Best Table Top Games Reviewed & Rated

We all love games, that’s a given. What kind of games can you easily have at a party or get together though, that isn’t your usual card or board game, but can still be set up on a table? When going to be with family or friends most people will grab a card game or board game- like Phase 10 or R.I.S.K.- but you want to stand out this year and blow everyone away. We at Gearhunt understand, and we have created a top ten just for you.

Want something you can play for hours and have to get truly active with? Maybe you like to play air hockey, but no one else wants to go hunting for a place to play it. Ot’s hard to find a game you love from the days of the arcade without resorting to a virtual form of it these days. Most of the time if you can find one it’s too expensive to play more than a couple of rounds, and too big to have in most homes let alone bring it in for a party. Well now you can do just that with many games that were either outdoor only or arcade games.

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Our children spend so much time on the computer, and their cell phones it’s time to remind them what good old fun can be. We have updated our game selection in order to provide a more versatile pick. Furthermore, we have added new FAQ’s to answer all those unique questions you need answers too.

Featured Recommendations

Playcraft Air Hockey
  • Playcraft Air Hockey
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Sturdy MDF Hardwood Frame
  • Price: See Here
Franklin Sports Table Tennis
  • Franklin Sports Table Tennis
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Convenient Carrying Bag
  • Price: See Here
Mini Pool Set
  • Mini Pool Set
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Realistic Design
  • Price: See Here

We want to be sure, as always that this is good for you and those you want to play with, and that you don’t break your wallet or spend needlessly on items that are either not durable and/or could be found for less. We bring you quality products on our list that meet all your expectations and then some. After all, no one likes to get a game they are ‘board’ with, and everyone wants to be the life of the party- so, we feel, with our top ten, we can help you score just such a goal! Sit back, relax, grab your coffee, and get ready to find the perfect game for you on our top ten list.


10 Best Table Top Games


1. Playcraft Air Hockey

1. Playcraft Air Hockey
Well as so many of our lists revolve around the adults we wanted to add in a few for the kiddies. Playcraft seems to have accomplished that with the Playcraft Sport 40-inch Table Top Air Hockey Set. It seems like a nice game for even your most diehard air hockey players.
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Low Air Supply
A lot of the time we see with things like this that a very powerful air supply is great for the adults but the puck can get out of control and go flying off the table. That is not cool when it comes to younger players so the lower air supply on this table seems just about right.

Few things are as important to most people as less clutter. This table is small enough to easily slip under the bed or store on a closet shelf when not in use. Leaving your table or floor clutter free and removing every parent's fear of the late night stubbed toe.

Cost and Value
We aren’t sure exactly what you're looking for in your air hockey table but this one is gonna be hard to beat. For the cost, you get a nice sized game that works well for the younger folks without having to take up most of a room for set up. It is reasonably affordable with little to no real upkeep

Easy to store

Durable construction (kid-proof)

Sufficient airflow to keep the puck moving flawlessly

Simple to assemble


Electronic score keeping may not always work

Surface scuffs easily

2. Franklin Sports Tennis

2. Franklin Sports Tennis
Ok, we took a vote and decided that there were times we would have liked to have a few more game options when we went on vacation. The Franklin Sports Table Tennis to Go set lets you do just that. All included is something we rarely get to say but read below and see if you agree with us.
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Easy Set-up
We were pleased to see that the set up for this is simple. Just take your time opening the new and attach it to the side of any table. That’s it…No mess and no complicated directions. Once your net is up, just take you paddles and get the game going.

Easy to Store & Travel With
The little miracle includes not only all the trimming but its own carrying bag. This means you can just gently roll up the netting and slide it into the included bag with the balls and paddles and go. Store it in a closet, box or, in the case with the beach toys.

Cost and Value
When we look into something like this of course the main aspect is play-ability. For the price you can’t beat this deal. The set comes with everything including extras and things seem to be well made. It can be used for any age and other than perhaps leaving the net set up to the adults this set seems very family friendly.
  • Easy set-up
  • Set had sturdy easy to use accessories
  • Easy to store or travel with
  • Clamps hold net firmly in place
  • Springs for net roll up can wear making it harder to close net
  • Clamps can scratch finish on wooden tables

3. Mini Pool Set

3. Mini Pool Set
This Mini Tabletop Pool set comes with everything the professionals use at a beginner level. Sure its small thus the name, but that also means it can go just about anywhere. After all who wants the time and expense of a full-sized pool table when you can relax with this version without breaking the bank.
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Well Made
A lot of people don’t want to buy smaller versions of things like this due to the fear of poor quality. That is not the case for this pool table. We have checked down to the last detail and found the balls and even the cue sticks to be of good quality. There is actual weight to the accessories making you feel more secure in your ability to play well.

Is Size an Issue
Well not for us. This little gem fits perfectly on any dining room table or desk. With the table being this size it makes for easy storage. You can leave it out as a showpiece to relax in your office, or tuck it into a closet on a shelf when using at home.

Cost and Value
At number 3 on our list, we find the Mini Tabletop Pool Set to be a charming addition to wherever you decide to add it in your life. At home or at work this is a great way to learn the basics or just to blow off some quiet steam. It had all the accessories you would expect from its bigger relatives and comes at a fraction of the price.
  • All accessories included
  • Easy to store due to size
  • Well made cue balls and sticks
  • Sturdy frame
  • Does not come with built in leveling system
  • Plastic sides may not hold up to rougher handling by children

4. Elite Sportz Junior 2 Games on 1 Board

4. Elite Sportz Junior 2 Games on 1 Board
Just like the name states this game offers 2 games on 1 board. We know how restless children can become after playing the same game over and over again. Which is why we wanted to offer a few multifunctional tabletop games that are fun for the entire family. This particular game is all about competitive fun, whether its raining or sunny outside your children are sure to want to play.
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This game is constructed to feature two different styles but on one board in order to save you space. The front showcases a fun bean bag football toss and the back comes with the all-time classic tic tac toe.


While this game is a tabletop game and will fit most rectangular tables this one is lightweight enough that you can take the fun outdoors. What better way to entertain your children on sunny days then to allow them to bring their indoor table fun outdoors.

Cost and Value

This game is priced very fairly. It’s on the mid-range of what you would expect a 2 in 1 game to cost. Keep in mind; you're getting every piece you need so that you can set up in seconds after receiving it.
  • 2 games for the price of one
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store away
  • Smaller then consumers wanted it to be
  • Not as sturdy

5. Elite Sportz Curling

5. Elite Sportz Curling
Whether you are a fan of the Olympics or just want to learn this is a cool way to get into curling without the icy temperatures. If you get this game you can see if you may have your very own Olympic Athlete hiding in the family. Potentially you can get loads of fun family time even if you play in rounds.
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Easy Set up
The title says it all. Just roll out the Elite Sports Tabletop Curling mat and attach the magnetic weights to either end to stretch it out. You can use the colored stones to keep score and to know whose team is winning or whose stone to aim for.

Easy to Clean
A lot of games come with small complicated bits that make it hard to clean from time to time. That is not an issue with this game. A warm damp rag to wipe down the vinyl slide and then let it dry. That’s it, you’re done. The stones can get the same treatment and you're all set with a ready to play set.

Cost and Value
If you’re looking for a unique way to spend some family time and are tired of the same old card/video games this is a great investment. It’s not expensive and with a small amount of consideration on the way it's treated is sure to give you loads of fun time and again. It is almost identical to the Olympic version with the exception of size, ice, and the need for brooms. A great way to bring some affordable sports into the home without having to move the furniture.
  • Easy setup
  • Magnetic strips secure to board to stretch out
  • Suitable for travel
  • Rolls up to store easily in box with bag to contain stones
  • The plastic track is not super durable
  • May not work on textured or uneven surfaces

6. Sport Squad Foosball

6. Sport Squad Foosball
Foosball has been around almost as long as the sports they represent. It had been made famous in bars, frat houses, and arcades around the world. This next bit is our own way of allowing you to bring the party into your home, without having to move anything to make room for it. Grit your teeth, set your feet, dry your hands, and let the games begin.
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Instructions Included
A lot of times when getting something like this the idea of putting it together is daunting. However, this foosball table comes with a set of what we perceive to be easy to read instructions. Most were able to put it together in about 20 minutes and it worked with no kinks in the system. Pretty click for something that seems so complex.

New Balls
We found very few faults when it came to craftsmanship with this game. Not once did we find a need to buy or replace in any way the player on the field or the posts holding them in their place. However, we all know how hard it can be to keep track of something the size of a foosball, especially since they are so fun on their own. There are two balls included with the kit and you can easily buy a bag of replacement balls almost anywhere online or at a game store. So don’t panic if the balls end up hiding under the sofa and slip into the ether.

Cost and Value
This is not the cheapest item of our list but we feel it is well worth it. Most of the time something like this not only comes with a big price tag but a huge inconvenience in trying to find a place for it. The Sport Squad FX40 Foosball table eliminates all of that and provides you with something that can fit on most coffee or dining room tables with no problem. Add in the hours of fun and easy storage and you have quite the bargain.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to replace balls
  • Requires total assembly
  • Rudimentary board

7. Carrom Shuffleboard

7. Carrom Shuffleboard
This is one of the largest game boards we are presenting but we feel its worth a look. Easy and fun to play shuffleboard is something that up until now has been for cruises and not much else. The great thing about this version is you can take it with you and play inside or outdoors on the picnic table when the weather is nice.
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Quality Board
The board is made of good quality wood and screen-printed graphics that make it easy to see and keep score. The markings are for the longboard or court version so you’re not stuck with one style. The graphics are also printed with lead-free ink which is a nice little perk when allowing younger players to get involved without fear.

No Chemicals
Most full-sized shuffle boards require a layer or powder or spray to help the biscuits to slide easier. While not bad themselves the over-spray can leave quite a mess and potentially be inhaled. This board removes the need to extra chemicals leaving you free to play and breath in peace.

Cost and Value
This is overall a great buy. There is just something about introducing people to a game that hasn’t been well known except to an elite few. It requires a good amount of hand to eye coordination and an amount of muscle control that most kids and even some adults seem to have a hard time with. You can’t just push it as hard as you can to with this game. Brain is better than brawn and in our opinion that can be a fun change of pace.
  • Well made
  • Biscuits move well
  • No powder or spray required
  • Easy storage
  • Small parts are potentially bad for small kids
  • Biscuits can run off the board if it is not level

8. Klask

8. Klask
This game, believe it or not, was voted Game of the Year for both Norway and Sweden in 2015. It’s a slightly faster paced version of air hockey and we think you should check it out. Magnets instead of pucks and air are how things move and you even have a touch of shuffleboard added into the mix. Let’s hear it for origination.
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Rounds are Fast
There isn’t a lot to learn and the pieces are simple. You use magnets from under the board to control the pieces on top of the board. You want to get your ball into your opponent’s goal. We found a few rounds to a full game can be played between adults over a lunch break at work, which is probably good for releasing some steam before your back to the grindstone.

Quick to Learn
The average person learned to play this in a couple of rounds so it won’t take long to teach someone new. Voila’, a new competitor has arrived. Give them a round to try out the pieces and get the feel and your off to the races. With an average full game time of ten minutes, you can duke out several teams and never be missed.

Cost and Value
The cost of this game is a little on the high side compared to most of our list. That said, it seems as though not one person regretted having the game once they started playing it. We didn’t find anyone who decided it wasn’t worth it, and that is something truly rare. Plus, even though this is technically a game from another country, who doesn’t enjoy expanding their horizons just a bit.
  • Fun to play
  • Rounds are quick enough to play during a lunch break
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy storage
  • Have to be careful or you can slide the pieces off the side
  • Have to make sure board is level

9. Mini Pong

9. Mini Pong
Yes, we realize that this isn’t typically a family-friendly game. However, with a simple adjustment of say water, or juice, instead of the norm, this game can be fun and even funny for everyone on New Year’s Eve or any day you like. That said if the kids are away at camp and it’s just mom and dad, feel free to pick your poison.
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Easy to Clean
Most of the time when playing the larger version of this game you have the issue of cleanup afterward. In this case, smaller is better. The board holds the cups for you and helps to avoid a mess all over your table. Just use a warm, damp, soapy cloth to wipe things down after and your all set for your next party.

Easy to Store
Another nice thing about this Mini Pong set is that the entire thing fits back into its original box. Just grab the board, pull the catapults, and stack the cups all of which will slide right back into the box on a nice safe high shelf. Also, the ball is tethered so there is no fear of losing it during play or when storing.

Cost and Value
Tried and true to the original Mini Pong is something that can be a great addition to any party or cookout your having. This time of year, with the warm weather, it’s great to get some friends together and test your hand-eye coordination. Especially with a little liquid libation to help with your aim. We do want to point out that a simple switch of the liquid to say apple juice or tea would remove any potential side effect for the nondrinker or youngster in your group.
  • Can’t lose tethered ball
  • Comes with all supplies minus libation
  • Easy to store as it fits in original box
  • Easy cleanup
  • Wood can warp over time if not dried
  • Tether can get in the way of side launches

10. Carrom Game Board Large

10. Carrom Game Board Large
While we all love the idea of an interactive tabletop sports game we also love the idea of having a board that gives us different gaming options. Carrom did just that! They have created the ultimate versatile board game. Featuring 100 different options to choose from including checkers, carrom, crokinole, and billiard. It’s the perfect “not a board game, board game” that has a little something for everyone.
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Even though we would love to have our favorite games for a very long time in order to enjoy them time and time again, we know children can be rough and practically destroy anything in 10 minutes or less. However, with this set, you do not have to worry. It’s made out of high-quality 0.75-inch-thick wood frame that can be roughed up without snagging in the smallest bit.

Hours upon hours of entertainment

Due to having 100 different games to play and choose from you can rest assure your child will be entertained for hours to come. This board game makes entertaining children easy and effortlessly. The game comes with a two-sided board, hand-tied corner nets, 44 playing pieces, two cue sticks, number discs, and an easy to read manual.

Cost and Value

What can we say durable, versatile, entertaining and fits most if not all tables? The cost is a mid-low range which makes it perfect to add to any game room or game night event. Additionally, it’s a game that can be played all year-round making it an excellent bang for your buck.
  • 100 different games to choose from
  • Easy instructions
  • Barely any setting up
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Customers noted it was quite difficult to reach customer service
  • Poor packaging


Have you reached the goal line yet? If not, fear not! We are still on your team and cheering for you! We here at Gearhunt want to make sure you always walk away from our articles satisfied- either with a purchase decision we could help you to make or at the very least with the information we could provide you with. So, if you’re ready to head out, we wish you tons of fun and games, and if you still need more, feel free to look over the criteria we used to select these products to help you continue your hunt or make a final decision to go with what we feel are the best. If even the criteria doesn’t help, additional information is where other things we keep in mind are such as things to look out for and health information- and we also provide you with a FAQ to answer common questions.

Even if none of that helps, you are likely to find a well of valuable information in the sources we used and provide at the very bottom. So, have fun and be safe, from us here at Gearhunt!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Table Top Games


When looking for quality goods, the first question on anyone’s mind is ‘how long will this last?’ and it’s no different when we are making our top ten lists. Durability means the product you are purchasing won’t have to be repurchased/replaced with another new product out of your wallet. What this means is if it has faulty parts, or if it is not built correctly that the company will help you with fixing or replacing whatever is needed. After all, you paid for it, they should be willing to help you is the fault is not your own.

Of course, some of us have rougher kids, family members, or friends than others, and unfortunately, this can at times fall under the aspect of ‘not a quality issue’ because it isn’t a default in the product, but a misuse of it. For instance, sitting on a table that was not built for use as a chair and having it break is no fault of the table. That wasn’t what it was designed for. So, our durability covers what it is meant to: proper use of the equipment was followed and it lasted.

Some products are more durable than others naturally or are built with the idea of roughhousing occurring, especially when it comes to games. So while some meet these criteria on our list, others exceeded beyond what normal durability limits were expected. If we tell you we think it can survive a three-year-old who hates to lose- or who thinks everything needs danced on- then we probably found proof that the product had indeed survived such a thing. Doesn’t mean of course that we want you to use it in such a manner, but for some it did and we want to praise the product for the great effort that was made to make sure it will be difficult to break.


Not all games are created equal. Some games are simply too difficult or too complicated to truly enjoy. While making this list we wanted to make sure every game, even if hard to win, was well worth it to buy and play. Some can be played over the time it takes to have a lunch break, while others may require more patience and dedication to get that high score. No matter which, we made sure that the instructions were simple to find and learn so that when you do play it, the game is enjoyable. In every case the instructions could be located in the box or easily online so that no one has to doubt the game is being played right and fairly.

Easy to Handle

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, one of the hardest things to find when looking for a game of this sort is to locate a version that is small enough to travel, put away and be playable by kids. While all of these games meet each of the requirements, they are also playable by adults. Though bear in mind that the smaller the board, the more you have to strategically decide force and area of ability to play. So, even though they are playable, these mini-versions are going to take a bit more practice at points to play for larger people. That being said, they are still exceptionally fun and can be packed away for either travel or simple clean up with ease and therefore meet our ‘easy to handle expectations.

Cost and Value

No matter what our list, we always want to make sure you are getting the most for your money. We do not want you feeling as if you wasted a penny on something you did not get what you were expecting. Each game was looked at, researched and found that the majority of owners were more than a little satisfied with their purchase. Those that weren’t often had what appeared to be a rare if not single person issue rather than something bad overall. In other words, unless we could validate that the issue wasn’t a fluke, we feel that the value of the product met or exceeded normal expectations and put it on our list. If the problem wasn’t a fluke and we still have it on our list it is either minor and easily fixed, or we felt the quality of the item far outweighed the issue presented.

Addition information

With any game purchase, you have to consider what the effects outside the wallet could be. Beyond if the game is flimsy, not fun, or simply isn’t your taste, there are things such as the size of the pieces, and who is going to play it that you should keep in mind. If you’re going to be around younger children, how the game is played, and how big the pieces are becomes extremely important.

If you are buying anything on this list please check the age range. These are not just suggestions of who would like the game, though a very small part of it, the youngest age given is usually due to how it is played, and how dangerous the parts might be for a younger audience. If it is for 5+, for instance, chances are it has smaller, more easily swallowed pieces that are not suitable for mobile children who like to stick things in their mouth. Sometimes you will see a “choking hazard” warning on the box, but there are several games that feel an age range given should be enough to tell you that a coin toss game is not meant for toddlers.

If the game has a lot of rules, requires higher learned skills, or involves knowing information that younger kids may not have, this can also influence age range. For these types of games, the age range is set to where the manufacturer believes the person meeting the criteria should be able to play without being held back. With tabletop games on this list, it can also apply to when hand-eye coordination and strength/understanding their own ability is good enough to play.

Also, when considering players who have health issues, muscle ability and mental disabilities are things to consider as well. If a lot of the players have wrist or arm injuries or issues the game may not be enjoyable. The same goes for the games that have built in sizes or are tables themselves. If they aren’t tall enough and several of the players have back or leg issues, you may want to consider a different game.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which of these games would be suitable for someone with arthritis?

A: Low-impact games on the joints are usually what you want to look for if you want to play a game like one of the ones listed above. If the game sounds like it could really require or cause hard or fast jerking on the joints, you may want to consider an alternative. For more information, you can check our sources at the bottom and ask your physician if the one you want to play is safe for you.

Q: Which games should I avoid with pre-school and younger?

Any game with small objects is likely not a good choice.

A: If it requires a lot of hand-eye coordination it could be unfair to play as well, though it may help to develop such. In those cases, the best suggestion is to modify the game to allow the younger ones to be able to stand a chance. Another good thing to consider is if it could be a game that could easily cause injury. Flying objects or objects that get too close and can have a lot of force behind them (air hockey) may not be good either. Again, check our sources to find more ideas for the younger players in your party group.

Q: Which of these games can be played on a table?

A:Most of the games on our list can be set on top of your kitchen table, however, you might want to consider if your table has textures, grooves or doesn’t sit exactly level before using it. Many of the games that can be played on a table can also easily be affected by its surface.

Q: How to determine if my child will enjoy any of these games?

A: We recommend taking into consideration your children’s likes and dislikes before purchasing a game. Making sure your child is interested in the game will enable you to make a good estimate as to if they will enjoy it or not.

Q: Are all these games easy to transport?

A: While all of these games are to be played on a tabletop, you can essentially take them anywhere you go. This is one of the main reasons why we love tabletop games so much, they are fun on the table, or on the ground, the options are truly endless.

Q: What age should my child be to play these games?

A: Age will play a big factor as to which game you decide to purchase; therefore, you want to make sure you read the age requirements first. Most games offer an age guide in order to help buyers know what games are subtle for their child’s age bracket and what games are not.

Q: What happens if I do not like the game I purchase?

A: Great question! If you are not fond of the game, you purchase be sure to contact customer service immediately in order to receive your refund as quickly as possible. However, before you do, give the game a try and see if maybe you just needed to warm up to it.

Q: How often should I clean my tabletop game?

A: You want to clean or wipe down your game at least once every time it is used. Doing so will prevent further germs from transforming from the game to your child and vice versa.


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