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An in-depth review of the best home defense guns available in 2018. Buying Guide
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Best Home Defense Guns Reviewed and Rated for Quality
Being awakened by a crash or bump in the night is a terrifying proposition, especially if there are children and other family members in the house. If you suspect that someone has broken into your home, and you have called the police, what self-defense weapon will you reach for should you encounter t...
An in-depth review of the Stoeger M3000.
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Stoeger M3000
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Having a meal that you hunted for yourself is a point of pride for some hunters. Others compete for sport, and taxidermy their kills into trophies. In either case you need a reliable gun that will do the job properly. Knowing what the best firearm would be for what intended game is important, and onc...
An in-depth review of the Browning Cynergy
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Browning Cynergy
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The Browning Arms Co. has put another winner on the market. The company was founded in 1878 and has the reputation for manufacturing high-quality firearms. The Browning Cynergy is most advanced over-under shotgun available. Experience the control, reliability, and speed with this low profile firearm....
An in-depth review of the Stoeger M3500 shotgun.
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Stoeger M3500
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A good shotgun doesn’t need a thousand customization parts to do its job, but options are sometimes nice. The Stoeger M3500 is a delightful balance of utilitarian and versatile, with several cosmetic appearances, after market add-on capabilities, and adjustable nuances. It’ll take a little bit to bre...
An in-depth review of the WIngmaster 870 shotgun.
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870 Wingmaster
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It is rare for a shotgun to be a top contender year after year. Generation after generation is even more extraordinary. The 870 Wingmaster has kept its original form and remained unaltered despite the ever-changing ‘coolness factor’ and trends. It is as smooth and reliable as can be. The Wingmaste...
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