Sea To Summit Comfort Plus Insulated Sleeping Pad

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Sea To Summit Sleeping Pad offers a comfortable night's sleep due to its unique air chamber redundancy system. For those who have struggled with deflated sleeping pads, this model is a welcome option.

This chamber system is unique and comes as close to a guarantee as possible, that you won't find yourself sleeping on the ground due to a deflated pad. The forward-thinking design means a bit more weight in exchange for a good night's sleep. A worthwhile trade-off.

For backpackers, you will need to haul a little more weight, just 28.7 oz including a separate pump sack. This pad is worthwhile, it is insulated and a warm comfortable night is on the cards.



Editor's Pros & Cons

Eliminates bounce

Easy to set-up

Packs down to a small size

Air sprung cells

Air chamber redundancy system

Includes pump sack for inflating


For some the weight at 28.7 oz is heavy

Key Features

Impressive durability

The pad is made from 40 denier nylon which has a high level of toughness and means this can be used on open ground or in a tent. The material feels thick and strong because it is, and designed with years of intended use in mind.

The dual chambering air system means if a cacti thorn or sharp stone did pierce the pad, it won't fully deflate, you will get through a comfortable night's sleep. This comes with a quick easy repair kit just in case you need it.

From a score of 1 to 10 for durability, this pad earns an 8.

Inflation ease of use

A pump sack is included and it does the job. It is possible to inflate both sides of the pad the old-fashioned way by blowing into the valve. The pump sack which doubles up as a stuff sack is a much easier option.

A one-way valve is designed onto the top of a larger deflation valve. You can even adjust the level of inflation while laying on top of the pad, it is very user-friendly.

Users who choose not to use the pump sack do point out that five breaths blown in for the top section and ten for the lower chamber will fully inflate the pad easily.

An impressive design for warmth

Air-inflated pads are comfortable but for warmth, they have a small deficiency due to moving air (convection). Each time you shift your position, air moves around, this convection action picks up cold from the ground surface.

The synthetic insulation and dual air chambers trap the air warmed by your body and keep it close to you. Though the pad is not bulky or extra thick it will retain heat really well.

This pad scores high for R-value warmth.

Weight and portability

Innovative design construction has added some weight, the pad will pack down to a small size and weighs in at 28.7 ounces with the pump/stuff sack. It's not a huge weight when you consider a good night's sleep recharges the body for hiking the next day.

If weight is a serious concern, you can lighten the load by not carrying the pump sack.


The design of the pad tends to outweigh the extra weight when you factor in the amount of comfort. The air-sprung cells and dual air chambers ensure retained body warmth and unlike many other pads, the Sea to Summit does not have uncomfortable zero pressure points.

The dual air chambers serve a specific purpose for comfort, they take away that irritating bounce that is common in single air-chamber pads. This means a more comfortable and deeper sleep and a well-recharged body for the next days hiking.

The cost of innovate design and quality

This is not a budget price pad, it is designed to last a long time while factoring in durability, comfort, and ease of use. There is some extra weight for backpackers, but the trade-off makes good sense.

For those on a car camping trip, the extra weight becomes meaningless while the progressive design features offer very good benefits.

Comparison To Other Sleeping Pads

Due to the progressive design features, the Sea To Summit Comfort plus insulated sleeping pad does compare favorably for comfort, warmth, and durability against many other options.

It is a high-performing piece of kit though some suggest that the extra weights work against it being a top choice. For some, the price tag is a challenge even though it is not overly high.

For those who value comfort and durability but want less weight, consider the 10 ounces lighter Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm or the 14.5-ounce Sleepingo Camping Pad. Both of these comparative options have progressively designed features that offer good comfort and durability. The Sleepingo even packs down to the dimensions of a water bottle, really good for backpackers.

If you are looking for a budget pad try the FORCEATT camping sleeping mat it is very buyer-friendly and is inflated via foot pumping. This mat is also good for in the tent or outside. For weight, it's heavy, weighing 1.32 pounds.

Our Verdict

If you put low weight before comfort, support, and durability the Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Insulated might not be the right choice for you.

The innovative features make this an impressive pad for back-country use and the air-sprung cells offer an alternative to the usual horizontal baffling. With more innovative features and impressive build quality, this does mean more weight. The design purpose for this pad is about better comfort, more warmth, more durability, dependability, and features that eliminate bounce while using it.

It is not a product built to last a couple of seasons and is more about long-term use. For those looking for a sleeping pad that gives ease of use and reliability, paying more is a worthwhile option.