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Golfbuddy WTX Review Facts

If you’re someone who loves to go golfing, then perhaps you’ve considered purchasing a GPS fitness watch. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a watch which contains access to many different golf courses around the world so you can not only get information about the different golf courses, but also so that you will be able to track your own movements while golfing. A bonus factor of many such watches is that you also will have the ability to track other activities that you participate in, so you don’t just have to limit your activities to golfing.

One GPS fitness watch that many golfers reviewed is the Golfbuddy WTX. A lot of people know this brand for its products’ accuracy in measuring distance, and the Golfbuddy is no different. Another great feature of the watch is that you will be able to connect it to your smartphone and receive notifications about your activities that way. You also can get immediate recognition for any golf course you go to and how far away from you the holes are.

There were some features of the watch that people were not too pleased with, which we will get into further in the article. Now, let’s talk about all the different things that this golfing GPS watch has to offer.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The golfing watch is water resistant, so you will be able to play in the rain without any problems
  • You will be able to hook up the watch to your smartphone so you can track your activities easier
  • There is a large variety of activities you can track aside from golfing
  • The device recognizes approximately 40,000 different golf courses across the world
  • The watch features a touchscreen
  • People were pleased with the design overall
  • The watch face has a full-color display
  • A lot of people complained about how short the watch’s battery life is

  • Some people said that the device is a little bit difficult to set up and to be able to get used to



First and foremost, the main reason why this watch was created was for golfers. If you are a lover of the sport, you will be able to take the device with you on virtually any golf course that you go to, and you can then see how far away from you the hole is and other important information. You will be to track your shot distance, see hazards around you, and more. However, the watch isn’t only limited for golfers; if you like to participate in other activities as well, you will be able to use this device comfortably and track your activities at the same time. For example, plenty of people use it for running, walking, cycling, and other such activities.

Basic Features

One of the more basic features of this product is that it has a touchscreen as the watch face, so you will be able to access everything a lot easier without having to push so many buttons. And, most people were pleased with the display and its clearness.

You will also be able to access apps for different sports, so if you’re someone who likes to play many sports besides golf, you’ll be in luck. The watch will accommodate activities such as running, cycling, walking, and more.

Advanced Features

There are plenty of advanced features that this watch has. For one, you will be able to access information to approximately 40,000 different golf courses around the world. So, your chances of finding one that the watch has information about are pretty high. It will automatically recognize the golf course you are at, as well as how far away the hole is. And, many people know about this brand due to the fact that it has accurate distance measuring, so you won’t have to worry about that being a problem. You will be able to track your activities and have them tracked and synced to your smart device. The watch also has connectivity with Bluetooth and a compatible app, making it easier to access and more desirable for a wider variety of users. You’ll also get information about different hazards that are in your way and approximately how far away from you they are. Another feature is that this watch is water resistant, so if you’re someone who doesn’t mind golfing in the rain, you’ll definitely be able to use this for that.


One of the more advanced and modern features of this GPS tracker is that you will be able to connect it to Bluetooth. This means that you will also be able to have access to all of the features via your smart device, plus you will be able to receive important notifications about your activity and about where you are. The watch also connects to a special app that is compatible with the brand, which we will further discuss in the next section.


One of the best features that this watch has to offer is that there is a compatible app. This app is called the Golfbuddy app, and it is compatible with virtually all iOS and Android devices, so it doesn’t matter what type of smartphone you carry. You will be able to use this app to do a variety of things, including receive notifications, receive information about different golf courses you’re playing on, and get data synchronized from your watch. You can access this app using Bluetooth and WiFi. Not too many people were pleased with the performance of the app, but they said that it works and does most of the basic features it needs to do.


There is not too much information on how comfortable the watch is, but not too many people complained about it being uncomfortable; in fact, most said that it was sleek and lightweight. The watch itself only weighs 2.2 ounces, which is heavier than some other ones on the market but isn’t too bad overall. However, there were some who said that it is a little bulky and doesn’t fit the best under golfing gloves and jackets.


The WTX comes in a fairly simple design. You get a round watch face- the size is 47.5x13.4mm, and the device weighs 2.2 ounces. The company claims that this product has a sleek design, and many people did agree, however, there were some who said that it is a little bulky and doesn’t fit the greatest under golfing gloves. There doesn’t seem to be a women’s version, but both women and men can opt to use this watch. It seems to only come in one color- a black/silver face with a black band. So, if you were someone who was looking for something that will suit a wide variety of tastes and colors, then this perhaps isn’t it, but black is a color that matches with everything. Plus, the watch face has a nice professional design, and it looks as though you are wearing something a lot more expensive than you actually are.


There is not much information about how durable this device is. However, considering the fact that not many people have posted reviews on this subject, one can assume that the watch is durable. Plus, the brand offers a one-year warranty should anything happen to the product while you are using it.


The watch face offers a full-color display and a touchscreen, making it a lot easier to use because you won’t have to figure out how to navigate a wide variety of different buttons. A lot of people said that the face is easy to read and has a very clear display.


This watch comes with a standard black band. There is no information about what material it is made out of, but it seems to look like an average smartwatch band. While the website does not immediately offer you other choices with regard to color, if you look up accessories that are compatible with this device, you will be able to find some bands in other colors such as white, gray, bright blue, and turquoise. So, if you are someone who likes to switch things up, the band is available in several colors, although it does not have a wide variety of options. Another great feature of the band is that it is adjustable, so no matter what size your wrist is, you will be able to make sure that the watch band is comfortable for you.

Battery Life

The watch comes with a lithium battery included, but there is a downside to the battery. You only get 8 hours of battery life with this device, which will barely get you through two entire games. Considering the fact that the average golfing game takes approximately 4-5 hours, you’re going to find that you won’t be able to get much use out of this product. If you’re lucky, you will be able to play two full games, but a lot of people complained about how frequently this product needed to be charged. And, along with that, the charging time takes quite a while, so you’re not going to be able to charge it up quickly as you need. You’re going to have to wait overnight or simply plan your golfing schedule accordingly. This is one of the major downsides of the product and something that made a lot of people reconsider their decision to purchase it.


The retail price of this product is $199, but you will be able to find it on other online retailers such as Amazon for only $179. Compared to many of the top-notch and name brand watches on the market, this is certainly in the more affordable price range, but some people felt as though they did not get something that was worth the money. If you want to be assured that you’re going to get accurate measurements, a device that is water resistant, and something that you can take with you on any course you’d like, then this is definitely a good option for you. But if you’re concerned about the price, some people said that there are less expensive options.


There is not much information regarding what accessories come with the watch itself upon purchase, but one can assume that, aside from the product itself, you will also be getting its charger. There are also some accessories that you can opt to purchase separately. For example, you can get a cart mount for your golf cart as well as more watch bands if you want something other than the standard black color that the watch comes in.

Key Features

-The watch has information on around 40,000 golf courses across the world
-You aren’t just limited to golfing with this device; you can also use it for running, walking, and cycling
-The watch is water-resistant, which is a major plus
-You will be able to connect your smartphone to this product with a Bluetooth connection and with the compatible app
-You will get accurate measurements regarding how far away the hole is, the distance you’ve traveled, hazards in your way, and more
-The watch is lightweight and sleek, according to many people

Bottom Line

Purchasing a good GPS tracker meant for golfing is something that every fan of the sport should consider. Not only will you be able to play better, but you will also be able to receive all the information that you’ll need about the course you’ll be visiting that you might not have had access to otherwise. One option that some people liked was the Golfbuddy WTX. It had mixed reviews, mostly due to the fact that it only has an 8-hour battery life, which is just barely enough to allow you to get through two games of golf. And it charges very slowly, so some people wondered if it is worth purchasing.

But there were some good features of this product, too. For one, you will be able to get information on thousands of different courses around the world, as well as accurate measurements for how far away the hole is from you and other information regarding your activity.

There is a lot to like and dislike about this product, and some people believed that you could get better deals elsewhere. So, it depends on what you’re looking for when deciding whether or not to purchase this.