Best Collapsible Dog Bowls Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Owning a canine can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Maybe it’s you and your pup making your way through life as best buds. Alternatively, perhaps your canine is a beloved member of your big, happy family. Whatever the case, you want to provide the best life possible for them. At the same time, being a pet owner can feel like a burden sometimes. It can be especially challenging to travel around with a pet, because of the many needs that one has to stay healthy.  

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Outward Hound Port-a-Bowl
  • Outward Hound Port-a-Bowl
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Stowing Ability
  • Price: See Here
Healthy Human Portable
  • Healthy Human Portable
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Stainless Steel Design
  • Price: See Here
  • Comsun
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Set of Two
  • Price: See Here

It can sometimes feel like you’re forced to choose between your love of travel and your love for your pet. With innovations like a collapsible canine dish, however, you can have it both ways. You can bring your canine with you on all of your adventures, whether it’s an overnight trip to a local camping ground, or a long journey backpacking through a far-off country, or maybe just a trip to the in-law’s house. If you get the right collapsible canine dish you’ll never have to worry about being able to feed your canine, on the go. Here’s an in-depth look at the best collapsible canine dish that the market today has to offer.


10 Best Collapsible Dog Bowls


1. Outward Hound Port-a-Bowl

1. Outward Hound Port-a-Bowl
The Outward Hound Port-a-Dish is quite possibly the single most convenient collapsible canine bowl on the market. The best thing about it is merely how easily portable it is. It is made of fabric, so it can be flattened out, rolled up, and stowed away easily. Despite that, it’s quite sturdy, easy to clean, and perfect for a quick snack on the go.
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Stowing Ability
The Port-a-Bowl is designed with one thing in mind: convenience. With a fabric body, an elastic mouth, and an area to clip on, you can keep it just about anywhere: in your purse, in your backpack, or just clipped onto your belt. Any time your pup is hungry, you can be ready.

Easy to Clean
One of the issues with collapsible canine dishes in general and fabric ones, in particular, is the difficulty of cleaning them out. With the Port-a-Dish, cleaning the dish is as comfortable as inverting it and giving it a quick rinse; it will dry out quickly of its own accord.

Cost and Value
If it weren’t the best product on this list, the Port-a-Dish would have probably made it in for best value as well. The Port-a-Dish, having no hard parts, is quite easy to manufacture, and the savings are passed on to you.

Takes up very little space

Larger bottom prevents tipping over

Quite durable for fabric

Dries out quickly

Notably great customer service


Can leak if water is left in too long

Elastic mouth might be too small for larger canine

2. Healthy Human Portable

2. Healthy Human Portable
Have you ever gone camping with a set of stacking cooking pots? That’s mostly what the Healthy Human Portable is, except for puppies. Not just one, but a set of three stainless steel dishes that stack together for storing purposes. Few sets of collapsible canine dishes are higher quality, although they do take up a bit of space in your backpack.
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Stainless Steel Design
Have we mentioned that they’re made out of stainless steel? That is the biggest draw of the Healthy Human Portable. They are sleek, well designed, and they’re the most durable dishes on the market, easily able to last your canine’s entire lifetime, and possibly longer.

Some other canine dishes must double for food and water; not so with the Healthy Human Portable. Not only do you have separate dishes for both, but the standard set also comes with another for further separation, whether you use it for toys or medicine or whatnot. If you want, you can order only two dishes, or get an extra for a set of four.

Cost and Value
When you get something made out of higher quality materials, you should usually expect to pay a bit more. The Healthy Human Portable is one of the more expensive options on the list, but in the realm of collapsible canine dishes, the prices aren’t incredibly high in the first place so that you won’t be breaking the bank or anything.

Separates out and stacks together

Long-lasting stainless steel

More sanitary than most other dishes

Dishwasher safe

Easy to clean and hard to blemish


Can be a bit bulky and tougher to store

Sometimes leaks on uneven surfaces

Not ideal for larger canines

3. Comsun

3. Comsun
Comsun Collapsibles are simple, straightforward, and to the point. They are made out of a pure plastic, which makes them quite easy to produce. No bells and whistles here, the Comsun Collapsible is the bargain way to go when you just need to get your canine fed.
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Set of Two
A Comsun Collapsible set comes in twos, so you can use one as a dedicated water dish and one as a food dishes, or use both to feed two different canines, as the case may be.

Safe to Eat
Your dog might be a bit indiscriminate when it comes to food choice: most canines are. Fortunately, despite being made of plastic, the Comsun Collapsible dog dish is entirely safe if your puppy happens to ingest some..

Cost and Value
Overall, you won’t get a much better deal on the market. The Comsun Collapsible is the best choice for traveling with a canine on a tight budget. It may not last too long, but it’s easy enough to throw them out and grab another set.

Very affordable

Available in paired sets

Safe for canines to eat from

Replaceable at a low price

Easily rinsed out


Not the most durable option

No bonuses or features

4. Petoga Couture Alfie Pet

4. Petoga Couture Alfie Pet
The next all-fabric option on our list is the Alfie Pet collapsible travel bowl, made by Petoga Couture. Like the Outward Hound, the Alfie Pet can fold up and be put away. There’s a bit more material with the Alfie Pet so that it won’t be stored as easily, but the tradeoff is that it can feed and water a much larger canine.
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High Capacity Bowl
Many of the collapsible dishes on the market are aimed at smaller pups, probably because it’s easier to make a small dish portable. The Alfie Pet exists to fill in that gap, providing an easily portable option for those that have larger animals. Still, if you have something in the area of a Mastiff or a Great Dane, you might need an even bigger dish than this.

Convenient Storage
Not only does the fabric dish compress efficiently, but it also does so with a purpose. You don’t have to smush it all down to make it fit; it will zip up into its self-contained unit, easy to put away.

Cost and Value
Because it’s a bit larger and takes up more material, the Alfie Pet is more expensive than some of the options for smaller canines. When you need something that fits your pet, though, the cost is worth it.

Zips up and stores away

Fits most canine sizes

Nylon is tough and durable

Great for air travel

Stays upright easily


Can leak sometimes

More difficult to clean/eliminate odor from

5. Ruffwear Bivy Bowl

5. Ruffwear Bivy Bowl
Sometimes, you can travel to a room somewhere, set up your travel dish in the corner, and use that for the duration of your trip. Other times, like when you’re on a multiple day hike with your canine, you need to be able to quickly set up and break down your canine dish several times a day, as you move from place to place. The Ruffwear Bivy Dish is an excellent option for the second scenario.
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Ease of Setup and Breakdown
The Bivy Bowl pops up in seconds, going from totally flat to the functional canine dish, and it compresses back down again just as quickly. It’s perfect for the hiker on the go, but make sure to wash it when you get home since you won’t have time on the road.

The Bivy dish is one of the lightest options on this list, yes the lightest one that’s made of more than fabric alone. Slip it into your backpack, and you won’t even notice the difference in weight.

Cost and Value
The highest price of any dish on this list, the design is what you’re paying for here. If you don’t mind splurging a little bit, then you’ll be hard-pressed to find a dish that works as well and is as easy to use.

Sets up and breaks down in a flash

No-slip bottom reduces the chance of spillage

Extremely light

Both fabric and plastic work together for durable design

Strips make it easy to find in the dark


More expensive than other options

Can be annoying to clean out

6. Prima Pet Food & Water

6.  Prima Pet Food & Water
If you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable collapsible canine dish for a very reasonable price, then look no further than the Prima Pet Food & Water. Simple and straightforward, just like the name, the Prima Pet Food & Water is a reliable silicone dishes that can stand against decent wear and tear. It’s perfectly serviceable and functional, but don’t expect much else.
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Silicone Material
The silicone that the Prima Pet Food & Water is made out of has the dual advantages of being inexpensive and durable. This means that the savings are passed on to you, and you’ll be able to have your dish for a long time.

Large Option
A lot of the dishes available here don’t have an option for unusually large dogs. The Food & Water, however, comes in two sizes, small and large, and the large is more than three times bigger than the small. If you need to feed a big doggy on the go, the Prima Pet might be the dish for you.

Cost and Value
It’s hard to get much better value than the Prima Pet. Sitting at the perfect combination of inexpensive and durable, the Food & Water might be the best return on investment of any dish on this list.

Made of sturdy and inexpensive silicone

Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

Multiple options of sizes and colors

Special carabiner attached

Completely pet safe


Though durable, some issues with tearing at the seams

Can be bulky in a backpack

7. Bonza Collapsible

7.  Bonza Collapsible
So far, we’ve looked at options that skew towards medium or small dogs, with the occasional option for a larger model. The Bonza Collapsible set is designed with all of the bigger canines out there in mind, and it comes with two dishes, perfect for splitting up a meal or feeding a pair of canines.
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Highly Compressible
For such a large dishes, you would expect that it would take up much space, but the Bonza Collapsible is designed better than that. It compresses down very small, basically a flat disc, so it’s easy to tuck away in between uses.

Adjustable Capacity
There’s a reason, other than size that there is a need for smaller dishes; smaller canine can’t reach down as far to eat or drink as big ones can. The Bonza Collapsible is adjustable, allowing for a depth of two or five inches, depending on how big your canine is.

Cost and Value
The Bonza Collapsible canine dishes is pretty midrange when it comes to pricing, not too cheap and not too expensive, a pretty great value for what you’re getting.

Lightweight and small when compressed

Workable for small and large canine

Water bottle attachment

Comes in a variety of colors

Great customer service


Not the most durable option

8. NuDogs Silicone Dish

8. NuDogs Silicone Dish
If it ain’t broke, then make it better. That’s the approach that NuDogs took towards making their Silicone Dish. Pretty much the same design as most other plastic collapsible canine dishes, NuDogs decided just to enhance the strength rather than adding anything fancy. Nothing special here, except a very sturdy dish that won’t quit.
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Silicone Materials
When talking about a dish known for its durability, there’s no aspect that can matter more than the materials that it’s made from. In this case, it’s a particularly strong synthetic material, a silicone that will last for a very long time.

Carabiner and Water Bottle Attachment
To add to the sturdy design, NuDogs added a water bottle and clip-on attachment to make the Silicone Dish easier to use and take around with you.

Cost and Value
Pretty standard pricing here, if maybe a little bit on the expensive side. Since you’ll have it for a long time, you have to think of that price as an investment.

Solid material

Water bottle and carabiner attachment

Easily cleaned and dishwasher safe

Eco-friendly and reliable


Bowl tips over sometimes

Attachment isn’t as secure as the dishes itself

9. Roysili Large Size

9.  Roysili Large Size
Probably the best option around for particularly large canine, the Roysili Large Size Collapsible canine dish doesn’t have any other major features to boast of. It’s reasonably lightweight, reasonably durable, and reasonably priced, everything you need for a very large canine.
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Big dogs have big stomachs and need much nourishment. Most collapsible dog bowls won’t pack enough in to feed a bigger canine, which is why you would turn to the Roysili Collapsible in the first place.

Stand Up to Teeth
Big canines have big teeth and can tear apart a weaker dish very quickly. Not the most durable options around, but they possibly are the most durable in this size class.

Cost and Value
Price for these is pretty mid-ranged, about what you expect when you consider more materials go into making it and the durable design. Decent value for what you’re paying for.

Large size and volume

Sets of two, one fits into the other

Great customer service

Available in different colors


Can fall apart after a while

Some issues with leaking.

10. Vittles Vault Gamma Travel-trainer

10. Vittles Vault Gamma Travel-trainer
This entry isn’t exactly a collapsible canine dish, but it’s close enough to the concept and reliable enough to merit a spot on the list. It’s not exactly a dish, although you can feed your canine from it. Instead, it’s a container for the food itself, one that has separate chambers and can make the entire process of feeding your canine on the go easier.
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Keeps Food Fresh
You don’t want to eat stale food, and I assure you, your canine would rather not either, even if they can’t complain about it. The Vittles Vault will keep your canine’s food inside and keep it fresh and tasty.

Easily Portioned and Contained
The self-contained nature of the Vittles Vault Travel-tainer means that it’s a breeze to portion out your canine’s meal. Even if you have another dish for them to eat out of, the Travel-tainer might still be a good investment.

Cost and Value
Considering the wide amount of use that you can get out of the Vittles Vault Travel-tainer, it’s surprisingly inexpensive. It’s manageable to get this as well as another dish if you choose to.

High-density polyethylene makes for a very durable build

Separate, airtight sections for food and water

Compact and easily stored

Very easy to use


Not dishwasher safe

Not sanitary without a separate bowl

No matter which one you end up going with, having a collapsible canine dish for your puppy is an absolute necessity. Going out, traveling, and experiencing the world isn’t just enriching for you, it’s enriching for your canine. Instead of leaving them at home when you go out and have grand adventures, always bring them along with you, and remember that they are your companion, not your property. Get a collapsible canine dish so that you can share in the best moments in life with one of your best friends, and not have to miss out on a moment of fun and companionship.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Collapsible Canine Dish

Evaluating the best collapsible canine dish involves looking at some different areas of criteria. None of the dishes are the same, although many have very similar qualities, so it’s essential to identify the things that make each dish stand out, to be able to accurately judge one against the many others and choose which one is best for your canine.


Generally, durability will be an important quality when evaluating any product that falls on the “guns” side of “guns and butter.” You don’t want to spend money on something that’s intended to be permanent, only to have it fall apart long before you’ve gotten full use out of it. With something as fundamentally functionally as a portable canine dish, durability is one of the main aspects that we’ve looked at. Apparently, it’s impossible to compare the strength of something like nylon against something like stainless steel; that is to say, it’s obvious which one wins. However, since there are advantages to using nylon, the durability of such fabric bags has been considered and compared against other fabric bags. In the same manner, silicone models have been compared to other silicone models for durability. There are a few models on this list, particularly silicone ones, that have overall high durability ratings but for one specific issue; in most cases, the company is willing to compensate for those issues.


Collapsible is in the very name of the product, so the manner of how it’s collapsible is a critical factor. A few of the models on this list are capable of folding down into just about nothing at all, whereas others don’t so much collapse as simply stack within each other. If you’re chucking the whole apparatus in your luggage and setting up a collapsible set up at your in-law’s guest house, then you might not care about exactly how small a dish can collapse down. However, if you’re backpacking the Rockies, and you’re carefully calculating how much room you have in your backpack for supplies for you and your canine, the exact amount of space the dish will take up is a very important factor.


Just like the size a dish collapses down to is important for the traveler on the go, weight is another critical factor. Every ounce you put into your backpack is another ounce that you need to carry around with you; the lighter you’ll be able to go, the better for your back in the long run. However, again, if you won’t be carrying the dish itself the majority of the time and just need a transportable setup, then the weight will be less of a factor.


Volume is the tradeoff of compressed size. The smaller a dish is capable of compressing down, the less size it’s going to have in its expanded state. That does mean that canine with higher volumes will also be more difficult to store. However, it’s a tradeoff that you have to make if you have a bigger canine; the smaller dishes simply won’t be enough to feed them. No matter how much you’re trying to make the dish an efficient part of your backpack tetris, you need to make sure it’s going to be big enough to take the onslaught of your canine’s snapping jaws.

Ease of Use

Some of the dishes on this list have a bit more complicated setup, requiring you to do a few things to put them together and compress them down. Others pop up and put away in literal seconds. Generally, the more comfortable to use that a dish is, the better for the consumer, although there are instances where less complexity means fewer features, and that means you’re getting less than you could out of your collapsible canine dish.

Attachments and Features

A number of the dishes here have other things than just the collapsible dish itself to attract customers. Some of them are just gimmicky, but others are downright useful and practical. Things like carabiners to attach the dish to your belt, or attachments for water bottles to go directly on the dish, all serve the primary function of a collapsible canine dish, which is to make traveling with your canine more practical and more rewarding.


One factor that affects every product available is the price. It doesn’t matter how amazing or effective a particular product is, if it’s overpriced, then it’s not worth getting. There’s just no point to pouring much money into something like a collapsible canine dish. Fortunately, the price range of such canine dishes, in general, is quite modest. No matter what budget that you are on, you should be able to find a collapsible canine dish that’s able to meet your needs without breaking the bank.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of canine dish is best?

A: Unfortunately, there’s no one definitive answer for the best collapsible canine dish. It depends on a lot of different factors: your lifestyle, what you need to use the dish for, the size of your canine, even more, obscure things like your canine’s diet. In fact, your canine might prefer one dish over another one for reasons only discernible by the canine mind, and that’s ok. We’re not here to tell you exactly which canine dish to buy, just to lay out the positives and negatives of each, to allow you to make the best judgment for your canine. At the end of the day, you may have to try out a few dishes before determining which one works best for you and your canine.

Q: How much should a collapsible canine dish cost?

A: The price of collapsible canine dishes is quite variable, but overall, it’s not a huge expenditure, especially compared to the many other things that being a canine owner will require you to purchase. Collapsible canine dishes will generally range from about $5 on the budget end to around $25 on the high-quality end. If someone’s trying to charge you more than that for a collapsible canine dish, then they’re probably trying to fleece you.

Q: What are collapsible canine dishes made out of?

A: There are a few materials that you might see used for a collapsible canine dish. Some of the smaller, more compact versions work with nylon, making waterproof pockets that are used as dishes. Other, far more durable dishes are fashioned out of stainless steel. By far the most common material, however, is silicone, as it is lightweight, substantial, safe, and easily malleable.

Q: How long will a collapsible canine dishes last?

A: This is another question with much variance in the answer. The truth is, the lifespan of our collapsible canine dishes depends on what type you get. More flexible and stable dishes like nylon or other fabric ones are generally on the lower end for durability, although they will last longer than a low-quality plastic or silicone one. The better silicone canine dishes are more enduring, generally able to last for five years or so before they need to be replaced. The most substantial canine dishes, of course, are the stainless steel ones, and those will last just about forever; at least, long enough that their durability is never brought into question.

Q: Can any canine use the same collapsible canine dish?

A: Collapsible canine dishes are very size-dependent; a canine that’s too big would rip a small dish to bits, and a canine that’s too small wouldn’t be able to eat food out of a dish that’s too big. Make sure you choose a collapsible canine dish that fits the size of your canine.

Q: Are collapsible canine dishes dishwasher safe?

A: Most of them tend to be, but due to the materials that some of them use, it’s not a sure thing. You’re usually going to be fine using the dishwasher to clean them out, but make sure with the product information. Certain silicone or nylon dishes will be ruined by trying to wash them in a dishwasher, so you need to be sure to read the product information. Fortunately, such objects are pretty easy to clean by conventional means, usually just requiring a bit of soap and a rinse.

Q: Are collapsible canine dishes microwave safe?

A: No, you won’t be able to microwave any of the dishes on this list. If you do need to heat up your canine’s food, you’ll need to use some other mechanism to do so before transferring it into the collapsible canine dish.

Q: Are silicone dishes safe for canines?

A: It’s a fair question if you’re concerned about the health of your canine. After all, it’s not unheard of for canine to bite off more than they were planning on chewing, and if the material that the dish is made of is unsafe, that can be a danger for canines. Fortunately, all such dishes on this list have been approved by the FDA, and won’t harm your canine if a part happens to be accidentally ingested.

Q: How much food can a collapsible dish fit?

A: Some of the items on this list have a specifically listed volume for how much they can fit; generally, it’s in the area of 2 cups, perhaps a few more for the ones aimed at bigger canines. For any items that don’t have a volume listed, they generally do list the diameter of the dish, allowing the consumer to extrapolate how much capacity the dish has.

Q: Do collapsible canine dishes rust?

A: No, nothing that has been featured on this list will ever rust, as none of them are made out of materials that are capable of oxidation.

Q: Are collapsible canine dishes sanitary?

A: That all depends on how it’s used. Generally, you want to clean the canine dishes out between uses; if you don’t, bacteria can accumulate where the canine has been eating, and the next time they go to eat, they could ingest some of it. That doesn’t mean you need to run it on spin cycle every time you use it, however. If you’re on the trail and only have access to a stream and a canteen, there’s no problem with just rinsing it out with water after each meal. Just make sure that you give it a more thorough cleaning once you get home.

Q: Will my canine knock the dish over?

A: When eating on the trail with limited supplies, this can be a serious concern. Your pup might not be concerned with eating up all of their food off the ground after the dish’s been knocked over, but you probably don’t want them rooting through dirt to get their sustenance. That’s going to generally depend on your canine more than the dish itself. Since they are by nature lighter than regular canine dishes, collapsible ones usually are easier to knock over, so you’ll want to take measures against that if you have a more aggressive canine. A couple of measures that manufacturers take to prevent it from happening are broader bases and no-slip bottom surfaces that grip onto the ground to avoid spillage. If you know it’s going to be an issue ahead of time, make sure that you get a dish designed to deal with the problem.


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