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Pellet guns are a great way to introduce people to guns. Thes guns use compressed air to propel a bullet rather than gunpowder, which means that they are only capable of shooting a small bullet at a short range. Although pellet guns can cause injury, they are far less likely to kill due to the small projectile size and low power. Furthermore, they have no noticeable recoil because there is no explosion taking place inside the chamber.

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Daisy PowerLine 880img
  • Daisy PowerLine 880
  • 4.8 out of 5
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  • Rifled Barrel
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Gamo Varmint
  • Gamo Varmint
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Synthetic Stock
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  • Daisy Model 1938
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  • Safe to Use
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These are the main reasons why pellet guns are given to children. They are ideal for target shooting and can be used to hunt small animals. The low power reduces the risk of accident or injury which allows a parent to properly teach their child how to use the gun safely. Many pellet guns resemble real guns such as long-range rifles, tactical weapons, and even handguns. They are useful for cases such as hunter’s safety and other gun education programs. A pellet gun can make for a great present but since it is a firearm, you will need to make sure that a child is properly supervised in its use. Nevertheless, these guns are a great way to introduce someone to gun ownership and care.


10 Best Pellet Guns


1. Daisy PowerLine 880

1. Daisy PowerLine 880
The PowerLine 880 resembles a traditional long rifle. It can shoot BBs or pellets that are .177 sized caliber. The gun makes an ideal gift for anyone over the age of sixteen. It comes with features such as a scope and the long barrel on the gun will help to improve the overall accuracy of the gun as well.
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Rifled Barrel

The barrel on the gun is made of steel and it is rifled as well. The rifling puts a spin on the projectile and helps it shoot more accurately than a non-rifled barrel.


The PowerLine 880 has a scope attached on the top of the barrel. This will help you aim better prior to taking a shot and will help you shoot more accurately.

Cost and Value

You can purchase this item for a price that is lower than the average price of a pellet gun. The low price turns it into an excellent starter gun which is why it's a great value.

The barrel is rifled and is made of steel for more accuracy.

There is a 4X15 scope mounted on the top.

It works with .177 caliber pellets or BBs.

The gun is sold with a pair of shooting glasses for safety.

It only weighs 3.1 lbs and has a length of 37.6 inches.


Users have reported that the scope can be blurry and come loose.

Other users have had issues with getting the gun sighted in properly.

2. Gamo Varmint

2. Gamo Varmint
Here is another great choice for a pellet gun. The Gamo Varmint .177 caliber works with both BBs and pellets so you have plenty of choices when it comes to ammunition. You can use it for target practice as well as small game hunting. It's ideal for keeping pests off of your property and works great for other applications as well.
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1250 FPS

You can shoot pellets at 1250 feet per second. This will give you additional range and accuracy than a pellet gun that has less shooting power. It works with .177 caliber pellets.

Synthetic Stock

The stock on the gun is made of non-slip synthetic materials. This will allow you to use it in all kinds of different weather because the materials naturally resist harsh weather conditions.

Cost and Value

You can purchase this item at a price that is considered to be average. This makes it an excellent option if you are looking for something with great value at a great price.

It has a spring power rather than a compressed air system.

The stock is made of weather resistant synthetic materials to help it last.

It can shoot pellets at a rate of 1250 feet per second.

There is a 4x32mm scope that is attached to the top of it.

The stock has a texture that makes it easy to grip.


Users have reported that the spring breaks on this gun.

The scope can be hard to sight in properly leading to accuracy issues.

3. Daisy Model 1938

3. Daisy Model 1938
This is a pellet gun that gives you just the basics. It's ideal to give for children over the age of ten because it shoots with low power and has a reliable design. The stock is made of hardwood so that the gun looks great and is eye appealing. It's a great choice to use when introducing children to rifles for the first time.
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Safe to Use

The gun shoots small, .177 BBs and doesn't put much speed on the projectile. This makes it into an ideal thing to give to younger children so that they can learn to use guns.

Long Lasting

The simplistic design means that the gun can least for many years at a time when taken care of properly. It's ideal to give to younger kids and let them grow up with it.

Cost and Value

You will be able to purchase the model 1938 at a rock bottom price which makes it an ideal choice for giving to young children who may lose interest in it.

It's well suited to be given to younger children over the age of 10.

The gun uses a lever action to load and cock it.

The stock and forearm are made of real hardwood for excellent appeal.

The simple design allows it to last for a long time.

Users have reported that it is highly accurate and maintains a tight grouping.


The projectile fires slowly so it doesn't have much power.

It can be hard for younger children to cock the gun.

4. Gamo Wildcat Whisper

4. Gamo Wildcat Whisper
If you are looking for something a little more powerful, then you will want to consider this air gun by Gamo. This gun uses a gas piston which can propel a pellet at a speed of 1350 feet per second. It has a technology that reduces the noise that you would normally hear when you are firing an air gun and it's perfect for shooting at targets.
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Air Powered

Many pellet guns use springs to launch the projectile. This gun uses a gas piston instead which gives you a faster speed on the bullet and more power than what is achievable with springs.

Whisper Technology

Air guns make noise just like regular guns. This gun has a Whisper technology built into the gun that will help reduce the amount of noise that you would normally hear.

Cost and Value

You can purchase this item for a price that is just slightly above the average price. The higher price is due to it being air powered and built from better materials.

It uses compressed air instead of springs to fire the pellet.

The gun has a 4x32mm scope mounted on it for better aiming.

The gun's stock is made of a synthetic material that is weather resistant.

There is a manual safety on the trigger of the gun.

It can shoot a pellet at a speed of 1350 feet per second.


Some users have had issues with loose grouping during target practice.

The gun is louder than that users have expected it to be.

5. Ruger Air Hawk

5. Ruger Air Hawk
The Air Hawk is another ideal option for when you are looking for something that will work well as a present. It's also great for target practices as well a control small animals such as squirrels or other kinds of pests. This is a spring powered gun that shoots at a speed of 1,000 fps making it ideal for the above-mentioned use cases.
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This air gun comes with a scope mounted to the top of it. Scopes are nice because they allow you to aim easier than what can be possible with open sights.

Ambidextrous Stock

Not everyone shoots right handed which is why it's helpful that this gun has an ambidextrous stock. This allows anyone to use the gun regardless of the hand that they shoot with.

Cost and Value

You can purchase this item at a price that is slightly higher than the average price. The higher price is due to it being well made and it offers great value for the money.

It has a break-barrel and is spring fired rather than air propelled.

The trigger is adjustable so that you can set it to your comfort.

There is a safety that engages automatically which decreases the chance of an accident.

It has a scope on the top of it for better aiming.

The barrel has a long length to help improve accuracy.


The gun weighs a lot which can make it hard to steady.

Users have reported that the gun is not very accurate.

6. Benjamin Trail NP XL

6. Benjamin Trail NP XL
The Benjamin Trail is the ideal choice for someone who is looking for a powerful air gun. Its high power makes it great for when you are hunting small game and it has a scope which will help you aim better as well. The butt of the gun is vented and it features an attractive wood stock as well for pleasing aesthetics.
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CenterPoint Scope

Scopes are a great thing for pellet guns to have because they help make the gun more accurate. This will allow you to shoot at the target better or make kill shots on small game.

Fast Velocity

The Benjamin Trail NP XL fires at a velocity of 1500 feet per second. This fast velocity will give it more power and decrease the chance of you missing your target.

Cost and Value

You are going to have to plan on spending an amount that is higher than the average price. This is because it's a high powered air rifle that gives it additional value over other pellet guns.

The butt of the gun is vented for extra comfort.

It has a wood stock that features a traditional look.

There is a 3-9x40 scope mounted on the top of the gun.

It uses a Nitro Piston (TM) to propel the pellet.

You can use .177 caliber pellets with this air gun.


Some users have reported that they are unable to sight it in properly.

It's hard to get a tight grouping with this gun.

7. Game Face GF76

7. Game Face GF76
Not all air guns are designed to resemble hunting rifles. This one features a style that is more similar to an AK-47. It can operate in both semi-automatic and fully automatic mode which makes it ideal for when you want to have some fun. The gun also has other features such as collapsible stock and a battery charger so that you can keep using it.
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Fully Automatic

IT has both a semi-automatic as well as a fully automatic mode. This makes it ideal for having fun since you can change between the two different modes as you desire.

Collapsible Stock

You can collapse the stock on this gun as well. This will help make it easy to maneuver the gun especially when you are in tight areas where you only have a little bit of room.

Cost and Value

You will need to plan on spending an amount that is slightly higher than the average price for this gun. The higher price is due to it having electric parts and a battery.

It can fire around 700 shots in a single minute.

You can use it in automatic and semi-automatic modes.

The stock can be collapsed for when you need to maneuver easily.

The battery is rechargeable and it comes with a battery charger.

The front and rear sights are adjustable so that you can sight it in.


It can be hard to charge the guns battery.

It's hard to insert the magazine and the release lever can break.

8. Crosman Revolver

8. Crosman Revolver
The revolver is a well-known design for handguns. This one is powered by CO2 gas and it offers a magazine capacity of ten bullets. You can use it in single or double action and it comes with a six-inch barrel for accuracy. Overall, it's a great handgun to practice and shoot with which makes it an ideal purchase.
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Molded Grip

The grip on the gun is molded so that it contours with your fingers. This allows you to grip and hold it in a comfortable fashion which makes it ideal for shooting.

Large Magazine

It has a large magazine capacity as far as handguns are concerned. This gun allows you to have ten rounds in the magazine which reduces the number of times that you need to reload.

Cost and Value

You can purchase this gun at a price that is lower than the average price. The lower price is great and it costs less because it is a handgun rather than a rifle.

You can adjust the rear sight on the gun for accuracy.

It operates in both single as well as double action modes.

The gun fires at a velocity of 435 feet per second.

You can store up to ten bullets in the magazine.

It uses compressed CO2 gas to propel the pellets when fired.


Some users have reported that it will leak CO2 gas.

The gun can be difficult to load and isn't intuitive.

9. Elite Front Line Force

9. Elite Front Line Force
This is kit that includes an assault rifle replica as well as a pistol. Older children will love the fully automatic BB rifle that has a 400 round capacity in the magazine. When the assault rifle is out of ammo, they can turn to their trusty sidearm until they have a chance to reload both weapons. This is the ideal gift.
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Rifle and Sidearm Kit

Most pellet guns are sold individually. The Elite Front Line Force combines an assault rifle with a pistol which increases the amount of fun that can be had playing with it.


You can purchase additional accessories for the rifle which will increase its usefulness. For example, you can add different sights to it or you can even add lighting to it.

Cost and Value

You will be able to purchase this kit at a price that is lower than the average price. This makes it into an excellent value since you get two guns at a low price.

The rifle features a stock that can be adjusted just like a real rifle.

The design of the pistol is based on the M1911.

This kit includes a pouch of BBs to use with the guns.

You can mount sights and lighting accessories to the rifle.

You can hold up to 400 rounds in the magazine.


The pistol may not last as long as the rifle.

It only shots at three hundred feet per second so it's low power.

10. Gamo Magnum

10. Gamo Magnum
The Gamo Magnum is a great choice for when you are planning on hunting small game. It's capable of launching a pellet at the same velocity as a .22LR bullet which means that you will get plenty of speed and power with the gun. The gas cartridge works reliably in cold weather and will also help to reduce vibration when you fire the gun.
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Recoil Reducing Rail

Air rifles that have high power such as this one can see some recoil, this the scope is mounted on a Recoil Reducing Rail which will help to reduce the amount of recoil the scope experiences.

Thumbhole Stock

There is a thumb hole in the stock which helps the stock have a more ergonomic feel to it. You will be able to wrap your hand around the area that you grip for extra strength.

Cost and Value

This is a premium pellet gun so you will need to plan on spending an amount that is higher than the average price. The higher price comes with the extra power.

It can fire just as fast as a .22LR rifle.

There is a thumb hole in the stock for a more ergonomic grip.

The scope is mounted on a rail that reduces recoil.

The butt of the gun has a pad that reduces recoil.

The stock is made of weather resistant materials that help it last longer.


It takes a lot of strength to open the chamber and reload it.

You will also need a lot of strength to cock it.

Pellet guns are a fun way to enjoy guns while reducing many of the hazards that are typically associated with guns. They tend to have much less power and range than a traditional rifle, which is part of the reason that they are recommended for older children. As a matter of fact, many parents use pellet guns as a stepping stone so that their children learn how to handle guns in a safe and responsible fashion prior to handling an actual rifle.

This isn’t to say that pellet guns do not have any hazards. As a matter of fact, you should always practice good gun safety with any gun and this would include a pellet gun. However, when compared to a stronger rifle, a pellet gun is much safer to use than an actual rifle. They also weigh less and have little to no noticeable recoil which also makes them ideal for people who are still learning. Nevertheless, there are still some premium pellet guns that are available that are just as powerful as a .22LR rifle, so if you are looking for something that is capable of taking down small game, you will be able to find a pellet gun for such purposes.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Pellet Guns

Ammunition Type

Most pellet guns can shoot more than one kind of ammunition. For this reason, it is important to understand the different kinds of ammunition that are typically used with pellet guns. The most commonly used kind of ammunition is the diablo pellet for which the gun is named. However, there are also metal BBs and even plastic balls that can be used with these guns as well.

The pellet is made of lead and has an hourglass shape to it. They can also be made of other materials such as plastic, tin, or other materials. This is the most accurate kind of ammunition since the pellets tend to fly straighter and more true to their path than the other kinds of ammunition. Additionally, they are useful for hunting since they are more likely to penetrate an animal’s flesh. Most of the time the pellets are a .177 caliber but you will need to check the gun specifications to make sure that you are using the right sized pellets.

BBs and plastic balls may also work with your pellet gun and are recommended if you are planning on giving the gun to an older child. They are not as accurate as pellets and do not fly as fast either, which can help make them safer. However, it is important to understand that it doesn’t mean that BBs and plastic balls are without hazard. Adult supervision is required no matter what kind of ammunition is being used with the gun. When you are shopping for a pellet gun, you will need to decide what sort of ammunition to use in order to get one that is best suited to your needs.

Power Source

Pellet guns use compressed air to propel the bullet rather than gunpowder. This is one of the reasons that they are considered to be safer than powder guns because the bullet can’t have the range and power that can be achieved with gunpowder. When you are purchasing a pellet gun, you are going to be presented with three different kinds of power sources. The first kind is the spring-loaded source. Then there is the pneumatic followed by the CO2 style. Each style has its differences so it’s important to understand them properly.

A spring-powered gun uses a piston to compress a spring inside of the gun. The spring is compressed when you cock the gun, which stores energy. Once you pull the trigger, the spring is released and it will push the piston back towards the bullet. As the piston moves toward the bullet, it will compress air which will ultimately launch the bullet. You should expect to feel some recoil with this kind of gun and it can take a lot of effort to compress the spring. Nevertheless, this is the most commonly used power source on pellet guns.

The pneumatic and CO2 style use air. In a pneumatic gun, you have to pump it either once or several times depending on the gun style to compress enough air for the bullet. There is also pre-charged pneumatic which uses a tank of compressed air that attaches to the gun. CO2 guns also use a compressed tank of CO2 gas. Both kinds of guns release the compressed air when you pull the trigger and will use it to propel the bullet when the gun is fired.


Velocity, measured in terms of feet-per-second or FPS, refers to how fast the bullet travels when the gun is fired. Almost all pellet guns will specify the firing velocity of the bullet when you fire the gun and you can use this metric to get an idea about how far the pellet will travel and the accuracy of the gun. This will help you decide if the gun is suitable for your needs or if you should look at something else.

Generally speaking, the higher the velocity of the gun, the further the pellet will shoot. However, the shot will also be less stable and less accurate. You can work around this problem by either selecting a lower caliber bullet or a lower velocity, both of which will improve the accuracy of the shot. Normally the spring powered guns will achieve the highest velocity, followed by multi-stroke pneumatic guns. Then you will find that the CO2 guns and single stroke guns will have the lowest velocity.

A good rule of thumb is to look for guns that have a lower velocity if you are looking for accuracy. However, this isn’t the entire picture either. You will need to consider factors such as the length of the guns barrel, temperature, and wind as well. All of these factors will affect the bullet’s velocity as well as the gun’s accuracy. Finally, the kind of ammunition used will also be a factor in the gun’s velocity. A larger caliber bullet will require more energy to fire which means you may need a more powerful gun if you are planning on hunting with the gun and need the larger caliber ammunition.


Sights are used on a gun to help you aim properly so this needs to be a critical factor when you are selecting a pellet gun. Ideally, you will want to look for a gun that has high-quality sights so that you can shoot the gun accurately each and every time. Not only will poor sights cause you to miss your target, but they can also lead to accidents such as injury and death which is why it’s important that you make sure that your gun can be sighted in properly.

Many rifle style pellet guns come with a scope. This is a useful feature to have since it will help you aim better. Scopes provide you with magnification so that you can acquire your target more accurately than what you might be able to use open sights. However, it normally requires more time to acquire your target with a scope as well. When you have a scope mounted on your gun, you will need to make sure that you have it set for the proper range as well as accuracy.

Open sights are more useful when you are shooting at targets that are close up. They do not provide any magnification but they will also allow you to acquire your target more quickly. It’s important that you look for a gun that has adjustable open sights so that you can sight the gun in properly. Many inexpensive pellet guns have fixed sights but this means you will need to take the gun to a shop if you ever need to adjust the sights on it. For this reason, adjustable sights are more preferred and are worth spending a little extra on.


Pellet guns are sold in different styles and designs. The most common kind of pellet gun is a rifle, but you can also purchase handguns and assault-style pellet guns as well. Knowing about the different kinds of guns is important and will help you decide what sort of gun you wish to purchase. Different guns are geared towards different purposes so it’s ideal to know about the different gun styles.

Many pellet guns are rifles. This means that they are a long barrel to help improve accuracy. The barrel may even be rifled as well which will make the gun more accurate. This is the sort of gun that you should look for when you are planning on hunting or practicing for hunting. Many rifles have both open sights as well as scopes to help you aim better at long distances. They also weigh more which means you will need to learn how to steady the gun in order to fire accurately.

In addition to rifles, there are also the handgun and assault-style weapons. A handgun is a small gun that can be fired with only one hand. They are normally used as a sidearm for self-defense but naturally, a pellet gun would be underpowered for such as purpose. You can use the pellet gun for practice and target shooting. The assault-style weapons resemble guns such as the AK-47 or the M16. These are military-grade weapons that can fire automatically. Many of them have large magazine capacities that can hold hundreds of rounds. The assault-style pellet guns are best used for target practice as they do not have the range that is generally needed for hunting.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between the single stroke and multi-stroke pneumatic gun?

A: Pneumatic guns need air pumped into them in order to propel the bullet. In a single stroke gun, you only need to pump the gun once in order to get enough compressed air into the gun. A multi-stroke gun requires more pumping, sometimes as much as ten times. You can fire a single stroke gun more quickly than a multi-stroke gun but they do fire at lower velocities than a multi-stroke gun.

Q. What is the difference between PCP and CO2 guns?

A: PCP means that the gun is a Pre-Charged Pneumatic gun. It uses a tank of compressed air. They are easy to cock and have a high degree of accuracy as well. Another benefit is that there is almost no recoil. A CO2 gun shares many similarities to a PCP gun but it uses compressed CO2 rather than compressed air. CO2 can handle repeat shots better than PCP and they do not need as much volume either, which can make them more ideal.

Q. What are the legal issues surrounding pellet guns?

A: Pellet guns are generally legal to own but you need to check your local regulation in order to make sure that they are legal in your area. There generally is no ban on owning a pellet gun outright, but some jurisdictions such as highly crowded cities may need you to get a permit or pass a background check first prior to purchasing a pellet gun. If you are not sure what the laws are, then you can usually as the police department or district attorney’s office prior to purchasing a pellet gun.

Q. What kind of pellet gun is ideal for hunting?

A: The best kind of hunting pellet guns are ones that fire larger caliber bullets. This is because you need a stronger round in order to kill an animal with a pellet gun. If you use an undersized bullet, you will most likely injure the animal rather than achieving a clean kill that you are looking for. It’s also recommended that you get a gun that has a scope and make sure that it sighted in properly.

Q. Do I need to clean my pellet gun?

A: Pellet guns do not get exposed to gunpowder the same way that other guns do, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to clean them. As a matter of fact, you will find that a pellet gun will require you to remove dirt and debris over time as well as dust particles. They may need to be oiled as well and in some cases, air seals may get old and start to leak. For these reasons, you need to maintain your pellet gun.


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