Fenix HL60R

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Fenix 950 Lumens Headlamp puts out a very bright beam, for starters.

Certainly suitable for hunters looking to pinpoint deer at night, also ok for trail hiking, camping, and other nighttime activities where a powerful light is needed.

This is a solidly built headlamp, and the weight is noticeable; all the weight is to the front of the headband. This model is up there as having an exceptionally bright and tight beam. With powerful beam performance, the toll on the battery is heavy when used in high mode. To counter this, look at purchasing better batteries for regular recharging.

You get five levels for brightness and a red lighting alert mode.

A waterproof factor of IP X8 is fine in heavy rain and can survive being in the water down to 2 meters. Due to the solid construction using aluminum alloy, this is reasonably shockproof if accidentally dropped.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Very bright! 950 lumens

5 Beam settings

Red beam & strobe




Unbalanced (heavy at the front of headband, not for trail running at night)

Users suggest the beam could be sharper

On Max brightness, does not last long, counter this issue through buying a stronger battery

Some users say this warms up quickly on full beam and can power down automatically

Key Features

Snap Shot

Max Lumen: 950 lumens
Max Beam Distance: 101-yards ( 116 meters)
Red Light: Yes 2 options
Run-time: max brightness average 48 minutes, up to 100 hours lower brightness settings
Battery Type: Rechargeable
Recharge duration: 6 hours from empty up to full. Micro-USB charger.
Construction: Metal
Water Resistance: IPX 8
Lock Feature? No.
Built in tech: Computer chip to manage 5 levels of brightness


The beam is centrally biased, but the disparity between flood and center spot is not problematic. The spot gives enough brightness to make out needed to see details. The flood is enough to provide a broader view field. The beam does have a slight orange tint to give a softer effect.

User feedback suggests that the beam could be sharper if it were not diffused through the lens system. However, the beam does give a good contrast.

The red light mode projects two red beams on each side of the bright white beam.


You get five beam modes and a red light option.

Red Light for 1 Lumen
Eco for 5 Lumens
Low for 50 Lumens
Mid for 150 Lumens
High for 400 Lumens
Turbo for 950 Lumens

Navigating the setting is user-friendly. Press and repeat press to scroll through the settings. Stop pushing when you hit the desired setting which you want.

Materials & Construction

This model is built from metal (aluminum) apart from the strap and the plastic brace on the forehead. This is durable, built to last, and can deal with a few knocks.

The control button is plastic and holds up good for durability.

Users do mention that it is front-heavy, and if running, you will notice a bounce motion. This is a slight drawback but not enough to steer clear because many activities can be done without bounce issues. It's a question of not being overactive, and you will get a stable, secure feeling from the unit and headband. Good for most nighttime activities though users do point out the bounce issue for running.

The headband materials are tough, nylon blended with durable elastic.


The Fenix uses batteries produced by the company, and they are reasonably good. This lamp does not allow the use of other batteries.

Water Proofing

Water protection is at the standard at IP X8, which means the lamp is protected from heavy rain. This model can even be submerged for short periods in up to 2 meters of water.

The company produces a range of batteries on a scale of holding more charge for prolonged power. The batteries are Li-ion rechargeable and reach full charge in just a few hours.


If you are not looking for lumens at 950 and prefer less brightness, a lower price tag, and the option to use AAA batteries.

Black Diamond's Spot 350 Headlamp is a good comparative trade down.

This lamp gives out 350 lumens on its highest beam mode and transition from full bean down to dim is instant. The design for the Spot works well for eliminating bounce issues and the lamp does serve for runners, it is compact and durable. The lightweight lamp unit is mounted to the front on a single headband.

The user interface is updated, and the switch/button control system is user-friendly. You can keep an eye on your power consumption via the helpful LED battery meter.

The choice of settings allows use for trail finding, running, trekking/hiking, fishing, cycling, camping, climbing or any outdoor night activity. The IPX8 waterproof rating means this is good in sleet and rain and can even be submerged in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Some prefer using AAA batteries and bringing along backup batteries just in case they are needed. The Spot 350 offers this comparative option to using rechargeable batteries.

The performance is good, and the price is buyer-friendly.


For those looking for a powerful bright beam, the Fenix HL60R 950is an above-mid price deal that works.

This is a sturdy, robust lamp with durability; however, if you want to use the full beam mode for long periods, you should invest in batteries that holder a higher charge of power. These battery options are available from Fenix.

With this lamp, you won't be long-distance trail running at night; users do mention a bounce issue. For all other nighttime activities outdoors, this lamp is a good product with a good performance.

This review has flagged up the pros and a few drawbacks, and our conclusion is. There are more positive reasons for giving this lamp a try. a lovely powerful lamp and an excellent addition to outdoor nighttime gear.