Best Indoor Fountains Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Are you feeling the stresses of the modern world gently eating away at your inner peace? You’re not alone. Too many people nowadays suffer from illnesses like anxiety and chronic stress. Often times the solutions that are suggested consist of relaxation, meditation, and minimizing the things in your life that are causing you stress.

Crafting a calming home environment is one way to lower your daily stress levels. By making your living situation one peace and calm, you’re going to be able to combat rising stress levels in your work and social life. While there are many ways to do this, we recommend bringing your natural calm indoors with an indoor fountain.  

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This buying guide has recently been updated to ensure accurate information is relayed to our readers. The top fountain has now changed to the Namaste Buddha, dropping the Alpine Fountain to number two. The frequently asked questions have also been updated to bring answers to our reader's concerns.

Featured Recommendations

Namaste Buddha
  • Namaste Buddha
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Faux Stone Finish
  • Price: See Here
Alpine WIN316 Rock Waterfall
  • Alpine WIN316 Rock Waterfall
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Made of Fiberglass
  • Price: See Here
SereneLife 3-Tier Waterfall
  • SereneLife 3-Tier Waterfall
  • 3.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Built-In Automatic Pump
  • Price: See Here

Indoor fountains are exactly what they sound like; you can find a variety of styles and set-ups, but the common link between all of them is the fact that they’re going to sound like relaxing, burbling brooks inside your apartment. Whether you want a raging river or a twinkling creek, we know that this list will have something on it you’ll appreciate.

There’s nothing more relaxing than the great outdoors. By inviting one of these indoor fountains into your living space you’re on the path to crafting a calm and stress-free environment. We believe that this will ultimately lower your stress levels and give you a better quality of life. When these fountains are so easily accessible, who could say no? You need a fountain that’s right for you, though, which is why we’ve got a variety of these excellent home accessories to take a look at.


10 Best Indoor Fountains


1. Namaste Buddha

1. Namaste Buddha
While the fountain in the number one spot is a classic indoor fountain, this one is a little more unique. If you want the ultimate in soothing, we recommend this Namaste Buddha fountain. The size means it’s able to fit in any nook or cranny you have available, which means you can inject a serene corner into even your most frantic room. The item is crafted with high quality materials, including decorative pebbles. Fiberglass means it’s light, and able to be picked up and carried with you. All in all, this is a piece that’s going to last you a very long (and happy) time.
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Tabletop appropriate
While you’d be hard pressed to fit the number one fountain onto a tabletop or bookshelf, there’s no issues with stacking this beautiful fountain on a shelf, kitchen island, or side table. Short enough to fit in a bookcase, but big enough to make a statement, this fountain is going to fit in wherever you squeeze it. The 3 lb weight is light enough to go on top of even the most collapsible kitchen table, while heavy enough that a curious cat won’t be able to knock it over.

No splashing
One of the biggest complaints we’ve seen in reviews is when fountains splash. When you’re placing moving water into your home, you know that there’s a risk of that water ending up on your floor, table, books, or bedspread. It’s only natural that moving water gets a little out of control. While many fountains have pumps that can help you control the amount of splash you experience, this fountain is gentle enough all on its own. While you can make it a little louder by adding more water, we don’t believe that the splashing will get too bad.

Cost and Value
For $50, this is a great centrepiece for any zen corner of your home. The buddha pictured on the front of the fountain is a gorgeous, intricate carving that looks as if it’s made of very high quality stone. No one will ever know that this piece is actually made of light and durable fiberglass, which keeps it within your budget. It also comes with some decorative rocks, which means you get to add your own flair to the product.

Comes with the pump and tube

Very gentle sound

Light enough for a table, but heavy enough to avoid accidental spills

Beautiful faux-stone finish

Can fit on a bookshelf


Small, compared to other fountains

Not as loud as other fountains (not great for blocking sound)

2. Alpine WIN316 Rock Waterfall

2. Alpine WIN316 Rock Waterfall
This indoor fountain blows all the other fountains out of the water. Not only does it have one of the highest ratings, but the reviews are incredibly positive. Many people state that the sound is a much better quality than many of the other indoor fountains they’ve experienced. This is a large fountain that will make a statement in your home. You’ll love the look of these cascading rocks, and will appreciate the calm it adds to your living situation.
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The Accurate Sound
One reviewer made an excellent point that perfectly encompasses our feelings about the sounds these fountains often make. Karlac left a review and stated “many of these water features sound like someone filling a bowl in the bathroom sink. This one sounds like the real thing, very soothing and peaceful.” We think this is the perfect way to put it. The Alpine Rock Waterfall Fountain has a beautiful sound, perfect for elevating your living room, patio, or bathroom area.

Everything is in your control
Don’t want the lights? No problem. Need a gentler stream? You got it! Want to keep it outdoors instead of in? Fantastic. This fountain can do it all. You’re able to control the strength of the water as well as when it comes on and off by installing a timer. This type of control is typically only available with more expensive models, making this an excellent option for those who are particular about their environment.

Cost and Value
Let’s be honest: there are plenty of cheaper fountains out there. While this one is on the more expensive side, it’s undeniably the best around. The quality is amazing, and you don’t need to a water hook up to keep it running. The sound is the best, and the look of the rocks can make any person feel like they’re in a peaceful, beautiful nature reserve. At under $300, we think that this is the best deal if you’re looking for a fountain that will last you years and years

Natural looking rock stack

No water hook-up needed

Able to be used indoors and outdoors

Incredible sound quality

LED lights


The price is outside of many budgets

Some splashing, depending on the force of the water pump

3. SereneLife 3-Tier Waterfall

3. SereneLife 3-Tier Waterfall
With an average rating of 3.9 on Amazon, this fountain is a strong choice for anyone looking at a style just for them. The tea lights are a unique touch, as few fountains feature an option to utilize candles instead of LEDs. Reviewers have said that they wish this fountain had an on/off switch, but it’s not a huge issue. The fountain is durable, which means you don’t need to worry about the motor or product overworking itself. Overall, we would absolutely recommend this fountain. It’s one of the most compact ones, making it the perfect choice for people who have limited space. Pair that with the unique lighting option and the sound and it’s a recipe for success.
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Tea Light Abilities
Tired of all the fountains that have LED lights hidden underneath the water? We understand. Lights are great, but they can get annoying in the middle of the night. This is especially true if the lights don’t have on/off capacities, which many of them don’t. This fountain has a unique, rustic charm to it due to the tea light holders being integrated into the design. While it makes for a fire hazard, it can also add a natural and romantic light into your home or office space.

No Dribbling
Many fountains mention that they feature a drip or burbling noise, rather than a cascading waterfall style. Those that have managed to get a cascading noise typically have to turn their pumps up high, which causes splashing. This compact, desk-sized fountain has a contained water area rather than a large basin. This keeps the splashing to a minimum, which means you can turn the pump up as vigorously as you want. This gets the waterfall sound rather than the burbling creek effect; perfect if you’re trying to drown out neighbors or coworkers!

Cost and Value
This fountain is on the cheaper side, which would normally mean that there’s likely some downsides to it. One might think that they skimped on manufacturing costs, or even something aesthetic. That’s certainly not the case with this fountain. You get more than what you pay for with this product, as the pump is durable and the fountain keeps splashing to a minimum. While you might want to invest in some extra river rocks (depending on your personal style), the fountain does come with a handful… Which means you only have to purchase one thing to instantly have a fashionable, natural indoor fountain.

Tea Light holders

Comes with rocks

High-quality sound

Rock color may be changed, which means you can coordinate the fountain to your home

Very durable and sturdy base


Pump cord gets wet

Water may overflow sometimes

4. Toadstool 3-Tier Tabletop

4. Toadstool 3-Tier Tabletop
The three-tiered indoor fountains from John Timberland are a special category all to themselves. Not only do they feature beautiful designs, but they add a touch of whimsy no matter where you’re putting them. These toadstools are our favorite out of the styles this brand features, which is why we’ve chosen to highlight it in this list. The material is a strong, yet delicate ceramic; the sound is more of a twinkling burble than a rocketing waterfall. The colors are earthy with a pop of brightness, and we’re sure it will bring a smile to your face no matter how stressful your day has been.
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It’s Whimsical
No one wants a plain or boring fountain, especially if you’re featuring it in your office or bathroom. We love the toadstools because they bring whimsy and forest freedom into any room of the house. The red and blue make these toadstools feel like they’ve come out of a fantasy book, while still retaining the class and subtlety needed for it to be appropriate indoors.

It’s Ceramic
Some have said that ceramic isn’t a good choice for a fountain because it’s delicate. We disagree; ceramic is sturdy, heavy, and beautiful. We love the way that ceramic shines in the light, and seems to make the sparkle of the water even more bright and crisp. Being a ceramic product means that once you put it on a table or shelf, it’s certainly not going to move. That fountain is planted, and no one is going to “accidentally” knock it over.

Cost and Value
This is a tabletop fountain that we believe comes across as much more expensive than it actually is. Not only does the glaze make it look fancy and artistic, but the gentle curve of the toadstools themselves have an air of delicacy to them. This refined fantasy is worth much more than $40 it actually costs, especially when it’s likely going to last for many, many years.

Very easy to set up

Stable and heavy

Fantasy-inspired, unique look

Pump becomes quiet after a mere minutes of set up

Rocks can be added to change the water sounds


Most reviewers reported no instructions were included

Colors can vary

5. Hanging Bubble Wall Aquarium

5. Hanging Bubble Wall Aquarium
We know what you’re thinking: “What the heck? This isn’t a fountain! Fountains have moving water and sit on the ground!” You’re not wrong. We decided to expand the parameters of our list a little in order to include a fountain option that those with a more modern or contemporary styled house would enjoy. It’s easy to get trapped in the idea of there being one true fountain style. This is misguided thinking! There are many different styles and interpretations of indoor fountains, and this wall hanging is one of the most unique, contemporary styles we’ve seen.
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Color-Change with Ease
One of the great things about this bubble wall fountain is the fact that you can change the color of the LEDs with just a simple press of a button. The remote control makes it easy to do from the comfort of your couch, chair, or desk, and can immediately change the whole feel of the room. You can turn this bubble wall into a seasonal decoration using this capacity, which means you never have to worry about taking it down.

Versatile styling options
Whether you want to build a cool and chic office, or bring some cool tones into a warm and sophisticated room, you’ll find that this wall hanging will fit in no matter where you put it. While it’s certainly suited to a more contemporary look, we feel that it would fit in well in any type of apartment, office, or living room. The bubbles are fun, and the plain frame makes it incredibly versatile.

Cost and Value
This is one of the highest priced items on our list, but we just couldn’t leave it off. The look and feel of this bubble wall is such a unique take on an indoor fountain. The contemporary style is able to match any modern room. The color-changing ability means you can change the whole feel of your office or living room with the simple press of a button. While it is pricier, we believe you get what you pay for.

Chic, modern look

Self-contained wall hanging

Ability to change colors

Easy to install

Customer service excellent


Some reports of leaking

Remote is finicky

6. Sunnydaze Rock Falls Tabletop

6. Sunnydaze Rock Falls Tabletop
Are you looking for a fountain that gives you the feeling of a classic rock garden? Look no further than this high-quality, moderately priced indoor fountain. This style is a little taller than the other fountains we’ve looked at, which means you’re going to be able to see it even behind tall plants. The material makes it light enough to put on any surface, but heavy enough to be held down from wayward frisbees, kids, or cats. All in all, you won’t be disappointed by this beautiful stack of rocks.
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Pump is Silent
One thing that keeps coming up time and time again in the reviews for the indoor fountains is the fact that the pumps can be heard. Some people are very bothered by this, while some people don’t mind. Many say that the pump only makes noise as a warning sign for when it needs to be cleaned, or has to have water added. According to reviewers, this pump never makes noise as long as it’s fully submerged. If you’re looking for a silent addition to your meditation space, this is the fountain for you.

Natural styling
While the style is one that we’ve seen time and time again, you’d be hard-pressed to find a brand or design that matches this one in quality and structure. The rock stack is a classic fountain move (both indoor and outdoor), and now you can have your very own version. The water drips gently over the rocks, which are naturally styled out of durable fiberglass and polyresin. This makes it much lighter and much sturdier than regular rocks would be!

Cost and Value
When looking at this fountain, it’s hard to believe it doesn’t cost at least a couple hundred dollars. The style is so classic and natural that your guests really will believe that this fountain was hand-crafted out of 5 stacking rocks. Lucky for you, you can get that type of visual effect while only spending approximately $50. The price tag can’t be beat, especially when the material is so durable and the visual effect is so timeless. With a 1 year warranty as well, you’re well protected from any issues or concerns that might arise. We think it’s definitely worth the money.

1 year warranty

Able to be used in a contemporary or classic home

Tall, 14” height

Comes with footpads

Variety of settings for pump strength


No on/off switch

Some reports of damage and disconnected pumps

7. Rock Stack and Ball Tabletop

7. Rock Stack and Ball Tabletop
This fountain is brought to us by the same brand as previous options on our list, which just goes to show how fantastic they are. This comes from a reliable brand for indoor fountains, as they’re both cost-effective and incredibly high quality. They have a few different iterations of the rock stack and ball style, but our favorite is the ten-inch version. This style will add a touch of magic to any corner of your home, and is compact enough to fit in places you didn’t think a fountain could fit! A lovely feature of this fountain is the ball on top, which seems to both light up and spin. It’s absolutely mesmerizing.
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The Light
One thing that’s often lacking in indoor fountains is a focus on the visual effect of the water. Many people like to focus on the sound the fountain makes, rather than how the water looks. We think that’s a shame, as visual stimulation can be just as meditative an aural. This fountain features an LED ball on the top of the rock stack, making the water have a beautiful glow and texture as it’s moved around.

Something to keep in mind with indoor fountains is the fact that they’re going to have water rushing through them all day, every day. If you cut costs on manufacturing, you might end up with a fountain that loses its color, shape, and cleanliness over time. Luckily, this fountain isn’t going to do that. The resin craftsmanship means you don’t have to worry about parts chipping or rubbing off. It also means you’re getting an excellent product for its price

Cost and Value
As we mentioned in the last paragraph, this product is excellent for its price. While the different iterations of this fountain may have slightly different prices, the one we’re looking at is a reasonable $35. This is one of the cheapest fountains we’ve seen. Peace of mind is accessible for everyone with this fountain on the market!

Perfect for the office

Made with resin

Can replace the ball with other items (i.e. crystals) for a personal touch

Visually intriguing light pattern

Easy to assemble


Water needs to be added regularly

Ball spins quite fast, making lights flash fast

8. Bits and Pieces Water Lily

8. Bits and Pieces Water Lily
You don’t want generic rock stacks, you’re not a fan of toadstools, and anything modern makes you go “ick”. How many options could actually be left? Lucky for you, there’s this beautiful and delicate fountain from the brand Bits and Pieces. These folks know how to make a good fountain, and it’s no surprise that the reviews are so positive! This fountain has a whimsical feeling without being in-your-face. The water lily bowls are delicate and beautiful, and provide a gentle dripping noise. You won’t be disappointed by this fountain, and will be grateful for the peace of mind and the Bits and Pieces brand!
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Made of Metal
Most of these fountains have been made of fiberglass, resin, or ceramics so far. While there’s nothing wrong with those products, we know that the look of them isn’t to everybody’s tastes. We were in the middle of disliking the fact that there are such limited material options out there when we stumbled across the Bits and Pieces Water Lily fountain. The metal makes for sleek and elegant designs, without looking as if the material is trying to be something it’s not. It’s a grown-up, elegant look, perfect for your little corner of calm.

Large Basin
While the fountain itself is small, the bowl that the flowers grow out of is proportionally quite large. We believe that this would help with splashing, as it provides more of an area for the water to land. The splash turns out to be little to none, depending on how many rocks you want to fill it with. Rest assured, though: you don’t need to put any rocks in it if you don’t want them.

Cost and Value
Many reviewers stated that they bought this fountain on a whim because of the cheap price, and were surprised with the level of quality. If that doesn’t say it all, we don’t know what else we could write! The price tag is around $35, which can often mean you’re going to get a fountain that looks or sounds cheap. That’s not the case with this design, which features metal-worked flowers and a neutrally-colored bowl.

Beautiful sound

Water lilies and leaves made of metal

Motor is quiet (as long as it’s on a soft surface)

Reviews say it’s a great cat fountain

Small size but a unique look will be sure to draw conversation


Does not include rocks

Vibrations on hard surfaces cause sound

9. Rowell With Light

9. Rowell With Light
This tabletop fountain is a similar style to some of the other fountains we’ve seen, but is in a league all its own. The water basins themselves are elegantly designed; everyone who sees them will instantly know that you’re classy and well put together, and know exactly what you want out of life. The dark color of the fountain itself means it blends into any contemporary design. While there’s no guarantee about the color of river rocks you’ll get, we believe it’s easy to add rocks in different colors if you’d like to coordinate it with a carpet or wall tapestry.
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Easily Sets Up & Comes Apart
With many products that stop working you don’t actually have the opportunity to take things apart and see what the issue is. That’s not the case with this fountain. While there’s a little more assembly required than some of the other fountains we’ve reviewed, we think that it’s actually a positive aspect of the product. You’ll be able to diagnose any problems more easily, making any fixes that need to happen quick and easy. Plus, the set-up is so straight-forward you probably won’t need instructions to do it.

Looks Expensive
One of the tricks to pulling together a contemporary living space is to know when to save and when to spend. Spending money on the big-ticket items will make your space look well and truly modern. Purchasing a proper couch, set of end tables, and other furniture will give you a strong base to build off of. That’s when we would recommend getting this fountain. It’s cheap, but looks expensive. This will elevate the mood of your living room without breaking the bank; and it’ll fit in with all your proper modern products.

Cost and Value
Nothing could be better than a fountain that looks more expensive than it actually is. While there have been reviewers who said that the pump is cheaper than they expected, the quality isn’t impacted. It’s okay to cut a few corners on the unseen aspects of the fountain as long as the quality stays high. This is the case with this fountain. For only $35 you’re getting a fountain that looks like it could have been hand-carved out of polished obsidian. There’s no way you could find a better deal than that.

Excellent price

Sleek, dark-toned color

Small and unobtrusive light, even in the middle of the night

Looks pricier than it is

Rocks may be changed depending on preference


Cheap, valve-style pump control

Louder water sound than many reviewers expected

10. Modern Silhouette LED

10. Modern Silhouette LED
Capping off our list is this fountain from John Timberland. As one of the leading fountain brands on Amazon, you would be right to expect great things from this indoor fountain. The style is unlike anything else we’ve seen so far. The sculptural quality makes for a unique lamp that those design-minded folks will love. While nothing on this fountain looks very natural or rustic, that can be okay. There’s a fountain out there for everyone, and the people who are drawn to this are likely grateful that there’s an option other than stacked rocks out there.
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For those folks who want their home accessories to make a statement, this is the best fountain to choose. The circular design of the fountain is unique, making this tabletop fountain more of a centerpiece than a mindless addition. Designers will love the sleek, well-thought-through look of this fountain, and will be able to integrate it into a variety of home decor styles.

Mesh Basin
One complaint that many people make about indoor fountains is the fact that the water will spray up and out of the basins. That’s not an issue with this fountain, which has a fine layer of mesh covering the area where the water drops into and collects. The streams coming from the top of the circle contain the water dribble as well, which means there’s no chance the stream will slip out of the basin. The mesh diffuses the drops, making it so there’s no chance of splashback.

Cost and Value
What we’ve seen of these fountains so far gives us the ability to say that this fountain is around average price. The marble finish makes it look more expensive than it is, which is similar to the prior fountain we talked about. The design of this fountain is certainly more unique, though, which is why we aren’t upset about it being an extra couple dollars. At an average price, this outstanding fountain is a great buy.

Sculptural design can be kept out without water

LED light reflects sculpture as blue, adding dimension

Water drips from a unique spot, making this a true centrepiece

Very few reports of splashing

Can be very quiet or dramatically loud-- It’s your choice!


Needs a lot of refilling

Hose is difficult to string through during set-up

There are many different reasons to invest in an indoor fountain. Some people want that peaceful, twinkling sound in their kitchen, bathrooms, or living rooms. Some people don’t have access to a park or yard easily and want to create an outdoor corner in their apartment. Whatever your reasons are for wanting an indoor fountain, we know that you want to invest in a fountain that will make all your dreams come true.   

Turn off any despairing waterworks about your lack of peace and moving water. Amazon has many accessible, reputable indoor fountains, and we’ve found the top 10 of them for you.  

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Indoor Fountains


Building your own indoor fountain is a lot of work, and doesn’t always have the results you might be expecting. Instead of wasting your money on miniature plumbing parts, trust us when we say that these fountains are the best built around.

The quality of build of a fountain is important, especially when you’re looking to invest in one that’s going to last a while. Instead of risking your happiness to purchase a cheap (but unusable) fountain, we paid special attention to the balance of price and build.

All of the fountains were evaluated from a manufacturing perspective, looking at aspects like their water hook-up options, the warranty, as well as the quality of the material.  

These fountains are hardworking and beautiful. They won’t break the bank, but you can rest assured that you’re getting the best build for the price.


While you might have thought there were only one or two styles of indoor fountains out there, we’re here to say that the opposite is true. There’s a style for everyone, whether your home is looking for a sleek and elegant fountain or a natural, rock-and-wood one.

We feel that having an indoor fountain that aligns with your style philosophy is the best way to ensure happiness with the product. While all of these indoor fountains have a similar use, no two fountains are exactly alike. This means you’re going to be able to get a look that’s innately yours.

These indoor fountains are examples of the huge variety of indoor fountains and show some of the most popular styles to choose from.  


There’s always some hesitation when it comes to integrating moving water into your living situation. Some people don’t even want to own aquariums because of the risk that a concentrated amount of water poses. Running water has so many positive benefits though, both mentally and emotionally.

While some people dislike the sound that running water produces, we feel that it automatically adds a sense of elegance and luxury to your home. Outfitting your kitchen table, plant corner, or even covered balcony with a fountain gives you the feeling of being in a fancy, high-quality place. Just think of how much class an indoor fountain adds to your local fine dining restaurant!

By choosing fountains that have a graceful look we’ve managed to find the perfect balance of elegance and casual living. You don’t need to worry about these fountains looking too overstated or out of place in your home; the variety of style means that you can choose between elegance, natural beauty, and modern charm.

Flare and elegance are essential when looking to add an indoor fountain to your home. The style is the most important part of integrating these relaxing home decor accessories into your personal style.


You want elegance, but you don’t want to waste your whole paycheck on it; that’s totally fair. We don’t judge someone, especially students or folks getting started on their careers, for wanting to up the elegance on a budget. You might love the relaxation you get from meditating to your own personal fountain, but not everyone has the expendable income to spend $150 on a fountain. This is why we’ve taken price into consideration when looking at these fountains.

Fountains can easily have their costs cut by cutting out more quality materials and plumbing capacities. Don’t let yourself get swindled by indoor fountains that are too cheap. While they might look great, they aren’t going to last long enough for you to get the value of your dollar. Conversely, fountains can also be incredibly overpriced!

You know how much you’re able to spend on this luxury item. We’ve judged these items in accordance with a typical millennial budget, and focused on finding the best quality and style for the cheapest prices. Don’t be fooled by the fountains that promise instant relaxation in exchange for your hundreds of dollars. Oftentimes the cheaper ones are just as good, especially when the quality has been checked (like in this list).


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it hard to set-up and maintain?

A: The answer to this question depends on the fountain, but generally the answer is no. Many of these fountains do require the regular addition of water to keep them moving and running, which is due to the natural evaporation process water goes through. Most of these fountains come with instructions and are simple to plug in and start running. While some might have some tubes that are difficult to string through, most of them are a simple matter of place, plug, and go.

Q: Will I hear the pumps on these fountains?

A: It’s unlikely you’ll hear anything other than your relaxing, burbling brook. The pump sounds are often only audible when your pump and fountain have collected dirt, grime, or other particles that block the smooth running of the pump. If you are hearing a sound that’s not the relaxing water stream that you’ve been promised, feel free to reach out to the brands’ warranty programs to see if there’s a part that can be replaced or a quick fix that can be done.

Q: Is the water safe to drink?

A: We don’t necessarily recommend ingesting the fountain’s water if you’ve added an algae cleaner or vinegar. While you’ve probably added in non-contaminated water from a tap, bottle, or fridge filtration system, the water is likely not changed often enough to stay healthy or clean. If pets are drinking from the fountain we would recommend that you change the water and clean the fountain regularly rather than adding cleaners to it to keep it safe for your furry family members.

Q: Can I leave it running?

A: Yes. Fountains are meant to be continuously run. While the style of each fountain will depend on whether or not you need to watch the water levels, oftentimes indoor fountains can stay running for as long as you’d like. Be careful to keep the water levels at an appropriate level if your style is self-contained, rather than hooked up to a water source.

Q:  Can a water fountain add humidity to a room?

A: Yes, an indoor fountain has been known to add as much a 10% more humidity to a room. If you are looking for the little extra humidity during the dry, winter months when the heat is on, this is the perfect option.


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