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A watch can just be a timepiece for some, but for many of us, we need it to function and look good at the same time. We wear them everywhere we go, so they are one of the most vital parts of our wardrobe. We don’t just wear them with specific outfits, we wear one watch with every outfit, so it has to be versatile as well as good looking.

This is definitely something we can tell this particular watch is good at just by looking at it. The feeling it gives off is classy yet modern. Instead of being one of the obvious watches that are more based on exercise than on acting as a watch was originally intended, its main use is to keep track of time and keep you on schedule. That said, we, as always, dug into the deeper aspects to find out the real deal on this design.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Illuminated dial


Signal light

Location mode

Low battery signal




Some dislike how far the flashlight button extrudes


As a Swiss watch, you can expect quality and use to be something that is expected with this particular product. The bigger question is what can’t you do while wearing this gorgeous piece of time keeping the equipment? Well for a watch, it has amazing temperature stability for use, since it has held up in -40-degree weather for its wearers.

Why is that impressive? Well for one, this is a gear-based watch, not a digital watch, and gears tend to stop working very well in extremes, especially cold. This means if you are a skier and want to have a working watch, you have to be picky what you put on the wrist and most often it is digital.

The scratch-resistant quartz face means you can also take on more strenuous activities and not have to worry that you will end up making it unreadable. If you like to hike or climb, this is definitely news that you want to hear. This watch can handle your activities and remain good looking and usable.

The water-resistance to this classically awe-inspiring appearance is also an impressive feature since it holds up to about 50 meters. That makes this a great watch that you don’t have to get worried about if you forget to take it off or get caught in the rain. And if you don’t trust metal bands to hold up under your activities, don’t worry, you can get a rubber band as well.

Basic Features

The Victorinox Night Vision has the basic features you would expect from a wristwatch. Its main functions are to tell you both the time and date, which you can know down to the second with a quick glance. It has a quartz face for protection and has a metallic back and case. You can also, as we mentioned earlier, trade out bands for a rubber one for comfort.

Advanced Features

There aren’t a lot of extra’s for most old-style gear-based watches, but this one actually does have a couple of interesting features. Built into it is a ‘night vision’ mode, which consists both of glow in the dark style hands, as well as a light to help you tell the time. This is useful if you do a lot of late nights or are having trouble sleeping.

A second feature is a built-in flashlight. This can be excessively useful when you need a light somewhere that your arms can get in, but a flashlight simply won’t do. A small button on the side gives you a good flashlight to work within this case so you can seek things out or see your way through a dark area.

This watch also comes with an emergency strobe, which could prove useful if you are in an accident or loss and are trying to gain attention for help. While we hope it is never necessary, anything that offers aid for such situations is a definite plus in our books. As we pointed out, this definitely continues to add to its use as a skier’s or hikers’ best option as a fashionable watch.


We have covered the face quite a few times already, it has quartz, scratch-resistant face which is a definite plus. However, what is the metal casing made of that covers the rest of this watch? Well, the silver frame is PVD-coated stainless steel. This means it is highly durable and definitely presentable in a fashion sense.

The crystal face inside is even more impressive, with the backing that your numbers sit on being made of a sapphire crystal giving it either a gorgeous black or pristine blue in appearance. One has to admit that either way it is eye-catching and will fit just about anything you wear. As usual, the Swiss Army delivers in what it takes to be something you can be proud of owning and show off.

If you don’t want a matching stainless-steel band, whether because of reactions to your skin without the protective coating or if you simply feel it won’t hold up with your activities, you can also switch this out for a rubber-based band. This makes it easier to wear and is more breathable to the skin without worrying about it being loose enough to spin around your arm like many metal bands tend to allow.


This watch runs on what is called ‘Swiss Ronda Movement’ which is used in most high standard watches. So, what exactly is this? It is a type of gear build invented by the Ronda AG Swiss manufacturing company.

The exact type of Ronda movement can actually tell you how well the watch runs, gear size, what it is made of and how long the battery is expected to last based on the specs of the gears. This is one of the types of gears you will find most commonly used for high-quality watches made by top of the line companies. When you have this type of gear, no matter what its numbers, it is likely to last a lifetime.


There is a rather large agreement on the side of comfort for this watch like one would expect between the price and reputation of the company. Whether your comfort is based on appearance or how it feels, this watch seems to have most people covered. With the offer of both a steel-based band and a rubber one, you are likely to find one that suits both taste and overall physical comfort.

When it comes to looks, the Victorinox Night Vision is so beautifully designed that it could make most feel like they are on the upper echelons of society. It is simply put, stylish and functional without going overzealous in use or flair.


We have said it before and will happily say it again: this watch is beautiful! There are a lot of watches out there that function well but cater to the more tech crowds these days. There are still some of us who prefer an ‘old-fashioned’ classic gear turning watch that tells us our time and date and whose other functions don’t range in what might be considered ridiculousness.

This watch has style and classiness that has been for the most part been buried under sports watches, what amounts to digital mini-computers and boxy numbered kids style digital readout numbers. When your goal is to tell time and look good while you do it, the Swiss Army seems to have both covered beautifully. Our pretty gear run, shiny watch with a jewel-like back is something we all coveted at some point in our lives, and this gives us exactly that.


This is a product that is, for certain, built to last against many possibilities and thus a great watch to own. We mentioned both of the high-end materials used to keep this watch from becoming too damaged to use. The stainless-steel casing, and the quartz glass face which is scratch resistant. The water-resistant build also makes this a high-functioning and durable watch as well which gives a lot of reason to trust that your watch will work wonderfully.

The motion aspect is also high-end and presents for gears that will last and continue to run long past the point where others are likely to wear out and either slow down or completely stop. All of this creates a durable watch that you can count on.


As mentioned previously, your face is a well built and durable piece. This particular watch is also wonderful to look at. The arms and numbers are easy to read, from the seconds, minutes and hours to the date itself. This watch is beautiful and gives an aura of sophistication that carries its own weight easily.

With the night vision bonus, backlight, strobe light, and flashlight, the face creates a perfect blend of high functioning and business presentation that any person can truly enjoy. Not only is it easily readable, but fashionable and offers a variety of other great but not in your face additions as well.


There are two options when choosing a band for this product, in which neither are entirely bad for active to semi-active users. Though we feel a third could easily be added in, which is the leather band. This is the most breathable of the three, but again is not built for active wearers, as sweat and water can break leather down rapidly.

For those considering the metal band, you may want to consider what you will be doing while wearing the watch. While the metal bands are adjustable, unless you leave it with enough room to dangle slightly, they won't be breathable and can cause your arm to sweat. If you sweat with metal against your skin, this can cause irritation and even cause your pores to clog.

If you do leave enough room for the band to allow airflow, there is a secondary issue. If you are really active, this can cause irritation by the simple movement of both the band and the watch. It can also get caught onto things and possible cause you or the watch harm. Of course, if you are not planning a lot of activity while wearing it, this secondary thing may not be an issue at all.

If one of the problems you have is an allergy to metals, or you have an active life where the metal might chafe, the other band option is a rubber one. This may offer greater breathability with your skin and/or less irritation when moving. It also means water won’t be as great of an issue either.

Ease of Use

This watch is exceptionally easy to use because it really doesn’t carry with it all the complexity of the more ‘modernized watch. A pull tab to set it, and two batteries to assure that everything works well. In a day and age where most things can even track your location, the simplicity of just telling time or pushing a button for light can be a major relief. Nothing too complicated for the wearer to figure out.


The Victorinox Night Vision has both light and time-telling functions, and you would not want one being the cause of the other not working. Rather than run all of it off a single battery, when you remove the back you will find it has two places for them to sit. One is for the watch to run, the other is for all of its light functions. This is so that even if one runs out, the other will keep going.

Especially since light is likely to drain a battery much faster than the actual timepiece would, the company thought it best to have it utilize two. Both of these batteries have an ‘end of light indicator as well, the light has a flashing red LED and the timepiece that familiar stutter of your ticking second hand.


This is where quality meets high-end pricing, unfortunately. This watch is beautiful, stunning even, and its price tag may make your heart stop. At a heaty $200USD, this will cost you as much as most smartwatches do, if not a bit more. But given the lifetime warranty which allows you to repair or replace your watch at equal value, it definitely is not at a loss for protection to your wallet.

Key Features

-Stylish build
-Lifetime Warrant
-Reputable company
-Works beautifully
-Great light additions
-Three band options

Bottom Line

If you want a watch that will last and are tired of constantly upgrading your timepiece to keep up with technology, this is one you can count on. Swiss Army has a reputation they continue to uphold, especially with this beautifully crafted work.