Yakima Skyrise Roof Top Tent Review

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Yakima Skyrise Roof Top Tent Review Review Facts

Car camping can be just as enjoyable as backpacking but offers a higher level of comfort for the modern camper. If you choose to engage in this type of activity an exceptional selection is a must. The right item gives you the convenience and storage as these typically connect right on to your aftermarket bars so setup can be quick and easy. 

When choosing the right tent, some areas demand more significant concern than others, such as materials and resistance. These features help keep you protected no matter what conditions nature may throw at you. 

This review is going to assess how the Yakima Skyrise performs in some of the most vital areas of quality and what to expect from a high performing product such as this. We hope that the information shared will help you make the best possible decision on your next rooftop tent.


Editor's Pros & Cons

Constructed from nylon

3 person capacity

3 season facility

Double-walled construction

Freestanding design


No variation in size selection

No variation in color selection


Function and performance are both at the top of the list when it comes to necessary factors of selection, but accessories are leisures we can all admit we enjoy. These additions help to enhance your overall experience, and contrary to the idea that extra features equal extra investments, the beauties built into this product are all-inclusive.

A foam mattress has been included in this design as an added convenience eliminating the need for consumers to purchase inflatable pads separately. With a foam mattress, you get relief at pressure points for more comfortable use and support to areas such as the back. It can also accommodate varied sleeping positions, which is ideal for multiple users.

The Yakima Skyrise also comes with a fold-out ladder that is easy to carry, easy to store, and easy to use. You can get in and out of the structure without being overly concerned about getting injured or damaging your vehicle while traversing. If you have little ones on your trip this will be a welcomed addition.


210D nylon has been used to construct both the body and the rainfly of this selection. This material is industrial in grade and useful for tents like these since it has a high tear resistance and a very high tensile strength while still offering lightweight performance.

Other options may be stronger, but few are as tough as nylon. For example, the impact resistance of nylon far outweighs similar plastic such as ABS and PLA. It can be up to 10 times stronger, making it the preferred choice for this type of construction. Having a material that can stand up to the wear and tear of outdoor adventure is an essential factor to consider when selecting a rooftop tent.

The poles used to keep the structure upright are constructed from aluminum and are quite light. This material has a high level of strength but it also has a high amount of resistance. It can resist external factors such as corrosion which makes it ideal for products like these as they will be exposed to conditions such as ice and rain. Perfect for a three-season rooftop tent.


Camping allows you to enjoy the great outdoors and become one with nature. While this is an appealing prospect, it doesn’t mean you need to live like an animal at all. Living in close quarters that are hot, moist and crowded can make your stay feel more confined and constricted than freeing and rejuvenating. Adequate space plays a vital role in the mood of a trip.

The Yakima Skyrise is able to facilitate up to three persons, comfortably. It has a square footage of 37 feet and measurements of 58 inches x 49 inches x 12 inches, which is more than enough for a person of average height. The weight capacity is 600 hundred pounds. If you divide that limit between three people you can easily fit three full-sized adults with relative ease into this compact structure.

Unlike other brands in this industry, this item does not seem to offer options for single size or double size. It does, however, make up for that with the list of beneficial features and facilities both on the inside and outside of the main design. This includes features such as additional storage within, which would be limited with a single or double option.


When a tent is not properly constructed it can be a bitter challenge facing the elements. Seams need to be protected and moisture needs to remain on the outside. The materials used and how the company chooses to apply them during the construction process is what will ensure that tents can stand up to the elements.

The entire outer layer of the Skyrise has also been coated with polyurethane which is designed to create a waterproof barrier. It is a hard, smooth surface that is also able to offer protection from other environmental factors such as dirt and mud. It is also highly resistant and extremely flexible.

When making a trip, favorable weather may not always be possible and having protection from heavy rains is important. Even more important is avoiding leaks and by coating, both the exterior and the rainfly with this material moisture are repelled from key areas such as seams which are typical weak points.


The material used for rooftop tents is not exclusive to strength, durability, or weight. Another vital facet in their arsenal is their ability to breathe. Nylon is a highly breathable material, and this is vital if you’re going to be out of doors in the summer as it can get quite humid. You won’t want to be in danger of substituting for a baked potato under circumstances like these.

Ventilation can also be a concern and not just during the summer, but for long days in a selection like this, you need airflow. This product caters explicitly to that by providing windows that you can open to let the air in. On rainy days there is no need to be overly concerned as this area is lined with mesh. Even if you choose to leave the windows closed, you will still have a considerable level of general breathability within the structure.

One of the best things about being in nature is being able to observe it. This is what camping is all about, and that can be a challenge if you’re stuck in this apparatus all day. Fear not, this manufacturer has also catered to this. Included in this design are skylights that allow you to look up at the stars and appreciate where you are and take in all you can from this experience.


While the purpose of a tent has a bearing on the strength and longevity, success in any area is less about the big picture and more about the little things. The big win is usually a combination of little things done well, and while there are heavy-duty options out there, a well-constructed tent can serve its purpose and, most importantly, last for more than just one hour.

Three season tents are highly durable without the extra bulk. Four season selections are built to withstand harsh conditions are therefore heavier due to their heavy-duty construction. With three-season options, you can receive all-around benefits, one of which is a higher level of breathability. You can use this item in the summer, spring, and fall.

To increase the benefits you experience during use, the Yakima Skyrise has a double-layered wall. That means a clean tear through the wall is harder to come by. It means a higher level of protection. This feature also helps with insulation, keeping the heat in, and the cold out. Having a double-layered wall can minimize the possibility of condensation build-up on the inside of the structure, which can often lead to damp surroundings.


There are quite a few things that need to be secured whenever you are taking a trip. On the one hand, you want to ensure the product is safely stored but also vitally important is the integrity of your vehicle and your personal safety during use. The Yakima Skyrise caters to all three of these uniquely and efficiently.

To prevent any injury, it is vital to ensure the integrity of your rack. This item can work well with almost any model vehicle without causing any strain or damage, but if your system is unable to withstand the extra weight that it will be called upon to hold, the entire structure can fall apart. The item itself can, however, hold up to 600 pounds. To ensure your safety, this manufacturer has provided a checklist.

The checklist provided by this company is designed to help consumers find their vehicle model to ensure that it can withstand the extra weight. Once this is the case, users can make use of their tool-free mount. These mounts can lock on to your rack so it won’t slide or dislodged during transit.

Weather Resistance

What should you expect at the most basic level when it comes to this type of resistance; wind, rain, and temperature control are critical areas of concern. Below are just a few ways in which the Yakima Skyrise excels and what type of performance you can expect if you choose to select this product.

This selection is a three-season tent, so it won’t protect you from extreme conditions. If you’re going to be in heavy rain, wind, or snow, this is not an option for you. A heavy-duty four-season tent is designed to protect you through these kinds of harsh weather conditions. You will, however, receive mild to moderate protection with a three-season design.

With a Yakima Skyrise, you’ll be protected from mild to moderate wind and rain as the materials used for construction are designed to repel water and insulate. The weather resistance capabilities of this product are in line with what you can expect during the summer, spring, and fall. It is designed for use during the winter period.


In reviewing the price point of a rooftop tent, features such as comfort, durability, and ventilation are all matters that need consideration. Most of the options available within this investment range offer four-season protection which is an important point to note. If a tent is built for all-around use, it is heavy duty and therefore carries more weight. This is a significant factor as it applies to value.

Questions you might ask can include whether or not your vehicle can actually handle the additional weight? With this selection, however, you get excellent performance without the additional bulk. The features on this item are exceptional which allows it to poke its head above the others when it comes to quality.

Weighing your options and deciding which features matter the most to you can help you to make the right choice in the product. Below is a list of some of the key features you’ll be receiving for this average priced specimen.

Key Features

Mesh Lining for breathability
Windows for ventilation
Double layered wall for protection
PU Coating for weather resistance
Built-in Ladder for an easy transition

Bottom Line

There is a big difference between cost and value. While this product may be on the higher end when it comes to investment, it is equally high when we look at its value. It is well constructed and built with durability and protection in mind. When you invest in a tent, you want to know that it will last and this manufacturer has ensured the materials used and overall design offers just that.

Comfort is also a factor that cannot be ignored. The foam mattress does a lot to ensure while you are inside you are comfortable but proper ventilation and airflow are imperative to enjoying your experience during warmer periods such as summer. When it comes to value, the Yakima Skyrise ticks all the boxes.