale was. So, if you want to learn more about how each product was evaluated and analyzed, keep on reading!

Quality of Construction

When we were generating a list of criteria to use in the evaluation process, the first concept that came to mind was the idea of the quality of the construction of the scale. In truth, this one criterion is nearly a summary of every piece of criteria combined. At the core, we wanted to know whether the product was designed based on quality or to make a penny on behalf of the manufacturer. So, when we stumbled across each hanging scale, the first thing we did was look at the pictures that the company offered us. We carefully looked at each image and really evaluate the quality based off of its appearance. From there, we read the product description and looked at the manufacturer’s claims. In this, we were able to start to draw some conclusions regarding the quality of the product; however, it was not enough for us. To help our readers that are a fisherman, travelers, hikers, or anyone in the market for a hanging scale, we took it a step further. We looked at the customer reviews and scanned hundreds of individual experiences to see what people were saying. In this, you can assure that any product on our list has only be praised for its quality.


Now, the last thing that anyone wants is to purchase a hanging scale and, after trying to weigh a fish, luggage, or anything for that matter, it breaks. It could be the biggest letdown, and cost individual hundreds of dollars in fees. Now, to avoid this problem, we knew that we had to find the most durable products on the market. What we did was scan through each product and look at how the product was constructed and how the manufacturer assured consumers that the product could handle a certain amount of weights. In this, since the whole purpose of a scale is to handle weights – we placed great value on customer reviews. We knew that, since these individuals had first-hand experiences with the product, they would share their insight regarding the durability of the product. In this, the hanging scales that we have shared with you today are known to be built with strong durable materials and able to handle whatever task you have in store.

Ease of Use

Now, this might seem like a common sense criterion; however, the moment we started to look at these products, we noticed that some of them could be complicated to use and understand. In this, we know our readers do not want to spend hours upon hours reading instructions or having to learn how to use a scale again. Keep in mind, these products are not for kids. Anywho, when evaluating each product, we placed great value on how simple and easy the product looked – and how it operated. Every single product on our list today is as simple as turning on the scale if it was digital, and simply hanging or attaching the product to weight. Whether it be clothes, jackets, or even a fish – these scales rise to the occasion.


Again, this may be another common sense statement; however, it’s critical! As a consumer, you would expect that your hanging scale would provide the accurate measurement, right? Well, after looking at many products, we have seen many customers complain that the measurement system in certain scales simply did not add up right. With that being said, we needed to carefully make sure that any scale that we featured was known for their accurate readings, whether digital or standard measurement. In this, had to perform some external research on each scale and read through hundreds of reviews to read people’s input. In this, out of all the hanging scales for our readers, these 10 boast the best accuracy.

Measurement Systems

Since this is a tool or piece of gear used for measurement purposes, it can be assumed that there are many different scales, utilizing many different measurement systems. Now, this will traditionally depend on the maker of the physical scale. For us and this buying guide, we wanted to make sure that, whatever product made our list, it offered some capabilities features for our readership. So, no matter the measurement system that you need, whether it’s pounds, grams, ounces – or anything else, the scale could help out. Additionally, we wanted to make sure that, no matter the measurement system, it was easy to understand and read, especially if it was a standard scale, not digitized.

Cost and Value

The single most important aspect of the evaluation process, aside from the physical product itself, is the cost and value. Throughout our guide today, we focused a large portion of our attention on the cost and value of each product, which gave you a glimpse of what we were focusing on. Now, this is incredibly important because it can help the consumer really learn what a product is offering and whether it’s priced fairly. With that being said, to discover the cost and value relationship – we had to look at dozens upon dozens of different hanging scales and compare their price tags. We needed to know what the most expensive price tags were, and even the cheapest. From there, we analyzed each product with the other criteria above and really looked for the value that the product was offering our readers. In doing this, we were able to pick out the absolute best of the best – products that boast value and come with a nice price tag.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can a hanging scale be used for?
A: Since every single hanging scale is gravely different, it is challenging to say what a specific hanging scale can be used for. In truth, there are hundreds of different uses. For example, the products that we shared with you today can be used to weight and measure: luggage, saltwater and freshwater fish, food, archery tools, kitchen equipment and tools, survival gear, coats, jacket, clothing, and so much more! We suggest establishing what your needs might be and then find the product on our list that matches it!

Q: How do you know what unit of measures a hanging scale offers?
A: As we have shared above, it is vital that a consumer understands the unit of measurement before making a purchase. If you are looking to get the weight in kilograms, for example, you need to ensure the manufacturer build their product with the kilogram feature. While you might assume every product does – don’t! Now, to figure out what unit of measurement a product offers, read the product description thoroughly. Also, check with customer reviews to see what they are saying about the unit of measurements and what the programmable options are.

Q: How do you calibrate a hanging scale?
A: This is a great question! Sadly, it can be very challenging to say how to calibrate a hanging scale because every single product is made differently. With that being said, if you are wondering how to calibrate your hanging scale, consult with your manual that should have come with the purchase. If you are not finding any information, check in with the manufacturer or look at customer reviews. This is a common question that many people are asking – you are sure to find an answer there too.

Q: Do hanging scales come with the batteries?
A: Yes. Typically, almost every hanging scale will come with an initial pair of batteries for the first use. Now, it’s unclear as to the quality and how long each product can last. With that being said, we highly suggest researching and figuring out what type of batteries the product requires and purchasing an additional pair. This way, should the batteries run low after a few uses, you are fully prepared.


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