Best Kitchen Storage Reviewed & Rated for Quality

There is no better feeling than walking into your home to a clean kitchen. However, we all know kitchens do not clean themselves, and keeping them tidy is no easy task. Most of the time, we struggle with finding places to put all our kitchen items. Even after finding a place to keep them, it can be hard to make sure they find their way back to their designated spot.

In order to make our lives easier, many individuals turn to storage ideas in their kitchen, as, for most of us, building our perfect kitchen is not necessarily an option.  Sometimes, just adding a few storage solution ideas is all a kitchen needs in order to turn it from the chaotic kitchen we all know too well into the calm, clean kitchen we all strive for.

Last Updated: October 12, 2018
By Katie Baxter:

This article has been reviewed to ensure the reader is obtaining the best information available about kitchen storage. The best reviewed storage item has now changed to the microwave cart, pushing the mop and broom organizer to number two. However, the top items on the list remain the most favorite items to purchase for storage in your kitchen.

Featured Recommendations

Mop and Broom Organizer
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Whitmor Microwave Cart
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Simple Houseware Organizer
  • Simple Houseware Organizer
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  • EVA Foam Padded
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Well, the answer to that is simple, one can purchase additional kitchen storage on a smaller scale. These options will come at a much cheaper cost. With so many different types of containers, racks, and hangers available the gears in your head will be spinning. As an added bonus, adding some of these items to your home can help keep your belongings organized. Let’s face it you know you have a bag full of plastic bags hanging around somewhere in your house.  Knowing your options is half the battle. When you start to search for canisters or racks you will see that there are a plethora of choices out there.

In order to assist in making the right choices for clearing your clutter, we have put together this buying guide. Here we have given you ten examples, which we have found to be the best options, for your organizational needs. Each of the examples we have left for you will come with a short review. In those reviews, you will see that we have highlighted the best attributes for each one. We know that opinions will differ so choosing what will work best for your space will be solely your decision.


10 Best Kitchen Storage Options


1. Whitmor Microwave Cart

1. Whitmor Microwave Cart
Most people will have a microwave but not all of them will have the counter space for one. In cases like this, you need to think outside of the box. That is where this product comes into play. It provides you with the extra space you need to free up the countertop.
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Here you have an option for placing your microwave where ever you choose to as this is not a stationary cart. You will also gain added room for placing extra items with the shelves that are included.

Included with the cart are a cutting board and a rack for hanging towels or accessories. As we mentioned earlier this is also on wheels, which allows you to move the cart when you need to.

Cost and Value
This is one of the less expensive options on the market for housing your microwave. We can say that it also houses some added benefits. Extra shelves for placing added items and a rack for hanging items of your choice. This is a great way to organize the countertop when space is limited.

The cart is durable.

Made from stainless steel.

Easy to assemble.

Has added shelves and racks.


Some customers have stated that this item could be taller.

2. Mop and Broom Organizer

2. Mop and Broom Organizer
Here is an item that can serve several purposes in your home. Clearing the floor or closet space for you to utilize that space more efficiently. This type of rack is the perfect solution for tiding up in confined spaces.
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A rack such as this one has the potential to aid you in organizing all areas of your home or garage. You mount this to the wall, which helps to reduce the clutter. You can use this for so much more than just cleaning supplies.

How it works
After you have chosen a place to hang this incredible find, the rest is a piece of cake. Simply slide the handles of your broom or mop into the holders. These holders are made to adjust to the size of the handle all on their own.

Cost and Value
You will see that this rack will be one of your most valuable assets for clearing away the clutter. The sky is the limit when it comes to using this type of rack. You can choose to use this in your home, shed, or garage it is perfect for cramped spaces as well.

The rack is a wall mount.

Each holder will hold up to seven pounds.

Adjusts to the thickness of each item.

Can be used for more than just mops and brooms.


Some customers have complained of having issues with hanging this.

Users say that the holders are not as versatile as advertised.

3. Simple Houseware Organizer

3. Simple Houseware Organizer
This is a perfect solution for adding space to your cabinets. Designed to hang over the cabinet door, creating more room inside of the cabinet for your pans. You can also use this to organize other areas within your home.
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Space Saving
As stated above, you hang this from the door of your cabinet. Not to worry, this comes with a defense to prevent scratching to the door. Hanging this over the top of the door frees up some much-needed space for your baking pans.

What Goes in the Organizer
There are many variations for what you can actually place in the organizer. CLean up those boxes of storage bags or tinfoil by placing them inside of the organizer. Cutting boards and baking pans fit perfectly inside of this as well.

Cost and Value
Here is an affordable solution to free up space within your cupboards. As we all know to remodel your home is costly, items such as this one will allow you to rework your space without the higher price tag.

Saves space by hanging over the cabinet door.

Can hold several different types of objects.

Has foam on the hooks to prevent scratching.

Can be used in any room of your home.


Users have stated that this rattles upon opening the cabinet door.

Some complaints of having issues with assembly.

4. Cereal Dispensers

4. Cereal Dispensers
This adds a fun little twist to your morning routine, making it easy for the rest of your family as well. Stop wasting space and food you using a dispensing system that keeps your food fresh for longer than when it is in the box.
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Keeping Food Fresh
This dispensing system will keep your cereal fresh while being stored inside. Long gone are the days of finding the stale product in your pantry. Using this will also reduce the number of boxes in your pantry, freeing up space for additional items.

Well constructed this product is safe for children to use. It is designed to be shatterproof, so no need to worry if it gets knocked off the counter. With the resistance to scratching the dispenser will look brand new for years to come.

Cost and Value
An investment that can save you dollars, in the long run, is always a good thing. A cereal dispenser can save you the headache of taste testing those cereals to check for freshness. Reducing the amount of waste and space those bulky boxes can take up.

Keeps food fresh for long periods of time.

Made to be shatterproof.

Plastic portion is scratch resistant.

Easy for children to operate.


Some complaints that these leave crumbs on the counter.

Customers have stated that this doesn't work for rice as advertised.

5. Under Sink Shelf

5. Under Sink Shelf
We all know that the cabinet under your sink can be a catch-all for many different items. Often times burying them in the way back corner of the cabinet. A shelf designed for under the sink can help you organize this area to make things easier to access.
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You might be thinking how is this shelf going to work under the sink? SImple, it has been designed to work around those pipes that seem to get in the way. You place the panels to create the shelves, leaving space for the sink pipes. The seemingly perfect solution to an age-old problem.

Yes, this will be under your sink but that doesn't mean that it has to be hideous. Here you have two eye-catching colors to choose from, so every time you open the door you won't be disappointed.

Cost and Value
A shelf under your sink to keep your belongings accessible can be of value. It will aid in cutting down your spending. How you might ask, using this shelf keeps thing front and center. So you won't wind up with duplicate items.


Designed for under the sink.

Panels for shelves are adjustable.

Comes in two color options.

Can expand if needed.


Some customers have stated that this seems weak.

Does not work well with a garbage disposal system.

6. Stackable Organizer

6. Stackable Organizer
Next on the list is an incredible find for your countertop or cabinet. Using a stacking system such as this creates a whole new area to place your items. You will find yourself looking for more of these.
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Organizing any space in your home just got a little easier. These stackable shelves will give you access to creating more room in confined spacing. Simply fill the first shelf then place the second on top of the first. Things couldn't be any easier.

These are also convenient when they are not being used. They will fold to a smaller size making it easy to find a place to put them. This will reduce the stress of finding a place to put them.

Cost and Value
Providing you with additional space without the high cost of adding more cabinets. This stackable option will allow you to straighten up the house in any room.

These are made to stack.

Can be folded for easy storing.

Can be used on the counter or in the cabinet.

Great for any room in your home.


People have stated that items placed on the shelves fall over.

Customers have issues with the shelves sagging under the weight.

7. Cook N Home Corner Shelf

7. Cook N Home Corner Shelf
Here is an option that will add a sense of style to your decor while adding functional space as well. Designed to sit out of the way and utilize space that is typically overlooked.
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Corner Design
In order to use space that is typically wasted, this shelf is built to sit in the corner. Tucked away neatly so that it doesn't get, you gained added room to place items of your choosing.

Adding a new element to your decor can really spruce up the room. The sleek metal design will really be the center of attention. You have the option to choose between two different shape designs. Allowing you to select the shape that would best suit your space.

Cost and Value
A purchase such as this, allows you to use what is often considered to be a wasted area in your home. Sitting in the corner, this shelf will be out of the way of the day to day living. Choose an option that will best suit your style and spacing.

Made to sit in the corner.

Easy to assemble.

Comes in two different shapes.

Good for multiple uses.


There are complaints that this comes with no instructions for assembly.

Some have questioned the durability of the product.

8. OXO Good Grip 5-Piece Set

8. OXO Good Grip 5-Piece Set
Reducing the bulk in your cabinets or pantry can start with a good set of canisters. Which is what we have come across here. Made to keep your food fresh while aiding in organizing your cabinet area.
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These canisters have their own freshness seal built into them. On the lid, you will notice what looks to be a button. That button once pushed in creates a seal inside of the canister. Locking out the air that causes your food to become stale.

Size Options
These canisters can be ordered as a five or three-piece set. Which is great for choosing the number of canisters you will need. Each canister will hold a specific amount of material.

Cost and Value
Using canisters to house your normal household staples can greatly reduce the clutter in your cabinets. These canisters were designed to keep the freshness in your food for longer periods of time. The set will come with a higher price tag than most but you will see they are worth the investment.

Made with their own freshness sealing system.

Comes as a set of five or three.

Great for everyday items.

Can be used in other rooms throughout your home.


These are not as durable as expected.

9. Rubbermaid Spice Rack

9. Rubbermaid Spice Rack
Another great find for your home is this spice rack. It makes finding that one spice in the cabinet easier than ever before. Mounting inside of the cabinet, the rack will be out of the view when company comes.
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Pull Down Design
The rack does mount inside of a cabinet but can be pulled down so that you can easily see what you have. Push the rack back into place when you have found what you need. It really does make seasoning your dish that much easier.

Constructed from metal, this rack can handle plenty of abuse. The rack is coated to further add to the durability. You can be sure that you are getting a rack that will stand the test of time.

Cost and Value
The cost of the rack will depend on which color or model you choose. Using the rack will reduce the amount of time it takes you to find the spice you are looking for. Keeping your cabinet clean and orderly.

Can be purchased in three different colors.

Allows you to organize your spices.

Mounts inside of the cabinet.

The design is a pull down.


Some users have stated that the mounting directions seem vague.

10. Wall Pot Pan Rack

10. Wall Pot Pan Rack
The last item we have chosen on our list is a great one for those with limited cupboard space. This gives you a place to put your cookware other than in the cabinet. It also has space available to ass some extra items.
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On the Wall
If you haven't already noticed it seems to be trendy to use your cookware as decor. Many will use an open shelf design or a rack like this one to openly place their cookware. This rack will mount to the wall, using hooks to hang your pots and pans. Emptying out an extra cupboard for you to utilize.

The Extras
Not only will this rack hold your cookware, it also has room for more. Throw a few of your favorite spices into the mix. Use the added canisters to store your silverware. Add some accent towels and you have created a beautiful, yet functional work of art.

Cost and Value
When working with limited space you have to think on your feet. This rack has done that for you. You can mount some of your favorite cooking items to your wall. Alleviating some of your cabinet worries and adding a stylish flair to the room.

Mounts to the wall.

Holds more than just pans.

Made to be durable.

Adds some style to your room.


Some question the quality of the product upon arrival.

At this point, we probably have you wondering how we picked out these ideas for you. We did a little research to see what other people were using to straighten up their space as well. Then we checked into each of the storage ideas to be sure that they were up to our standards. In the next section, you will be able to read the criteria we used to evaluate these selections. At the end of this guide, you will see that we have included a few questions to clear up any common problems that may arise. Keep in mind that these ideas can be used for any room within your home or office space.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Kitchen Storage

Utilizing Containers

When your cupboard and drawer space is limited or starting to get overcrowded you can turn to your countertop for assistance. This can be done by using containers or canister sets. Sealing canisters work well for storing flour or sugar, these items tend to take up more room in your cabinets. You can use containers for your larger cooking utensils, this will keep them together, plus free up space in your drawer. Really when you think of using these to aid in clearing out the clutter, the possibilities will seem endless.

What Makes  Good Container

A container by definition is an object that can be used to either store or transport something. So in the literal sense of the word, you can use anything as a container. When times are tight, you can recycle or “up-cycle” a larger can. Make it your own by adding some color or labels. Not very artistic, that’s fine too, there are plenty of container options for purchase as well. There are several characteristics that will comprise what makes a good container.

Your choice should be durable, you will need something that can withstand the pressures of everyday use. Be sure that the object you have chosen to be your container can withstand the weight of what is inside. For example, you wouldn’t want a flimsy basket holding your pots and pans. As the basket would quickly breakdown rendering it useless. The size of the container will also play a huge role in your organizing success. So in other words, don’t choose a quart jar to hold all your cooking utensils. Especially when you have an entire drawer full of utensils to rearrange. The last aspect we come to is the look, for this you have yourself to please. You are the one who has to look at these each day on your counter. Add a touch of your personality to the design so you know you will be satisfied.


There are many different options for placing shelves to be used for reducing clutter or placing items on display. In some cases, shelves can even be used to help free up some space on the counter. Hanging shelves on the wall can give a smaller space a more spacious feel. When wall space is limited, you can take a look at a standing shelf. These can range from a quite large size down to a smaller version that sits on top of tables or counters. The shelf you choose will depend on what you plan to place on it and the spacing you have available to you.

You might be looking to clean up under your sink, in that case, you can find a shelf designed for just that thing. It will allow you to place all your items where they will be seen, instead of pushed to the back collecting dust. Often times we find a clutter of dish soap, hand soap, and different sponges you can straighten that mess up. A shelf that sits behind or just above your sink can give the appearance that the clutter is gone.

When choosing to go with shelves that need to be hung, be sure you are following the manufacturer’s instructions for hanging. You will also want to take note of the rated weight the shelf can hold. In the event that you place heavy items on a shelf not rated for that much weight, it could cause the shelf to fall.

Microwave Stand or Cart

A microwave can be found in just about every household, they provide you with convenience at the push of a button. When they aren’t mounted above your stove, they tend to take up a lot of room sitting on your counter. For those with limited counter space, this can pose a huge problem. Adding a microwave stand or cart can help with this issue. Choosing the right one can also give you more room to tuck your belongings. But how do you know what makes a good microwave stand?

You should always consider the reason you are looking at the product. Are you only looking to free up counter space? Do you need more drawers and cabinets? How much room do you have to work with? All of the questions when answered can lead you in the right direction. A stand with a drawer isn’t impossible to find, but often times it is one larger sized drawer. More often than not, the stands can be found with shelves or a cabinet. This allows you to stash a few extra items within the stand or cart.

You will need to decide whether you want one that is portable or stationary. Having wheels allows you to roll the cart away to provide more room. Choose a material that will coincide with your current decor, as well as the options for color. Be sure to check measurements before purchasing, as you will want to be sure that the stand will fit.

Consider Using a Spice Rack

Spices can begin to pile up and take up space inside of your cabinets. Using a spice rack can help you get your spices under control. There are a few things to think about when searching out the best option for you. First, consider where you will be putting the rack. When space is limited, you may need to choose one that is meant to hang on the wall. Another great space saving choice is the corner racks. These will fit into the corner of your countertop, often times they remind you of a Lazy Susan. A more modern approach would be to use a spice rack that was designed to fit into a drawer.

No matter which style you choose, you will need to be sure that there is enough room for the number of spices you have. Consider how to arrange them as well, be sure that the most used ones will be easy to access. Deciding what type of material the rack is made from is important as well. You want one that will hold up for more than just a couple of months. The material type will also set the style of the rack, so choose one that will complement the rest of your decor choices. Lastly, make sure that you like the rack you have selected, it is a proven fact that you will be less likely to use it if you don’t.

A Rack For Your Cookware

It seems as though the more modern way to store your cookware is by hanging it. Doing this will definitely clean up some cabinet space for you. You can achieve this by adding a rack for hanging your pots and pans. These racks come in many forms and sizes. Be sure to choose one that is large enough to handle the task at hand. Before you set your mind on a specific rack, decide first where you will hang the rack. For example, are you hanging this rack above an island bar, or flush to a wall. The type of rack you should be looking for will vary greatly by this decision.

A Few Closing Thoughts

As you have read, you have a mountain of choices, when it comes to adding a little more “room” to your space. The possibilities are endless. Aside from the options that we covered for you, there are many more for you to think about. So many that we could be here for years explaining them all to you. Instead, we will just provide you with a few quick tips for making your decision easier.

When cleaning out that broom closet, look for options that allow you to hang your cleaning materials. Doing this reduces the clutter while opening up further spacing. Running out of room in your cabinets, try using a door or hanging racks to gain additional freedom. When times are tight, which happens to the best of us, you can certainly turn to those amazing DIY solutions for creating a space that you will love.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a microwave stand a good way to add storage to my kitchen?

A: That will depend on the options that you choose for your microwave stand. Some will be just a stand while others were meant to give you the best of both worlds. You can decide if you would like a stand with a drawer or cabinet. Some will even come with shelving. Keep in mind that no matter which options you decide to go with, microwave stands are not meant to hold a ton of stuff.

Q: What type of pot rack should I get hanging or wall mount?

A: The type of rack you choose will be based on more than just your preference. The space you can utilize will also play a big part in deciding. If you have more ceiling than wall space, then a hanging rack would be the way to go. A wall rack can come in handy for areas like above your sink or stove. The amount you wish to hang on the rack will play a role as well. When you need to hang just three or four pans, wall mounted racks will be sufficient. Hanging racks will hold more pots and pans than the wall mounted option.

Q: What is the best container to use in the kitchen for storing things?

A: The best answer to this question is really what makes sense for your situation. All a container has to do is be able to hold the object of your choice. The new thing to do for some is creating their own containers. Many will recycle old cans painting them and placing labels. While others choose to use mason jars or baskets. You can also purchase containers as well. There are many options available, it just depends on your style preference.

Q: I don’t have enough cabinets for dishes or enough room to add more what can I do?

A: For many, the amount of space in the kitchen can pose a problem. Often times the solution is right under our noses. Adding some open concept shelving can help to create much-needed space. Neatly stacked dishes can also make a great accent piece for your decor. Here again, you could go with a pot rack. Emptying out the pans will free up space for other dishes.

Q: Under my sink is a disaster what do you recommend?

A: There are a number of shelves to choose from that are intended for use underneath a sink. These shelves can help us organize the junk that collects under there as well. This type of shelf is designed to help you maximize the amount of space that you have.

Q: What can be done to organize a spice collection?

A: Here is where a spice rack can come in handy. With all the different design options currently on the market, you are sure to find one that will suit your needs. Depending on the size of your collection, you may be looking at buying more than one rack. A spice rack can be utilized inside of a drawer, pantry, cabinet, or even on the counter. Sometimes you just need to use your thinking cap to find a solution to your problem.


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