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Editor’s Conclusion
Petzl's ACTIK CORE Headlamp comes from a brand with an established reputation for providing light. For nighttime activities during hiking, running,  trekking, camping, hunting or climbing, and more.

Powered by AA batteries or a rechargeable, ensure you will always have an excellent mobile light system when it is most needed. Power can last up to 140 hours, and a rechargeable battery comes with the purchase.

This model has a selection of features to ensure performance, ease of use, reliability, versatility, and durability.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Choice of lighting options

Easy to use

Comfortable & secure

Reflective headband


Long battery life


Price for some

Key Features

Features and performance

This is lightweight and comfortable and is available for use with 3 AAA batteries or the core-lithium rechargeable version.

The head strap is robust, comfortable, hold firmly in place, and contains a small whistle for emergency use.

The lamp system built in at the front does not feel heavy and sits securely in place, suitable for cycling, running, trekking, and other nighttime activities. You use one button to control all functions, such as rotating the light beams.

Durability and materials

The plastic housing for the lamps is durable plastic but not designed to take too much dropping or knocks.

User feedback is clear that this headlamp continues to perform well, even in the rain, due to the durable protective casing for the light system. The water resistance rating is IP X4. The head strap stays firm and comfortable when either wet or dry.


The Actik Core offers two choices for power. The first is the rechargeable option using a built-in charger and lithium-ion battery. The second option is to use 3 AAA power batteries.

ACTIK Core Beam

A combination of spot and wide beams creates a central area suitable for running, trekking, or cycling.

The Color Balance is white and has no orange tinges. You will control your light options by pressing the button. A short press will activate the light options, and a long press for more options, such as low, medium-high white beam and blending your beams.

It might not sound obvious, but it is straightforward and user-friendly. You also can use a red beam strobe, which will ensure you are noticed by cars at night if out street running.

When your battery gets low, it can switch down to running at 5 lumens for a few hours.


Some users who feel the price tag is a little high can look at comparative options.

Another great PETZL product we reviewed is the Petzl Tikkina Headlamp, so make sure to check it out as well.

The TVMXQ-PRO headlamp comes at a lower price tag. You get 90000 Lumens, a beam range around 1320ft, and adjustable with re-chargeable batteries, which give light from 5 to 12 hours depending on how you set the lamps.

The beams are adjustable to 90% degrees/angles.

Three beam modes, SOS, medium and high, and an option to zoom the beam. The beams work for long-range and for floodlighting areas in front of you. This comparative option is also rated as IPX5 for waterproofing. The design includes a headband and a band sitting atop the head.

The price tag is lower, and this offers a similar comparable level of performance but no option to use AAA batteries.

Another interesting comparative option is the PETZL TIKKINA at a budget price tag. Its good for camping and trail walking with a 250 lumens performance.

Also available for use with AAA batteries or a rechargeable core battery and three light levels. The headband design is comfortable and securely holds the lightweight lighting box. It can probably take being dropped a few times for durability, but constant knocks and bumps will create durability issues.


The PETZL ACTIK CORE Headlamp is priced just above moderate for cost.

You will get a very versatile and functional headlamp which is good for many nighttime outdoor activities. The performance is good, the light levels and options are beneficial, and it is light and comfortable when wearing this on your head.

This is an excellent addition to your outdoor gear for nighttime adventures where a dependable lights system is needed.