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Blendtec 625 Review Facts

The Blendtec 625 is a powerful and stylish blender designed for home kitchens. Its advanced engineering makes perfectly smooth and creamy recipes every time. Blendtec is well-known for machines that are extremely durable, beautiful, and functional. The 625 is at the high end of the product line. It offers additional functionalities and features that take blending to the next level. The 625 has a beautiful, sleek appearance and blends exceptionally well. It pulverizes ingredients and blends whole juice, dips and spreads, ice cream, hot soups, and smoothies. There are four pre-programmed blending cycles for smoothies, ice cream, whole juice, and hot soup.

There is a pulse feature, 11-speed settings, and a six-speed slider that give the user control for customized blending. The pulse is used when a high-speed power burst is needed. The toughest seeds and nuts and ice are cut with the stainless steel blades that spin at 29,000 RPM. While the blender was designed for home use, the overall efficiency and blending power makes it popular in smoothie shops.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 4 Pre-programmed cycles
  • 8-year warranty
  • Large 90-ounce jar
  • Powerful 1560-watt, 3HP motor
  • Sleek appearance
  • Expensive
  • Has no spout


The Blendtec 625 packs powerful features into streamlined electronic controls that allow users to accomplish various tasks by pressing a button. The 625 is engineered to perform and fit with the user’s fashion sense. It has an intuitive touch screen with icons that are easy to see. The screen makes the blender simple to use and versatile. With a single touch, the screen lights up. It shuts off automatically. The screen is flat, which makes it simple to clean with a quick swipe.

A user slides a finger right or left to control the speed of the motor for customized blending. The pulse is used at any speed for added bursts of power. There is no guesswork. Four pre-programmed blender cycles enable perfect one-touch blending for hot soup, whole juice, ice cream, and smoothies. The package comes with a blender base that contains controls and motor and a WildSide Tritan Jar that is lightweight and BPA-free; and a vented Gripper lid in black. The lid seals in liquids during use. Its center lifts off to add extra ingredients and allows pressure to escape when hot ingredients or liquids are being blended.

Manuals and recipes are nice additions to a blender. The manual for the Blendtec 625 leaves something to be desired. It has ten recipes and only quick instructions. The blender can be figured out without a guide, and a digital owner’s manual is available. It is technologically impressive. The blender does not have the ‘Smartblend Technology’ that was added to the 725, which detects problems like air pockets that can prevent achieving a perfect blend. It also has less pre-programmed cycles.


There is a 75-ounce FourSide jar for heating drinks and soups, grinding grains, and smaller quantities. It has a 32-ounce capacity. Like the jar that comes with the Blendtec 625 blender, it is a four-side jar that effectively harnesses the blender power.

A square shape pulls ingredients to the blade instead of spinning them around in a jar that is circular. Blendtec also has a GO travel bottle accessory that offers a disposable blend-in-cup option. It allows for single-serve blending in a reusable bottle. Blending directly to a disposable cup is possible and provides the ultimate grab-and-go option.

The blender can also be ordered with a Spoonula. It is a 13-inch long spatula shaped for the Blendtec jars. It helps in getting the last bits from the jar. The Spoonula resists heat to 500° F. A soft vented Gripper mix-in lid that has a transparent square plug is also available.

Customers who purchased it say it is a better lid than the one that comes with the blender. It can be used on all Blendtec jars. Only 13 reviews have been posted on Amazon, but all gave the lid a five-star rating.

There is also an accessories package that includes a Twister jar, Patented Twister lid, Spectacula spatula, and a Mini Gripper lid. The Twister lid has tines that rotate. They push ingredients to the side and into the vortex. The user does not have to stop and scrap the sides manually. Contents of the jar are easily scraped out with the Spectacula spatula.


A powerful blender does not have to be an eyesore. The Blendtec 625 has a sleek, contemporary design. It is a looker. It is difficult to give a second look at it and not fall in love with it. Unlike other blenders that are eyesores on the counter, the model can be displayed. There are seven color options. Users can match the appliance to their kitchen decor.

Attractive colors are of importance for an appliance that is likely to live on the countertop instead of being hidden in a closet. The Blendtec 625 is a short unit that fits nicely under most cabinets, even low ones.

It is 7 x 15.5 x 9.25 inches in dimensions. The blender weighs 9.25 pounds. Its electronics pull 13 amps and 120 volts. The base features rubbery feet that allow airflow through the bottom, which keeps the motor cool.

They also elevate the 625 and aid in kitchen counter grip. A sleek alternative to the simple toggle switch and dial control of its competition is the illuminated touchscreen interface. It is flat, smooth, and easy to clean, unlike buttons featured on old blender models.

The Blendtec 625 is as functional as it is stylish. The bottom of the container is square. It has a fifth side to disrupt the flow. Due to the design, ingredients hit the side that is flat, move up the top side of the jar, and then go to the blades. The flat sides help scrape out thick mixtures easily.

The vented Gripper lid snaps closed and keeps ingredients secure inside. The vents permit steam to escape when preparing hot foods. Power of up to 1625 watts blends through the toughest ingredients.


The feature Blendtec users have grown to love is the pre-programmed blending cycles. There are buttons on the touchpad of the blender to push to engage for various blending needs. The four buttons include Whole Juice/Smoothies, Sauces/Dips/Dressings/Batters, Soups/Syrups/Fondue, Ice Crush/Milkshakes, and Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt.

Press the appropriate button and sit back to watch the blender do its thing. The blender automatically shuts off when finished. Automatic blend cycles ensure the texture and consistency desired. Blending buttons remove the guesswork.

There are also ten speeds and a pulse button for manual use to speed up or down. An LCD screen below the buttons indicates how much time remains with automatic blends or how long manual blending takes place. It keeps a count of the total number of blends.


The incredibly strong motor of the Blendtec 625 allows more options that cheaper blenders. All parts of the stellar, high-power blender have an eight-year warranty, including the motor. The Blendtec 625 is an incredible machine that is built to last.

At heart, it is a large appliance with a smaller footprint. Those who are serious about purchasing high-quality kitchen equipment should put the 625 on their wish list. Reviewers have attempted and succeeded at grinding up such things as laser pointers and iPads in the powerful blenders.

They were reduced to powder, If such results are possible, imagine what the blender can do to food. The impressively powerful blender excels at almost anything thrown it's way. It is a powerful gadget in a compact size.

The stainless steel wingtip blade is unbreakable. It is ten times stronger and 80 percent thicker than other blender blades. The blade cut through dense or frozen food but are not sharp, which makes clean-up less hazardous.
The 90-ounce container of the Blendtec 625 is among the largest residential use blenders available. The BPA-free WildSide+ of the Blendtec 625 has a 90-ounce capacity that blends 36 ounces of wet or dry ingredients.

It is perfect for blending beverages for four to six people. Unless users consistently need to blend small amounts, they can’t go wrong with the 625. The BPA-free WildSide+ Jar of the Blendtec 625 has a 90-ounce capacity that can blend 36-ounces of wet or dry food.

The WildSide Jar provides a lot of room for ingredients. The capacity allows making enough morning smoothies or soup at night for the whole family. It is perfect for blending beverages for four to six people. Unless users consistently need to blend small amounts, they can’t go wrong with the 625.


The Blendtec 625 is user-friendly. It doesn’t take a master chef or technology professional to use it. The blend is ideal for those who can burn water or don't want to bother with guesswork. With lots of horsepower and super-sleek controls, the Blendtec is designed to aid in making a wide variety of meals and healthy snacks.

Reviewers have said the blender struggles a bit with smoothies but is excellent at making soups and crushing ice. The reviewers claim chunks of frozen fruit get caught beneath the blade. The blades break down the ice quickly and effectively. It is one of only a few blenders that does an excellent job of crushing ice.

Those dreaming of homemade soup but are limited by time, can make a respectable tomato soup that can be heated and have a creamy texture in the blender. Setting the controls is not immediately apparent for specific tasks. There are little graphics meant to be of use, but are still less clear than blenders with buttons marked ‘ smoothie’ or ‘soup.’


The flat controls make the blender easy to clean. The Blendtec 625 features advanced controls that bring a modern touch to the kitchen and make cleaning and blending easier than ever. A single touch creates fantastic blends. When finished, the blender can be wiped clean.


The power of the motor plays a significant role in the performance of a machine. The 625 motor is powerful enough to make a user jump back when used for the first time. The 3-peak horsepower motor has quite an advantage of its closest competition having a 2.2-peak horsepower.

A 3-peak horsepower motor means the blender is more powerful and quicker than blenders with motors having less horsepower. It is more powerful than is typically needed. The blender is a bit noisy. Because of the power, the noise does not last long. Full force is seldom used. Operating under less load lessens the stress placed on the motor and results in a longer motor life.

Some reviewers say the blend makes a good, not great, frozen fruit smoothie. It is ideal for just about everything else. Other reviewers praise the ability to turn ice into snow quickly and get rid of chunky bits left behind in shakes and smoothies by other blenders.

Key Features

* 11 claimed speeds
* 1560-watt full-size blender
* An 8-year warranty
* Available in eight colors
* Black molded finish
* Five-sided WildSide+ jar
* Good overall performance
* LCD tells of remaining blending time
* Plastic Jar
* Pulse feature
* Recipe book and instruction manual
* Touchpad controls
* Vented Gripper Lid

Bottom Line

The Blendtec 625 is a must-have for people who make juices and smoothies on a regular basis. The hi-tech blender is rather expensive, but it will last longer than old blenders., especially if used every day. Its variety of available colors make it fit into nearly any decor and become a conversation piece. While it is expensive, there is a Blendtec 725 that costs an additional $170. Those who cannot afford the price of the added features are getting an excellent value with the 625.

It is a knockout with a wide range of colors and its compact design. Users can quickly craft juices, smoothies, salsa, soups, and other recipes with the blender for years to come. The Blendtec 625 works quietly, efficiently, and quickly to blend a variety of recipes.

The Blendtec also makes dough, purees, and chops. Blendtec is a leader in the market. They have manufactured many bestseller blenders. The 625 is among them. Whipping up a smoothie, juicing whole vegetables and fruits, making ice cream, or creating hot, hearty soups can be done in just seconds. The blender makes quick work of almost all chopping mixing, and blending tasks.