Best Electric Snow Shovels & Blowers Reviewed

Getting an electric snow blower is sometimes mandatory, not just for the ease of use but for health reasons. Shoveling snow can cause serious back damage, and in areas where the snow is really bad, shoveling it manually can take hours. Think of an electric snow shovel as an easy way to get a really hard job done.

Our Top 3 Picks

Snow Joe iON13SS-HYB
  • Snow Joe iON13SS-HYB
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Hybrid Tech
  • Price: See Here
GreenWorks 26022
  • GreenWorks 26022
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Powerful
  • Price: See Here
Snow Joe 323E
  • Snow Joe 323E
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Strong
  • Price: See Here

Best Brands

There are some standout brands, but none that really run away from the competition. If you twisted someone’s arm they would probably say Snow Joe or GreenWorks, but snow shovels rarely break down so brand loyalty can be skewed. So any customer that has purchased their first electric shovel (or moved on from gas snow shovels) could end up with any number of brands.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Treat snow clearing equipment no different than lawn equipment when going through maintenance. But due to the nature of these products, care is about being away and not running over the cord. And in the case of a cordless model, taking the battery out and not leaving it in the unit when not in use for long periods of time. As long as general cleaning solutions are used, there really isn’t a lot more you have to worry about.

10 Best Electric Snow Shovels & Blowers


1. Snow Joe iON13SS-HYB

The best on the list by far, and also the best Snow Joe model you can purchase. This is the model that people buy when they don’t want to worry about having to purchase another electric snow shovel in a few years.

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Hybrid Technology

The iON13SS-HYB can use the built in rechargeable battery or can be used with the manual plug in wire. Either way will give you the same amount of power, with the freedom to choose which works best for your situation.

Features and Specifications

52 minutes run time when on battery
500 W 15 amp brushless motor


Even though the product is high priced, it does come with the choice of hybrid, core tool or battery/charger models. The value is there by making the correct choice upfront with the purchase.

Decision Time

Having a fast starting hybrid electric snow shovel is a big plus when you have a lot of snow to get rid of. It is 13 inches of power that will be your best friend when you have a path to clear.
  • Capable of moving up to 300lbs. of snow a minute
  • Heavy duty blades clear wide and deep paths
  • Slightly less than an hour on battery runtime

2. GreenWorks 26022

It may not have nabbed the top spot, but the 26022 model from GreenWorks is a heavy duty snow shovel that can clear a lot of snow. Large and corded, this is what users turn to when they want pure power.

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The 26022 can clear 16 inch paths and 600lbs. of snow a minute. For larger jobs that could make a huge difference in the amount of time you spend hitting specific areas.

Features and Specifications

Discharges up to 25ft.
Adjustable rubber grip handle bar


Surprisingly, buyers can get this in the low-mid price range. The value will come from customers that are switching over from the more expensive gas snow shovels.

Decision Time

GreenWorks did a good job in hyping up the power of the 26022 model. There is nothing this snow shovel can’t handle, and it works well for small and big jobs.
  • Massive four year warranty
  • 6 inch radial wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Height is not adjustable

3. Snow Joe 323E

Snow Joe makes it on the list again, this time with the reliable 323E. This is arguably their best corded electric snow shovel, and has been used to clear out snow worldwide.

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Deceptively Strong

With the lightweight nature of this electric snow shovel, no one would expect for it to be able to handle 400 pounds of snow per minute. With the Greenworks 26022 almost twice the size and handling 600 pounds per minute, that’s an honorable tradeoff.

Features and Specifications

2 blade paddle auger
Throws snow up to 20ft.


Snow Joe priced this competitively and it just hits the midrange threshold, and by some will be considered low priced. Corded models of this caliber are hard to find at an acceptable price range, so it’s a true winner.

Decision Time

Customers that want power without a bigger unit will have great success in using the 323E. It covers all of the major features that made Snow Joe products famous, and keeps the price fair.
  • Instant start button with safety switch
  • Only weighs 13.8 pounds
  • Will struggle with heavy snow or ice

4. GreenWorks 2600802

The #4 spot can be swapped out with the #3 spot, as both the 2600802 and the 323E are neck and neck in features. Customers may want to look at both spots when making a decision on which to choose.

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Easy Start

Without any cords to pull you can get started immediately when it’s time to shovel snow. GreenWorks and Snow Joe have the best quick start features in the industry when it comes to their electric snow shovels.

Features and Specifications

13 inch shoveling width
Weighs 14 pounds


Buyers can get their hands on this model pretty easily, and it falls within the guidelines of a midrange priced electric snow shovel. If it stays in that range then it’s a really good investment for now, and deep into the future.

Decision Time

GreenWorks makes it really hard to look at other products since their own are such high quality. The 2600802 is in pretty elite company and should be able to handle tough jobs.
  • Handles snow up to six inches deep
  • 8 amp motor is very underrated
  • Not good with heavy jobs

5. Earthwise V33662

Earthwise is one of the smaller companies in the industry, but one that offers pretty good products. This model has received a lot of attention for reliability and ample power where necessary.

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Large Clearing Width

For such a small electric shovel, clearing 14 inches is a really big deal. Customers will love how easy it is to shovel know with this model, and all without having to use a bulkier alternative.

Features and Specifications

12 amp motor
Clears 430lbs. per minute


If you want to try out one of the smaller companies then Earthwise should be given a fair shot, and they have priced this model competitively in the midrange price. With such a powerful 12 amp motor, that fits the bill perfectly.

Decision Time

Everything about this electric snow shovel seems great, with the only con coming from the time it takes to get a response from the company. Judging by the way this model is solidly built, you won’t have to contact them much anyway.
  • Easy to maneuver in heavier snow
  • Throws up to 30ft.
  • Customer service is average

6. Ryobi

Ryobi is another one of those companies that put out quality products year round. Their smaller electric shovel may seem underpowered, but when the time comes to work it has proven to be a consistent piece of equipment.

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Small And Easy To Use

The low weight is one thing to consider, the other is how small it is compared to the others on the list. They still took the extra step of making the handle comfortable and putting the cord in a place that won’t get in your way.

Features and Specifications

Telescoping handle with instant starting
3 year limited warranty


As a true compact electric snow shovel this is a must have for areas with hard to reach spaces, but the price is high. The value will depend heavily on where you want to clear snow and if this model can reach it.

Decision Time

With a massive three year warranty to play with, buying this compact Ryobi model doesn’t seem like a bad idea. This is the best electric shovel the company has to offer, and it already has a lot of satisfied customers.
  • Can get to areas where other snow shovels can’t
  • Quiet operation thanks to the 8 amp motor
  • Doesn’t clear as wide as the others on the list

7. Toro 38361

To see Toro this far up the list is surprising, and just goes to show how tough the industry has gotten over the years. They are still considered one of the top American brands in the industry, with the 38361 considered one of their top products.

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Good Clearing Capabilities

In a single pass the unit can clear snow 6 inches deep and make a 12 inch wide pathway. Considering the low 7.5 amps, that’s some impressive power.

Features and Specifications

Weighs only 12 ½ lbs.
Adjustable metal telescoping handle


This is a high priced electric snow shovel, but one that comes with rust resistance and a 2 year warranty. Just based on the brand alone you’ll get your money’s worth with the quality guarantee.

Decision Time

Old faithful is the best way to describe the Toro 38361, and it has been in the hands of countless hard workers. Even with a motor that has been surpassed by many on the list, this is still one of the best electric snow shovels in the industry.
  • Handles like a dream even in heavy conditions
  • Clears 300 pounds of snow per minute
  • Weak 7.5 amp motor

8. Homegear ZESB-2000

Homegear decides to be the jack of all trades with this high powered model, and trounces a good amount of the competition in the process. This may not be the best in the industry but it definitely has some very original ideas.

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Deep Snow Cuts

At its best the unit can handle up to 10 inches of snow, which is amazing and puts it in an elite clearing category. Not a lot of the other electric snow shovels can get that deep, and many are capped at 6 inches.

Features and Specifications

120v with 13 amps of power
180 degree adjustable chute


Due to it being a power product it is of course in the high price range. There are few on the list with this type of power, so the value is strong attached to how much snow you have to clear.

Decision Time

Power electric snow shovels like this one is why Homegear is a great company to purchase from. They took a lot of great ideas and made a product that can destroy whatever job you put in front of it.
  • Can throw snow 30ft.
  • Is a power unit that does best on heavy jobs
  • Can be a bit hard to handle

9. GreenWorks 2600702

This won’t be the only time GreenWorks appears on the list, but it will be one of the few times you see a cordless model. Cordless models of high quality are a rarity, so the 2600702 G-MAX is a very good choice for most customers.

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Lightweight Even With The Battery

The battery doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk or weight the shovel down too much. This was an important feature since the selling point of the product is how light and easy to handle it is.

Features and Specifications

12 inch shoveling width
40v lithium ion battery


This is one of the most expensive cordless snow shovels you can purchase, and the highest priced on this list. The value will become apparent if you already own other GreenWorks products and can mix batteries.

Decision Time

Owners of other GreenWorks products will flock to this model since it fits in with the rest of their inventory. And if this turns out to be your first from the company, it still has some really useful features for clearing snow.
  • Can use the same batteries from other GreenWorks products
  • Included instruction sheet is detailed and helpful for repairs
  • Battery only lasts for 30 minutes

10. Earthwise

First on the list is Earthwise, with one of their bestselling models to date. It’s available in green or red and gets some really difficult tasks done when it comes to clearing snow.

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This isn’t the most powerful or advanced electric snow shovel on the list, but it does have a lot of balanced features. Earthwise has made it one of the lowest priced units in the industry without cutting performance, and that should be admired.

Features and Specifications

9 amp motor
Clears 300 lbs. of snow a minute


As mentioned before, this is one of the lowest priced electric snow shovels in the industry. Customers that don’t have to worry about herculean snow tasks will find the value of this model to be exquisite.

Decision Time

When Earthwise came out with this corded model, the 9 amp motor was considered a big deal. That still stands, so if you need a reliable electric snow shovel then don’t pass this one up.
  • Cuts a nice 10 inch wide path
  • Dual-blade curved rotor packed inside an only 11 lbs. frame
  • Struggles on big snow jobs

How to Solve the Most Common Issues with Electric Snow Shovels

If you live in the northern hemisphere and you know what’s good for you, you have already started preparing for the winter that will soon be knocking on your door. It’s all good and nice that you probably have enough clothes and other appliances to keep you warm during those icy days. However, if you haven’t yet considered an electric snow shovel, this could be a good time to get one. If you already have one, keep reading, as, in this article, we are looking at some of the common issues that could present and how you can possibly solve them if they do.

Common issues

Ask anyone who has used an electric snow shovel and they will tell you that the majority of problems emanate from storing the power tool in a very cold area. Some of the common problems you will encounter will include handles that fail to depress, the starter failing to engaging, the engine failing to start, and impellers refusing to engage. Another problem is the belts making a noise and sometimes producing smoke when the machine is on. Like other electric tools, there is also a risk of cables breaking. And of course, the most common problem could be that you just didn’t turn the machine on.

Read the manual

The first issue that will present itself is the user manual. We know that many people just don’t like to read those little books that often tend to be technical. Unfortunately, it is one of the things you will need to do. Most of the manuals come with a troubleshooting guide. If you want your electric snow shovel to work well for you, you will need to know how the people who manufactured it intended it to be used.

electric snow showels most common issues

If you find it hard to read the manual all in one go, divide it into parts and read a manageable part per day. Just ensure that by the time you start using the snow shovel, you know everything there is to know about the tool you are using. This will make sure that if it breaks down due to the fault of the manufacturer, you will still be covered by the warranty.  All power tools are dangerous. The user manual also comes with safety tips most of the time.

Snow shovel refuses to start

Power tools that won’t start are common. Most of the times the solution is simple: you just didn’t turn it on. This is the first place you should check before you get a technician to travel halfway across your town to just come and plug the shovel for you.

Snow shovels come with a trigger switch and lock out button. In order for the machine to run, you will need to use the buttons properly. Check out your operator manual on how the snow shovel should be started. For most electric snow shovels, the machine is started by pressing and then holding the lock-out button before lifting the trigger and holding it while the machine is working.

You turned the motor on but the impeller fails to engage

Sometimes an impeller that fails to engage is frozen tight. But how do you know if it is? Listen to the belt; if it squeals or starts to produce smoke, release the handle at once. Find the area on the machine where the impeller is located. While doing all this, ensure that the gas is not leaking from the cap vent as the procedure could involve tipping the machine on its handles. If you try to turn the impeller by hand and it won’t move, then your problem is emanating from a machine that is frozen.

Deal with the problem by taking the machine to an area where you can get some heat inside it to thaw. A hairdryer is a good solution for getting the heat into the machine. However, you need to exercise extreme caution as you do this as you don’t want to create a fire hazard. The heat should be directed into the auger area.

If the above is not the problem, check to make sure that the belt is not damaged. If it is the belt that is damaged, your solution will be to replace it. How you do this will depend on the type of machine you have. The operator manual would usually have a section about replacing parts. It is always advisable that when you replace the parts of your snow shovel, you use parts approved by the manufacturer.

Starter spinning but won’t turn on the engine

A spinning starter that won’t turn on the engine could also be attributed to freezing. To make sure that this is the problem, go to the starter gear and thaw the area. Freezing in this area can also be prevented by application of lubricant.

A thin layer of snow remains behind

Another problem you will notice, especially with a snow shovel you have been using for some time, is a thin layer of snow remaining in areas that you have just finished blowing. The problem here could be a worn scraper. This challenge can be solved by replacing the scraper. Again, how you do this will depend on the type of machine you have. Visit the section on how to replace the scraper.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of all the issues you will meet with your snow shovel. To guarantee the safety of all concerned, if you are unable to solve the issues using some of the tips we have suggested here ensure that the machine is managed by someone qualified to do so. It is always advisable to talk to the manufacturers of the machine; most of the time they would be happy to direct you to a qualified person. If it’s still within the warranty, then they will repair it or give you a new machine for free if the permanent fault is not caused by you.


Are Gas Units Obsolete?

No, but they do tend to cost a lot more the longer you own them. Electric snow shovels takes the extra costs out of owning a unit that is meant to work for you, and not the other way around. Gas snow shovels can be expensive options if you have a lot of snow, and they send toxic fumes into the air.

Should You Purchase An Extra Battery?

It depends on how much snow you need to shovel. For some customers, this is not an issue since they own products from the same company and can mix and match their batteries. So if cost of batteries is keeping you away from a product, try to see if the rest of your tools use the same battery as your electric snow shovel.

Will An Electric Snow Shovel Break Down Over Time?

Yes, but that is normal for any electric product. The good news is that they will last longer than their gas counterparts and tend to be more efficient with their energy consumption. Maintaining an electric snow shovel is easy and guarantees years of effective shoveling.

How To Make The Best Decision

Corded or cordless? Power or portability? If you can answer these questions, then the decision process gets a lot easier. The power question is important, since heavy jobs will always default to using a corded electric snow shovel. Portable units tap out when handling heavy jobs, so sometimes owning a cordless and a corded unit is a good idea.