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An in depth review of the best Nikon range finders in 2018Buying Guide
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Best Nikon Rangefinders Reviewed & Rated For Quality
Any experienced hunter will tell you that distance plays a vital role in the way you aim your gun or bow. The trajectory of your bullet and arrow will be affected by the wind, gravity, and distance of your target. Although wind is unpredictable, distance and gravity are easily measured and can help y...
An in depth review of the best hunting range finders in 2018Buying Guide
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Best Hunting Rangefinders Reviewed & Rated For Quality
Rangefinders are a special piece of innovative equipment that has been evolving alongside camera technology. Highly utilized in hunting, rangefinders are revolutionary devices that can help you measure vast ranges of distance and detect your prey at long distances. Equipped with extremely powerful le...
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An in-depth review of the Nikon Arrow ID 3000 rangefinder.
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Nikon Arrow ID 3000
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The Nikon Arrow ID 3000 caters to bowhunters. It is compact, lightweight, and affordable. The bowhunting features are just what hunters need. The Nikon rangefinder receives two thumbs up from the masses. Defective units are rarely in circulation. Nikon offers warranties they stand behind. The feat...
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A comprehensive review of the EOTech Magnifier.
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EOTech Magnifier
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If you are looking increase your visibility when things happen fast and having quick sights while being centered on target matters, the EOTech Magnifier can be your answer. The 3x magnifier can increase your target recognition and at medium to long range distance increase lethality. This lightweight ...
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