Vasque St. Elias GTX Hiking Boot Review

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Editor’s Conclusion
Don't be surprised if you feel you recognize the boot name Vasque St. Elias GTX; look closer, this is the updated version!

The Elias is a mid-weight hiking boot at 2 lbs. 15 oz. Though not light, it is a comfortable boot that will not weigh hikers down. Wearable straight from the box, these are flexible and have a light feel about them. Easy to put on, no need to squeeze into the boot.
Vasque St. Elias GTX Hiking Boot Review Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Durable rubber sole

Very good traction

Supportive cuff

Adjustable ace system

Rubber toe cap

ATC midsole

EVA comfort pods

2.2mm leather uppers

Gore-Tex lining

Padded leather collar


A little heavier than some other similar models

Key Features


The ankle collar support is impressive - no feeling of tightness while gaining good support. Comfort is all-around and the fit of the collar can be adjusted to the user's preference through the lacing system.

This option is good for long multi-day backpacking trips or for hunting. The boot reduces footfall impact with built-in cushioning and for those who carry heavy loads, it maintains comfort and support.


The high level of comfort is the result of designed-in underfoot structural support which gives dependable protection during day-long hikes in the most challenging conditions. These boots are very protective; walking over sharp stones is easily taken in without any issues.

The metal lace-up system allows for easy adjustments to ensure a snug fit. The three sets of upper lacing hooks allow you to adjust the fit around the ankle before setting off on heavy-duty long-distance hikes.


The ATC system is a stability-giving midsole platform that provides a nice level of rigidity. The snug and seriously secure ankle support is exceptional. The collar has padded inner fabrics and a grain leather outer and it works in conjunction with the preferential setting of the lace-up system.

A designed-in TPU shank means that support is ensured where needed and the rigidity of the boot is good on tough surfaces, slopes and unpredictable terrain.


With the Vasque St. Elias GTX, no hiking terrains are off-limits. The level of support is superb and so is the traction. The XSTrek rubber compound sole and the lower profile lug patterning give fantastic traction on mud, slabs of rock and even on slopes covered in loose scree. The traction is highly impressive and dependable.

Water Protection

The Vasque St. Elias GTX have a high water margin level for protection. Feedback from satisfied users points out that wading through mud and water is a go as these boots are highly protective. The boot does not have many seams and those that are in place are tightly sealed which means great waterproofing.

With 2.2 mm thick grain leather uppers, it would take a serious amount of prolonged wading through water before any effects are felt.

Water protection also results from the built-in Gore-Tex lining. The lining has an average level of breathability. In cool and moderate weather, the boots retain a superb feeling of cool comfort but, as with all Gore-Tex models, in hot weather expect very warm feet.


The leather uppers have few seams and those that do exist are held together with heavy-duty durable stitching. Made from very high-quality thick full-grain leather, it is very unlikely that the Vasque St. Elias GTX can fall apart when put under pressure. Finally, the rubber toe feature is very efficient for protection; it is stitched securely to the leather uppers.

Comparison to Other Hiking Shoes and Boots

The Vasque St. Elias GTX are heavier than a lot of other hiking boots in this range but the extra weight is the result of the use of top-quality materials.

These boots are targeted for three-season use. In comparison to other options, these are even good in snow and ice. They do fall short when compared to mountain boots which can perform in prolonged severe snow and ice conditions.

The toe cap protection is certainly better than in a good number of other boots on the market and the lace-up system gives a more flexible choice for securing the fit.

The Vasque St. Elias GTX is a top-performing boot that stands ahead of many other available choices in terms of key requirements such as comfort, support, water protection, breathability, traction and value for money.


For those that carry heavy loads and hike on very challenging trails, this high-top hiking boot is constructed from quality leather and other very durable materials. This is a comfortable, strong boot that gives maximum protection blended with stability and comfort. The level of protection for the feet is incredibly good and waterproofing is highly impressive.

The traction is great as it should be for a high-performance boot designed for taking on tough challenges. A very appreciated feature is the leather upper and padded collar cuff with a leather coating. This type of collar ensures extreme stability.

For hikers taking long hikes on terrains that would challenge many boot models and for those carrying heavy hiking backpacks, this boot is built to hit all requirements. A must-try hiking boot for all die-hard, long-distance hikers and backpackers.