Best Automatic Fish Feeders Reviewed & Rated For Quality and Functionality

We love our pets so much that we are constantly looking for ways to enhance their lives. One of the best ways to keep them healthy and happy is by providing them a regular diet. Despite not needing a lot of attention, fish must be fed properly and regularly in order to live a long life. Since our lives are already hectic, sometimes it is impossible to stick to a scheduled feeding. This is where automatic fish feeders come in handy.

Aquarium fish feeders are devices that are designed to feed fish, turtles, or other aquatic pets at regular intervals. There are many benefits to having an automatic fish feeder. For instance, there are times when you just can’t be at home when your aquatic friend needs food. It also insures that your pets receive the right amount of food every time so there is no over or under feeding.

Automatic fish feeders take the stress out of constantly monitoring your fish tanks. It can also be a relief for people that tend to spend a lot of time away from home. A good feeder takes all of the guesswork out of setting up a schedule for your fish. And the great thing about this best automatic fish feeders list is that they’re all priced low.

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We keep you updated on the newest models of automatic fish feeders through regular updates so that you're aquatic friends can be taken care of. Check out our list and find exactly what you are looking for!

Featured Recommendations

Eheim Fish Feeder
  • Eheim Fish Feeder
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Options Up Front
  • Price: See Here
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Drop It In And Go
  • Price: See Here
Fish Mate F14
  • Fish Mate F14
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Battery Indicator
  • Price: See Here

There are no favored brands in the automatic fish feeding industry, although there is a lot of favoritism towards auto feeding tablets. The big type in that category are the ‘Pyramids’, large ones that dissolve and can last for up to 3-30 days. And beyond the tablets, there is a mix of traditional quartz timer feeders and new age digital feeders.

It would be a good idea to not force large foods into feeders if they don’t fit. Doing this can jam it and mess up the timer. Cleaning will largely come down to how good the filter is in the tank. Usually wiping it down when you have to replenish the food is the only thing that’s needed.


10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders


1. Eheim Battery Operated

1. Eheim Battery Operated
And the top spot on the list goes to an advanced model, and the best from Eheim. Using this battery operated feeder will make a lot easier in a home that has fish.

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Options Up Front

Customers can purchase this as a single feeder, or in a 2 or 5 count pack. This helps out a lot no matter what type of fish owner you are.

Features and Specifications

Built-in fan and ventilation system
Can hold up to 6 weeks of food


With a 3-year warranty attached, this can be a really great value if you get the 5 feeder pack. The price is low, and the unit can hold over a months’ worth of food.

Decision Time

Everything works as it’s supposed to with this product, and there is even a quick start guide included. Advanced and user-friendly, once you use an Eheim system you won’t go back.
  • See through food drum
  • Includes a universal installation clamp
  • Very easy to use
  • Great for any type of fish
  • Certain large pellets can jam food opening

2. Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

2. Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
The Pyramid is back on the list again, this time from a different company. Rather than the short term 3-day solution from #5, Aquarium Pharmaceuticals has concentrated on using a 14 day Pyramid.

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Just Drop It In And Go

With a much longer lifespan, this is the Pyramid to own if you take a lot of trips away. Just drop it in the tank and leave without worrying about coming home to dead fish.

Features and Specifications

Handles 20 fish in a 10-gallon tank
Will feed for up to 7-14 days


Having a single big Pyramid compared to several smaller ones is a better value long-term. The price is the same as the multipack and lasts longer than all of them put together.

Decision Time

With only one other automatic fish feeder keeping this from the top spot, the Pyramid method has once again shown its value. Drop it in the tank and enjoy a long trip without a complicated setup.
  • Has a secret chamber that releases tubifex worms
  • In a smaller setup could potentially last an entire month
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Great for short vacations
  • Ups the nitrates in a tank

3. Fish Mate F14

3. Fish Mate F14
Don’t let the weird look of the F14 throw you off, as it’s a very efficient way to feed multiple fish. With a little bit of experimentation, fish owners will have the best multi-fish setup available.

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Battery Indicator

Built into the unit is a battery indicator so you know exactly how much juice you have left. Using this, buyers will never have to worry about their feeder failing while they’re away.

Features and Specifications

Handles up to 14 meals
Can be set to feed 1-4 times per day


With the quartz timer as the best feature of this product, the low price is even more attractive. Expect to get plenty of years of worth out of this product.

Decision Time

This is considered to be one of the more traditional automatic feeders and is still one of the best. You won’t encounter any problems using one of the best on the market.
  • Quality quartz timer
  • Handles all types of fish nourishment without troubles
  • Great battery indicator
  • Can provide up to 14 meals. 
  • Changing the food time is hard

4. Proche Digital Automatic

4. Proche Digital Automatic
Proche Digital Automatic is a fish and turtle feeder that comes in handy whenever you find it impossible to go home to feed your aquatic pets or if you feel that you don’t have the time to feed them properly. One of its biggest advantages is that it works with a large variety of fish nourishment, including flakes, pellets, powders and strips. It gives you two different options for installing, allowing you to choose the best way for your style of tank.

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Uses Little Power

When you plan on spending a long period of time away, you don’t have to worry about the Proche Digital Automatic fish feeder dying on you. It consumes little power and the batteries included, can last for 3 months.

Easy to Set Up

Choosing a feeder with a digital automatic display system will make it easier to program it and make adjustments. The one created by Proche allows you to adjust feeding frequency whenever you find it necessary.

Cost and Value

This fish feeder comes at a great price and gives you the tranquility of knowing your pet is safe while you are out. It works for a variety of different fish and turtles and is backed with a 1-year warranty and amazing Proche lifetime Customer Service.

Low energy use

Good for different types of food

Comes with easy-to-follow manual

Great costumer service

Different install methods


Not ideal for small amount of fish

Some complaints about set up

5. API 3-Day Pyramid

5. API 3-Day Pyramid
The Pyramid is the most unique automatic fish feeder on the list and is perfect if you’re going away for a few days. With a couple of seconds, all of the fish in your home will be taken care of.

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Simple To Use

Just drop it in and walk away, no extra work needed. It is simply a dissolvable block of food that breaks up slowly over time.

Features and Specifications

Comes in a pack of 4
Good for 15-20 fish in a 10-gallon tank


With four in a pack, this can go long way with its low price. Looking at it from a per Pyramid cost, this is the cheapest option on the list.

Decision Time

Not having to worry about your fish over the weekend is something the Pyramid can help with. Think of it as a foolproof way to feed fish when leaving for a few days.
  • Works with fresh or saltwater fish
  • Requires no previous setup
  • Incredibly simple to use and install
  • Great for 15-20 fish. 
  • In tanks with bad filtration the water will get cloudy

6. Nicrew Automatic Fish Feeder

6. Nicrew Automatic Fish Feeder
Nicrew is brand that has a long reputation of making pet lovers’ lives more enjoyable and comfortable. The automatic fish feeder designed by Nicrew is highly recommended due to its superior quality and ease of use. Compared to its competition, this device doesn’t let moisture in, preventing in this way the food from spoiling, especially when your free time pursuits extend.

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Integrated Fan

Nicrew Automatic Fish Feeder comes equipped with an integrated fan which keeps the food dry and avoid spoiling. The ventilation system is designed in a way that allows you to pause it just by pressing the on/off button.

Set Desired Portions

The Nicrew Automatic Fish Feeder ensures that your fish is fed properly because the portion sizes are controlled when feeding automatically. You can easily fix the desired portion by setting the adjustable slider.

Cost and Value

This fish feeder is designed for long term use. Taking into consideration the advanced technology it uses to keep the food dry, it is worth investing in this product.

Fan feed 5 times a day

Can pause program

Integrated fan

Easy to set portion size


Does not accommodate all aquariums

Some complaints about the directions

7. Zoo Med BettaMatic

7. Zoo Med BettaMatic
Sometimes the extras make a difference, or in the case of the BettaMatic, all the difference in the world. Zoo Med put customers first with this product, giving them more than enough reason to consider it as their top choice.

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Food Included

Along with the product comes sample food for Betta fish which should last a short while. It’s pretty large for a sample size and will give users a good start when they need it.

Features and Specifications

Uses 2 AA batteries
Feeds Betta fish once per day


The price is low so it won’t scare away any potential customers. And with batteries and sample food included, it pays for itself within the first year.

Decision Time

Extras are always appreciated when it comes to any product for consumers. Zoo Med offers a really great choice, and it may turn out to be the best value you can get for an automatic fish feeder.
  • Batteries are included
  • Also comes with rail kit
  • Comes with sample food for the fish
  • Great feeding tool for betta fish. 
  • Only feeds once per day

8. EHEIM Aquarium

8. EHEIM Aquarium
Eheim isn’t surprising to see on the list, but this model may turn out to be new to a lot of fish enthusiasts. The company did a little bit of research when making this automatic fish feeder, and it may have paid off.

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Underwater Feeding

Typically a feeder will send the food out and it will float to the top of the water, leaving food pieces that are not eaten to float down and contaminate the water over time. This model feeds all food underwater at a fixed location and cuts down on the wasted food.

Features and Specifications

Universal fitting with clamps
Can be used in fresh or marine water


Suitable for big tanks, buyers will find the low price of this product just the right fit. Mid to smaller tanks will get less value from this type of automatic feeder.

Decision Time

This model will really find a comfortable home in a big fish tank, so use it wisely. As long as you don’t have fish that fight over food, then it is a quality buy.
  • No food is wasted with this intuitive design
  • Can also be used as a defrosting station
  • All food is fed to the fish underwater
  • Great for all fish - fresh and salt water. 
  • Can be problematic in tanks with territorial fish

9. Black Digital Automatic

9. Black Digital Automatic
A lot of customers have talked a lot about this particular feeder, with a lot of positive praise. Coming in at #10 on the list it does a good job even if it is one of the more basic models on the list.

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Small And Functional

An automatic feeder of this size has its advantages, starting with tank compatibility. It can go in smaller tanks or bigger tanks without too large of a hit on reliability.

Features and Specifications

Uses 2 AA batteries
Measurements are 4.3x10cm


The price is low so won’t be an issue for anyone looking at automatic feeders. Buyers that don’t want to do a lot of guesswork with sizes will find this the most useful.

Decision Time

Tanks come in all sizes, so having an automatic feeder that can accommodate them is great. You’ll have no trouble installing this and enjoying the benefits.
  • Small enough to fit in any size tank
  • Only weighs 7.4 ounces
  • Easy to use and install
  • Cost-friendly price tag. 
  • Batteries aren’t included

10. KLAREN Digital

10. KLAREN Digital
This is the first automatic fish feeder on the list with multiple customization options. Buyers that need to have more control over their tank feedings will get a lot of use out of this product.

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Three Different Models

Klaren offers this product in models 2003D, 2005D and 2008D. There are differences in feedings per day, size and digital timer options.

Features and Specifications

Can feed up to 8 times per day
Comes with 2 AA batteries


There are some things that the 2005D model has that the 2003D model has, so the value is going to be dependent on which one you get. All of them are low priced, so there are no worries about wasted money.

Decision Time

Klaren did a good job with cramming as many options as possible into separate models. It’s a great buy and may turn into a worthwhile investment for consumers with multiple fish tanks.
  • Stops moisture from spoiling saved fish food
  • Can handle just about any type of nourishments you throw at it
  • Offers consumer three different modes
  • Can feed fish up to 8 times per day. 
  • Depending on which model you get, some features will be unavailable

Criteria Used to Evaluate Automatic Fish Feeders

There are many different kinds of fish tanks in the world, small and large. This doesn’t even take into account the countless fish varieties available for consumer purchase. It is impossible to guarantee 100% compatibility with feeders with the millions of fish types/tank scenarios. With this in mind, we put great emphasis on making sure our criteria for evaluating fish feeders was based on value rather than compatibility.


Price isn’t too much of a concern with automatic fish feeders since all of the great ones are low priced. We used this criterion to get rid of overpriced options that didn’t offer equal value to their expense. Most of the products that we got rid of were for much larger tanks than what would be in normal homes. For consumer grade level feeders, the price for top tier equipment won’t be that much more than decorations for a tank. This versatility in price is great for first-time buyers of automatic feeders.

Dispensing Food

automatic fish feeder designThe next thing we looked at was the amount of food that could be included in the feeders, or for blocks the duration before they completely disappeared.

The results were surprising, with a lot of the better products lasting in excess of two weeks. We ranked the products that took multiple food types higher than the rest since they were much more valuable. This is reflected on the list by including a lot of the digital models that were favored for this specific feature.

By using a feeder that takes multiple types of food, you can use it with more complicated fish/tank setups.


Size is something to take into consideration when buying an automatic fish feeder. Not only will it make a difference in smaller tanks, but more fish and larger fish will mean that more food needs to be added to the feeder. The frequency of feeding will also come into play, so choosing smaller models over bigger ones won’t help out if you want longevity in the scheduling. By taking size into account as a criterion, we found that models offering the balance between their actual size and food capacity were overall better options.


Customization was the next criteria and was very specific to digital and analog automatic feeders. Since dissolving feeders don’t have any customization options, they were left off this criterion. This criterion covered scheduling options and how easy they were to set. Digital automatic feeders won this round, with analog options still getting points here and there. Buyers should still consider getting extra batteries with their purchase in case included ones go out. For products that used proprietary batteries, we excluded them from the list since they were harder to buy in a pinch.


Design is something we took into consideration based on the number of users that want their feeder to match a theme. This was another criterion that only catered to electronic fish feeders, with a big advantage going to digital versions that had better casings. There weren’t a lot of standouts with this criterion, so we gave a lot of points to brands that went beyond the usual static design. Most of the options looked similar to one another, so only a few really gained spots on the top ten for showing initiative with their theme. A good design also helps make fish more comfortable with having a foreign object in their space.


When consumers are leaving their tanks for days at a time, durability is important when the feeder is in a tank with larger fish. Durability was a criterion that also covered reliability and resistance when in a tank of aggressive fish. Once your fish know where the food comes from they will swarm it, potentially causing damage if the feeder is weak. That is why high durability is important for an automatic feeder, at least an electronic one. Dissolvable options were treated favorably with this criteria since they didn’t suffer the same setbacks.

Battery Usage

Battery usage is something we decided to add as a criterion due to the lack of information on the subject. Traditionally, electronic feeders would last just fine for months without needing to change out the battery. But the problem remains that a lot of electronic feeders still don’t include a low battery warning. So products with this criteria were given points for their battery indication options along with how long they went without needing to change out a set of batteries. The data helped out a lot of models that ended up in the top five of the list for their extraordinary battery usage capabilities.


Our last criteria covered the warranty, which is something you wouldn’t expect for products in this price range. You can make the perfect buying decision and still have issues using an automatic feeder with your tank. This goes for all types, especially dissolvable blocks that some fish just refuse to use. Companies that had a relaxed policy on their warranties were considered favorable buys. This is how a lot of dissolvable types beat out electronic feeders on the list. With even a slight guarantee of catering to customer satisfaction, many of the companies on the list made the top ten by meeting that criteria alone.

How to use an automatic fish feeder

So, now you are convinced that a fish feeder is a good idea, and maybe you have also selected one from the list of ten we have reviewed on this website. That’s all great until you start wondering how to use your newest acquisition.

using an automatic fish feeder

It’s important for us to mention that fish feeders are made by different manufacturers as you can see from the list we have reviewed. They’ll all possibly have some differences here and there. This is the reason why we think that you should keep the manual that comes with the product. Below, we look at some general ways of using a fish feeder.

Why you need to use an automatic fish feeder

Fish that live in the natural waters such as lakes and dams are in a constant search for food and nature has a way of balancing the available amount of food with the fish in a particular location. However, those that live in a fish tank or pond do not have that problem. Hence, there is a danger that if you don’t measure the food you give to the fish you could end up with big issues.

Generally, fish in a pond eat tiny amounts of food. So, if you happen to put too much in the pond, the rest of the food that is not eaten just becomes waste material inside the pond. What this does is that it disturbs the natural equilibrium in the pond. The consequence of this could be the growth of algal and turbid water. This is the reason why you need a method that will measure the food available to your fish such as an automatic fish feeder.


To successfully operate an automatic fish feeder, you will need to understand what energy source it uses, some are battery and others are electrically operated. When you use the battery operated one, you are assured that there is no risk of power outages or electrical shocks. However, the battery operated ones always pose the risk that it may die while you are away.

How they work

Automatic fish feeders are different. They have different numbers of chambers where food can be loaded. Using a clock mechanism, the feeder rotates the chambers so that the food drops into the fish pond or aquarium at a specified time. This ensures that the fish are fed on a regular basis without the risk that they have too much food.


Using an automatic fish feeder depends on your ability to mount the machine. Again, the method used to mount varies according to the model that you buy. Others come with suction cups that you attach to the inner walls of your tank yet some models have brackets that you mount on the edge.

The steps

Now let’s look at the general steps you follow when using an automatic fish feeder.

Prepare the feeder

After buying the feeder, ensure that it does not have any damages. If it does, return it to the retailer. If the feeder uses batteries, you will have to install them according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The next step is to adjust the dispensing door to its highest setting. Slide the hopper off and fill in the food that your fish eat.

Adjusting the feed amount

You will need to set the food that can be dispensed at each feeding. When you set the adjust dispensing door to the settings you require, most machines will give you an option to press a manual button so that you can measure the amount of feed that would be dispensed in a single feeding. The dispensing door can then be adjusted as desired.

Just to give you an idea, fish inside an aquarium only need feeding of between one and three times in each day. The general rule is that you should feed only the amount that can be consumed by the fish in more than five seconds but less than 10. If you overfeed, you will be left with problems such as ammonia and cloudiness.

Using the buttons

automatic fish feeder display

Again machines will differ but mostly you will have four buttons on an average one: Mode, Set, Adjust, and Manual. The mode sets the feeding time and local time while the Set button allows you to change the displayed times you have set. The adjust button allows you to a higher number or lower one using the addition and minus symbol. The manual button is used when you want to rotate the feeder once for a single feed.

Setting the feeding times

To set the feeding times, you would usually start the Mode button set at zero. To set the time use the set button to get the hours to blink. The adjust button will then permit you to program the hour of the first feed, then the minutes. Using these buttons, you also set the time for the second and third feeding times of any other day.

As indicated above, the ideas we give in this article are general. Hence, it is important to pay attention to the operator manual as it gives you the instructions that will work effectively for the particular brand. Following the instructions helps keep both you and your fish safe all the time. If you use a battery operated one, it is important for you to keep a schedule of when you may need to replace the batteries, otherwise the batteries will die while you are away.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Automatic Fish Feeders Bad For Fish?
A: Only if you set them up wrong. They run off on a schedule set up by you, so there is no chance to overfeed the fish. And when using tablets, they can nibble at them as it dissolves on its own.

Q: Will Tablets Harm The Water?
A: Only on tanks with bad filtration systems. You’ll notice the water get cloudy and nasty over time, so always make sure you have a good system in place before using them.

Q: What Tank Types Accept Automatic Feeders?
A: All of them, thanks to universal brackets. If a bracket isn’t included then purchasing one separately is still an option.

Q: How Long Can They Work On Their Own?
A: The average for automatic fish feeders seems to be about two weeks. They vary based on size, brand, and price. There are plenty that can last beyond two weeks, but at that point, it may be better to get a live person to feed your fish. Depending on the size and how aggressive the fish is, you may want to adjust the feeding time to less or more based on their eating habits. This is something that fish owners with multiple different types in one tank have to account for. With different personalities sharing a single feeder, one group may choose to eat more than the next.

Q: What Are The Best Brands?
A: Eheim, Fish Mate, and Aquarium Pharmaceuticals are the leaders of the pack. But there are plenty of other companies not too far behind with their products. The differences between the feeding types offered by these three companies have given users a lot of options. Electronic feeders are dominant, but not to the point where they automatically make the top three of every list. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to see brands cater to customers with multiple different types of fish feeders. Depending on the type of aquarium and fish breed needing to be fed, this can lead to a huge advantage in sales.

Q: What Are The Best Types?
A: There are only two types of automatic fish feeders worth noting- electronic and dissolving. Electronic feeders operate by battery and have a range of customization options. You can set feeding intervals and amounts at ease without having to dive too deep into the advanced options. This is the best product to use when you have different kinds of fish in one tank. The downside is that they are only as compatible as they tank they’re fitted to. So if for some reason the feeder can’t fit on the tank, then you will have to default to using dissolving food. Dissolving food doesn’t require the use of a tank and works by slowly breaking down over time to feed your fish. With this method, only one type of food can be used since the food is the dissolving tab itself.

Q: Is There A Limit To The Amount Of Fish It Feeds?
A: Yes, and there is also a limit to the size of the tank that is supported. This is something that is overlooked when getting an automatic fish feeder for the first time. Getting a model that doesn’t support the amount of fish you have in the tank leads to undereating. There are also concerns with the fish fighting over the limited amount of food available in the tank. To keep this from happening users should always check the tank size limit and compare it to the fish amount/size limit. Using these two variables will give you a better idea of whether an automatic fish feeder can support your use.

Q: Why Are Some Fish Tanks Incompatible?
A: If an automatic fish feeder can’t activate its feeding mechanism in the tank, then your fish will starve. There are several reasons this may happen, starting with not being able to clamp the product within the tank. It needs to be immovable or there is a risk it’ll get bumped out of place and thrown off of the schedule. Fish sustenance type is something else that needs to be looked at since not all types are compatible. Certain pellets may be too big to put in the feeder without jamming it. So while the automatic feeder fits in the tank, it still isn’t guaranteed to support the type of food your fish eat.

Q: Can You Set Feeding Intervals?

automatic fish feeder

A: Yes, but only with electronic fish feeders. Your options will be limited by the specific model used, so not all intervals will be available. There are digital and analog options available, so choose wisely based on your level of understanding scheduling mechanics. The good news is that there are no major innovations between analog and digital fish feeders that would make you choose one over the other. Digital just happens to be easier to setup and use, but other than that analog and digital are largely the same. Other than setting intervals you can also set the amount of food that is released.

Q: Are Feeding Blocks Bad?
A: Depending on who you ask, dissolving feeders will either be the best thing ever or the worst. They are often found under automatic fish feeding categories as ‘vacation blocks’ and are just as widely used as electronic feeders. The only downsides are that you can’t manually set a feeding interval, there are less food type options and some tank fish/water types don’t play nice with dissolving food past a certain point. The upside is that there are no customization options so you can drop it and forget it, some blocks can even last up to two weeks and there is no danger of the block malfunctioning like an electronic feeder.

Q: Are The Prices High?
A: Automatic fish feeding prices are generally low, costing no more than regular tank accessories. A lot of times they are even bundled with new tank purchases due to the low cost but high value. Consumers can purchase a quality fish feeder for the same price as fish tank decorations. And when you go away from electronic feeders and look into dissolving blocks, the price is even lower. Either type of feeder is a must for any owner of fish, especially those that make frequent trips out of town. Higher tier options are available at expensive prices, but they don’t differ much from the low-cost models.

Q: How Hard Are They To Set Up?
A: Electronic fish feeders can be set up in less than five minutes when following the included directions. This includes analog and digital choices, so the hardest part comes down to setting up the device in an optimal position within the tank. Taking a look at any quick start guide will give you a general idea of the process since most feeders are similar with the setup. Dissolvable blocks are much different and require no setup- just drop and walk away. Special instructions that are included for the blocks concentrate on compatibility and cleanup.

Q: Will Any Fish Nourishment Work With An Automatic Feeder?
A: No, so make sure to check the products requirements. Some only accept flakes, while others accept pellets. There are even models that accept a mixture of the two and can dispense them separately. With no guarantee of food compatibility, it falls on the customer to make sure their model can handle the type of food the fish need. Putting the wrong food in a feeder will make it jam up, cause mold and can even pollute the water after a long period of inactivity. So buyers should put a priority on using the right food with the correct feeders.

How To Make The Best Decision

Getting a traditional or electronic feeder and then backing it up with tablets seems like a good idea. The tablets can be used when you are going out of town for extended periods of time. Using this method, you wouldn’t have to worry about the feeder running out of food. Having a primary and a backup isn’t necessary, although it helps.


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