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Whether you are a businessperson or just going on a long-planned vacation, traveling is a fun time for most people. It is the time to break away from the monotonous daily routine and spice up your life. You also get to experience different people and cultures while enjoying the beautiful scenery that your travel destination has to offer. However, it can also be challenging as you try to pack all of the essential items you need without making your luggage too bulky for airlines to accept. Protecting your valuables and ID is also a major issue when traveling.

For international travelers, the value of safety cannot be overlooked. It is important to keep your personal information protected from electronic pickpockets who can quickly steal your information. This is why you need a money belt that will help you carry your money safely while keeping your passports and credits cards away from the wrong hands. However, with so many money belts available on the market, it can be too overwhelming for a traveler to choose the right one!

Last Updated: October 17, 2018
By Felician Gavrau:

Money belts are a great idea for anyone who like to travel a lot and wants to keep their valuables safe while freeing up their hands. Our regular updates ensures that you will always know about the best selling products on the market today!

Featured Recommendations

Alpha Keeper RFID
  • Alpha Keeper RFID
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • YKK Zipper
  • Price: See Here
  • RFID
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • True RFID Block Protection
  • Price: See Here
Raytix Travel
  • Raytix Travel
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Sturdy
  • Price: See Here


If you love traveling for leisure or business, it is important to keep all your valuables in a safe yet easily accessible place where you can find them when the need arises. Money belts have become very popular when it comes to selecting a travel bag or companion to help secure your valuables. Today, there are so many manufacturers of money belts that you might not know where to begin when looking. In an effort to make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top models in the market today!


10 Best Money Belts


1. Alpha Keeper RFID

1. Alpha Keeper RFID
This money belt puts you a step ahead of thieves and pickpockets with its RFID protection. You can be sure that your belongings are safe and away from the wrongs hands that might use your personal information for malicious purposes. This travel bag is a trusted travel partner and preferred by thousands of tourists and travelers worldwide.
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Ultimate RFID Blocking Design

The RFID blocking design is for total protection of your belongings. If you want to ensure your safety, it is important to invest in a money belt you can rely on.

YKK Zipper

You want to store your belongings in a high-quality hassle-free zipper bag to ensure complete protection from lazy people waiting to make some cash from you. These zippers are very durable.

Cost and Value

The extra qualities that it has make it worth every penny. With the Alpha Keeper, you are sure to protect your belongings and have an experience that guarantees satisfaction.
  • Adjustable elastic strap to fit any waist size when extended
  • YKK Zipper for assured quality
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear and carry
  • Colorful key holder for your keys
  • May not be of the perfect size envisioned by user
  • The clasp may break after extended use


Peak Gear designs money belts to give the user peace of mind. Not only does Peak RFID keep currency safely, but also hides important travel documents in a place you can access them when needed. It eliminates the need to constantly worry about whether your important travel documents have fallen and gotten lost. You will be able to keep your travel documents and money safely and away from criminals.
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2 Global Recovery Decals

In partnership with ReturnMe, Peak Gear strives to ensure that your lost belongings are found through the world’s largest Lost &Found platform. Activating the personalized ID and attaching this to your passport, phone or other valuables allow ReturnMe to call and return the items to your doorstep at no additional cost.

True RFID Block Protection

It features RFID blocking material within the fabric. This makes it difficult for electronic thieves to take advantage of you and use your identity information maliciously.

Cost and Value

With a double layer of protection against theft, you can be sure that your belongings will be safe and might be returned to you in case they are lost and found.
  • Comes with Global Recovery Decals free to stick to phone, camera or passport
  • Reliable 210D water-resistant nylon for durability
  • Theft warranty
  • Adjustable Comfort Soft straps for a snug fit
  • May not fit all wallets and cell phones
  • The pocket zipper may get broken

3. Raytix Travel

3. Raytix Travel
Raytix Travel Money Belt is another traveler’s favorite and must-have accessory for those who travel extensively. If you are just getting ready for your next vacation and do not want to be a victim of pickpockets and pickpocketing, then this money belt could be your best travel companion and holder of possessions. From passports and credit cards to dollars and other currencies, there is no limit to what you could keep in this travel accessory.
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This money belt is made from strong material and will not tear. YKK Zippers are durable and make it easy to open to keep or access your belongings.

Thin, Lightweight Design

This money belt is practically unnoticeable and offers great convenience. You can carry it everywhere and will never feel like baggage.

Cost and Value

It features RFID blocking technology for complete protection from people and thieves who take advantage of tourists to rob them of their belongings. It is also inexpensive.
  • Secures belongings without compromising comfort
  • Features RFID blocking for total protection
  • Safely holds travels documents away from prying eyes of thieves
  • Sturdy material that will not tear easily
  • The clasp may break after a while
  • Fabric may cause you to sweat a lot


This is another RFID Blocking pouch for those who are jetting off on a break from the busy city or going on a cruise somewhere in the Mediterranean. If you are travel-savvy, you need to have some cash and necessary documentation where you can easily access them when needed. This lightweight and portable money belt will keep your belongings safe.
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Quick and Easy Access

The slim design makes it easy to carry and access everything you need while remaining low profile on your waist. In addition, you gain quick and easy access to important documents.


Gain access to airports and other busy places without worrying about where your passport, credit cards, money and other valuables are located.

Cost and Value

The low profile design is great for carrying the bag without revealing it. You can walk around in bust places without worrying about thieves. The price is quite modest.
  • Comfortable, with fully adjustable straps to fit and wear all day long
  • Large capacity for various travel documents
  • Keeps valuables and documents hidden from pickpockets
  • Ultimate protection from identity theft
  • Actual product may be slightly different from pictures on the Internet
  • May feel itchy for some people

5. Eagle Creek

5. Eagle Creek
Traveling to a popular tourist attraction can have its benefits, but it also has its disadvantages as well. For one, it’s usually packed with a lot of visitors, which makes it a great target for thieves and pick-pockets. There is no reason you should miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because of some bad apples, so make sure that you are always prepared and protected with Eagle Creek’s hidden money belt. It has lots of pockets and can easily be tucked into your waistband.
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Organized Space

When you’re in a crowded area, you want to be able to get to your money or credit card quickly and easily. This model includes one main pocket and two extra pockets so you can keep your cash and cards separated and organized.

Ripstop Material

It’s easy to get caught on a fence or a protruding nail when you don’t know the area well. The tough nylon material was designed to resist ripping or snagging in these situations, keeping your valuables in the pouch.

Cost and Value

This comes in the mid-price range, but is made of great, quality material. It is easy to carry and come in two different colors, black and khaki, allowing it to blend in with your belt.

Designed to be tucked in

Made of durable nylon material

Back is made of breathable material

Comes with three pockets


Some found it uncomfortable against the skin

Does not have RFID

6. Ody Travel Gear

6. Ody Travel Gear
If you have had problems with money belts rubbing against your skin and leaving rashes, then this is perfect for you. Whether you plan on using it for traveling or just keeping your valuables safe while on a walk or jog, the Ody Travel money belt was designed to be comfortable and water resistant. This not only helps you avoid feeling uncomfortable, but it also keeps the content dry.
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Flat Design

This money belt was designed to lay flat against your body and remain concealed. It has two zipper pouches and 4 inside pockets that can hold cards, cash, tickets, keys and much more!

Anti-theft Lining

This item is all about security. Not only does it have an anti-theft buckle that prevents people from unlocking it, but the lining is made with rdif blocker as well.

Cost and Value

This is a great item to have when traveling with your valuables as it has some great security features. It also comes with a free money clip and a money back guarantee with no questions asked.

Includes an anti-theft buckle

Comes with a free money clip

Adjustable waistband

Slim design


Some complaints about the zippers

Not very breathable

7. Day Tip

7. Day Tip
This belt organizes your travel accessories to make them easy to access when needed. Designed to block all RFID readers and scanners, you can be sure that your travel companion will stop electronic pickpocketing to prevent thieves from accessing your personal information. The 210D ripstop material is waterproof and can withstand rigorous daily use.
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Secure Protection

The RFID blocking function stops scanners and readers from accessing your personal card information. The belt protects you from electronic pickpockets and other thieves who use personal information maliciously.

Premium Quality Material

Waterproof 210D ripstop nylon fabric is guaranteed to last long enough to take you through several trips beyond international borders without giving in to rigors of constant use.

Cost and Value

With a tough material to stand all the challenges that come with traveling and RFID blocking functionality, this money belt can be your long-term travel companion for only a few dollars.
  • 100% RFID blocking to prevent scanners and readers from stealing personal information
  • Waterproof 210D ripstop material for ultimate durability
  • Organizes travel documents and valuables in a way you can easily access them
  • Fashionable and user-friendly material
  • Zippers may break after repeated use
  • Can be a bit harsh on skin-sensitive individuals

8. Zero Grid w/RFID

8. Zero Grid w/RFID
Zero Grid is a brand trusted by travelers and tourists. Traveling in style with one of Zero Grid’s money belts can be a life-changing experience. If you fly frequently, you would understand the pressure exerted by the ever-rising luggage fees imposed by airlines. TSA’s security restrictions have also forced travelers to reduce the size of luggage they can carry on each trip, making the money belt the only option left to carry valuables while leaving the heavy luggage behind.
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RFID Blocking

The Zero Grid money belt not only conceals your cash, but also safeguards your personal information and protects you from identity theft. 7 RFID Blocking Sleeves cover your 6 credit cards, leaving one sleeve for your passport.

Sufficient Space

The money belt might appear small but has space for virtually every essential item. Two zipped compartments carry cash while the inner pockets organize other valuables.

Cost and Value

With many pockets to slide in your valuables and 7 RFID Blocking Sleeves to keep passport and credit cards under your watch, you can be sure that your personal information and documents will be safe.
  • 7 RFID Blocking Sleeves to protect all of your valuables
  • Designed for international travel
  • 210D Ripstop nylon for durability
  • Several compartments for cash and other valuables
  • Can be very stiff
  • Some people may find it uncomfortable to wear

9. Pacasso RFID

9. Pacasso RFID
It is light, safe, durable and convenient for all your safekeeping needs. This money belt makes every travel pleasant and more colorful. It is also available in four colors to give you a wide range of color choices to match your taste and preference. The RFID blocking feature will help keep your information safe while the waterproof ripstop material will last several trips before you can do a replacement.
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Unique Multifunctional Design

Pacasso’s unique multifunctional design accommodates earphone hole for your smart technology gadget. The invisible key buckle design is for great convenience.

Great Color Varieties

If you are very specific about color choices, this money belt offers you a wide range of 4 colors to choose from. Make a fashion statement by choosing a color that matches your personal style.

Cost and Value

The money belt is uniquely designed to accommodate earphone and make it convenient for those who love traveling with their smartphones. For a modest price, you get to choose a color you like.
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Distinctive earphone hole for those who never leave their smartphones behind
  • RFID blocking for ultimate security
  • Lightweight and breathable material designed to absorb moisture
  • The 4 color choices may not match individual taste and preference
  • The material may feel a little itchy on the skin


Remain protected on your vacation by getting yourself one of Zegur’s travel belts. They provide convenience and protection from theft. Protect your valuable on your next trip abroad by including this bag in your next planned vacation or trip. Whether you are a tourist or just looking to add a layer of protection to your valuables, this belt will serve you well.
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The belt features adjustable buckles to fit any waist size. The stretchy elastic waistband also provides a snug fit for your waist size.


Crafted from breathable cotton, the belt is extremely lightweight. The moisture-wicking mesh material is sweat resistant. It is also lightweight enough for you to wear under or over your clothing.

Cost and Value

The belt is crafted from moisture-wicking mesh material to make it sweat resistant. With adjustable buckles for virtually any waist size, this belt provides real value for money.
  • The scratch reducing material provides ultimate comfort
  • Adjustable buckles provides a snug fit for virtually any waist size
  • Lightweight to wear under clothing
  • Secure to store all your valuables and travel documents
  • The clasp may become broken after a while
  • Zipper may also break over time

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Money Belts

Unfortunately, the airport has become a conducive environment for electronic pickpockets and all forms of fraudsters. Therefore, when shopping for a money belt for your next travel, ensure that it meets certain minimum requirements before you can invest your hard-earned money. It should also fit and make you feel comfortable without making you sweat too much. In addition, it should have reliable zippers to keep your items safely. If you are wondering what to look for in a good money belt, below are the criteria for selecting the best money belt to help keep your money and other valuables safely while traveling to various destinations of the world.


Electronic pickpockets and thieves have gone high-tech and wait for travelers at the airport to steal their personal information using RFID scanners and readers. The most devastating thing that can happen to travelers is having their personal information stolen and used for malicious purposes. Today, these electronic pickpockets use high-tech equipment to get a hold of sensitive personal information and use it for their own selfish gains. When they get a hold of your personal credit card information they can use it to shop or make purchases online, leaving you with a hefty financial burden that could take you years to repay. If you are going to invest in a money belt, make sure it has RFID blocking features to help block signals from scanners and readers that try to access your credit card information without your knowledge. These money belts have different amounts of sleeves to be used in blocking RFID signals.

While some may have only two sleeves, others have up to seven sleeves: one for your passport and the other six for your different credit cards. When all your credit cards are secure and safe, you can proceed to enjoy your vacation with great peace of mind. Being on vacation and constantly worrying about the safety of your credit cards and personal data can be a horrible experience. It could ruin your vacation and memorable times spent with family. Therefore, pay close attention to the money belt you are buying to determine whether it has the RFID blocking feature to help safeguard your most valuable digital information. Note that virtually all money belts today come with RFID blocking features, but they have a different number of sleeves for the different credit cards that you may bring with you to your summer vacation. Buy a money belt with RFID blocking sleeves and interior lining to keep your digital information far away from digital thieves.

Some money belt companies have partnered with world’s lost & found companies like ReturnMe to provide users with free global recovery decals to stick to passports and smartphones to help return your lost items from virtually anywhere across the world at no extra cost. On the other hand, some belts have in-built RFID sleeves to ensure you do not need extra sleeves to help protect your valuables. Any credit card placed inside the belt will be safe for the period in which you will be using the money belt for safe-keeping.


When you are going to invest in a money best that will be carrying your valuables, invest in quality material. Poor quality money belts can be inconvenient and ruin your travel plans. If you buy an item with high-quality YKK zippers then you can be sure that you can rely on the zippers to glide smoothly and allow you to keep or retrieve your belongings.

You can choose your money belt depending on where you are going to spend your vacation. If you plan to go cruising, swimming or kayaking, then you need 210D water-resistant nylon material to help keep off the water from your valuables. The belt should also feature premium stitching to ensure it is strong enough to remain intact and keep the cards out of the water’s way. Reliable material money belts can make all the difference between a successful vacation and a trip full of regrets.

Comfort and Fit

The odds are that you are going to carry your money belt on your waist for a major part of the day when you are on holiday. While most money belts are generally streamlined and will feel comfortable around your waist, you should still consider how comfortable it is. Lightweight design will enable you to wear and carry it easily wherever you go. Lightweight and slim design belts can be comfortable to wear when traveling to other destinations around the world.

Money belts with comfort-soft adjust provide a snug fit to match your waist size, whether you are big or small. Moisture-wicking design also ensures the pouch remains cool against your skin so that you continue feeling comfortable all day, even in warm, humid climates.

Adjustable strap or loop fastener makes it easy to adjust the belt to fit your waist regardless of your size. You should look for a belt you can easily fasten and leave for your planned trip. It should also be easy to remove when you have finished exploring the incredible beauty that nature has to offer and you finally retire to your hotel bed in readiness for the next day. The waistband should feel very comfortable especially if you are going to wear the belt for most parts of the day. That is why it is even more important to consider material that is sweat resistant to avoid the irritation and discomfort created by sweating on material that does not absorb sweat. Moisture absorbent material can come in handy when it comes to providing the comfort you need to carry the belt around your waist all day long. In particular, soft, moisture-wicking mesh design on the back provides the breathability required to help your skin breathe and prevent it from getting irritated by sweat. You can have a long day of excursion and sightseeing without worrying about the sweat heating your skin.


If you are investing in a money belt, there are chances you want it to last long enough to enable you to complete as many trips as possible. Most money belts today are waterproof to enable you to wear them to kayaking events without worrying about the water damaging your valuables. You want 210D ripstop nylon to provide both the waterproof feature as well as to guarantee the durability required to ensure you do not buy a new money belt every time you go on vacation. Always look for durable material money belts because while they can cost more to acquire, they are generally cheaper in the long run because you will use them for a long time before thinking of a replacement. Durability is a very important factor to consider if you are someone who likes getting value for money. Most people like to buy a product once and forget about it, or take a very long time before thinking about a replacement.


Several compartments help you hide your belongings in pouches no one knows about. You can hide your passport and credit cards in the inner pockets where they are difficult to access. More smart pockets mean you can keep your money, passport and even electronics in places they cannot be easily accessed by pickpockets. Many storage compartments help you to stay organized and put your documents in a way that you can ensure order and neatness. When shopping for a money belt, always have in mind the number or types of valuables you will be keeping inside. This will help you stay organized in terms of knowing where to put what. The more credit cards you have the more pockets you will need to accommodate all of them. Similarly, the more the valuables the more the pockets you might need to store them in an organized manner. However, note that taking advantage of the many pockets that a money belt has to offer and stuffing everything inside could make it bulky and uncomfortable to move around with. In fact, the beauty of a money belt is its lightweight and portable nature that allows you to walk around with it without being noticed. Moving around with a large money belt could easily attract the attention of thieves and have them following you around while waiting for an opportunity to make a move and get their hands on your money and other valuables. Therefore, take advantage of many pockets to help you stay organized and put things in order. Avoid carrying too many things in the belt, as this would make it bulky and difficult to carry around.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a money belt?

A: This is a lightweight and portable zipped sleeve or pouch that can be fastened around the waist to help hold passports, credit cards, smartphones, money and other valuables for easy retrieval when needed. You can also use it to keep other travel documents and tickets when traveling to ensure you can easily access them when you want to use them.

Q: Why should I use a money belt?

A: A money belt often has several pockets and sleeves to help you stay organized and put every important document in place when traveling. It makes it easier to access cash and other valuables. In addition, money belts are designed to block RFID signals that attempt to access your personal information. High-tech electronic pickpockets often use RFID scanners and readers to secretly steal digital information without you realizing. They can then use this information maliciously, including making ridiculously expensive purchases online using your credit card information or emptying your bank accounts. This can be very costly.

Q: What is the best money belt?

A: Money belts are designed to keep your information safely. A good money belt should have security features such as RFID blocking to help keep your vital information safely and away from high-tech pickpocketing. It should also have several pockets and sleeves to help hold your credit cards and passport and be made of lightweight, portable and durable material to last longer. Other important features include sweat and water resistance. The material should also have breathability features to prevent your skin from getting irritated by sweat. In addition, it should have easy-adjust straps that provide a snug fit to make you feel comfortable all day long, and you don’t have to break the bank to add the item to your collection of travel accessories.

Q: How much do good money belts cost?

A: Money belts often vary in prices depending on several factors, including quality of material used, RFID blocking feature, waterproof and water resistance, size, and other extras such as earphone hole. Most money belts are relatively affordable these days and you should be able to get one for a few dollars.

Q: Where can I buy money belts?

A: You can get money belts from several departmental stores across the country. However, the most convenient place to obtain one is online. Top ecommerce platforms sell a wide range of money belt products and you can select an item you like and have it delivered to your doorstep. However, just make sure you pay close attention to the product description page to ensure you are buying the right item. Many people have had to return their products because they never looked at the product’s features before making their decision.

Q: How can I ensure my valuables are safe in my money belt?

A: While your money belt does not guarantee complete protection from thieves, you can always ensure it is concealed under your clothes to avoid attracting the attention of thieves. Also, avoid stuffing too many items inside the money belt so that it does not become bulky and attract the attention of the wrong people. Most importantly, always keep your credit cards in RFID blocking sleeves if you want your digital information to remain safe with you.


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