Best Flippers Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Need a swimming speed boost? Need to ease yourself through the water but not break the budget on your own personal submarine. A pair of flippers is just in order for you. Explore the waters of the ocean, pond, or your own swimming pool. Flippers are a great way to glide through the water with ease, all with the power of your own legs. This is a great exercise routine to take up during the summer months whether just because you are looking for a new hobby, or you want something to help you fulfill that new year’s resolution that seems near impossible in the heat.

Pick a pair of flippers that inspires you to do more in the water. Maybe you want to be a mermaid, or maybe you just want to float along the surface and enjoy the shallower depths. Your goal could simply to be speedier, or you could want to make that deep dive to explore the more mysterious elements of your local beach. In any case, you will want to find the set of flippers best suited to help you attain your goal.

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This update has given the reader more ideas on what you can use flippers for and explained how important it is to store your equipment properly when not in use. Also, made sure the top ten products were current.

Featured Recommendations

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails
  • Fin Fun Mermaid Tails
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great For All Ages
  • Price: See Here
FINIS Long Floating Fins
  • FINIS Long Floating Fins
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Builds Muscle
  • Price: See Here
Cozia Snorkel Set
  • Cozia Snorkel Set
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Easy to Use
  • Price: See Here

You don’t have to find yourself overheating and stuck on the easier water lines to be outside, and you don’t have to stay to the boring reaches of your own yard. Stay cool and still get the right amount of exercise without having to push your leg muscles so hard that you can’t get up the next morning. Swimming fins are great for every outdoor swimmer, whether a beginner at diving or a pro! Flippers are also great for snorkeling. Don’t let the heat stop you from being active, jump into the summer fun and check out our list of gear picked out especially for you! Maybe you’ll find the best deal of the summer today on our top 10 Best Swimming Flippers Reviewed!


10 Best Flippers


1. Fin Fun Mermaid

1. Fin Fun Mermaid
Your child ever want to be a mermaid, live an undersea adventure of their very own. Not only do these flippers look amazing, they are functional too. Stylish and sleek these flippers add an extra level of fun at the swimming pool or ocean.
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Not Too Old
Enjoy the beach and swimming or diving with just as imagination as the kids, or inspire dreams in your own children with this fun diving fin! Travel to a world of mermaids and abasing creatures under the water, or just splash around the pool with the Fin Fun Mermaid Tail. These wonderful flipper/fins come in adult sizes as well!

Don’t Guess!
Fin Fun Mermaid Tails doesn’t make you guess what size tail you have as a mermaid. With their handy sizing chart you can pick the right size tail for you on the first try. So, get out there and enjoy your very own tail.

Cost and Value
The Fins are a great value for what you get. A highly durable fin, and a very ornate scaled leg cover to really sell the mermaid transformation. Functional and stylish all at the end of your feet.

Fits perfectly

Beautiful colors

Surprisingly lightweight

More affordable than other fins on the market

Great stitching


Fabric can rip easily

Can be tricky to put on

2. FINIS Floating

2. FINIS Floating
Strong powerful swimmers looking to compete? Finis Long Floating Fins may be just what you require to have a great time in the water. So, grab your pair right now!
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Stronger Legs
Want to build up your leg muscles fast? Try a pair of Finis Long Floating Fins for your summer swimming fun. They will help you get in shape faster so you can spend even longer exploring your local beach. Maybe even find some great treasures!

Outlasts the Bunny
Finis Long Floating Fins are built for constant swimming use. Designed to help beginners learn how to swim correctly, these fins are meant to help you spend hours floating above, or just below the surface of the water.

Cost and Value
They are effective and affordable. Well within one’s budget range. No added bits or baubles to try and add cost to the buyer. If you just need a set of flippers and nothing else. These are a great choice to pair with your favorite goggles and gear
  • Performance for price is astonishing.
  • Great for building up leg strength to swim faster
  • Durable design meant to handle constant use
  • Helps train proper swimming through buoyancy to prevent injuries from stress on your legs.
  • Great to practice drills for breathing routines.
  • A tad tight, order larger than your shoe size
  • Highly specific for training, not meant for swimming deep under water

3. Cozia Set

3. Cozia Set
Need a full set but never liked the old-fashioned snorkel. The Cozia Snorkel Set with Snorkel Mask and Swim Fins offers great quality flippers, and a bonus 180 degree vision mask.
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All the Gear!
Not happy just purchasing the flippers and want all the gear you need to do your first dive or long swim? Look no further than Cozia Snorkel set with Snorkel Mask and Swim Fins. This set comes with everything you need to get out and go without having to shop for hours to find what you need.

Easy to use
Even outside the water Cozia’s fins won’t trip you up and make you feel foolish. So, if you need to take a short break, or your dive takes you somewhere interesting where you need to climb out of the water to explore, you don’t have to take off your fins to do so.

Cost and Value
The set gives a new wider range of options for the avid swimmer. Great for beginners and offers a great way to start exploring the water. It’s ease of use and practicality in transporting make it a fine addition to anyone’s swim routines.
  • Comes in a set. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Great value. 
  • Mask is 180 degrees. 
  • May show signs of wear and tear. 

4. Cressi Light

4. Cressi Light
Need a name you can trust strapped to your feet? The Cressi Light Swim Fins are a product from a company that has put in years of research to make sure their product meets your needs.
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I’m New
Just starting out and want a good comfortable pair of fins to get you started? Pick up a pair of Cressi Light Swim Fins and learn the finer points of swimming in fins. With its lightweight design you won’t have to worry that they might weigh you down when you’re just getting started.

Getting Stronger
Cressi Light Swim Fins allow you to go longer and build more muscle in the water. With their comfortable fit you are not likely to tire out before you spend the right amount of time building up your muscles and getting a true work out for your body. This is great not only for beginners but for those who want to spend a long time in the water as well.

Cost and Value
Price wise these are hard to beat. Cressi Light Swim Fins are great way to improve your swimming by strengthening your legs and preparing you for deeper dives. They are comfy to wear, and that means longer time swimming.
  • Very affordable.
  • Effective training fins designed to give you more power yet still strengthen your swimming
  • Lightweight design helps ensure you do not tire out
  • Helpful size chart
  • Quality product that performs as described
  • Considered comfortable by reviewers
  • Helps build leg strength
  • Does not come with storage for them
  • Are true training flippers
  • Not reccomended for leisurely use

5. Seavenger Torpedo

5. Seavenger Torpedo
Looking for some fins for your travels. Seavenger Torpedo Swim Fins come with a travel bag ready to go. Light and portable you can take them easily with you on any trip you have in mind.
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Goes Anywhere!
Some fins can feel overly bulky, and whether they are made of lighter materials or not, they can be awkward to carry. The Seavenger Torpedo Swim Fins are both light and smaller than other types of fins. Built for all types of swimming and diving, this added benefit makes them a great pair for any level swimmer/diver.

I Can Walk!
A great feature for any fins, the Seavenger Torpedo Swim Fins are another pair on our list that makes it easy to cross patches of land for either a much-needed break, or for exploration. Any fin that allows some distance of walking without straining their wearer is a great pair of flippers.

Cost and Value
The Seavenger Torpedo Swim Fins are great for the on the go swimmer who wants to be able to swim in nearly any type of water. Ready to go and travel with you makes these a nice pick up for someone looking for a new or replacement set of fins.
  • Light and portable
  • Comes with storage bag already
  • All purpose fins for all types of diving and swimming
  • Easy to walk with for short distances while worn
  • Sleek design is appealing to the eyes
  • Does not come with goggles
  • Sizes may be larger than stated for women

6. Tyr Sport EBP

6. Tyr Sport EBP
Tyr Sport EBP Burner Fin is a great training set of fins to help push you further in your goals to have stronger swimming legs, while also being easy to store and transport. They will provide excellent training for the avid diver.
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Longer Lasting!
Tyr Sport EBP Burner Fin is a high quality brand of fin intended to last through the early learning days to the later swimming adventures of their owners. Its durability is definitely a point worth mentioning and not skimming over lightly.

Light weight and small, Tyr Sport EBP Burner Fin is easy to pack up in a bag or suitcase to take to the beach or on vacation. Allowing for them to be easily placed in your normal carrying containers when traveling means that even without its own case, traveling is still an easy process.

Cost and Value
A cost effective and efficient way to get swim fins to practice and train at your pool or local pond. These will greatly increase your effectiveness in work outs and training.
  • Small and light weight makes for easy packing
  • Useful training tool to build leg strength
  • Highly durable and will serve you for years
  • Can be used for other diving applications
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Size Chart must be looked up through manufacturer
  • Does no come with storage bag or container

7. U.S. Divers Sea Lion

7. U.S. Divers Sea Lion
U.S. Divers Sea Lion Floating Fins are a strong and powerful set of fins designed to push you quickly through the water. Great for those deeper underwater swimming trips. These may be the next set of fins for you!
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They float!!
Sometimes you want a buoyant flipper in case it comes off your foot, and other times you’re afraid that having such a feature will make it harder to dive. What if you could have your cake and eat it too? Well with U.S. Divers Sea Lion Floating Fin, you can! This fin floats easily to the surface if it comes loose or gets caught and pulled off of your foot, but it won’t push you to the surface when you’re wearing them. This makes them a good brand for the beginner while not making them have to struggle against buoyancy while they learn to dive.

Yo Man…
Great for all kinds of swimming and recreation, these flippers even work well for those who want to just body surf the waves and leave the deep diving to the rest of the world. Designed after the classic body surfing fins, the U.S. Divers Seal Lion Floating Fins are bound to leave a great lasting impression on you for all your future Fin needs.

Cost and Value
These fins offer a good value for beginners who like to stay closer to the surface. At an affordable price they will also serve more experienced swimmers and snorkelers admirably.
  • The fins are great for snorkeling, propelling you through the water with ease
  • In case they do slip off they’ll float to the surface, but while on you wont pull you to the surface
  • Highly Affordable pricing
  • Useful for other forms of recreation like body surfing
  • May be tight and uncomfortable on wider feet
  • Not a wide selection of colors to choose from

8. Wildhorn Topside

8. Wildhorn Topside
Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins will help you stay topside and move you through your snorkeling adventure with ease. If you are looking for a good light snorkeling Fin, these are definitely the choice for you.
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Not all snorkels are the same when it comes to comfort, but Wildhorn wanted to make sure that you got the best quality from their fins. Not only do you get great working fins, but they are comfortable when you take them into the water. This is especially good news if you are wanting a pair of flippers that won’t cause unneeded pain on your skin and joints.

Fit Right
Some flippers are hard to figure out when it comes to sizing, and no matter how comfortable they might be when they do fit, a pair that is too big or too small can ruin things. That’s why Wildhorn offers a sizing guide to help you select the best fit, so that the comfort level of the shoe is exactly as it should be.

Cost and Value
These flippers offer a lot of comfort for casual swimmers, and the traveling snorkeler. Offering unparalleled comfort when traveling from one water spot to another. These are great for that all terrain style of diving where your next spot to swim may be over some jagged coral or lava stone. Making these an ideal purchase for those seeking comfortable travel on their next vacation adventure to the water.
  • Boyancy will float them to the surface in case you somehow dislodge your foot from them
  • Light weight makes them easy to carry about
  • VERY comfortable
  • Easy to walk around with on land to get to your desired swimming location
  • Very well done shoe size guide
  • Hard to dive with as they are rather boyant
  • Not as efficient as other flippers in the water but still far better than feet

9. Body Glove Mermaid

9. Body Glove Mermaid
Body Glove Mermaid Mono Fin is a fin that makes diving and swimming fun so your kids can be more like mermaids without breaking your bank. Made for both boys and girls these adjustable strap fins will help your child swim like dolphins, and race about the water in no time.
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When your plan is to help your little one be a mermaid, or when you want that special fin to be just right, having the colors to choose from becomes important. Don’t leave your mermaid tail to chance- Mono Fin has made their Body Glove Mermaid Fin in a variety of colors to let your ‘Little Mermaid’ look as unique as she feels the next time you are on the beach or at the pool.

Growing Mermaids
Instead of having to go out every year and buy a new tail to keep up with your growing mermaid, these adjustable strap tails allow for growing room. This means you don’t have to worry about finding that perfect fin for your little one every year, instead you can size them for the main buy, and use the adjustable straps to keep up!

Cost and Value
These Body Glove Mermaid Mono Fins are excellent additions to the swimming pool for your kid. Let them feel the power and experience the water in a new and fun way. Helps them become stronger swimmers, and with so many options for colors and designs. They are sure to offer something for any child who loves the water to enjoy,
  • Colors are vibrant.
  • Adjustable. 
  • Unique
  • Helps with swimming. 
  • Can be challenging. 

10. Anggo Short

10. Anggo Short
Anggo Short Dive Fins are your ticket for powerful adventures within the water this summer and any summer. Great all round performing fins that should meet anyone’s expectation for fun in the sun.
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Like a Glove
Taking the guesswork out of your purchase, Angglo Short Dive Fins have a sizing chart so you can get the right size the first time. This is great for comfort, correct use and ease of use. After all if it’s too big you might lose them in the water, too small and your feet will quickly become too sore to keep swimming. Why not get it right the first time with Anggo Short Dive Fins?

Travel Easy
The Angglo Short Dive fins come with two great features that should be mentioned together. They have their own travel bag, which already makes them an awesome purchase, but to help you keep them in shape longer even when not in use, they also come with insert pads that help them to hold their shape and stay like new longer.

Cost and Value
For a travel set of Fins, these perform above expectations, being comfortable and ready to go as you are. This makes for ease of storage and use, just make sure to properly check the size chart to make sure they are a proper fit.
  • Comes with 1 pair of pads for the fins pocket shape, keeping and making them last longer.
  • Comes with a bag to hold them in, which is convenient to travel with them
  • Size chart is accurate to get the proper fit
  • Size chart is for Males
  • No back strap to keep them on if they are too loose, use size chart appropriately

We hope this list will help you to look for and find the perfect flippers for your particular interest and choice of water activity. Whether your diving, swimming, snorkeling, body surfing or just enjoying a lazy time floating on the water, we know there is at least one good pair for what you need. Have fun this summer, and check out our criteria, additional information and fact section for quick references to help assure you have the best for your application. If you wish to do more research on the topic to decide if this hobby is the best choice for you and what other gear you may want to consider. As always, thank you for letting us here at Gearhunt help you find your perfect gear!

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Flippers


As with any type of equipment that you wear, and especially that you have to put on your feet, flippers need to fit right. No matter how comfortable they are made or nice a pair of flippers look, if they don’t fit right they can put a quick end to your outdoor swimming activity. By not wearing the right size you not only get the usually cramped toe feeling that shoes give, but when in use they can have a negative effect on all the muscles of your feet, legs, and even your ankle and knee joints. For both safety and health reasons, we wanted to pick flippers that gave easy to use sizing charts or that fit according to a certain type of shoe size so that finding the right fit isn’t difficult. We don’t just want you to enjoy shopping for your gear, but we want you to be able to use and enjoy your gear in the way it was intended.

A part of this sizing process that many might not consider is in how your flipper straps (or in some rare instances doesn’t) strap onto your foot. While most have adjustable straps to assure they are properly secured, others simply slide on like a slip-on shoe. When you’re a beginner and don’t size properly, or choose based on ease of putting the flipper on, you may find yourself minus a flipper and be needing to buy another pair, or straining yourself so you don’t lose your flipper. Essentially, you will end up spending more money if you lose a flipper because you’ll have to buy a new set.

Beyond the variety of the different types of straps, having them come loose on you could cause a strain, but could possibly be based on your own physical health. It is always good to make sure you understand if you are having issues, knowing where they are stemming from. As always, with any sporting gear or outdoor recreational gear, ask someone who knows before going into the water and regretting your choice.

Type of Flipper

Not every flipper will meet every need. Some are better for swimming while others are better for diving or floating. The type of flipper you need depends on the type of activity as well as your level of expertise. Some flippers are good for all levels, but you need to check your sources and make sure that they will accommodate your level of knowledge.

Because each kind of activity requires a difference in size, shape and even how they are worn, we decided to give you a top ten that supplied you with not only a variety of brands but a variety of uses. Before you purchase your flippers, we recommend doing some research on exactly what you will need for both your activity and your body. To help you with this we put on our list what each type is intended for to the best of our ability and what level of you may be at. Keeping your safety in mind, we suggest checking our sources and even using them to formulate a list of what you may or may not need for your swimming activity.


No one wants to buy something that doesn’t last, and we at Gearhunt know that it is a priority to check the durability on equipment where it counts most. When using any type of swimming gear, you need to know you can rely on it, and so we made sure only to give you the best gear with the highest quality.

One thing to note is that flippers can lose their shape over time when not being worn, and just stuffing them any old place can cause them to bend and warp, making them useless when you head for the water. While we gave you a list of the most durable gear we could find, we suggest looking up how to care for that gear as well to make it last even longer than the materials that they are made of.

We took note when the Angglo Short Dive Fins provided their customers with pads to help the inside of the fins hold their shape even when packed away, and wanted to make sure we brought it to your attention as well. To help you properly care for all of your gear we not only tell you why it is important but provide you the source links at the bottom for you to peruse at your leisure and see why it stuck with us enough to point out. After all broken or damaged gear can ruin anyone’s vacation plans rapidly. It can get costly replacing items you have already spent your hard earned money on because you didn’t store your equipment properly.

Cost and Value

As with all our lists we always keep in mind that what you are looking to get is more bang for your dollar, and by that we mean the highest quality for an amount that won’t cost you too much out of pocket. While high standards are sometimes difficult to meet in a limited budget range, they should not be something you skimp on when buying any type of sporting or exercise equipment. Quality is the equivalent to safety, so when you’re looking for your flippers keep in mind that there is no price you should ever put on your safety. If you cannot buy the best for your activity, a good idea is to simply wait and save till you can put what you need to in order to assure that your vacation is as safe as it is fun.

Additional information

A health and safety tip for anyone looking for swimming gear of any kind is to check the material it is made out of. While many companies have switched to using the hypo-allergenic material, some have not. To prevent any possible health issues, make sure that your gear won’t cause you an allergic reaction before purchasing the item. If needed, in order to find out what material was used, you can always try contacting the company and asking if the gear you are looking at is hypo-allergenic, and if not ask if they have something similar that is.

Another good safety tip is to choose your location wisely. While deep sea diving or cave diving may sound like fun, always check what level of a diver is suggested before going under. Too many people have gone into places they simply were not prepared to handle and have ended up with a serious injury or death. Never take on something that is beyond your current level of skill when swimming, there is always a reason that there is a recommendation for it at the location.

Check the weather before going out into the water. While it may start out seeming a perfect day for swimming, diving or other water-based activity, weather on a beach can change quickly and with a very little warning. If you are out on vacation, plan on the weather that’s predicted being accurate, and bring a way to keep tabs on any changes just in case.

Sometimes your current health can also have a major effect on whether water activities are right for you. Check with your doctor on just how much they feel your body can take. Don’t push it too hard passed that point, if at all. If your joints can only take a certain level of pressure deep diving may not be right for you, but lighter near surface swimming, diving, or snorkeling can be just as fun with the right gear and place.

Check the levels of the water, and not just how deep it is. Sometimes water can have a lot more bacteria, acidity, parasites or other imbalances that can prove fatal if you decide to take the plunge. Check the local health information pages and sites to make sure that your chosen location is good for swimming. Like the weather, these levels and issues come and go, and may do so with a very little warning. Always keep yourself posted up to the day of your planned water adventure.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know how fast a flipper will let me go?

This is based on many factors, such as how much water is allowed to pass through the flipper, it’s length and how soft or hard it is. When looking over a flipper you want, check to see what it’s intended use is for, and what level of swimmer it is best suited for. There are flippers that are suited for speed with beginners, whose muscles may need to have it easier, and those for advanced swimmers whose muscles aren’t stressed as easily by the water pressure.

Q: What is the difference between a soft and firm flipper?

Softer flippers mean you have to kick more for shorter distances but allow ease of movement, while firmer flippers allow granting more momentum with less work, but sacrifice on ease of movement.

Q: What type do I want to use for scuba diving as opposed to snorkeling?

For scuba diving, you’d want the firmer flipper to allow greater momentum and thus deeper dives, while with snorkeling you are staying near the surface and would want easier movement and thus the softer flippers.

Q: How do I know what to buy to take care of my flippers?

There are many resources today to use for getting this kind of information. We suggest a professional in swimming gear, the company, and we have provided links below in our sources to aid you in your research covering both the types of gear you need and how to care for it.

Q: Do all flippers have adjustable straps?

A: No, although most have straps to help keep your flippers on your feet, there are some that don’t. The flippers that come without straps are for more experienced swimmers.


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