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MSR Elixir Tent Reviewed and Rated Review Facts

Taking a good trip into the great outdoors can be such an amazing experience. The sights, the sounds, and most of all, the quiet, these are all things that most people can’t enjoy all the time. Of course, to enjoy such things, one needs to have the proper equipment.

One of the first concerns for someone who is planning to go out camping is shelter. This means a person needs a tent, ultimately. So, with so many tents on the market, which one is worthwhile?

Frankly, we hope to help that decision along by discussing this particular tent, the MSR Elixir, a two-person tent. It has a lot to offer when it comes to enhancing your camping experience, so let us jump right in and find out what it can do for you and if it’s what you are looking for.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Easy set-up

Includes footprint

Good ventilation

Durable material


Heavy for backpacking

Poles seem flimsy


Everyone loves to accessorize their belongings, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this fact. By doing so, a person makes their particular item more unique. Unfortunately, we have not found any accessories that one can purchase for this tent. On the upside, though, it really is not needed, as the tent comes with a few things that most people would want to buy, anyway.

Want a gear loft? The Elixir has multiple, which saves the buyer money. The next thing to think about is getting a footprint for this tent. It already comes with one, as well. And finally, the weather is always a concern, especially when needing to use a tent.

That calls for a rainfly and, yet again, this tent comes with one. Not too bad, really. It shows just how much consideration was put into the design of this tent.


The material is always an important aspect of any product. The materials used in the construction of the product determines just how durable and reliable it will be. In considering this fact, we took a good look at this tent’s materials. It wouldn’t do anybody any good if this tent was made poorly.

In doing so, we found that the MSR Elixir is actually made of multiple different grades and types of nylon. The bathtub-style floor of the tent is made of 70 deniers, taffeta nylon. This is usually used for jackets and quilts but can still be used for tents easily.

The canopy is made of 40 denier nylon that also has 20 denier nylon mesh. Finally, is the rainfly, which is made of 68 denier nylon. Of course, for those who do not know, the use of the term denier is not how strong of a fabric it is, but how lightweight it is and the type of weave used varies as well.


The version we focused on with this tent is a two-person style. To be certain, there is more than one size in this model of the tent. In fact, there are four different sizes, ranging from a one-person and going up to a four-person tent. As was said, though, we are focusing our attention on the two-person version.

With the two-person variant, you get a 29 by 17.5-foot floor space to set everything up which is a great size for two people. It also has two large pockets on the size for placing your valuables when camping as well to help make more room available for sitting or sleeping. This is important if you are planning to hike or backpack, though the Elixir is a bit on the heavy side for longer trips.

For the minimum weight, which means no extra’s, you can get this particular model down to about 3 pounds and 9 ounces. However, with everything you may need concerning weather and additional equipment to stand against heavier winds and rain, the minimum is a little over a pound heavier, The full stuffed sack takes up a 20 by 7 inch area for carrying, so it isn’t the smallest ten, but is recommended as one of the best beginner tents on the market.


This tent has a lot of features that focus on keeping the interior of this tent nice and dry. The first thing we want to note is that the floor is in a bathtub style, meaning there is a lip at the bottom of the door, this helps keep water either contained or out of an object, obviously. The next thing to keep in mind is that the floor and the rainfly are both seam-taped to ensure that this tent is waterproof.

That shows a lot of consideration in keeping customers dry with their product. There is more to keep in mind, though. The footprint also helps keep water out, just as it protects the floor of the tent from obtaining damage from the surroundings. But there’s one more thing worth the time to mention, and that is the fact that there is a gutter-like groove near the zipper, just to ensure that little to no water could make it inside of the tent.


This version of the Elixir is a two-person style, though there is more than one version. As was earlier stated, this tent has a single person version all the way to a four-person version. On top of that, it is a free-standing tent with color-coded poles that have matching colors on the tent to make it easier to set up.

Unfortunately, this model of tent, at least the variant we looked at, only appears to offer a single-color set on Amazon, a white top with a red bottom. When looking at tents, we have noticed most offer at least two- or three-color differences, but this one didn’t. It is meant to be a highly durable beginning campers’ tent, though and color really does not affect how well it works when traversing the wilds.

It does offer something else, though, that most other options we have researched don’t- the ability to change the height of the canopy. It actually has extra pieces that can be applied to add an extra couple of inches of headroom if you need them. The reason this is even able to be applied is thanks to one of the more unique pole set-up designs that it shares with another tent by the same company.


The MSR Elixir has highly durable materials for the actual walls, floor, and mesh, and utilizes the 40D ripstop nylon the company is known for in its canopy. This means that even if you should accidentally get a hole or tear in the material, that damage won’t continue to easily spread very the entire tent, which is extremely important if you are out hiking or doing light backpacking with it.

The Durasheild floor also means you don’t have to worry about holes, water or other issues that most tent floors end up having issues with even on their first trips out.

Saying that this tent’s main materials are durable would be a mild understatement, however, what most have found is that the poles used for the set up seem to be where the tent begins to lag a little. While the rest of it sits and stands against heavy winds, the poles appear to be perhaps a little too frail and easy to snap. Not all campers have had this problem, but there are a few who have had them break.


This tent offers a lot of environmental protection, with its rainfly in place, footprint, and its general construction. Be it summer, spring, or fall, the Elixir will serve anyone well. With how well things were put together to keep water and other irritants out of the tent while maintaining excellent airflow, this offers a lot to its users.

The most exciting thing happens to be the rainfly gutters, however, if you do intend to get them. This unique design flair can help keep you safer, and dryer than many other tents may be able to do. Despite being a two-person tent, the Elixir has also proven to be capable of holding an additional camper if something goes wrong. This means you can help keep other campers protected without giving up your tent's ability to keep you dry and warm.

The only downside seems to be that this tent may keep things too warm at specific points. The ventilation works very well as long as it doesn’t get too humid or the air too still outside. The very materials that will protect you from the cold, also trap heat when it is warm, and this is the only mild complaint a few had when putting it to use.

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance, while most would consider this to be a different way of saying waterproof. That cannot be farther from the truth. Weather resistance isn’t just rain and groundwater, but also wind and temperature. With the use of the rainfly, the MSR Elixir can resist a lot of different aspects of the weather.

In the case of intense winds, the designers included multiple guy out points on the rainfly with durable nylon cords already attached and ready to be used. Add in the idea that a footprint is included in the purchase of this tent, and we can honestly say that it is pretty handy when it comes to weather.

Of course, there is also the temperature aspect of the weather. There is plenty of ventilation points on the rainfly, meaning that even if it is raining, a person could easily keep the tent interior cool. Adversely, these same ventilation points can be sealed to trap heat on colder nights. So again, we have to say that this tent is pretty weather resistant.


The big question is finally here, what does the MSR Elixir cost? Frankly speaking, we have seen tents like this cost far more than any sane person should be willing to pay for it. But this particular style is not like that in the slightest. Truth be told, anyone looking to easily purchase this can find it on for $249.95 and will get free shipping with it.

So, not only is the Elixir great in so many ways, but it’s also not too expensive for those just starting out. Like all gear by this particular company, they do have a limited warranty and offer to fix any issue that falls under it. Unlike many products, the company assures it’s buyers right away that almost any fault can be repaired or replaced and ask that if it does fall under the warranty to ship it to them and they will make sure your tent is back in working order.

Of course, because their site does strictly states that they back their products, you are likely to find that they will try to work quickly. However, they also do not want customers to try to fix it themselves and have their customer service repair shop numbers listed. Our advice is that if you do buy this particular product and end up with an issue, please contact them, otherwise you might void your warranty, and that is something none of us enjoy.

Key Features

  • Rain fly has gutters

  • Decent ventilation

  • A lot of room

  • Highly durable cloth material

  • Warranty repair service

  • Roomy

  • Weather-resistant

  • Comes with footprint

Bottom Line

So, the time has come to wind up our little review of the MSR Elixir. There are a few things we would like to add that we just did not find the time to do earlier in this article. This tent has the dimensions of 84 inches by 110 inches by 40 inches.

On top of that, we had mentioned that it is lightweight. We would like to point out that with the footprint and rainfly, this tent weighs in at six pounds. That’s not too bad, really.

So, when everyone takes all that in and everything else that was mentioned, from the waterproofing and weather resistance to the materials and price, we would like to think that the Elixir is wholly an impressive buy and worth every penny.