Timberland Flume Waterproof Boot Review

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Timberland Flume boots can deal with any sort of hiking trail; traction is outstanding, exceptional protection is designed-in very effectively, the foot-bed has EVA cushioning so the comfort feature is well tried and clearly appreciated.

The level for protecting the feet from water entering the boot is consistently very good and all the boot seams are fully sealed for even more protection.

The Flume takes mud, grit, rocks, ice, snow, rain and any type of trail surface in its stride while the wearer can comfortably enjoy lots of stability, even on tricky slopes. Take a long look at these outstanding boots and decide if they will work for you.
Timberland Flume Waterproof Boot Review Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Great style

Nice arch support

Effective cushioning

Impressive insulation

Good waterproofing

Effective traction

Protection from debris

Light on the feet


A short shaft design

Very few color options

Key Features

Best Features

For traction, there is a designed-in multi-directional lug system so that traction is secured in all directions under the feet. The uppers are built with durable high-quality full-grain leather meaning good protection, defense against water and sharp objects and a superb level of breathability.

If you find that these well-designed boots offer enough comfortable support without the EVA foot-bed, you can easily remove it. A five-inch foot shaft does the job fine for hikers.

A built-in gusseted tongue gives comfortable protection while keeping out dust and debris. These don't have a steel toe-cap but the density and sturdy toecap design offers a lot of protection.

A rubber sole ensures seriously good durability and additional waterproofing. The Timberland Flume give a lot of protection even in icy wind and they are good for walking on slippery surfaces.

A padded collar gives a nice combination of support and stability, therefore great for low arch and flat feet. If you have high arches just add an additional insole for that extra support.


The Timberland Flume are impressively light but you get the performance you would expect from heavy-duty hiking boots. As you hike through the day you won't feel these are heavy and slowing you down.

Considering the main construction material is leather which ups the level of foot protection and waterproofing, in the unlikely event the boots get soaked, they do not bog you down with weight. It is a testament to good design and construction that a leather boot can feel this light.


Hard-packed trail walks for long distances are so easy and comfortable, loose dirt, gravel, mud, no problem. High-up Alpine regions with their mixed surfaces are fine, shale slopes and sandy surfaces are taken in stride, even snow is fine and the leather used for these boots will weather snow and not crack.

Wherever you hike, the boots will perform. If you're going for chilly and cold, do put on some good wool socks.

These stand up to hot weather and cold weather and they grip on surfaces where many other boots would struggle.


Specifically targeted for winter hiking conditions, not surprisingly the traction is great. Winter conditions can throw up so many types of slippery, wet, boggy loose surfaces and the multi-directional lugs layout gives a superior grip on all surfaces.

The solid durable rubber outsole can take a total pounding and hardly show any wear. As these were designed for very tough difficult surfaces in winter conditions, any other seasonal surface is not much of a challenge.


The high-quality uppers built from high standard grain leather work in all seasons. EVA cushioning is known for high comfort and nice durability. A padded collar made from leather gives both support and protects from dirt getting inside the boot.

A light hiking boot with high durability and good for many seasonal hiking trips.


The timberland Flume are great for long extended wearing and the support is there all the time. For those with low arches or flat feet, the level of palpable support is good, For high arches, pop in an insole and the rest of the boot design will work with it to give the support you want.

A nice lace up system means despite a 5-inch shaft, stability works fine. For those prone to back or foot ache, the built-in midsole made from EVA-foam gives cushioning mixed with support and a high shock-absorbing capability.


In really hot weather, in a desert or dry canyon, the leather uppers could give you sweaty feet if you wear heavy-duty socks, go for a good pair of summer cotton hiking socks, avoid overheating and let the Timberland Flume do its job. There will be a degree of foot sweat but not beyond acceptable norms.

In cold and chilly conditions go for wool socks as an additional barrier of heat retaining warmth and your feet will stay warm and comfortable. Leather uppers are great for winter hiking boots and allow you to choose how cold or warm your feet feel by choosing the right type of socks.

In Comparison to Other Hiking Shoes

There are so many leather-built and synthetic constructed boots on the market, some are seriously impressive and some are functional and ok. The Flume perform great in winter conditions but also in other seasons.

The style and design absolutely put this boot into a separate category from most other models. They are so nicely designed that many people buy them as stylish casual daily wear, for work and for other outdoor activities where other boots would simply not only look out of place but would be clunky and awkward.

The key advantage of these boots is that they are so light on the feet despite being designed for heavy-duty use in winter conditions and all other seasons.

Surprisingly for a high-quality boot which is light but easily takes on heavy-duty tasks the price is very budget friendly. This is a good value boot that will give great performance for many seasons.


The Timberland Flume is very sturdy, versatile, comfortable boot which goes wherever andperforms great on whatever trail. Wet or dry surfaces are taken easily, the level of water protection is very high, stability just works great.

For hiking out in the remote wilderness in cold conditions, these are dependable, protective and comfortable and also serve well in other seasons. The price tag is very balanced and reasonable.