Osprey Aether AG 70 Backpack

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Editor’s Conclusion
Osprey has an established reputation for producing very good backpacks. The Aether AG 70 is easily up there with the best produced by Osprey. It is designed to handle weights up to 60 pounds and this is a lot of carrying power. Certainly ideal for long-haul hikes.

Long haul packs require good features for ensuring comfort, good weight distribution and stability. The AG 70 allows for thoughtful organized packing, outstanding comfort and a very supportive suspension.

This pack can be customized for a good fit and the makers state they have built-in anti-gravity suspension tech to ensure comfort when the pack is loaded. When empty, the pack weighs 5 pounds and that's the result of using high-quality durable materials and a range of nice functional features.

Investing in this option will ensure you can haul lots of gear comfortably in all weather conditions. The innovative features make this backpack a long term investment.
Osprey Aether AG 70 Backpack Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Value for money

Spacious main compartment

Dual access

Detachable functional daypack

Adjustable design

Very durable


Good range of pockets


Weighs just over 5 pounds

Key Features


The built-in anti-gravity suspension sounds futuristic. It's all about inter-functional features built to work together to ensure top comfort and stability.

The back of the pack has AG suspension which integrates and works with the Iso-Form hip belt. The belt molds to the waist and works to evenly distribute the weight from above the hips. At the same time, the mesh-built lumbar support has a harness with load-support bars. This allows for a very precise distribution of weight on the back and shoulders.

A good-sized space for air flow is there between the mesh lumbar support and pack. It means lots of breathability. This space allows sweat to be wicked away easily from a damp shirt - more comfort and no friction. Behind the mesh, there is a LightWire aluminum frame that works to form the pack's shape.

For more adjustment, the pack has a sliding sternum strap which is very easy to use, and padded shoulder straps for protection and cushioned support.

Organized Packing

The hip belt features two large pockets for carrying items you want to be safe and easy to access. Keys, a GPS, money, phone, batteries, a wallet or an energy snack can all be carried and the pockets are secured by zippers.

On each side, you will find two large and expandable pockets for water bottles. You also have a hydration reservoir at the back of the pack.

On top of the pack lid is a large pocket with a robust zip system. This is perfect for all types of gear which you might want to get at while hiking or stopping for a brew-up.

The front of the pack sports a big stretch mesh pocket and this is perfect for carrying large gear, wet clothes to help dry out, towels, etc. Out of the way at the base area of the pack is a spacious compartment separated by a divider for sleeping bags. Removing the divider will create more available space for stowing gear.

More carrying capacity is built-in via a nice selection of attachment straps. These let you attach anything useful that you want accessible within easy reach outside of the main compartment.

The main compartment is spacious. When the backpack is full, the mesh support at the rear works to prevent any packed gear from pressing into your back. The selection of external pockets does increase the carrying power considerably.

Removable Daypack

The top lid is a new design feature - the Aether AG 70 lid can change over to a be separate daypack. It can easily carry enough gear for a day hiking. If you set up camp for a few days, the daypack will be great for short hiking trips.

The daypack is fitted with a hydration sleeve, so for short hikes, you can carry plenty of water. It has a sternum strap that can be adjusted, edgeless-wrap shoulder straps and a top zipper pocket.

Compression Straps

A wide selection of compression straps gives more control, so you can reduce the pack profile to carry it comfortably. Through doing this, the bag is compressed to sit at the center of gravity. This weight distribution ensures good stability while walking. The side straps can fully cinch down and secure. This has a triple effect: the backpack weight is secured, the contents are safe and these straps serve as useful for lashing down more gear.

The buckle straps can be passed over the front pocket; this allows you to compress it more and again, the straps are good for holding even more gear.


Be selective when you purchase the Aether AG 70 backpack. For general torso fit, you have three selections: large, medium and small. You will need to figure out which works best for your size.

Both the shoulder straps are adjustable and allow the pack to be adapted for height. The 3D suspended mesh back-panel can also be adjusted. This puts you in control of how close the pack sits on your upper back and shoulders.

The hip belt has designed in custom heat molders that mold the belt to your waist shape - this prevents slipping and helps carry weight.

Comparison to Similar Backpacks

The nearest comparable backpack is the Gregory Baltoro 75 which weighs 4 lb. 15.4 oz, in comparison to the AG 70's 5 lb. 3.4 oz.

The fabric used to make Aether backpacks is Nylon 210D and 500D which is more durable than just Nylon 210D used for the Gregory fabric. The Gregory Baltoro provides 10 external pockets compared to Aether's 7 pockets. Both are in a similar price range.

Another comparable model is the Arc'teryx Bora AR 63 but the liter capacity is 63L maximum. It is a durable and good performing backpack with 6 external pockets. It's also 3.4 ounces lighter than the AG 70. The Bora 63 has a higher price tag and this could be due to the extra strong combinations of nylon used to make the backpack.

The REI Co-op Traverse 70 is similar in design, offers 11 extra exterior pockets, and weighs less at 4 lb. 14 oz. The Osprey Aether 70 does provide a more technical approach to comfort through the anti-gravity suspension system. The Co-op Traverse 70 is on the market at a lower price tag.

Other cheaper models do not compare well against the Osprey Aether 70; they have fewer features and tend to be limited in functionality.


For some, the price tag may seem high but we have to pay more for quality, durability, stability, comfort and performance.

The Osprey Aether 70 will work in all weather seasons and is built for carrying heavy loads. All the features are very functional to ensure good fit, comfort, and very user-friendly performance.

The detachable daypack with a built-in section to hold a water reservoir gives the backpack a feel of a double value.

With a responsive fit and feel, this option is superb for backpacking, long hiking trips and even in remote places such as mountains or deserts. A good choice.