GRAYL GeoPress 24 oz Water Purifier Bottle

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Grayl GEOPRESS is a direct response to exactly what many have been asking for. A water bottle with a high-performing purification system that takes out more pollutants.

A portable system for removing microorganisms, heavy metals, microplastics, and even viruses. This is the level of performance users want and it comes in a user-friendly bottle design.

No need for squeezing or pumping, just fill it up, press the water through and enjoy clean drinking water. Ideal for backpackers, survivalists, campers, and traveling overseas in countries where tap water is known to be questionable.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Ion exchange/activated charcoal technology

Filters heavy metals, particulates, and chemicals

Removes Protozoa

Removes Bacteria

Removes Viruses

Capacity: 24 oz.


Filters will require changing regularly, which will cost each time.

19.4 ounces

GRAYL GeoPress 24 oz Water Purifier Bottle

Water quality

The makers say this filter works anywhere and that makes it good for use in all countries and varied water sources. Standard water filtration systems generally target particulates, protozoa and bacteria.

This filter takes performance further through filtering out viruses, microplastics and dangerous heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium and lead. These are major pollutants in water globally and this efficient system takes them out, this means very good water quality.

Feedback from users is highly positive about the effectiveness of the GeoPress filter. There is one draw-back, constantly filtering heavily polluted water will shorten the lifespan of any filter and the GeoPress is not an exception. Though this means replacing the filter more often than other systems, water quality is exceptional and safe.

Health needs over ride any concerns for spending a little more on replacing filters.

Maintenance prolongs durability

The filter is durable when considering the heavy-duty cleaning capability. The filter will clean 250 L of water which means around 350 presses but this is a guidance. Regular filtering of densely polluted water will shorten the life-span of all filters, this model is not an exception to the rule. However, maintenance is straightforward, nothing complex. Remember to regularly run clean water over/through the filter and do remember to pre-filter.

If you notice that pressing time for filtration starts to decrease notably, it is time for you to change the filter.

This is built for durability, the exterior bottle is made from thick tough plastic which can even withstand being dropped when full of water. The protected internal container is made from thinner plastic.

The entire system needs the seal to be durable and there is not any user feedback to question the durability of the seal. Some users have speculated if durability will be challenged in extreme cold conditions but there is not any feedback in the negative for this.

Overall durability is good and this requires minimal maintenance.

Treatment time is standard for this style of filter

The makers claim that the press filter will clean a full bottle of water in around 8 seconds.

This claim has been tested, the time ranges from around 8 seconds up to 18 seconds depending on the density of polluted water. This time may well be slower than other filtration products which do not filter as much as the GeoPress but filtration is still quick.

This is a press filter system, for very turbid water with a lot of sediment you can expect to apply muscle power to get the water through the filter.

Weight, size and portability for travel

When first looking at the bottle it is larger than a one liter Nalgene bottle and weighs in at around 19.4 ounces. Backpackers focused on size and weight may well think its not worth the effort of carrying, but it is well worthwhile.

This is not a basic water filter system, it goes the full distance for protecting health while ensuring hydration. Many back-packers are dropping comments onto reviews saying the weight and size are worth the effort to carry the bottle.

This can be carried easily inside or outside strapped to a pack. Users get a bottle and filter built into one system with user friendly functionality.

Ease of use

Very easy to set-up and use and no complicated parts or pieces to put together. You will need to choose a water source in which you can dip to get water. If in countries with questionable tap water, filling is easy.

When full, place the interior container into the bottle, fit the lid into place and open up the vent and find a flat firm surface. Any surface will do, even a backpack laid on the ground. Press on the system and you will get safe drinking water.

A useful tip for pressing water which is saturated with far too much sedimentary particulates is to first collect the water in another container and let it settle. When the water has settled pour the clearer bulk of the water into the filter. This will also pro-long the filter life-span.

The outer bottle unit has a large surface area and this enables water to pass quickly though the cartridge filtration system. This means that 750 mls of water can be quickly produced and ready for safe drinking.

Ease of use is impressive, you wont struggle with this.


The filter construction is ion exchange and activated charcoal technology which is known to be exceptionally effective.

Not a budget purchase price.

People wanted this level of filtration to be designed into a portable bottle and this is it. This filter goes beyond the cleaning capabilities of many other bottle options and this means a more sophisticated effective system. Better performance and quality will always require a higher cost.


There are other water filtrations system available but many of them do not filter out heavy metals or viruses.

Here we look at some comparisons for similar products.

For weight and carrying the GeoPress compares equally with the LifeStraw flex, Sawyer Micro Squeeze and the Sawyer Mini. However they cannot compare equally for extracting more pollutants from water. They are better for getting at difficult water sources and do produce drinkable water.

If weight is a serious problem for some, it is a good idea to explore a wider choice of water filtration systems.

The best minimal weight carrying option will always be products such as the Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets With PA Plus .

Fans of the PlatyPus Gravity Works, and the Sawyer Squeeze will know they filter very quickly and the GeoPress is equally fast. If your looking for super fast filtration, check out the Katadyn BeFree, it's very impressive.

For comparative durability, this model scores higher against the Sawyer Micro Squeeze and the Sawyer Mini. While the PlatyPus Gravity Works has proven itself to have a higher level of durability but cannot filter out the same level of pollutants.


There was a need for a bottle sized water filtration system which takes-out many more dangerous pollutants than most other comparative products.

This product hits the requirement squarely on the nail. Any down-sides are minimal such as a few more ounces in weight and more regular filter changes. Ease of use is simple and this bottle offers flexible use for campers, hikers, pack-packers and even international travel use.

The price tag is higher than many available filter systems and that because you get much more in return. For those who source water in locations where safety and health is in question, and you want to stay healthy, this is a sound investment.