Asolo Falcon GV Hiking Boot Review

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Asolo Falcon GV hiking boot is lightweight, nicely supportive, very comfortable and offers very impressive, reliable waterproofness. Straight from the box, it comes with high-top support and excellent traction thanks to MegAGrip. The uppers have shed the need for heavy materials in exchange for ankle protection, so the boot is light on the trail.

If you're looking for high protection at 5.75 inches in wet conditions where you are likely to be wading through shallow streams, this boot will give you the water defense you need.

For durability, these hiking boots have a blended design of nylon upper and supple suede which enhances waterproofing in partnership with a Gore-Tex liner for top-notch protection.
Asolo Falcon GV Hiking Boot Review Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Relatively light

Impressive breathability

Good traction on all surfaces

Can be resoled

Excellent waterproofing

Good for technical terrains


Master the lacing for support

Quality equals a higher price tag

Key Features


The first feature to note is the excellent level of waterproofing. Even wading through shallow streams will mean your feet stay dry. User feedback is conclusive that water protection is one of the top features of this boot. The protection is a result of combining Italian Suede, Nylon and a Gore-Tex liner.


It is nice to try a light boot that gives high performance and these are certainly good for tough environments - from rocky grounds, trekking through shallow rivers, boggy ground and even glaciers. In many ways, the Asolo Falcon GV are a sign of the direction hiking boots are going - lightweight but designed to offer lots of comfort and protection, yet less weight than traditionally designed hiking boots.

The built-in EVA support-arch will stop the foot from sliding while descending down tricky slopes. The toe-cap gives TPU protection.

The boot can be worn the same day you take it out of its box with minimal enough break-in for you to not feel discomfort. A dual-density EVA midsole certainly gives cushioned comfort which is easily adequate for tough day-long hikes.

For those looking for a lot more cushioning, we recommend checking out the Hoka One One Kaha Gtx.

Build Quality

The Falcon GV is light at 2 pounds and 2.6 ounces but the build means these work where you would perhaps have hiked using more standard heavy-duty boots.

The midsole is Eva dual density which is light and extremely durable. The Gore-tex built-in liner backs up the constructed uppers with reliable waterproofing even in very wet environments.

Feedback from users says that the breathability is good even in warm weather. The airflow within the boot is sufficient - your feet can breathe and sweat evaporates easily.


For traction, the tread is more shallow but does grip while not picking up mud. A shallow lug design often means that the boot will need resoling sooner than in a deep lug sole boot. The good news is that this boot can be resoled.

The benefit of shallow lugs is that the footwear is self-cleaning because mud does not cling to the sole and this means consistent lightweight hiking without the need to stop and clean clinging mud from the soles.

Another advantage of the shallow lug design is that these work on all surfaces. You can be confident that these will grip on descending and ascending slopes, wet rocks, mud, scree and even snow and glaciers.


Lightweight boots can give seriously good support if they have the right built-in features and these boots do. The higher built-in ankle cuff achieves an impressive amount of support for pro-longed hiking over challenging surfaces. This thoughtful design means more support, even from how a lace system is built into a boot.

The Asolo Falcon GV have 4 sets of eyelets; one above the ankle and another at the ankle. make sure to practice lacing the boot and you will notice how this lacing system enhances support for the ankles. By doing this correctly you will maximize comfort and stability.

Comparison to Other Hiking Shoes and Boots

The closest comparative boot is the La Sportiva Nucleo High GTX. Both are premium design offering top-rated waterproofing, the use of high-quality build materials and Vibram outsoles.

Both models are really really good, though the price tags do vary. Realistically, a choice between these will come down to which offers the best fit for your feet.

There are other boots in this lightweight category that are cheaper but in return for less money, you are going to lose out on design in quality, build, support, comfort and performance.


The Asolo Falcon GV is the boot for enthusiasts who take long hikes in tough terrains where water is a feature for which protection is needed.

This mid-range boot is set at a price tag where you know you are paying for premium design, features, materials and performance.

Without a doubt, this model will give many seasons of performance; however, if you regularly hit tough terrains, you may have to resole the boots at some point.