Gregory Deva 60 Women’s Backpack Review

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Gregory Deva 60 Women’s Backpack Review Review Facts

Are you looking for a backpack that has everything the modern woman is in search of? If so, then the Gregory Deva 60 is the product you are looking for. This backpack has a svelte shape, style, and color-- it has all the flexibility a woman wants and needs.

It does not matter what type of terrain you plan to be hiking on; from the highest mountains to the flattest city streets. The Gregory Deva 60 will be able to accommodate all your hiking needs. This brand is an excellent choice for women because it was designed with them in mind. It has A3W Suspension to sustain you when on the go, even in the most rigid, methodological environments. 

This is the ideal companion whether it’s for backpacking in the Alps, camping, or just trekking through the city. You are going to find this backpack is perfect for any outdoor occasion. It is a medium-sized, yet has plenty of roominess to carry all your necessary equipment and supplies. 

The following review is going to show you that the Gregory Deva 60 is exactly the backpack you need.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Has an adjustable A3 chassis

Sustains your center of gravity

Lid compartments are dual-sided for optimum organization

Room for your sleeping bag

Main access is top loading


Zippers will begin to oxidize after using

Straps are uncomfortable

Heavy/bulky waste pocket


The Gregory Deva 60 has so many valuable features. This product possesses an abundance of access points. There are also many innovative, trail-worthy features that have been tailored to a woman’s hiking needs. This backpack is a powerful workhorse that is 3400+ cubic inches. Additionally, it has a suspension system that is gender-specific and ready to use in the backcountry.

This product speaks volumes to the woman on the go. It goes above and beyond to ensure a woman’s hiking needs are met. The way it does this is by the way it is designed to adjust and contour to a woman’s unique curves and shape.

The Deva 60 has shoulder straps that are shaped to fit the curves of a woman. Additionally, the panels on the hip belt have been constructed to adjust to the unique angles of a woman’s hips. Taking into account the obvious ergonomic difference in male and female physique, this brand of backpack uses back panels designed in a svelte manner.


The backpack is constructed using EVA foam back panels. This gives it an extreme amount of reinforcement and breathability. The EVA material allows it to hang latently on the wearer’s back. Additionally, it has a harness that is all-embracing, with an extensive curvature padding to create the ultimate amount of comfort.

In addition, this padding extends to the lumbar and hip areas for added augmentation. There is also a shim of foam that can be used as an enhancement to this area. Or, if desired, one can remove the foam. if extra padding is not a necessity.

The body is constructed of 210D nylon, 300D nylon, and a base that is made with an extremely thick 630D nylon material.


When the Gregory Deva 60 was originally constructed, it had the complete comfort of a woman in mind. The manufacturer had a wise idea. The idea was to efficiently make a product for women; therefore, it should be designed and tested by women.

We are all aware that women are built much differently than a man is, they have curves and angles that need additionally padding for comfort. This backpack has padding in all the right areas and is perfect for the adventurous woman on the go.

Everything is ergonomically designed for a woman using a PreCurve Technology. This technology goes from the curved shoulder straps to the fins of the hip belt, which allows for a movement when hiking a trail.


The backpack is durable enough to carry loads of gear up to fifty pounds without causing any discomfort to the wearer. It can fit a torso that measures from 18 to 20 inches in length. It is the perfect backpack to use for hiking the mountains or trekking across town.

The Gregory Deva 60 is constructed from a frame that is internally strong, as well as the fabric that has an extreme solidity and quality. If you are a petite-framed woman, the Deva will work excellent for you. Its svelte frame and several belts, loops, and harness allow for you to get the ideal, modified fit.

Now, let's highlight the A3 technology for suspension response. The Deva 60 is an excellent backpack for gaining and handling any travels through any challenging settings or landscapes. It has a specialized suspension system that is modifiable to the various users.

It also has the 7075 aluminum suspension framework that is ideal for handling heavier weight. This framework also gives the wearer the perfect amount of support that is needed to keep a steady center of gravity and balance.

The power this backpack affords the wearer with provides excellent shifting balance and weight distribution. Additionally, the sturdiness is the cause for this to be a little heavier than the more buoyant brands.


You are going to love the extraordinary use this backpack has. It can be used for a number of means of transporting your gear from one location to the next. You can use the Deva 60 when you go out on a casual trekking adventure, or climbing, hiking, hunting, or camping. Whatever the use is, you are going to find this is more than capable of accommodating that need.

The Gregory Deva 60L backpack is just what you have been looking for when you need a way to travel on foot in search of the necessary items needed for survival. This backpack does not always have the necessary equipment required to accommodate your journey. However, you will discover that it is capable of handling an adequate amount of gear that is needed to make your hiking venture as vitally successful as it can possibly be.


It weighs in at just four pounds, eight ounces when it is void of any contents. Its style is as smooth as it is strong and durable.

This backpack is available in solid colors of blue, red, and black. Made from a polyester and extreme concreteness nylon material with a durable open-cell foam, this is more prevalently chosen by women with petite frames. You can use this backpack when going on a day-long venture or a lengthier hiking trip. There are so many straps, pockets, compartments, dividers, and belts that you will have plenty of comfortable and flexible areas for your gear.

It has partitioned areas in the main compartment so all your gear is organized and separated. It's so versatile that there is even a similar style made specifically for men.


The internal frame and rugged material permit it to handle up to fifty pounds of gear within it. Constructed with the more petite-framed woman in mind, the harness, hip belt, and back panel ensures she can handle the load for any excursion or outdoor activity.

The user carries part of the pack’s weight on the hips due to the way this hip belt is designed. This feature is meant to keep the backpack stable. The hip belt maintains a steadiness that prevents any swaying or other motion as they hike along the trail or path. This feature is sure to save your back in the long run.

It has a precision fit on the back panel that is due to a feature known as the Lumbar Tune insert. There is also a removable day pack that is super lightweight and can replicate that of a hanging reservoir sleeve.

Your gear is sustained neat, organized, and easy to access due to the Deva 60L several inside and outside compartments. It can become a frustrating endeavor when you are searching for something in a cluttered bag.


The capacity of a backpack is a very important feature. The roominess in the Gregory Deva 60 will have you amazed at how much gear you can fit into it.

You are going to absolutely love how the storage capacity will keeps you organized on your next trip. With so much room, you will be able to bring almost all the comforts of home along with you.


This pack has a lot of organization features that other backpacks in its class failed to achieve. The older model of this style had two large pockets on the outer side. These have now been restructured into one large mesh pocket. It is slightly smaller than the original pockets were, however, it is less cumbersome and more pliable.

This newer style of Deva backpack has fewer straps, which makes it simpler to handle. The pockets are easier to reach—even when wearing the backpack—you can quickly gain access to all the pockets. Even the side pockets are easily attainable, making it simple to grab a water bottle stored there when you are thirsty.

The outside storage pockets have also been reduced in size. This makes for an overall lighter and easy to handle backpack.

Your gear is sustained neat, organized, and simple to retrieve, due to the Deva 60L several inside and outside compartments. It can become a frustrating endeavor when you are searching for something in a cluttered bag; however, this will not be a problem with the Gregory Deva 60L.

Key Features

The A3 chassis regulates and sustains the body to allow you to maintain your center of gravity even when on landscapes that are uneven

Lid compartments are double-barreled, two-sided, with a divider on the inside for an increase in organizing items for when on the trail

Stash pocket made of mesh material for storing water bottles, snacks, etc.

Many straps available that are adjustable as well as removable by way of the girth-hitch. These straps can be situated in various locations—to carry your sleeping bag, camping shoes, dirty laundry, outerwear, and just about anything

Zipper pulls that are reflective

Separate area for storing your sleeping bag

TPU coated Weathershield hip-belt pocket that has been preserved with a waterproof YKK Aquaguard zippers. This guards your electronic devices—such as smartphones or other equipment that is digital in nature—from the elements of the weather

It has an arrangement that includes a hydration reservoir and a daypack that is super-buoyant and detachable. This is ideal for those unplanned day ventures, hikes to the summit, or when your supplies are running low

Main access is top loading

Comes with detachable shock cord and allowances for ice ax/trekking poles

Separate mesh area for storing the rain cover which is located within the outer- upright zip pouch that also acts as storage during calmer weather

The dimensions of this backpack are 35 x 67 x 35 cm

Weighs a light 4.7 pounds/ 2.14 kg

Has a maximum carrying the weight of 50 pounds/22.7 kg

Volume is 60L

Bottom Line

When looking at the bottom line regarding the Gregory Deva backpack, we are seeking what actually impacts the consumer the most. There are actually a few aspects of this product that are negative. These negative aspects are the excessive weight that is felt on the lower back.

The backpack is a bit heavier in weight than similar backpack models; however, it also affords the added support that is required. A feature in which these other brands of backpacks may be lacking. An additional feature that consumers love is the fact that the lid is removable and backpack can double as a fanny or day pack.

Next time you are shopping for a new backpack; this should be first on your list. They even make a man’s version of this backpack for the outdoorsy couples who like to do everything together. Your next hiking trip will be the best one yet to store your gear. You will not have to worry if you have enough room to store your much-needed hiking gear.

Whether your next hiking trip is across town or across the steepest alps; Gregory Deva 60 will not let you down.