Old Town Predator 13

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Old Town Predator 13 Review Facts

How exciting was your last fishing trip? Were you comfortable and stable on the water? If not, you require a great fishing kayak. Kayaking and fishing are among the most exciting and thrilling ancient arts. Unlike a lot of traditional practices, people have not lost interest, especially since better apparel and equipment has been invented. Those inventions include quality kayaks and boats. With so many on the market, choosing the best can be a daunting task. Old Town manufacturers have beat the odds with kayaking and fishing equipment that ensure the user will have fun on any body of water. The Predator 13 caters to every fishing and kayaking need.

The Old Town Predator 13 is well-outfitted and well-designed. Some reviewers take issue with the lack of foot room. The MSRP of $1400 and the 86-pound weight are items of concern for some consumers. Many innovative features such as the superb seating are incorporated. If one doesn’t mind a center console in the way, the kayak is fantastic and will serve the user well. The 86-pound weight keeps the kayak rock-steady, yet can be carried from point to point. The Tri-Hull design makes the kayak more convenient and durable for use on a wide variety of water surfaces. The rider’s safety is not compromised.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Ample gear storage
  • Comfortable and adjustable seating system
  • Conveniently accessible retainers
  • Eight scupper holes with one-way valves
  • Ergonomically designed for more accessible storage, convenience, ease of use, and comfort
  • Excellently rigged for fishing
  • Excellent weight capacity
  • High strength and durability
  • High strength mounts strategically placed
  • Incredible stability
  • LT900 polyethylene shell
  • Nearly impossible to tip accidentally
  • Offers a sizeable onboard capacity for paddler, accessories, and day’s catch
  • Paddle keepers
  • Slip-resistant deck
  • Stand assist straps
  • Expensive, best suited for professionals than beginners
  • No anchor trolley
  • Seats only one person


The high-end Old Town Predator 13 is a sit-on-top kayak brimming with features anglers appreciate. The kayak is available in four colors from which to choose - Black Cherry, Camo, Lime Camo, and Urban Camo. It is designed for a single person but accommodates as much as 425 pounds. A slip-resistant Exo-Ridge deck allows users to move about without tipping or slipping. LT900 polyethylene is used in the construction of the shell. Six removable mounting panels comprise the hull. Pilot screws provide additional fish finders, GPS, and rod holders space.

There are eight scupper holes that drain water from the kayak. Patented one-way scupper valves are used. The kayak has many features that make fishing easy. A transducer scupper is offered so that new fish finders that have side imaging technology can be installed. There are molded handles on the sides. The advantage the kayak has over some of its competition is that it is cut out more. The center of gravity is a lot closer to the water. It is not as top heavy as other boats.

The front hatch is lockable. It paddles and tracks well. Top-notch outfitting includes a paddle keeper that keeps the paddle from behaving like an unruly child while fishing. The Predator 13 hull displays a sharp bowline that helps slice through the water.

In the stern, there is a molded skeg that aids in tracking. Also featured is a Mod Pod cover that provides durability and safety. The console design makes mounting and arranging fish accessories easier. Each part of the kayak is designed with sturdiness and durability in mind.


Anglers can comfortably paddle for hours. The proprietary Element seating system allows the seat to be adjusted into three positions. The paddler stays comfortable while waiting for the fish to bite.

Fishing all day can be tedious and tiring if one sits in the same position all day. Thanks to the Element seating system with three adjustable positions, the angle can feel comfortable and fresh. It is a fantastic seating system. Traveling, standing, and fishing can all be achieved with the three seating positions. The comfortable Element Seating System incorporates a rigid frame, enabling paddlers to chose the ‘Travel,’ ‘Attack,’ or ‘Stand-Up’ position.

‘Travel’ is a lower position that increases stability. The higher ‘Attack’ position increases maneuverability and visibility. ‘Stand-Up’ is for sight casting and poling along with foot braces that are adjustable and enable different sized angles to fit in the kayak.

The manufacturer understands how hectic sitting in one position while kayaking and fishing can be. The three positions ensure convenience and comfort during a fishing venture. The rigid seat is more comfortable than the majority of molded sit-on-top seats that have standard kayak cushions. Only one kayaker can paddle with this seating system.


The kayak can store gear for extended fishing trips. A Mod Pod and covered hatch in the center console stores bait and catch. Retainer bungees and dual-tip rod holders keep rods in place and accessible as the user navigates. The paddle rest keeps the oar at hand. There is ample space to keep catches and gear safe and sound. A fisherman depends on various types of equipment. Without a fishing kayak, managing them can be tough. To customize, keep, or mount fishing gear there is a Mod Pod cover.

Placing and customizing fishing gear can be a hassle if there is no proper place to put it. There are strategically placed high strength mounts on the kayak to mount GPS, fish finders, rod holders, and other fishing gear. Serious and casual anglers are offered an excellent storage option. A large capacity Exo-Ridge tank holds many items such as tackle boxes, trolling motors battery, cooler, fishing cooler bag, catches, and more.

At the bow are retainer bungees that have dual tip holders can be used to store small fishing gadgets and gears. Use the side-mounted retainer for items that require easy access. An extra kayak paddle can be accommodated on the Mod Pod. The Mod Pod cover provides a place for mounting a fish finder. It also has a scupper hole that is Humminbird transducer compatible. A fish finder can be installed without modifying the hull. The Predator 13 does not offer in-hull access to a compartment for rod storage. The console provides convenient storage space but limits room for feet to a narrow aisle between the console and the sides when standing to fish. The molded paddle rest offers a temporary place for a paddle on the gunwales that prevent it from rolling off.

Reviewers question the usefulness of the feature. It can only be used while sitting in ‘Travel’ mode which seems to negate the need. A rod retainer system has rod tip protectors that are mounted on the bow. They help keep rods handy while out of the way and organized. To further help with organization, attached to the gunwales are six removable mounting plates (two aft and four forward of the seating).

They provide room for electronics or custom mounting rod holders. The locking bar that is attached behind the seat offers a means of securely attaching the kayak to a roof rack with a cable having a lock. There are dual tackle holders in the cockpit. A stand assist strap and a Paddle Storage System that is side mounted make standing in the kayak easy.
There is a side pocket that can be used to store a cell phone. Users are amazed at the amount of free space available after storing essential gear. Ample dry storage space is provided by a stern tank well and bow hold that can be used to carry live bait or a cooler.


Those who want to buy a quality fishing kayak for angling pleasure should consider the Predator 13. It will last for years. The kayak’s best features are its durability and stability. The Old Town Predator 13 offers functionality, durability, efficiency, and more.

Ports and parts to mount fish gear have been strategically positioned. The durable raw materials used in the kayak will last a long time, perhaps a lifetime. LT900 Polyethylene offers incredible strength and durability. The kayak can be used in different kinds of water with no hesitation. Unlike cheap kayaks, it can handle rough water.

Ease of Use

Seat adjustment is easy. A different seating position can be popped into place within seconds. The seat folds backward if more fishing room is desired. The user gets both convenience and comfort.


The kayak is quite big. It is large and wide enough for a grown adult. The Predator 13 measures 13 feet and 12 inches in length. It is a sleek, slim 33½ inches wide. The kayak is 158 inches long. The yak weighs in at 86 pounds without any gear.

The user is kept balanced and secure for reeling in huge fish with stand-up straps. The weight capacity is 425 pounds. A heavy adult having lots of accessories and fishing will not have a problem with this kayak.

The Predator 13 is better suited for seasoned paddlers than beginners. The kayak is a bit heavy even when no gear is being hauled. A novice paddler is likely to have trouble getting the kayak right side up if it tips over.


The Predator has the stability that allows anglers to stand and cast. The tri-hull design of the Old Town Predator 13 offers tracking ability and excellent stability. Stand-up fishing straps are used to catch big fish.

The company claims the kayak will not tip unless a massive force is exceptionally imposed. A steady stand bar helps the user stand with stability. The stable stand bar along with the Scotty outrigger offers excellent stability to users.

There is an excellent balance between maneuverability and tracking. It is not the fastest but tracks quite well. Users do not slip we walking on the wet Exo-Ridge deck. The stability of the kayak impresses those who love to move or fish while standing.

Whether the angler wants to stand or sit while fishing, the kayak has the user covered. An optional Scotty Stand-Ready bar provides added balance when standing the kayak. Scotty Outriggers add stability.

A pontoon-like Tri-Hull provides initial stability that is superior to most. To ensure the user remains dry throughout the fishing adventure the kayak features eight scupper holes that drain any water getting into the kayak. Each scupper has a one-way valve that removes water from the boat without letting water flow into the kayak.

Primary Use

It is designed to navigate large bodies of water such as coastal surf and bays. Fishing is a favorite activity loved by many. Fishing brings a smile to people of all ages. People fish to entertain and feed themselves.

Enthusiasts look for different types of fishing boats. Kayak fishing has increased to the point manufacturers make specialized kayaks for fishing. The features of the Predator 13 maximize the fishing experience.

Key Features

* 425-pound maximum load
* Element seating system
* Length 13 feet 2 inches
* Single-layer polyethylene hull
* Width 33.5

Bottom Line

The Old Town Predator 13 is an exceptional fish vessel for seasoned kayakers. Reviewers have scored the boat as five out of five stars. It exceeds the expectations of critical anglers. The Predator 13 is on the high end of the price spectrum. Customers who bought the kayaks say it is worth the money. The features of the Predator 13 have taken fish-ability to the next level. They include a Humminbird compatible scupper, removable mounting plates, Mod Pod center cover, and a three position Element seating.

With tons of functionality and features, the Old Town Predator 13 is a favorite of professional and serious kayak anglers. The Old Town Predator 13 is fabulous for fishing purposes. It has many fantastic features. Anglers can go on all day fishing trips without getting into trouble. Ample storage allows for the accessories and fishing gear needed. Sitting, standing, and paddling can all be done thanks to the adjustable seating system.

While the kayak is pricey, it offers top-notch features, functionality, and stability. If fishing is the primary concern, the Old Town Predator 13 is an ideal choice. The superb features of the Old Town Predator make fishing experiences memorable.