Best ATV Gun Racks Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Despite public opinion, gun racks are not meant to take the place of “don’t mess with me” bumper stickers. They are simply a way to get your guns safely from one place to another. When your transporting a long-barreled gun from place to place the last thing you want is to have it rolling around on the floor mat or sliding around in the cab of your pickup. For anyone who does a lot of hunting, they’re a necessary safety feature.

Apart from security, gun storage is critical to keep your equipment in the best condition possible. This means minimizing scratches, protecting against the weather, and keeping things organized.  But once you’ve come to that place where the truck will go no further and you’ve still got miles to go, well, how do you carry your guns into the backwoods on an ATV? Turns out there are way more ATV gun racks out there than we suspected. With many different holding capacities and designs, choosing the best gun rack for the job is difficult. So we thought we’d sift through the offerings and put together a top ten ATV gun racks list.

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In this update, we've found a new best product and a new best value product so take a look. We've also gone through out lists and introduced a new product line from Black Boar. There's lots of new stuff to dig through so take your time and get ready for hunting season.

Featured Recommendations

Kolpin Rhino XL Double 21515
  • Kolpin Rhino XL Double 21515
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • off-set mounting
  • Price: See Here
VFG1 V-Grip Single Rider
  • VFG1 V-Grip Single Rider
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 15% larger forks
  • Price: See Here
ATV Tek VFGH V-Grip Rider
  • ATV Tek VFGH V-Grip Rider
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Up to 15lbs
  • Price: See Here
  • Price: Not everyone’s budget will be the same, so the price can be an important factor when looking at ATV gun racks. Look for something that fits your qualification without breaking the bank. This may mean giving up some durability to get a better price.
  • Mounting: This is essential to make sure the gun rack fits your vehicle model. Many gun racks can be modified to fit any vehicle but can be difficult to install properly. Look for if the gun rack comes with any installation guides or tools that can better assist you through this process.
  • Gun Requirements: Make sure that the mount fits your specific gun needs. Some ATV gun racks are better suited for lightweight rifles and have difficulty managing heavy weaponry. Another distinguishable feature is how many guns the specific rack can hold. Understanding their limits can better prepare you in the long-run.  

We will help you make the best decision that fits your gun storage needs. To better guide you through this process, here are the top 10 ATV and UTV gun racks on the market.


10 Best ATV Gun Racks


1. Kolpin Rhino XL Double 21515

1. Kolpin Rhino XL Double 21515
The Kolpin Rhino SL Double is the perfect multi-functional ATV gun rack. Great for hunters as a convenient way to get your gear around. This gun rack can work well with any ATVs, UTVs, RVs, or trailers. With a durable vise-like grip, it can keep up to two guns safe and secure. Additionally, it is designed for the best off-road experience with a rubberized grip to minimize vibrations and scratches.
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Offset Mounting
This gun rack includes offset mounting to better help with rackspace. The mounting can be done in a tubular bar, square bar, or drilled flat surface. The size of the bar can be between ⅝ to 1.25 inches in diameter making it extremely versatile.

The Kolpin Rhino Grip is lightweight which accommodates your vehicle by not adding additional weight. This is the perfect product for lightweight rifles (under 15 pounds) without sacrificing durability.

Cost and Value
This product is on the cheaper side of ATV gun racks. This is the best value ATV gun rack on the market with great specifications for a low cost. What separates this gun rack from the rest is its ability to not give up durability at a low cost. With different styles to choose from, you can't go wrong with the Koplin Rhino Grip.
  • Can fit many different off-road and on road vehicles
  • Low-cost
  • Easy to mount
  • Holds multiple rifles
  • Only lightweight guns should be used

2. VFG1 V-Grip Single Rider

2. VFG1 V-Grip Single Rider
The VFG1 V-Grip is one of the best gun racks for single gun users. With a soft grip mechanism and adjustable strength, this gun rack minimizes scratches while still being able to hold the gun securely. This product can be attached to most tubular and plastic ATV and UTV vehicles with bars between 5 and 1.25 inches.
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360-degree rotation
The VFG1 V-Grip comes with a 360-degree rotation design that can be adapted to fit your ATV or UTV specifications. Additionally, it allows for convenient side-to-side adjustments.

Variable Fit Technology
This product has variable fit technology that accommodates any type of equipment with its included bow, rifle, and gun case space. This variability allows for any type of hunter or gun enthusiast to travel with their equipment.

Cost and Value
You can pick this item up at a low cost. This is one of the best values for a single gun user because it has great features, such as the 360- degree rotation and variable fit technology, for a low-priced value.
  • Easy to mount
  • Does not add weight to the vehicle
  • Low-cost
  • Fits on many off-road and on-road vehicles
  • Does not handle heavy weight rifles well
  • Limits a number of guns to be stored to 1

3. ATV Tek VFGH V-Grip Rider

3. ATV Tek VFGH V-Grip Rider
Simple, but effective! That's what we like about the ATV Tek VFGH. You've got your 360 degrees of rotation. You've got your easily installation and easy use design. You've got shock absorber and vibration mounts. Everything you need in an ATV gun rack at a price that's going to make you happy.
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Customizable Rotation
The gun rack is designed with adjustable grips being able to rotate 360-degrees without using tools. Additionally, it also tilts 180-degrees to assist with different mounting techniques.

KXP Mounting
This is an easy system designed by ATV Tek for their products to help the installation process. With an adjustable design, this system walks through how to mount the rack to any major vehicle.

Cost and Value
The ATV Tek VFGH is the got such a low price point we had to double check for quality. But it does what it says it does. It does lose some value in durability, but despite this, it is still one of the best designs out there to accommodate a wide variety of activities.
  • 360-degree rotation with 180-degree tilt
  • Low-cost
  • Easily installation
  • Useful for more than just guns
  • Lower durability when compared to its competitors
  • In rare cases, rubber straps can break upon installation

4. Kolpin UTV

4. Kolpin UTV
This gun rack is different from the previous products as it lets you stand your guns in a vertical position. With the same vise-like rubber grip as the Kolpin Rhino’s, your guns are protected from scratches. This gun rack is less versatile and is better built for UTV floors. With an adjustable height, this vertical gun rack fits all sizes of rifles.
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Customizable Orientation
This product allows for easy storage and access with a 360-degrees orientation. Additionally, the Kolpin UTV Gun Rack also allows for 45 degrees of angling in the upright position. This creates a substantial customizable control in the direction and orientation your rifle faces.

Tight Hold
Not only does the Kolpin UTV Gun Rack hold rifles with a v-grip, but it also provides rubber straps. The combination of these ensures the safety of your rifle while providing barrel support.

Cost and Value
This item would be considered the average price for quality gun racks. This is the best value for UTV owners as it comes with a considerable amount of customizable features for a good price.
  • Vertical rifle holder
  • Easy installation
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Adjustable height
  • Does not come with mount adapter for Polaris and Yamaha vehicles
  • Only for UTV owners

5. FFG2 FlexGrip Pro Double Rider

5. FFG2 FlexGrip Pro Double Rider
This gun rack from ATV Tek is a perfect mount for guns and other equipment such as bows, fishing rods, and gun cases. The storage system uses gripping technology to isolate recoil and vibration for ATVs. With easy access and adjustable knobs, this gun mount is perfect for a pair of rifles. It is 15% larger than other models on the market making it ideal for heavier weaponry.
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Horizontal Adjustment
The FFG2 FlexGrip Pro provides 16 inches of side-to-side horizontal adjustment after installation. This allows for you to easily customize where the grips go depending on the size of the rifle.

Quick and Easy Installation
This product uses a tubular mounting system that makes the installation process easy. Additionally, it comes with tools and a guide to walk you through step-by-step.

Cost and Value
The FFG2 FlexGrip Pro is around the average price for gun racks. For specifically ATV racks, it would lay on the upper end. Although it may be more expensive than its Kolpin competitors, it still provides exceptional value for its price making easily in the top 5.
  • Versatile with more than just guns (bows, fishing rods, shovels, ect)
  • Horizontal adjustment after mounted
  • Easy installation
  • Handles heavyweight rifles
  • More on the expensive end of ATV gun racks
  • On occasion, bolts may come loose

6. Big Sky SBR-2G Gun Overhead

6. Big Sky SBR-2G Gun Overhead
Big Sky Gun Overhead Rack is a great gun rack for UTVs that mounts to the ceiling. This gives guns easy access while protecting them from the weather. Made out of heavy-duty metal and dense foam padding, this gun rack provides excellent protection for your guns. Additionally, the product also comes with fastening straps made out of nylon for extra built-in safety.
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Multiple Mounting Styles
The Big Sky Overhead Rack comes with three different mounting styles to fit the need of your UTV. It allows for installation on double wall roofs, installation on through-the-roof, and sidewall installation.

Adjustable Bar and Padding
This product allows for adjustable padded brackets to fit most guns, both heavy and light. Additionally, it comes with a telescoping square bar that allows for adjustments on many vehicles.

Cost and Value
The Big Sky Overhead Rack would lie on the more expensive range. The price is justified in the value of heavy-duty metals and nylon straps for two guns. Even with these features, someone on a budget might go with a cheaper option.
  • Scratch free padding
  • Ease of access to firearms
  • Adjustable telescopic bar
  • Reinforced metal and nylon straps
  • May need to be modified to fit
  • Less cost effective

7. Quad Gear UTV Double Gun

7. Quad Gear UTV Double Gun
The Quad Gear UTV Gun Carrier is a gun rack that attaches to the back of a UTV’s roll cage. With durable straps and quick release buckles, this gun carrier can be put on or taken off without drilling. The gun carrier has plenty of space for up to 2 rifles with extra-thick padding to keep them protected.
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Water Resistant Fabric
The Quad Gear Gun Carrier comes with water-resistant material and exterior coating to protect against rainy weather. Additionally, by safely storing rifles in the carrier, you can protect the gun from other types of weather and abrasion.

Three Large Gear Pockets
This gun carrier has convenient pockets to accommodate extra shells or other items. Pockets allow for extra storage space to keep your environment organized.

Cost and Value
The Quad Gear Gun Carrier is costly. The price is reasonable once you factor in the extra protection and storage that it brings you. Overall, it still lies on the expensive side for gun rack products.
  • Extra storage space
  • Weather-resistant material
  • Easy mounting and demounting process
  • Works well with many vehicles
  • Less cost effective
  • Can see general wear and tear on straps and buckles

8. Kolpin UTV Overhead

8. Kolpin UTV Overhead
This overhead gun rack by Kolpin is modeled to hold any rifle or shotgun. The rubber coated tips protect your firearm from scratches while providing a secure fit. Being an overhead gun rack, this provides easy access to your guns and protects from general wear and tear. This model can be adjusted between 20.5 and 28.5 inches inside the UTV frame.
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No Tools Necessary
Kolpin Overhead Gun Rack requires no tools for easy installation and removal. With just some twist knobs, you can have a great gun rack in minutes.

Rubber Coated Ends
The rubber coating on the ends protects the frame from being scratched or damaging your UTV. This provides the maximum protection across all of your equipment.

Cost and Value
For Kolpin racks, this is on the more expensive side but is average compared to other brands. Although much of the value stems from its easy installation process and durable material, the costs may still be too high for some buyers.
  • Adjustable to fit many UTV frames
  • Easy access to guns
  • Easy installation process
  • Some trouble fitting in popular UTV models
  • On the more expensive side of Kolpin products

9. Black Boar ATV Gun Holder Case

9. Black Boar ATV Gun Holder Case
The Black Boar is a case mount that is a convenient way to travel with a single gun. With 53 inches in length, this boot gives plenty of room for any rifle and scope. Further, It is designed to accommodate both left and right-hand bolt action rifles. The gun boot is also designed to resist different levels of weather wear and tear.
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Universal Fitting
The Black Boar Gun Boot offers universal fitting for all vehicle types. Its easy installation was designed to fit on any UTV and ATV bedrail. Additionally, it was built with easy mounting and dismounting.

Removable Parts
This product comes with removable foam impact liner to free up for extra shells. Additionally, the bracket is easy to remove allowing freedom to move the Boot to any vehicle.

Cost and Value
The Black Boar is on the more expensive side of gun rack products. This product derives its value from the long-term durability and protection that your rifle receives both on the mount and off. This makes the Black Boar well worth the expense, but still might be over some individuals budget.
  • Quick installation and demounting
  • Compact design
  • Protects guns from weather
  • Universal fitting
  • Less cost effective
  • Limits user to one gun

10. Great Day Quick-draw Overhead

10. Great Day Quick-draw Overhead
The Quick-draw Overhead Gun Rack is an excellent, lightweight gun rack on the market. Made out of Aircraft Aluminum, this gun rack is both sturdy and does not add weight to your vehicle. Additionally, the rack comes with soft rubber clips that both support and protect weaponry. The frame is easily adjustable between 23 to 28 inches making it versatile for any UTV.
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Unique Mounting System
The Quick-draw Overhead Gun Rack creates the convenience of overhead mounting without the hassle. Their unique mounting system installs the gun rack in just minutes without drilling or bolts.

Not only are these mounts adjustable, but Quick-draw also offers different sizes that can specifically fit your UTV. If not, the manufacturer can custom create an overhead gun rack to your specifications.

Cost and Value
This overhead gun rack is quite expensive for gun racks. Being on the more expensive side, the value is found in the sturdy Aircraft Aluminum used to build the rack. Although this is an excellent product, you receive less value for the cost making it come in at the number 10 spot.
  • Installation within minutes
  • Easy access to rifles
  • Adjustable framework
  • Strong Aircraft aluminum build
  • Less cost effective
  • Better for lightweight rifles

With so many options to choose from, picking the right gun rack may be challenging. When looking at the different gun racks, make sure it best fits your needs. This means analyzing price, mounting, and your specific gun requirements. All the models discussed above can fit most ATV or UTV specifications. Every model will hold rifles to minimize scratches and protect from damages. You can’t go wrong with any of these models as they are the top ATV gun racks on the market. Regardless of brand name or price, a gun rack is necessary to store your guns safely when traveling in off-road terrain. Don’t worry about gun storage any longer, and find the right ATV gun rack for you.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best ATV Gun Racks


Riding on the trails can be hard on your ATV and all of the items that are connected to it. Trail riding will naturally involve vibrations, bumps, and jolts which can put stress on your ATV gun rack. In addition to hazards that come from the ground you are driving on, you may experience branches or brush hitting your ATV or catching onto it. It is critical that your ATV gun rack is durable enough to withstand the stress of holding a gun while you are moving. A weak one might break at the worst possible moment which can lead to damage.

A practical reason for purchasing a durable gun rack is that it costs money and time to have to keep replacing it. Nobody wants to keep fixing or replacing parts, which is part of the reason why you will want to get this purchase right the first time. One of the first things that you will want to check is if the gun rack is strong enough to hold your gun in the first place. If you end up purchasing one that isn’t strong enough for your gun, then you are likely to experience it breaking due to the fact that is isn’t made to hold your gun’s weight. The extra stress can lead to the gun rack failing and breaking off of your ATV.

After you have made sure that the gun rack is strong enough for your gun, you will need to make sure that it is made from strong materials that can handle vibration from the trail. Weak materials will start to bend and eventually fracture when they are exposed to too much vibration. You may also experience the gun rack losing its alignment due to vibrations which means that you may have to keep resetting the gun racks on your ATV in order for them to line up properly and hold your gun.

Since your ATV will get exposed to water at some point in time, you will want to make sure that the gun racks are treated so that they do not rust or corrode from moisture. Rusty ATV gun racks do not look attractive and they can cause rust stains on your gun, clothing, or any other item that comes in contact with them. Excessive rusting or corroding will cause the gun racks to fail and break off prematurely which is also another issue that you will want to avoid. Finally, all of the fasteners used on the gun rack may be more difficult to adjust once bolts or other fasteners start to corrode and rust so it is best that you have a gun rack that is treated to prevent this sort of corrosion.

If the gun racks have rubber mounts, then you will want to make sure that the mounts have been fastened to the gun rack in a secure fashion and they are durable enough to last for a long time. Rubber mounts help reduce vibration to the gun which is a good thing since it will help the gun last longer. However, if the mounts are made from a low-quality material, they might start to deteriorate early which will mean that your gun will no longer mount on the gun rack properly. Excessive deterioration may even lead to the rubber mounts falling off of the gun rack completely, which would mean that you might need to replace the gun rack on your ATV.

Many ATV gun racks have bungee straps that you use to hold the gun in place while it is placed on the rack. This is another area where durability matters because you will want to make sure that the bungees maintain their elasticity so that you can continue to use the gun rack. Bungees that are not durable will end up stretching out or they may even break completely when they wear out. You are looking for bungees that are strong enough to hold your gun firmly in place while it is on the rack and will continue to work for the lifetime of the ATV rack.

These are just a few of the problem areas that you will want to take a look at when you are picking out an ATV gun rack. The durability is important because nobody wants to lose their gun while they are riding on their ATV. If you do not have a durable ATV gun rack, then the gun might fall off of your four-wheeler without you even noticing that it is gone. Not only is a durable gun rack important for you keep your gun, but nobody wants to have to keep adjusting their gun rack or replace it because it failed early. The best kind of gun rack for your ATV is one that you can use for the lifetime of your ATV.



You will see a wide variety of styles. Some gun racks are clamp style that can be easily mounted on your ATV. You may also see some that hold the gun in the vertical position and there are even gun racks that have a gun case built into them. You will want to take the time to become familiar with each kind of gun rack for your ATV so that you get one that works the best for your needs. Each kind looks and works differently.

One of the most basic kinds of ATV gun racks is the clamp style gun rack. This is a gun rack that has either “C” or “V” clamps in one sort of configuration or another. They work by applying pressure to the gun which is wedged inside of the opening and then you secure the gun by closing the clamp around the gun. The clamp might be closed with a bungee cord or you may have some sort of faster style clamp that you use to secure the gun. The gun will normally be held by rubber or a rubber-like material on the inside of the clamps so that it is held securely without it scratching.

Many of the inexpensive gun racks mount to already existing luggage racks that are already present on an ATV. If your ATV does not have any such racks, then you can purchase clamp style ATV gun racks that also include their own bar. In this case, the clamps are either bolted or welded to an already existing bar that you mount directly to your ATV. You may even choose this sort of ATV gun rack should you want to leave any existing equipment racks free to carry other loads. For example, you may want to have a dedicated gun rack for your firearm and then store your camping gear on an equipment rack. This might also be handy if you kill a large animal and need your ATV to remove it from the wilderness.

Some ATV gun racks hold the guns in a vertical position rather than a horizontal position. The main advantage of this sort is that it saves space on your ATV because the guns only take a few square inches when they have been mounted in a vertical direction as opposed to a horizontal direction. Of course, this sort of gun rack has a drawback that needs to be considered. If you are riding your ATV in an area that has vertical obstacles such as tree branches, then there is a chance that the guns could catch on low hanging objects and wreck the gun rack or even the guns themselves. Therefore, you should only consider using this sort of gun rack when you are going to be riding in wide open spaces so that you do not experience issues with the guns cathing.

There are also gun racks that have built-in gun cases. Having a gun case attached to your ATV gun rack offers significant advantages over the other kinds such as protection against weather, dirt, and moisture. Since the gun is held in a case rather than out in the open, your gun will not get splashed with water should you ride through a puddle or end up riding in the rain. The gun won’t get blasted with mud or dirt either for the same reasons because the case will protect the gun from such hazards. You also will not need to worry about your gun getting scratched by tree branches, twigs, or brush if you are riding your ATV in the woods.

One style of ATV gun rack with a case is the kind that hooks onto your ATV storage rack or roll cage. The other kind is the boot style rack that mounts on the side of your ATV either on your left or right-hand side. The boot style allows the gun to be readily accessible in case you need to access your gun quickly to get a good shot at your target. It also doesn’t consume space on your storage rack which is another advantage of the boot style ATV rack.

It is important for you to pick out the proper style to make sure that you get one that fits in your budget and preferences. ATV gun racks come in a wide variety of different styles and configurations which makes them highly customizable and allows you to pick one that will work the best for your unique needs. Each kind of ATV gun works and mounts to your ATV differently so you will have more than enough options to pick from.



When you are picking out a gun rack for your ATV, you will need to think about how it mounts to your ATV and how it holds your gun. Ultimately, your ATV gun rack will need to be compatible with both your ATV and your gun because otherwise, it will not be able to perform its intended function. All of the different kinds of gun racks mount to your ATV differently and you will need to consider the mounting mechanisms when you are shopping for an ATV gun rack.

Many gun racks have a universal mounting kit that allows you to attach the gun rack to your ATV. Most of the time these kits will have a “C” clamp style where you tighten the gun rack to a luggage bar or rack that already exists on your ATV. This is one of the most widely compatible options because you can locate the gun rack just about anywhere on your ATV and it does not require you to drill holes into the ATV either. However, you will need some sort of an existing luggage rack on your ATV to use this style of gun rack. Furthermore, you will need to tighten the clamps of the gun rack enough so that the gun rack does not bounce loose or vibrate loose so this means that an already existing luggage rack will need to be strong enough to support a gun rack.

There are also ATV gun racks that mount directly to the ATV. This option requires more effort to install the gun rack. First, you will need to see if the gun rack is universal and can be installed on all makes and models of ATV or if it is specific to a particular brand or kind of ATV. Next, you will need to follow installation instructions to mount the rack to your ATV properly. The instructions may require you to measure and drill holes into the frame or panels of the ATV in order to attach the gun rack securely to the ATV. Therefore, you will need to dedicate more time and skill to this sort of gun rack should you choose to use it on your ATV. One of the main advantages of using a gun rack that mounts directly to your ATV is that it does not consume space on your luggage rack which means that your luggage rack will be free to carry other items.

As was previously mentioned, it is not enough to mount a gun rack to your ATV. You will also need to look at how the gun rack attaches to your gun to make sure that your gun is held in the rack in a secure fashion. Failure to check this portion can lead to your gun getting damaged or even lost while you are riding. There are typically two forms of mounts for ATV gun racks. One kind of mount is a “C” or “V” style clamp where the gun rests on the inside of the clamp. The other kind offers a full case for the gun.

The clamp style gun racks are the most universal and support many different kinds of guns. When using this style of clamp, the clamp will have a shock and vibration absorber on the inside of the clamp that is made from rubber or similar material. This will keep your gun from vibrating, sliding, and getting scratched by the clamp while the gun is in transit. The clamp will either have a bungee cord-like device to secure the gun the in the clamp, or it may use a ratchet or screw-type mechanism. When you are using this style of clamp, you need to make sure that the stock and the barrel of the gun fit in the clamp and that the gun is held in a secure fashion.

The case style gun rack has an attached gun case where the gun is partially or completely closed in the case. One of the main advantages of this sort of gun rack is that it will protect your gun from scratches, dirt, and moisture. However, you will need to make sure that your gun fits in the case in order to use this sort of gun rack. Sometimes these gun racks are not compatible with large guns or guns that have scopes so you need to check ahead of time.

Mounting a gun rack on your ATV is not super difficult, but it does leave some things for you to think about while you are doing it. It is important for you to make sure that the gun rack works with both your ATV and your gun so that you have the best outcome when you are picking out a gun rack for your ATV. If the gun rack doesn’t work with either, then you will experience issues when you attempt to use the gun rack.



You may wish to use your ATV gun rack with different guns or for items besides a gun. In this case, you will need to take a look at the flexibility of the gun rack to make sure that it can be used for a variety of purposes. There are plenty of situations where you may wish to use your ATV that aren’t related to hunting so it can be helpful to make sure that your accessories on your ATV serve a variety of different purposes. Even if you exclusively use your ATV for hunting, you may use different guns in different situations. Once again, you will want an ATV gun rack that works with different guns to make sure that you have the widest range of options.

At a minimum, you will want to check and see if your ATV gun rack is capable of holding different guns. This is because you may use one type of gun for one purpose while you use a different kind of gun for a different purpose. A common example of this is when a hunter takes a shotgun for bird hunting but uses a rifle for deer hunting. You will naturally want your ATV gun rack to be able to support a shotgun when you need it and a rifle later on when you need a rifle. The most obvious way to check if your gun rack supports different kinds of guns is to try each gun with the gun rack. As long as the guns fit in the gun rack and are secured well, you are good to go in this regard.

You may also want to see if your gun rack can hold more than one gun at a time. This can be useful when you are hunting with a group of people because it means that you can put at least two guns on your ATV at a time. There may be gun racks or gun rack configurations that will let you hold even more guns on a single ATV which can provide you with a much easier way to move equipment in and out of your hunting site. The ability to carry multiple guns can be useful in situations where you are planning on bringing different guns to a single location as well, such as a gun range. For example, you may wish to sight in a few different guns at the same time and it would be nice to be able to take them all with you on a single trip rather than one at a time.

There are times where you may want to carry equipment besides guns on your ATV. For example, if you are planting a garden or working in the field and you need to carry tools such as shovels and a hoe, you may be able to use your gun rack for such a purpose. This can be true of gun racks that use a clamp rather than having a  gun case because you may be able to fit such garden tools into your gun rack and take them with you. Having a gun rack that provides you with such flexibility can be worthwhile for when you are using your ATV for purposes outside of hunting. It can also be useful when you are setting up campsites or a hunting stand because it will allow you to bring the necessary equipment in and out of the field using your ATV rather than having to carry stuff on your person. If you plan on using your gun rack for such purposes, then you may want to go with the clamp style gun rack rather than the case styles.

Positioning may be another area of flexibility that you might want in an ATV gun rack. Sometimes gun racks can be mounted in different areas of your ATV or turned to face different directions. Other gun racks can be easily removed if they are in the way of your other equipment. You may want to consider such flexibility in case you need to move your gun racks around or plan on putting them on a new ATV that you purchase when your old one wears out.

ATV gun racks have more value when they are flexible because they can be used for different purposes as needed. There are plenty of times where you might want to use different guns or carry multiple guns on your ATV at the same time. You may even encounter situations where you wish to haul equipment besides guns on your gun rack such as garden tools. The more adjustable your gun racks, the more you will be able to do with them while they are mounted on your ATV. For this reason, you should always consider the overall flexibility of your gun racks when you are shopping for an ATV gun rack.


Gun Protection

Your guns will get exposed to dirt and moisture while they are mounted on an ATV. While it is true that some days will be worse for the guns than other days, the fact remains that if you are riding off road there is always the possibility of dust and moisture getting thrown up by the tires of your ATV and hitting your guns. Furthermore, you may have your guns get scratched by low hanging tree branches or even brush while you are riding on the trail. Naturally, the guns will also be subjected to vibrations from driving as well. When you are looking for a gun rack for your ATV, you should think about how you will be able to protect your gun while you are using the ATV.

This isn’t to say that guns are fragile because they are not. As a matter of fact, many guns are able to handle a variety of tough conditions because they are intended to be used outdoors. Guns will be able to sustain exposure from moisture and dirt and will last for a long time when they are cared for properly. However, your gun will also last for a longer amount of time if you take steps to reduce the amount of time they are exposed to dust, dirt, mud, rain, and water.

If you take steps to protect your gun, then there is less of a chance that it will get scratched or start to look rusty. You will also have fewer issues with problems such as the magazine jamming up when you use the gun or having your sights off from vibrations or bumps in the trail. Taking proper care of your gun will make a huge difference in your experience with the gun which is why you should see how your ATV gun rack will work in terms of protecting your gun.

One way that you can protect your gun while using an ATV gun rack is to get one that comes with a gun case. The best kind of case will be one that has foam on both sides of the interior and closes completely shut. This will prevent moisture and dirt from reaching the gun which will help keep the gun in better shape. You will need to spend more for this sort, but it can be well worth the investment since the foam encasement will absorb shocks and vibrations to the gun and the case will prevent water, mud, and dirt from splashing up and hitting the gun.

It will also protect the gun from moisture in the event that you are riding in rain or in muddy conditions. Whenever you are outside you will need to consider the possibility of rain so it is a good idea to make sure that if you get an ATV gun rack with a case that it is either water resistant or even better, fully waterproof. This will also help protect the gun case from mud which would also expose the gun to moisture.

However, not all ATV gun racks come with gun cases. If this is the case with yours, then you will want to make sure that it has shock absorbers that are made from rubber or a similar material. This will help cut down on shock and vibration to the gun. It is also important that the gun racks grip your gun tightly so that it doesn’t bounce up and down should you hit a bump in the trail. You might also want to consider one that positions your guns horizontally rather than vertically so that the guns are less likely to get bumped by tree branches if you are riding in wooded areas.

The gun rack will not protect your gun from moisture from rain or mud. If this is the case, you will want to wipe your gun down as soon as you remove it from your gun rack so that it is clean and doesn’t start to rust. One way you can protect your gun is to check if you can put the gun in a gun sleeve and then put it on your ATV rack. This may offer your gun protection from both dirt and moisture.

The best way to make your guns last for a long time is to use an ATV gun rack that helps to protect your gun from weather and trail conditions. At a minimum, the gun rack should securely hold your gun so that it is not subject to shock from bumps in the trail or general vibrations while it is attached to your ATV. You may also want to look for a gun rack that protects your gun from moisture and dirt as reducing exposure will help the gun last longer. The better your gun is protected, the longer it will last and the better it will work.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I transfer my ATV gun rack to a new ATV?
A: It depends on the type of gun rack that you have purchased for your ATV. Some ATV gun racks are universal and can be easily transferred between different ATVs with little effort. Other gun racks require you to drill holes into the ATV to install the gun rack and may not be easily transferred between ATVs. If you are planning on moving your gun rack to a new ATV that you purchased, then you should look for a universal gun rack.

Q: Do I need to spend a lot of money on a gun rack?
A: Most of the time you do not need to break the bank to get a good pair of clamp style gun racks for your ATV. An inexpensive gun rack that is well made will serve the purpose of holding your gun in your ATV in a secure fashion. As you go up the price point, you may start to see gun racks that hold multiple guns at a time or gun racks that encase the gun for protection.

Q: Where should I mount my guns on my ATV?
A: You can mount your gun in a few different places depending on your personal preferences. The most popular places for a gun mount is on the front or rear of the ATV because it is easy to install a gun rack in these two areas. Some gun racks are installed on either the left or right side of the ATV so that it is easier for you to grab the gun so you will need to decide on the best placement for your gun.

Q: Why should I use an ATV gun rack in the first place?
A: There is nothing that says that you have to put a gun rack on your ATV. Many people will use a regular storage rack on their ATV and secure the gun to that. However, the benefit of using a gun rack is that your guns are held in a more secure fashion and then you also have room on your storage rack for other gear because your guns are not consuming space on the rack.

Q: Are gun racks difficult to install?
A: Most of the time, ATV gun racks are simple to install and can be easily mounted on an ATV with little to no effort. There are times where installing a gun rack might be more involved and will require you to drill holes into the ATV or follow detailed instructions. Even in this situation, most of the gun racks sold do not require a high degree of skill or anything beyond basic tools to install the gun rack.


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